Is The Phantom Menace the most important film of the Anakin Skywalker story arc?

It's the only film where we get to see Anakin at a very tender age. It sets the stage and explains why the tragic events of the next two episodes occur. This film is extremely important in introducing the new look of Star Wars.

Are you worried that some fans may prefer the old Star Wars over the new Star Wars that you are currently working on?

This film is so much different from what we accomplished in the past. Some will prefer the old films while many will prefer the new look. The special effects of this film are going to be so bold and earth shattering that the earlier films will not look as good in comparison.

Will LucasArts one day produce a video game that will permit fans to create their own Star Wars movie?

I would hope so. The recent advancement in computers has reached a point where almost anything can be done by person on a personal computer. One day individuals will be able to make personal motion pictures on their home computer.

How did you know that LucasArts would survive the video game crash of the early 1980's?

I didn't. I just thought that interactive video games would be important in one format or another. I stuck with the company and we have been very fortunate in recent years. We've only scratched the surface with what can be done with personal computers.

Are you heavily involved in the LucasArt's The Phantom Menace games?

Not really.

Will the THX sound system and digital-theater systems in general get a big boost from the release of your new movies?

I hope so. We've made this film with the mindset that it will be seen in a proper digital format. Hopefully, everyone will be able to see this film in THX sound at least once.

If The Phantom Menace were to be your last film as a director would you be satisfied with your career as a director?

Very much so. It's the best film I know how to make and is by far the best film I have ever worked on.


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