How can you describe the progress of the work you've done on Ep. 1 thus far?

We're making movie history. Digital animation is going to change everything.

What made you think a film like Star Wars was going to work when no one had ever done anything like it before?

I didn't really know what was going to happen, I thought to myself: "Why aren't people making films like this?" At the time, everyone except for Alan Ladd, Jr. (who was at the time the head of 20th Century Fox) thought Star Wars was a bad idea that was going to ruin my career. However, I wanted to do something that had never been done before. No one had ever done a mythological fairy tale set in space that had realistic-looking special effects. That's what I set out to do and that's what we accomplished

Where will you be when the film opens next May?

When the first one opened, I was with Steven at the Mauna Kea hotel in Hawaii. We built a sand castle, a sand castle that stood against a thirty minute tide. While we built it, I told Steven the story idea for Raiders. If Steven's willing, we'll go back there and do it all again, except this time we'll be discussing Indy 4

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