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Sunday, November 30, 1997

The official release dates for the prequels:

Episode I: May 25, 1999

Episode II: May 19, 2002

Episode III: May 22, 2005

(Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Executive)

11 - 29 - 97

The Mandalorian combat armor is famous the galaxy wide for its toughness and deadly effectiveness even under the most strenuous battle conditions. The Mandalorian armor was created by the warriors who wore it. During the Clone Wars, the Mandalorian fought and sometimes defeated Jedi Knights, although ultimately the Jedi defeated the Mandalorian. (Source: Blind Keeper)

Here is a possible way to make the phrase "the circle is now complete" really ironic:

Maybe when a Jedi trainee becomes a Jedi Knight, he/she makes a sort of "will" that says what will happen to him if he is seriously injured or goes over to the dark side or otherwise cannot complete his/her Jedi duties and obligations. Suppose that he must be banished (like spending years in the Jundland Wastes), and he decides who the people in his "circle" (circle of friends that is) are to be. These people in a Jedi's circle take his lightsaber and cloak and symbolically strip him of all that made him a jedi (I know, this sounds a bit like Judge Dredd...). Obi-wan, in his "will," wrote that he wanted Anakin Skywalker to be in his circle, but Anakin could not show up, because he was too busy being seduced by the dark side and slaughtering the Jedi. Just some thoughts . . . (Source: Sameer Ketkar)

11 - 28 - 97

We can now say with 100 % certainty that Lucas has decided to put Boba Fett in the prequels:

"The 'No disintegrations' comment Vader made to Fett in Empire is explained in the prequels. In Episode 3, Fett (and other bounty hunters) are hired by Vader to help the Empire hunt down the Jedi Knights. Vader does not fully explain to Fett that he needs the bodies of certain key Jedi Knights left intact so Fett disintegrates certain important Jedi before Vader can tell him different. So for each "hunt" Vader hires Fett for from then on, Vader always admonishes Fett with the terse statement: 'No disintegrations . . . " Additionally, during his hunt for the Jedi, Fett is tricked by one of the Jedi Knights who hides his/her ship amongst Imperial garbage being left behind by a fleet of star destroyers. This is why Han's clever plan of using this same trick in Empire does not fool Fett." (Source: LucasSpy)

During the times of the Old Republic when the numbers of Jedi Knights are plentiful, it is rumored that after individuals complete their Jedi training and become Jedi Knights, they take a vow of life-long chastity and swear complete allegiance to serve and to protect the Republic. (Source: Vecton)

11 - 27 - 97

It is impossible for the prequel to be worse than ROTJ. Jedi had a musical number, Ewoks, Boba Fett "died" and there was a lame second death star and the film still made tons of cash. (Source: Blind Keeper)

The pod race that is in the prequel is a "drag race." This scene was originally suppose to have been in A New Hope, but Lucas didn't have the time, the money or the technical know-how to include this scene in the movie. [However, a "drag race" involving Luke on Tatooine is on the P.B.S. radio dramas.] So instead, Lucas saved it to be used at the beginning of the prequel. (Source: Anonymous LucasFilm Spy)

11 - 26 - 97

It is rumored that the older Imperiel offers from the original trilogy like Veers, Piett, Tarkin, etc. will appear in the prequels. (Source: Ian Southerland)

It would be funny if Lucas doesn't put Fett, Chewie or the Falcon in the prequels because everybody thinks he will. (Source: T4-Z8)

Some believe that Anakin Skywalker's father is a dark Sith Lord. (Source: Rhett Butler)

Ahmed Best's CG character is going to be nothing more than the new Chewbacca for the prequels. (Source: Toddlen)

11 - 25 - 97

The novelization of the original STAR WARS movie, now known as A New Hope is of vital importance. It has preface material that sets up the historical feel and mythic grandeur of the story.

There are three key pieces of information in the preface which set this up. Firstly, there is the subtitle: "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker". This immediately sets up the expectation of a larger story. It infers that we are in for an epic tale. A saga, if you will.

Another component is a brief preface remark from Princess Leia Organa. This takes the form of a quote:

"they were in the the wrong place at the wrong time, naturally they became heroes."

This reveals the inevitability of a happy ending - an essential expectation of any fairy tale. It also firmly places the entire story in the past tense ... it has already happened, and the Princess herself clearly survived.

The key piece of the preface however is a several paragraph long excerpt from a document called "The Journal of the Whills"..

The journal extract gives the tale the key `historical' aspect. It is the glimpse into the larger setting, that exists in George Lucas' head. It serves the same function as the snatches of elvish poetry in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

It establishes that what you are about to read, however exciting and novelized, is part of a history, was a `real' event. It is the venerable and aged leather cover on the tome you have opened.

There are aspects of the setting described in the Journal extract which seem to have been overlooked as the story was continued through the trilogy. In many respects the Journal extract was the last remnant of the earlier versions of the story Lucas had written.

As stated earlier, Lucas rewrote STAR WARS many times before it was finally accepted by the studio for production. Even if he had not developed a full historical picture of his universe in his head, these earlier scripts provide a sort of history.

The characters and the plot slowly evolved into the form we know now, but a large amount of material was left intact between versions. As a result, many character lines and names have remained, though they may have been re-assigned. In reading the final novel, or indeed, watching the film, we are exposed to many scenes and lines which were originally designed for different characters in different situations. This extremely subtle mismatching produces an interesting effect. It lends STAR WARS a similar air to the epic histories, with their unintentional intrusions by the `larger' history.

The first and second drafts of the script are readily available on the Web, they make fascinating reading. It's rather similar to reading the developmental early draft material of Tolkien's world, which has been released by his son Christopher over the last few years. Professor Tolkien himself always refused to reveal the details of his full history whilst he was alive, even though it represented over sixty years work by one of the greatest cultural thinkers of our time. He said that the power of the mythic story would be weakened if you peered too hard at the 'bones'. The deep `matrix' of a history doesn't show signs of having been `made', it simply IS ... and so should a fictional histories deep story seem.

There is a rumour that George Lucas has plans to publish a `complete' Journal of the Whills as a massive, illustrated book - after the last of the movies are released. This will be a fitting way to finally close the STAR WARS cycle, sometime next century. There will be no more scope for apocryphal damage to the myth, since its ultimate statement will have been irrevocably set forth. It is my sincere hope that such a work be written very carefully. The ultimate expression of the mythic cycle must be beyond doubt as an epic, mythic and historical work. It must exhibit the scope, the purpose and the realism of true myth. If Lucas allows any of the low-end apocryphal `pulp' writers to come within a hundred miles of the material in this final volume, then we can say goodbye forever to his lifetime's work. This definitative statement of Lucas' corpus must be its finest. (Source: Jason Senders)

11 - 24 - 97

In the prequels, the members of the royal families, like the young Queen, will have indulged themselves by adding mythical titles to their names so that when people speak their full names; the names sound more and more impressive. (Source: Vegemui)

It is rumored that the Emperor appears to be over 100 years old in ROTJ, even though he is only in his early sixties, because the Kiber Chrystal, or some other artifact that greatly magnifies the dark side in him, ages his body at an advanced rate. (Source: Pounder)

11 - 23 - 97

I bet the film that is lucky enuff to have the prequel trailer attached to it will have one of the biggest opening weekends in cinematic history. That is why I bet that Lucas is going to charge 20th Century Fox an arm and a leg for the rights to show the prequel trailer with its films. (Source: Justin L.)

On page 42 of Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays, the special edition revision of the original screenplay states: "A starship, the Outrider, takes off overhead." Dash Rendar's ship is in the special edition ! (Source: Tattaway) (Ed. Note: We strongly recommend that everybody get a copy of that book from your local bookstore because it gives interesting insights into the trilogy and the forthcoming prequels)

In the prequels, it is thought that the stormtroopers will be sharp shooters with pinpoint accuracy because they are first generation Imperial clones. However, by Star Wars: A New Hope, the stormtroopers have been cloned so many times, from the same D.N.A. source, that they have become stupid and can't shoot worth a crap (which is fortunate for Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2 & 3PO on the death star) (Source: Frequency X)

It is rumored that in Star Wars: Episode I, we learn that the Force is the primary religion of the Republic. The Jedi are the most well-known and respected followers of the Force, but they are by no means the only worshipers of the Force. There are literally hundreds of different religious sects that interpret the "meaning" of the Force according to their own dogma (similar to the way there are hundreds of religious sects based on the Bible in our own society) (Source: Ben Streeter)

Rick McCallum stated that Ian McDiarmid is coming back as "Palpatine" in an interview printed in the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider # 35. If Lucasfilm is not misinforming us, then what does that mean? Could Palpatine be a last name? Ian might be "Joe" Palpatine in the prequel whereas the Palpatine that becomes the Emperor might be named "Gary" Palpatine. It's a possibility. (Source: Dense for Tense) (Ed. Note: That is an extremely interesting theory because McCallum avoided explicitly stating that Ian is the Emperor Palpatine)

11 - 22 - 97

In the beginning, a group of talented warriors, later to be known as the Jedi Knights, began to use the mystical powers of the Force to protect and serve all life across the galaxy. Some of the Jedi were tempted by the dark side and came into the service of a group known as the Sith Lords. The Sith Lords manipulated the force for the purpose of evil and destruction. Over the countless generations, an endless war raged between the noble Jedi and the evil Sith Lords, but eventually the Jedi defeated the Sith Lords and placed them under the control of the Republic, but only temporarily until the rise of Palpatine. Chaos spotted the pages of history in the Republic. Uprisings and wars scattered throughout the various star systems were mediated and resolved by the Jedi. On a remote and insignificant world, a young boy lived who would forever change the course of destiny in the galaxy. His name was Anakin Skywalker and as he began to discover his own powers in the force, a group of conquerors named the Mandalorians began their onslaught. (Source: Unknown)

Lucas has said that by using digital technology he will be able to do the new films for around $ 70 million each and make them look as if they had cost $ 300 million. (Source: Randy Flakes)

Here is my speculation on the fall of the Republic. My guess is that the Republic had become bogged down in political arguments that could not be settled to anyone's satisfaction. When a young politician named Palpatine decided to make a bid for power, he played various factions against one another creating great strife and ineffectivenes in the Senate. The Jedi Knights, being the guardians and servants of the Old Republic, were dispatched to end the fighting that erupted among various star systems as a result of the failures of the Senate. During this time, Palpatine would be making his power play and building his forces. After the Jedi returned, they were not prepared for the revolution that ensued. This is a basic pattern in human history, as was the case in Rome and Germany. Situations were created by those wanting to seize power and the situations were escalated in order to distract people from the power play being made until it was too late. (Source: Diamon)

The HUTTs, or at least Jabba the Hutt, are Force resistant like Ysalamiri from Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novels. Remember Jabba's dialogue with Luke in ROTJ that Luke's Jedi mind tricks had no effect on him? (Source: Cristian) (Ed. Note: This explains why Jabba and other Hutt warriors are able to hunt down and murder many Jedi in Episode 3)

11 - 21 - 97

While the digital-effects work on the prequel is slow, tedious and at times progresses at a pace slower than a snail on a slow day, the prequel will be ready for a May 1999 release. All the licensees of the prequels would be severely hurt financially and tremendously upset with Lucas if the prequel is not ready by May 1999. (Source: Shadow Blade)

It is rumored that the duel between Ben and Anakin occurs during Episode III and is not the "cliffhanger" of Episode II. (Source: Forkon)

If you took elements from Shadows of the Empire, you could build a better third movie than what we actually got from Return of the Jedi! Imagine, if you will, that the rescue of Han Solo didn't occur on Tatooine, but instead they had to pluck him out of a squabble between the bounty hunters - that a `BlackSun' sub-plotline lead the action directly to Coruscant - that the second Death Star was being built over Coruscant itself and that Luke's confrontation with the Emperor happened right in the very seat of Imperial Power! Now THAT would have been a fitting conclusion to the trilogy! *sigh* - if only... (Source: Brockwell)

What if the Mandalorian Armor is FORCE RESISTANT!!! (I thought Ysalamiri were the only ones and only things that could push back the Force.) Anyway, just think about it, these Mandalorian Super Commandos are sure to put a good fight against the Jedi Knights, and having Force-repellant Armors Suits would make them capable of driving the Jedi to EXTINCTION!!!!! (Source: A.W.E. Mightygods)

It is rumored that at LucasArts, the designers and programmers are working on a "Myst/Riven"-type prequel game that will be so awesome that the PC game will be contained on seven CD ROMs. (Source: Fly-On-The-Wall)

11 - 20 - 97

Since Lucasfilm has stated that the storyline to Episode I is ever-changing and evolving (even after phase 1 of live-action filming ended) is it possible that: Natalie Portman (the young Queen) will be Mon Mothma and not Luke and Leia's mother. (Source: S.B.) (Ed. Note: Or could Mon Mothma be Luke and Leia's mother? According to Lucas, anything can be true "from a certain point of view.")

In my opinion, the opening scene in Episode I will be: the scrolling text, pan down to the surface of Coruscant, and we see the "Airbus" star-craft taking-off. (Source: CRISTIAN) (Ed. Note: In my opinion, Episode I is going to open with a musical number similar to the opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Anything Goes !!!)

In response to your post about Dash Rendar's Outrider being in Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition, the ship we see in the Special Edition may not be Rendar's Outrider. Even if it is, it doesn't matter. This is not StarTrek. George Lucas looks to himself for the movies not horrible books. The Outrider was just a great design. No one creates canon Star Wars characters except George Lucas . . . Just remember with all the Star Wars movies we never know what to expect. Wampas, speeder bikes, Jabba, carbonite, the force, Yoda, father/son, ewoks. We haven't got a clue (about what the prequels will be about).. If some one does, then they should start writing their own movies because their the next George Lucas. (Source: Obi-Wan) (Ed. Note: Star Wars is all about ying and yang, the good, the bad and the ugly. In other words, for every cool character/ship (i.e., stormtroopers, tie interceptors) Lucas creates he also creates equally stupid characters/ships (i.e., Ewoks, Squid Head). Lucas can't please everybody with Episode I, but he will at least please himself)

11 - 19 - 97

The Official Prequel web site gives a sneak peek at the hallowed halls of the Jedi Council. (Source: Rain Gang)

It is rumored that Lucas is "considering" Robert Zemeckis (the director of Contact, Forrest Gump, the Back to the Future Trilogy) to direct Episode II. (Source: Kevin Wald)

Allegedly, the prequel begins with a massive space battle in the Concorde Dawn star system (the home system of Boba Fett). (Source: Shadow Blade)

11 - 18 - 97

Some believe that one of the prequels will feature a land battle between hundreds of Jedi Knights versus Sith Lords. (Source: Seeth)

Rumor has it that the three primary planets featured in Episode I will be: Tatooine (desert environment), Coruscant (urban environment) and Alderaan (aquatic environment [capital city located in the middle of a lake]). (Source: Darth Frodo)

The name Queen Padme Naberie Amidala is a very long name. We know the Queen has servants and aids at her side. Maybe one of the spies read the set list wrong and it was suppose to be The Queen, Padme, Naberie, and Amidala. Making four people not one person with a long name (Source: Obi-Wan)

11 - 17 - 97

It is speculated that in Episode I, young Anakin Skywalker is involved in many of the action sequences, if not all of them. (Source: Cryogis)

Could Emperor Palpatine from the original trilogy possibly be a clone created during the Clone Wars ? (Source: Sir Jonathan Hawkins)

I think it is pretty much Star Wars canon that Uncle Owen Lars is Ben Kenobi's brother. Hence, Owen will appear somewhere in the prequels. (Source: Gonk)

It is rumored that the Mandalorian Super Commandos are the main foe of the Republic/Jedi in Episode I and the Dark Sith Lords are the primary enemy of the Republic/Jedi in Episode II and III. (Source: James Yakens)

About the canon issue in your November 16 rumor. Didn't Lucas already say (not in so many words) that Shadows of the Empire was canon by placing Dash Rendar's ship, the Outrider, in the ANH: SE? Also, could you confirm the statement that Mara Jade was in the ROTJ radio drama, because i always thought Timothy Zahn thought her up (i'm too young to remember anyway). Also, about Vader refering to Tatooine as an insignificant planet, think of this: it was insignificant to VADER. However, Tatooine meant a lot to Anakin Skywalker, but "the good man that was your father was destroyed". In his new persona, Vader (apparently) didn't remember Tatooine much except for a dirty place that had caused him a lot of pain maybe? (maybe his family also gets killed???). Anakin Skywalker almost no longer existed, so his memories were lost maybe? (Source: Sameer Ketkar)

11 - 16 - 97

I seriously doubt the Star Wars Radio Dramas are canon because: 1) In SW:ANH Radio Drama, Darth Vader repeatedly refers to Tatooine as a worthless nothing of a planet that he's never heard of and can't believe it would have any significance for a ship carrying stolen Death Star plans, and 2) In ROJ, there is specific reference to an event in Shadows of the Empire (C3P0 piloting the Falcon on Coruscant), and Mara Jade makes an appearance in Jabba's palace. (Source: Byron Vogel)

A ton o' rumors:

Yoda will wield some kind of weapon, similiar to a lightsaber, but with a shorter blade...a lightdagger, perhaps? . . . It will be learned that the Emperor and Yoda are of a similar, race, parents? . . . There will be early generation stormtroopers that carry seen in early A New Hope concept drawings . . . C-3po will be introduced as a consultent for Anikin's parents...don't know what this means, perhaps C-3po once worked as a child psch. for dysfunctional jedi families? . . . Anakin has latent dark powers that first manifest themselves while he is sleeping, this is the begining of his downfall...perhaps the boy has a nightmare and when his mother or father trys to wake him he accidently kills them with dark Jedi powers and then completly bugs out . . . There will be a Jedi group based on the King Arther legends...A Jedi round table? . . . There will be several Jedi masters in the movies... maybe someone stronger than Yoda? We will see the Maws station at one point... the construction of the Death Star? . . . George Lucas or Frank Oz will have a brief cameo in one of the films...this could be intersting, who could they play? There will be Jedi fighting with Jedi wepons other than lightsabers...this could mean the staff version of the lightsaber? . . . By the end of Episode III Obi Wan will have the same beard and haircut that he had in ANH. (Source: Peter Ross Cornish)

A buddy of mine pointed me to a site were they have a preproduction photo of one of those Sith fighters. It is at Fall of the Jedi: The Star Wars Prequels in the news section check it out! (Source: Chris Glessner)

Saturday, November 15, 1997

Well, Super Shadow and Co., there's an interesting amount of rumor mongering on your web site. Seriously, though, you've done pretty well - better than we had hoped you could do. Of course, a fair percentage of the rumors you list are inaccurate, but there some that are accurate (too accurate). Which ones they are will have to be left as an exercise for your readers - at least until the 25th of May, 1999. (Source: Anonymous Member of the LucasFilm Publicity Department)

The special effects team at Industrial Light and Magic, in San Rafael, California have been working on an experimental process that uses holography and makes it possible for an image of a space craft (i.e., Sith Lord fighters) to fly off the screen and up the projection beam at the theatre. (Source: Shadow Blade)

Rumor has it that Lucas has filmed 270 minutes worth of film footage for the prequel. And Lucas is considering breaking this down into two 135 minute-long "movie" segments called Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 of Episode I would be released on May 25, 1999 and then Lucas would release Part 2 (the stunning conclusion to Part 1) of Episode I during November/December 1999. In this way, Lucas could release the prequels in six installments and greatly increase the amount the prequels would gross at the box office. (Source: Blind Keeper)

11 - 14 - 97

C-3PO (played by actor Anthony Daniels) went through a major personality shift: Lucas initially imagined the droid as the stereotype of a fast-talking used-car salesman before deciding on the cultivated voice and manner of a proper English butler (excerpt from From Star Wars to Indiana Jones--- The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives 1994, p.12) Since Lucas rarely discards an original idea, he may use this "used-car salesman" personality for the new C-3PO in the prequels or for some other droid in the prequels. (Source: Jackie Ren)

I just wanted to point out some inaccuracies in the German-Star Wars language speculated about on the prequel rumors page (on November 13, 1997) First, Vater does mean father in German, but it doesn't sound at all like "Vader." In fact, a V in German is pronounced like an English F, so Vater actually sounds exactly like father, but without the "th" sound. Also, Noch in German is pronounced like "No" with only the slightest "h" on the end, and sounds nothing like "Nooch," which C3P0 said in ROJ. I love the site, but I think we could be digging here. (Source: Byron Vogel)

11 - 13 - 97

Many people believe that the character that fights with Liam Neeson's character is called Darth Maul. Many people believe that there will also be another evil character called Darth Sidious, who basically looks like a Devorian, but much uglier. He is rumored to also go by the name of Panaka. Some people don't think that Darth Sidious and Darth Maul will be characters in the new movies because it sounds cheesy for two more guys to have the same first name as Darth Vader. However, I think that Darth is not a name, but a title like emperor, or Grand Moff, or Grand Admiral.

Darth Vader is also called "lord" vader, or "Dark Lord of The Sith". "Dar" in Darth starts out Dark and "th" ends Sith. Therefore, Darth could actually just be Vader's title or rank so to speak. Both Darth Maul and and Darth Sidious are said to be dark jedi or "Sith" which would fit in right with this. Perhaps Darth Maul dies in the saber duel with Neeson's character (Qui-Gon Jinn) and so Sidious (aka Panaka) becomes the new Darth. Also, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious could actually be the same person. Anyways, Palpatine probably gets help from one of them or both or whatever. I also have a Prequel Newsletter called The Jedi Academy that I send out.

Along this note it is also interesting to point out that VATER in German means FATHER and sounds just like Vader. Another interesting point is in ROTJ when C3PO is telling the Ewoks the story of the Rebellion. Instead of saying Darth Vader, he says Noch Vater or Noche Vater. NOCH in German means STILL. So this could be interpreted as STILL the FATHER, foreshadowing Luke's bringing him back to the good. NOCHE with an E is Spanish for night, which would make it mean DARK FATHER or NIGHT FATHER or FATHER of the NIGHT or FATHER of the DARK! (Source: CHRIS FULLER)

More prequel information sent in by Chris from a "mysterious" extra on the set of the prequel:

"I have done 4 weeks work as an extra on Star Wars Episode 1 at Leavesden. I play one of the Rebel soldiers and they wear mustard coloured jumpsuits with brown armored pieces like on a Stormtrooper suit. Here is some general information on what I have seen.

"The Young Queen's (Natalie Portman) palace is going to have a computer generated exterior. The palace walls on the set itself are only about 10 feet high and CG graphics will make up the rest so the palace will probably soar high into the heavens. The Palace and the few street sets alongside are medieval themed. With light brown stone blocks making up the walls with flowers and crawling ivy surrounding them. The civilians clothing is very colourful and flowing with males wearing long multi-colored robes and females wearing long whispy dresses and headpieces. There will be speeders and these will be in garish 70's type colours with bright green and purple ones being used by the rebel soldiers on this planet."

11 - 12 - 97

Due to the immense complexity of the revolutionary digital effects that will be used in Episode II and III, it is almost 90 % certain that Episode II will be released May 2002 and Episode III will be released May 2005. (Source: Vecton)


Falcon means bird of prey. Well, it's a joke! The Falcon is a piece of junk ! Han Solo doesn't think so, but that's the comedy of the ship! It's no Millenium Falcon, its a spice freighter! (Source: Ewan) (Ed. Note: Ewan is replying to the Millenium Falcon/Anakin Skywalker rumor posted on 11 - 10 - 97)

11 - 11 - 97

George Lucas quote from Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays (pp. 265-66): "I didn't want Vader to be all-powerful. In the first film it was very easy to make him into some kind of superhero. But I decided not to do that. In fact, he is one of the Dark Lords who is working for the Emperor, and he has to do the Emperor's bidding. You will see at some point in the future that the Jedi have the same relationship to the Republic; they're like public servants, they're like marshals or policemen. They basically do what they're told to do. They're not independent agents who can do whatever they want. In the case of the Jedi, they work for the Republic, and in the case of the Sith Lords, they work for the Empire. So I obviously didn't want to make Vader too weak, but I didn't want to make him so you thought he was in charge of everything. That's why I had Tarkin in the first film, although he was more of a bureaucrat." (Source: Alexander Nevermind)

It is rumored that Anakin abandons the Jedi because he finds the life style of the dark Jedi to be easier, more attractive and more lucrative. (Source: Ted Riley)

While C-3PO is going to look older and more primitive in the prequels, I bet R2 looks basically the same in the prequels as in the original trilogy. (Source: Fury)

I hope Lucas avoids having a bunch of midget-sized characters like the Ewoks, Salacious Crumb, Jawas, etc. in the prequels. (Source: Tom Whitmore)

11 - 10 - 97

Let's talk about the Millennium Falcon for a moment. What an odd name for a beat-up freighter! A Falcon is a bird of prey, a fighting bird. Millennium refers to the thousand generations of Jedi Knights before Luke. Didn't you ever wonder why the Falcon is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? Because she was designed by Jedi scientists as Anakin Skywalker's private warship, to protect his cover identity as a smuggler. In Star Wars, Luke said, "My father didn't fight in the Clone Wars. He was no knight-just a navigator on a space freighter."

This gives us another clue about the mysterious Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin liked disguises, so people would underestimate his powers.

On Mos Eisley, Obi-wan knew fate was helping them when Han introduced himself as "the Captain of the Millennium Falcon; maybe you've heard of her?"

"Should I?" answered Ben, toungue pressed firmly in cheek. Ben knew that the Falcon had once been owned by Anakin Skywalker.

Han bragged that the Falcon's speed came from his "special modifications," but she was just as fast when Lando owned her. Remember, Han was originally Luke's older brother (Lucas abandoned this idea in the final script), and it would only be natural for him to bring along his missing father's personal ship. Han's identity was changed, but he kept the Falcon. (Source: Jean-Pierre)

Lucas has stated that 40 - 50 % of Episode I will be animated. Does that mean that the cantina scene in Episode I will be nothing but CG (computer generated) creatures. (Source: Roll Pole) (Source: I think most of the computer animation will be used for "battle" sequences)

I bet the only music from the trilogy will be the opening Star Wars theme all the other music in Episode I will be completely new. (Source: Todd Granger)

What if Ben and the young Queen don't have an affair, but Palpatine lies to Anakin and convinces Anakin that an affair has occurred when it really hasn't ? (Source: Wishter)

11 - 9 - 97

For insight into the storyline of the prequels, watch the end of Return of the Jedi: Special Edition, during the celebration sequence on Coruscant the rejoicing citizens knock over a statue of Palpatine. In the right hand of the Palpatine statue, he is holding a chrystal. This could be the fabled Kiber chrystal that makes its possessor the most powerful user of the Force in the galaxy. (Source: Paul T.)

Even though Jabba is rumored to be a much nicer character in the prequel he could still be with Boba Fett. Maybe, however unlikely, Jabba is more of Boba Fett's servant. When the Mandalorians fall, Jabba rises to power and keeps Fett as a servant. I doubt it; but you never know. Sounds like a Star Wars theme to me. (Source: Ewan)

George Lucas quote: "I thought Star Wars was too wacky for the general public and that goes double for the prequel." (Source: Eerie Force)

Click here for some original Star Wars music written and composed by Nathan B. Reed. (Source: Nathan B. Reed) (Ed. Note: It sounds pretty good)

11 - 8 - 97

Click here to view the United Artist's letter rejecting George Lucas' Star Wars movie proposal (Source: John Palmer)

Click here for an interview with George Lucas called "Beyond Star Wars." (Source: Tiggar)

Click here for an interview with George Lucas from TV Guide. (Source: Formidable)

11 - 7 - 97

Check out these links at for interesting and concise plot summaries for Episode I, Epsode II and Episode III of the prequels. (Source:

Here is a link for those of you who are interested in the Star Wars Radio Dramas. (Source: Sci-Fi.Com)

In the Star Wars Insider # 35, Lucas states that a prequel trailer will not be released probably until Christmas 1998. (Source: Han Ragor)

It is rumored that Boba Fett is a Mandalorian who survives their war with the Jedi in Episode I and, then in Episode III, he/she gets revenge by helping the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi. (Source: Sarah Liddons)

There are more individuals than the Botham Spy sending misinformation to the net. Lucas is trying everything he can to thwart any "true" information from getting to the net. (Source: Greedo)

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Thursday, November 6, 1997

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Figuring out the primary thrust of the prequel storyline is fairly easy in my humble opinion. Examine Lucas' prior films: THX-1138 (1971) (the lead character is searching for freedom from an oppressive society and the oppressive society searches for him when he tries to escape it), American Grafitti (1973) (the lead characters are searching for a good time and Richard Dreyfuss searches for the lady in the pink car and his destiny, one character searches for "booze," etc. etc.), Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) (the good guys are searching for a princess in distress and the Empire is searching for the hidden rebel base), Apocalypse Now (1979) (Martin Sheen is searching for Marlon Brando), The Empire Strikes Back (1980) (the Empire is searching for the rebels, Vader is searching for his son and Luke is searching for Yoda), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (Indy is searching for the Lost Ark and for part of the movie he searches for Marion Ravenwood), Return of the Jedi (1983) (the good guys search for Han Solo and Luke searches for the good side in his father while Vader searches for a way to convert Luke to the dark side), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) (Indy is searching for the lost stones and captured children and during part of the movie Short Round and Willy search for Indy), Willow (1987) (Willow searches for a baby's place of destiny--where it will destroy the evil powers of Queen Bavmorda and, meanwhile, the evil Queen searches for the baby), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) (Indy searches for his father and the Holy Grail), Star Wars: Episode I (1999) (the good guys are searching for ????? and the bad guys search for ?????) (Source: Rerun) (Ed. Note: Hint, Hint, Hint)

I would bet Rick McCallum's right arm that C-3PO is an Industrial Automaton 4-LOM Protocol Droid in Episode I. (Source: Jesse Williams)

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Grand Admiral Thrawn is present in the "X WING v. TIE FIGHTER" game series from LUCASARTS (and other official LucasFilm-approved licenses). It's cannon, indeed. (Source: Nique) (Ed. Note: Yes, Thrawn is very well indeed an entrenched member of secondary Star Wars canon, but if Lucas decides to have a young Thrawn killed in Episode III of the prequels then that death will be primary canon and Thrawn's previous existence in Lucasfilm-approved games and novels will have to be explained in some other way. (i.e., the present Thrawn is a clone or something.))

We have received a deluge of e-mail concerning who you think the Bothan Spy is:

Chris Cypert (the Still Image Coordinator for Episode I), Peter Russell (the Supervising Art Director for Episode I), Peter Hutchinson (the special effects supervisor for Episode I), David Brown (the Production Supervisor for Episode I), Jackie Chan (the world-famous martial artist), David Hasselhoff (the world-famous Bay Watch actor), George Lucas (the writer, director and executive producer of Episode I), Jon Bradley Snyder (the Editor in Chief of the Star Wars Insider Magazine (1 - 800 - TRUE - FAN)), Cindy Crawford (the world-famous super model and my girlfriend), Rick McCallum (the producer of Episode I and future producer of Indiana Jones 4), Brett Favre (the quarterback for the N.F.L. world-champion Green Bay Packers), Harry Knowles' girlfriend (wait a second, that can't be right, Harry has never had a girlfriend), John Cleese (the former member of the world-famous Monty Python and the Flying Circus comedy team), the ghost of Elvis Presley (the world-famous recording artist), Bill Gates (the most powerful man in the world), Boba Fett (the most ruthless and feared bounty hunter in the galaxy) and Bart Simpson (the world-famous cartoon prankster). (Source: The Fox, Peter North, Yankmeister, Double Freak, Will N., Gary Simms, Rumor Man, World War III, Nathan Thompson and many others) (Ed. Note: These are all good guesses, but I really am the Bothan Spy)

Some believe that Luke and Leia were born on Dagobah. It is hinted at in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke says that "there was something familiar about this place." They were born on Dagobah, and seperated soon after. Obi Wan's brother Owen Lars was to watch after Luke, and Leia was sent to Bail Organa. Obi Wan stayed on Tatooine to make sure Luke was safe... Subsequently, Luke didn't meet his sister till A New Hope. (Source: Nosyarg)

It is thought that Episode I (the prequel) will basically be a remake of Episode IV (A New Hope) because Lucas likes to repeat the same themes over and over again. (Source: Jimmy Greene)

I bet the main goal in Episode I is the search for a powerful Jedi relic (i.e., the Kiber Chrystal or some other ancient Jedi relic that gives its possessor tremendous powers in the Force) and Palpatine uses this relic to become the most powerful user of the Force in the galaxy. (Source: Plate Glass, Sr.)

It is rumored that the end of the world will occur prior to the release of the prequel. (Source: Manning Connors)

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The Bothan Spy, the most famous internet movie spy in history, is a Lucasfilm double agent. His/her modus operandi is to send real prequel photos to websites along with misinformation (i.e., fake prequel character names and made-up prequel plot details). The photos make the other misinformation appear to be genuine and everybody is "happy" because they think they have inside info. on the most anticipated movie of all time. (Source: Lucasfilm Insider) (Ed. Note: Remember that the Official Prequel Website did warn that Lucas would use clever misinformation techniques to preserve the secrecy surrounding the prequel's production . . . and, by the way, I am the Bothan Spy)

It is rumored that the three primary settings for Episode I will be Tatooine, Coruscant and the water world. (Source: Shadow Blade)

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Star Wars history:

The Star Wars gospel or "canon" as we like to call it can best be explained in these terms: The primary Star Wars canon is comprised of the Star Wars film trilogy, the trilogy screenplays (in final form), the trilogy radio dramas and the trilogy novelizations. These sources all originate from George's original stories. All other Star Wars stories, written by other writers, are considered secondary canon material. Secondary canon cannot contradict primary canon, but primary canon (i.e., the prequels) can contradict the secondary Star Wars canon.

George requires the storyline for Episodes I, II and III to adhere strictly to the primary canon; however, the prequels can and will contradict certain histories contained in the secondary canon. George has a full-time staff at Lucasfilm whose sole function is to examine the prequel screenplay with a fine tooth comb to make sure that the prequel does not contradict any of the history set forth in the primary canon. If a staffer finds a possible contradiction, it is brought to George's attention and he modifies this aspect of the prequel storyline, if he believes an actual contradiction with primary canon exists.

If a staffer finds a contradiction between the prequel storyline and secondary canon, it is in George's discretion as to whether he will "re-write" Star Wars history or adhere to the history as set out in the secondary canon. (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Spokesperson) (Ed. Note: So technically speaking: Thrawn, Xizor and Mara Jade do not exist in the "primary" world of Star Wars canon, but if Lucas were to include a young Thrawn or Xizor in the prequels then their existence would obviously be made primary canon, instead of just secondary canon).

It is rumored that Jabba the Hutt lives on Tatooine because his family was exiled from Nal Hutta. (Source: Ripper The Virtual Star Wars Page)

11 - 2 - 97

I haven't read the scripts to the prequels or anything, but I would surmise that a love triangle along the lines of King Arthur, Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot of the Camelot legend develops in the prequels. Arthur = Ben (the oldest of the three), Guinevere = the Young Queen (younger than Arthur/Ben, but older than Lancelot/Anakin) and Anakin = Lancelot (the youngest of the three).

I believe that in Episode II a 30-ish Ben will court the young Queen, who will then be in her late 20's, and will ask for her hand in marriage and she accepts. The young Queen is the focus of Ben's life and will be the only woman that he will ever love (that is why he lives all alone as a hermit on Tatooine because he never gets over the loss of the young Queen).

Enter the conquering hero in Episode II: The young, hot-shot Anakin (in his early 20's) becomes one of the most decorated warriors of the Clone Wars and catches the eye of the young Queen. It is love at first sight for Anakin and the young Queen and they carry on an affair behind Ben's back.

The young Queen leaves Ben for Anakin, which completely devastates Ben. Ben considers this to be the ultimate betrayal at the hands of his two closest friends (the young Queen and Anakin). Consequently, Ben and Anakin's friendship is destroyed. Palpatine takes advantage of this situation and lures Anakin to the dark side. By the time Ben realizes what has happened to Anakin, it is too late. As a result of his turning his back on Anakin and the young Queen, Palpatine uses Anakin in his rise to power. Ben carries the guilt of Anakin's fall from grace and the demise of the Republic for the rest of his life. And tries to resurrect his mistakes vicariously through the young Luke Skywalker . . . (Source: Roger Daly)

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George Lucas has announced that a prequel trailer will not be released until about this time next year. (Source: Mr. D Gibson)

Rumor has it that the spectacular "water battle" will not appear in the prequels until the climax of Episode II. (Source: Blind Keeper)

It is thought that in Episode I we will see Ben Kenobi's homeworld. (Source: James Carson)

Some close to Lucas believe that he may direct all three episodes of the prequels. (Source: Vecton)

Some fear that the rumors surrounding the prequel may be better than the actual prequel. (Source: Utinni)

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It is thought that there will be a character in the prequel named Lord Tion. (Source: Mr. Enigma)

One rumor going around is that Anakin and the young Queen get married at the end of Episode II. (Source: Ripper The Force Star Wars Site)

According to the Official Prequel Web Site, Shmi is not the official name for Anakin Skywalker's mother. (Source: The Official Star Wars Prequel Web Site)

For those who didn't know this, I.L.M. will use CGI to create not only space vehicles and space battles, but also creatures, sets and entire environments. (Source: Vangor)

According to one scientific theory, the destruction of the second death star in Return of the Jedi causes an environmental cataclysm that eradicates all Ewoks from the face of Endor. In other words, the Ewoks become extinct. (Source: Prof. Astrophysics)

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It is rumored that Ben Kenobi owns the Millenium Falcon (or a similar-looking Corellian freighter) in its original form in the prequel (before Solo and other owners make various "special" modifications to the Falcon). This gives the scene in A New Hope where Han Solo brags about how fast the Falcon made the Kessel Run a new and different meaning because Ben has experience with Corellian freighters and knows that Han is lying because Ben knows that it is impossible for the Falcon to go that fast. (Watch Ben's expression when Han brags about how fast the Falcon is; you can tell by Ben's expression that he knows Han is lying). Han boasts of the Falcon like that guy in your neighborhood who claims his 1978 Barracuda (i.e., the Falcon) can out run a 1998 Lamborghini Diablo (i.e. an Imperial Star Destroyer) (Source: Domani) (Ed. Note: That's funny a friend told me that Yoda uses a Corellian freighter (i.e., the Millenium Falcon) in the prequel(s) to transport students to his Jedi Academy. Go figure.)

It is thought that in the prequels Mon Mothma is about one year older than the young Queen (Luke and Leia's mother). (Source: Uriah Heep)

It is conjectured that Anakin Skywalker is not born on Tatooine although he does live on Tatooine during the prequel. (Source: Peter Moss)

I read the early rough drafts of the Star Wars screen play. In it there is a scene with Anakin's father and brother, Kane and Deak. In the scene Anakin's family is being hunted by the Sith. Maybe an incarnation of that scene is what Liam Neeson and Jake Lloyd were filming with that Darth Whats his name character . . . and what's up with those names you guys have posted for some of the prequel character names---> Liam Neeson as Nevin Skywalker, Pernilla August as Maran Skywalker and Samuel L. Jackson as Socuto, etc on your main page. Where did you get those names? (Source: Jason5000)(Ed. Note: Hey ! Those names are real (maybe). We'll prove it. Notice where these URL addresses mysteriously take you: and

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