For those who have seen the rough edit of TPM, the film can best be described as an incredible combination of the best aspects of the first three Star Wars movies. TPM encapsulates the revolutionary freshness of A New Hope, the dramatic depth of the Empire Strikes Back and the marvelous action sequences of Return of the Jedi.

First, TPM has the undeniable "never-been-seen-beforeness" of A New Hope. You will see FX sequences in this film that have never even been attempted before on film. You'll get to see articulate and synthetic CG characters moving freely in the same film frame with human actors. You'll see amazing battle sequences that two years ago were beyond the realm of possibility. And you'll see George Lucas' grand sweeping vision like never before.

Second, TPM will showcase the dramatic excellence that made the Empire Strikes Back such an astounding cinematic pleasure. You'll see Anakin tearfully leave his mother and Tatooine behind for adventure in far away places. You'll see the death of a major character that will make you sad. And you'll see some of the best actors in the world uttering George's graceful script in the best dramatic presentation yet seen in a science fiction movie. In fact, it won't be surprising if one or more of the actors in the film gets a nod from the Academy as Oscar nominees (including perhaps the director as well).

Third, this film will dazzle the eyes and ears with all kinds of digital-effects "eye" candy and booming digital sound. This film will have all the breathtaking action sequences of Return of the Jedi and more. The battle droids will amaze you with their swift conquest of Naboo. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan will take you through a beautiful yet dangerous water environment. You'll see a spectacular drag race through treacherous terrain on Tatooine. You'll see hundreds upon hundreds creatures populate the Republic Senate and you'll see the greatest Jedi Masters sitting at the Council's "round" table. Finally, you'll witness a never-before-seen, beyond-state-of-the-art battle sequence that climaxes the film like a furious modern-day roller coaster.

The 2 hours and 15 minutes you'll spend watching TPM will elapse in the blink of the eye and will leave you eager to line up to see the film many more times. In short, TPM will be the greatest film of the Star Wars saga.

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