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Sat, June 27, 1998

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Fri, June 26, 1998

FireForce: When it comes to Episode 1 rumors, we should take a page from Mulder and Scully's book and truly Trust No One. The truth is out there when it comes to certain rumors like the release date of the trailer. Our Lucasfilm sources are completely befuddled as to why so many fans wanted to believe that the trailer would be with the X-Files movie. Everyone at Lucasfilm has known for months that the trailer won't be coming out until Nov-Dec 1998. So where do such rumors come from? Who starts these things? Who knows . . . I wonder how much more the X-Files movie would have made last weeked IF the prequel teaser had actually been attached to it. $ 40 or $ 50 million instead of $ 31 million. I guess we will never know. Would you pay $ 6 bucks or more to see the prequel trailer with a film you wouldn't go see otherwise? Fox is hoping that you will. That is probably going to be what happens. The prequel trailer probably will be attached to some film that we don't want to go see, but will have to go see in order to catch the first glimpse of the prequel . . . Sometimes we all feel like Mulder and Scully trying to make sense out of the paranormal events they encounter each week, except instead of little green men and poltergeists, we have to deal with boat loads of ridiculous Episode I rumors. Like Mulder and Scully: "We want to believe." And before you flood us with a gazillion e-mails, we'll remove the X-Files theme with the next update ;)

Wed, June 24, 1998

SuperShadow: I've added a sixth member to our team. This individual is our source, who is deep within the bowels of 20th Century Fox. He/she hasn't given us an inside update in months and has agreed to start giving us regular insider Fox news again (concerning Episode I of course) if I would add him/her to the team and give 'em a cool code name. Well, being the "king of all code names," I have given him/her the moniker of SithFox. SithFox promises to give us some interesting Fox news within a week . . . Our various Lucasfilm sources are trying to get someone from LucasLicensing (the people who decide which companies get to make prequel collectibles) to give us some inside info., but so far they have been unsuccessful . . . Keep your fingers crossed . . . In case you're wondering why the inside scoops from Kenner/Hasbro have dried up in the last few months, it's because our informant at ______@hasbro.com is no longer replying to my e-mail. I keep sending him/her e-mail about three or four times a month, but still haven't gotten a reply. Either they've left Kenner/Hasbro or they have a new e-mail address and haven't bothered to give me the new one yet. Hopefully, SithFox will have some cool news for us next week! Stay tuned!

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Tues, June 23, 1998

"Hollywood has given I.L.M. tens of millions of dollars to provide special effects for many of their movies like Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Forrest Gump and many other blockbuster films . . . I.L.M. has wisely used this money to develop special-effects techniques for the Prequel Trilogy, which have never been used for any other film. Hollywood has unwittingly financed the research and development budget for the Prequel Trilogy over the past 15 years. Without the tens of millions of dollars that Hollywood has given to I.L.M. for their services, I.L.M. would be years behind where they are now. George is one of the most foresighted individuals in the entertainment industry and has saved many of I.L.M.'s most recent innovations to be used exclusively in the Prequel Trilogy. Some in Hollywood may not like this, but there is nothing they can do about it. Episode I will have an even greater impact on Hollywood than George's landmark film, Star Wars: A New Hope. Once again, George is going to change the way Hollywood makes motion pictures . . . When the public finally gets to see the ground-breaking theatrical trailer that Lucasfilm is meticulously working on: The entire movie going public will be in complete awe of the brief, spectacular glimpse of Episode I that will finally be revealed by George. The trailer will be considered to be the ultimate teaser and the anticipation for Episode I will be at a level that truly cannot be measured . . . The greatest film of all time is almost here. Prepare yourself . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

"Each morning before we begin work on Episode I, we have a round table discussion for a few minutes . . . yesterday, the hot topic was when should the videotape/laser disc version of Episode I be released . . . As someone at the table noted, Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition was released about seven months after the theatrical release of the special edition. However, the top guys here have given the thumbs down to such an 'early' release for Episode I. Why? Well, to the people who have slaved for years on Episode I, they consider this film to be an experience to be savored in the cineplexes. Their tremendous hard work cannot be truly appreciated unless you see the prequel multiple times at the theater . . . There are so many intricate details in Episode I that it will take many, many viewings to catch them all . . . You guys and gals really have no idea of what an incredibly special film that George is making for you. I envy those of you who will enter the theaters having absolutely no idea what Episode I is really about . . . The Force truly must be with you!! I'm jealous! Savor every second of the prequel because you've earned it!" (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

Mon, June 22, 1998

"Right now, Lucasfilm is trying to decide just exactly how wide to let Fox distribute Episode I on opening day, Tuesday, May 25, 1999. Fox has told Lucasfilm that theater owners would prefer to begin showing Episode I as early as possible on May 25 in as many theater screens as possible. If Fox has their way, Episode I will begin showing in theaters at 12:01 AM (Midnight) on the 25th on over 7,500 screens . . . The only concern that Lucasfilm has is that by opening the film so wide and so early is that the film will open huge in the first week and then drop like a rock if everyone gets to see the film in the first few days of release . . . Fox is trying to convince Lucasfilm that that fear won't occur because Episode I should have the largest repeat business in film history in the weeks to follow. It will be interesting to see if Lucas can be convinced to give Episode I the largest release in film history on the 25th. I'm sure the fans hope that he will." (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

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"One of the most interesting aspects of Episode I is to watch the Sith Lords operating in the background and in the shadows of the noble Jedi Knights. The Sith Lords have patiently bided their time for thousands of years waiting for the day when they would be able to destroy the Jedi Knights and become the ultimate Force wielders in the galaxy. However, while the Jedi swore to protect justice, honor and freedom in the Old Republic, the Sith Lords swore to uphold the evil 'New Order' as established by the nefarious Emperor and the minions of the Galactic Empire. However, when the Emperor foresaw the Sith Lords as a threat to his own power, the Emperor ordered Vader (with help from others) to destroy the Sith Lords. By the time of S.W.: A New Hope, Vader is the last remaining Sith Lord in the known galaxy . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

Sun, June 21, 1998

"Some fans are curious whether Lucasfilm will permit any spin-off series from the Prequel Trilogy. Currently, George is mulling over the idea of a half-hour Saturday-morning cartoon show based on some of the characters that appear in Episode I. The series is being tentatively titled, Star Wars: The Jedi Republic. This project is in development and could possibly see the light of day on Fox TV during the fourth quarter of 1999. Thirteen episodes for the first season would be produced if George gives the green light for the series . . . There are no plans for any live-action TV shows (for prime-time broadcasting) relating to the prequels at this time . . ." (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

SuperShadow: Remember all those other websites promising that you might or would see an Episode I trailer with the X-Files movie? Well, their rumors turned out to be 100% false . . . again. There is no Episode I trailer with the X-Files (big surprise, huh?). Like we have been telling you all along, 90% of their rumors always turn out to be false. Our sources have been telling use for countless months that there will be no Episode I trailer until Nov.-Dec. 1998. Relax and stay patient. Don't let other websites jerk you around anymore with false rumors. Keep your eyes peeled to us or the official website for TRUE inside scoops from real Lucasfilm sources . . . Hope you enjoyed the X-Files movie, if you saw it . . .

Fri, June 19, 1998

SuperShadow is back answering the mail and commenting on the rumors that you have sent in:

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Thurs, June 18, 1998

"As most everyone knows, George Lucas is a very frugal man and likes to run a tight ship when it comes to Lucasfilm productions. George had hoped to produce the entire Prequel Trilogy for $ 200 million, but the reality of using extremely expensive and pioneering digital-animation techniques is sending the FX budget for Episode I throught the roof. The budget for Episode I has jumped from $ 70 million to a projected $ 115 million. Some think that this $ 45 million increase in budget signals some kind of internal problems with the production. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. The film will be completed slightly ahead of schedule, but it's going to end up costing George well over $ 100 million . . . The computer-generated effects that George is utilizing for Episode I are turning out to be much more expensive than I.L.M had originally projected . . . George has told his people that he is not going to let cost be a factor and he is going to spend what ever it takes to capture his remarkable and complete 'vision' on the silver screen . . . George resented the penny-pinching measures that 20th Century Fox used when funding Star Wars: A New Hope.

Fox' refusal to give George the funds he needed left him unable to complete the film to his satisfaction. George still considers the cantina sequence from Star Wars to be visually embarrasing (even after Fox gave him $ 10 million for the special edition of Star Wars). George hopes to one day completely revise the Mos Eisley cantina sequence with the digital animation techniques that are being developed for use in the Prequel Trilogy. Anyway, no one should worry about the production of Episode I. The film will be released next May regardless of how high the final budget ends up being. Episode I has been floating around in George's head for over 25 years. No matter how high your expectations are for this film. It isn't high enough. George is going to surpass anything that has ever been done on film before. And we will all be amazed . . . again. " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

Wed, June 17, 1998

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