What's the theatrical trailer going to be like?

The trailer will focus on the new look of Star Wars and not on the plot of the film. The fans will get to see some of the fantastic computer animations that we've been working on for the past few months. The trailer will be breathtaking.

Will you reveal the title of the film in the trailer?

Don't bet on it.

What do you expect your legacy as a film maker will be?

If I had to speculate, I think I will be remembered for my accomplishments on the technical side of the business more so than my work as a director or producer.

How many other stories do you have in your spiral notebooks besides Star Wars, Indiana Jones, American Graffitti and Willow?

My notebooks contain many concepts for feature films. Many of these film ideas are kind of different from what is considered traditional by Hollywood standards. In the past, I have been unable to work on these story ideas because the technology to produce these concepts simply did not exist. These films would be too expensive to produce with conventional movie techniques and technology. With the rise of computer animation, I will finally be able to work on many of these dreams projects. You'll just have to wait and see what I have planned. I won't be able to begin work on these new ideas until after the completion of the Prequel Trilogy.

How important is it for the audience to experience Episode 1 in a digital theater environment?

We spent many months on the first Star Wars trying to make the visuals and the sound of the film as perfect as possible. It was very frustrating to go into a theater and watch the film projected with bad sound or on antiquated projectors. The film we made was not the one that some audiences experienced because many theaters were so shoddy back then. Today, there are many theaters that use one of the digital formats whether it be THX or Dolby. The sound of this new film is as important as the visual experience. If you want to see this film as I have intended for it to be presented, then you need to watch it in a "digital theater." Hopefully, the release of Episode 1 will encourage many theaters to upgrade their exhibition systems.

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