Preliminary terms for Sister's contract with Paul Roberts, Inc.:

1. Sisters' relationship with Paul Roberts, Inc. will be that of independent contractor. The owners of Sisters are in no way considered to be the employees of Paul Roberts, Inc.

2. For the period of one year (specific dates to be determined at a later time), Sisters will exclusively provide services for Paul Roberts, Inc. as designers and artists for "furniture" pieces. Sisters agrees not to provide these services to any other business or personal entity during the one year duration of said contract.

3. Sisters will receive 40% of the gross sales of all Sisters pieces sold by Paul Roberts, Inc. to customers. Specifically, for every dollar Paul Roberts, Inc. receives from customers/buyers for Sisters' pieces, designs, artwork or anything else derived from Sisters' intellectual property rights, Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees to give 40% of that dollar to Sisters. Time intervals for dispertion of such earnings to be agreed to later.

4. Sisters will receive a copy of the invoices for each Sisters' furniture piece sold. Sisters will also have a right to inspect Paul Roberts, Inc's sales figures for Sisters works and pieces that will be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.

5. The Sisters name, designs, artwork and associated elements and logos are property of Sisters. All designs and furniture pieces (e.g., clips, stills, designs, artwork, etc.) are protected by intellectual property laws and any use other without the express written permission of Sisters is strictly prohibited. Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees that the name "Sisters", the various "Sisters" logos and "Sisters" designs and artwork are the sole property of S isters. Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees to claim no ownership in the aformentioned intellectual property rights held by Sisters or any such designs or artwork that will be created during the life of the contract.

6. Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees not to sell any designs, artwork or pieces that are or originate from the Sisters designs, artwork and pieces after the agreed to one year period. If Paul Roberts, Inc. wishes to continue the sales of Sisters pieces or artwork which are based on Sisters designs and artwork and other intellectual property rights held by Sisters, then Paul Roberts, Inc. will have to do so under the terms of a new contract. Otherwise, Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees to no longer sell or produce Sisters pieces, designs and artwork.

7. If either party breaches the terms of the contract, then the breaching party agrees to pay the legal fees incurred by the injured party to enforce the terms of the contract or incurred to seek damages caused by the breach.

8. Paul Roberts, Inc. agrees not to ask the owners of sisters to make public speeches and the owners of Sisters will not make such speeches.

This is a rough draft of the contract terms and is in no way to be considered final. the final terms or language of the contract.

For further inquiries, please contact Mrs. Pope at 256-4107.

Sincerely yours,

Mickey E. Suttle Attorney at Law 2339 24th Ave. N.E. Hickory, N.C. 28601