Here is the first in a long series of prequel updates from 20th Century Fox that SithFox has planned for you. Enjoy!

"I've gathered some very interesting information regarding the prequel here at Fox for you . . . The number one question we are now getting from theater owners is: "When do we get to see a sneak peek of Ep 1?" Well, so far, we've had to tell them they won't get to see any of the prequel until George gets to the point where he feels like the prequel is in good enough shape that he wants them to see it . . . George knows that theater owners are expecting George to deliver them the greatest motion picture of all time if Lucasfilm and Fox expect theater owners to shell out top theater space and most of the box-office pie during the first few weeks of release.

Lucasfilm has stated that the film will not be screened for theater owners until at least early 1999. George wants to knock their socks off and leave them panting breathlessly to spend whatever it takes to show the film in their theaters . . . Also, many theater owners are concerned about how many prints of the film George is going to let us distribute to them. Many theaters would like to have at least three prints of the film, which means a 6 screen theater will have 3 screens showing the film while a 10 screen theater could have as many as 4 or 5 screens showcasing the prequel . . . Moreover, we're trying to convince Lucasfilm to let us distribute the film as wide as possible. However, George is still reluctant to do this because he says he has already spent over 3 years working on Ep 1 and is afraid that a wide release of Ep 1 will mean everyone will see the film in the first month and the film will then have a very brief theatrical run. George would like to see the film play for over a year in the theaters just like the original Star Wars movie did back in 1977.

We're trying to convince George that those days are forever gone and the longest theatrical run he can realistically hope for is about 4 to 5 months. So George is really giving this alot of thought. He thinks that we may be able to get a higher percentage of the box-office gross if we limit the number of film prints. We would like to make about 5,000 film prints for release in North America. However, Lucasfilm is now contemplating about 2,700 hundred prints. It will be better for the fans if George will release as many prints as possible . . .

Also, we're planning to use Ep 1 to get better and more screens for our other releases next summer. We are not going to make much money on Ep 1, but we plan to use Ep 1 so that we can make a killing on our other film releases . . . As far as the prequel trailer goes, it will not be out until late November or December of this year, I'll get to see a sneak peek of this trailer before it is released to the public so I'll tell you exactly what your in for!! By the way, all the rumors about what the trailer will look like that have been posted on other prequel sites are completely bogus because Lucasfilm has not even started making the trailer yet. Those kids running those websites just like to pull your legs so beware of the rumors you read on other prequel sites. That's all for now and make sure you go see a Fox movie this weekend!" (Source: SithFox)

SuperShadow: SithFox is a fairly high-ranking employee at 20th Century Fox and will bring us many more updates in the future. The Fox has promised me that he/she will be able to give us a description of the prequel trailer by mid-November. However, I'm sure after we post this that Lucasfilm is going to tighten security and probably not let Fox execs/employees view the trailer prior to its official release in theaters this winter. Only time will tell of course.