With George releasing a title to Ep. 1 this early, does "The Phantom Menace" bring back memories of "Revenge of the Jedi" or "Blue Harvest"? For those of you who don't receive our newsletter, here is the latest edition of the Dark Side Prequel Newsletter (DSPN) reprinted for your perusal:

DSPN Subject: "Phantom" Title?

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Yeah, it's me again:

Geez, I'm still in SHOCK over the title revelation. Well, as the only person you know who works for George, I immediately started making phone calls to the individuals on my team. They were just as surprised as me about the title. However, to us, it seems like an appropriate title. At times, the film has been a "menace" to work on considering how complex and difficult the FX work has been. And the film is certainly a mysterious "phantom" to most of us working on this film because WE don't even know what the plot line to this film is.

I'm tempted to call Rick McCallum at home to ask him what's up, but all he will do is laugh at me and hang up the phone. He's done that to me before (when I ask dumb questions). And NO ONE calls George at home on the weekends.

I called a person connected to starwars.com and they told me to think about the title for a minute. The title was released for fans of starwars.com. He/she claims that George is poking fun at all the fan sites that think they are a threat to the secrecy of Ep. 1. They are in short-- a phantom menace. The IMPORTANT secrets of Ep. 1 are very, very safe from the Net.

I also called the person who gives me the Q and A's from George. He/she promises to give me Part 6 of the Q and A's on Monday. And a couple of the questions will deal with the shocking title revelation. However, he/she warns that George is very tight lipped about whether this is the REAL title to the film. George is apparently being very coy at the moment and is relishing every minute of this ultra-secret production.

Undoubtedly, George is laughing at everyone of us right now. George is holding all the cards and the cards he is holding are known only to him, Rick and the other "powers that be." I'll post Part 6 of our Q and A with George as soon as I get it Monday. I'll take a special break from work to post them. Until then, have sweet dreams about the phantom menace.

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