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8 - 29 - 97

Anakin is seen piloting a Z-95 in a space battle and fights dark Jedi with his father's light sabre in the prequel. In the prequel, Anakin acts as Kenobi's sidekick similar to the way Indiana Jones had a young boy sidekick, named Short Round, in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Source: Shadow Blade, Sundown, Tyler, H.B.)

The biggest rumor to be posted here in awhile is: We learn that Boba Fett is a woman in the prequel when she takes of her mask ! She may be Kenobi's love interest (Lawrence J.) . . . Ewoks will be seen in the background during the prequel, but will not have a major role (Source: HAL2001)

The first five prequel action figures will be shipped by Kenner in early April: Young Ben Kenobi, Young Anakin Skywalker, Sith dark Jedi, Mandalorian super-commando and Liam Neeson's character. (Source: H.B., Blind Keeper and some guy claiming to work at Kenner)

8 - 28 - 97

Liam's character is rumored to become the Emperor at the end of Episode 2 (Source: B.H.) . . . The B'Omarr Monks play a secondary role in the prequel. (Source: Sundown, Ted, Peter Sims) . . . The stormtroopers are the product of advanced Imperial cloning experiments (Source: HAL2001) . . . Anakin's father might own a Corellian freighter in the prequel (Source: Solo Force, Blind Keeper)

8 - 27 - 97

Anthony Daniels has not been confirmed as a member of the cast, yet. This supports the rumor that 3PO is an astomech/power droid in the prequels and R2 is the protocol/humanoid droid (Source: Blind Keeper)

8 - 26 - 97

Rumored that Liam Neeson's character is Anakin's father. (Source: HAL2001)

8 - 25 - 97

Prequel trailer is believed to be ready for showing with _________. Trailer will show casts members and the title of the prequel (Source: H.B.)

8 - 24 - 97

French magazine publishes three prequel photos from Tunisia. One shows a sail barge, vehicle or space ship of unknown variety, one shows Neeson battling a Sith and third shows Neeson and Lloyd on the Tatooine desert. (Source: Some anonymous French tipster)

8 - 20 - 97

Starburst sci-fi magazine reports that the tag line for the prequel will be: "Prepare to be amazed again an even longer time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . .Spring 1999." (Source: Shadow Blade, Necromancer, Todd Rudisell)

8 - 18 - 97

Adrian Dunbar is rumored to play the role of Bail Organa (Source: Sundown) . . . The Mandalorian do not use Slave 1 type vehicles in the prequel. The Slave 1 used by Boba Fett in the trilogy is not a Mandalorian vehicle as everyone is claiming (Source: Black Hawk, Ted)

8 - 17 - 97

Ackbar appears briefly in Episode 1 (Source: Shadow Blade)

8 - 14 - 97

Luke and Leia's mother (Natalie Portman) is not a Fallanasi as some have reported (Source: Vecton)

8 - 12 - 97

Amphibious stormtroopers will be used in a large aquatic battle at the end of Episode 2 (Source: H.B.)

8 - 11 - 97

Steve Sansweet of LucasFilm claims that Balance of the Force is not the real title of the prequel. Sansweet states Lucas is considering Realm of Light as the title. (Source: John C.)

8 - 5 - 97

Since the information used by Star Wars novelists/comic book writers is carefully proofed and approved by LucasFilm, the post-Heir to the Empire continuity will be kept sacred in the prequels. (Source: Ravenwood)

8 - 3 - 97

Thrawn and Xizor will appear in Episode 3. (Source: Shadow Blade)

7 - 28 - 97

Jabba the Hutt appears in the prequel along with many other Hutts who serve in the Republic senate. Yoda is C.G.I when walking, but is otherwise puppeted by Frank Oz in the prequels. ________, not Anthony Daniels, is rumored to be voicing 3PO in the prequels (Source: THX-1169)

7 - 26 - 97

Warwick Davis (Willown, Wickett the Ewok) is rumored to be "strange alien creature" in the prequel. (Source: HAL2001)

7 - 23 - 97

Natalie Portman's rumored character name is Karone. (Source: Ted)

7 - 22 - 97

Ewan McGregor has signed to play Kenobi in the first prequel. (Source: Battle Run) The Star Wars Galaxy Magazine has been sanctioned by LucasFilm as an official source for prequel information (Source: Bob W., editor of the Star Wars Galaxy Magazine)

7 - 19 - 97

LucasFilm is dragging their feet on reporting who has been cast for the prequel, but Terence Stamp, Ray Park and Warwick Davis are being seriously considered for parts in the prequel (Source: LiamUK1)

7 - 16 - 97

Steven Spielberg has turned down an offer to direct Episode 2, even after being offered a percentage of gross profits. Apparently, Lucas can't afford Spielberg's current price tag (i.e. 25 - 30 % of the box-office gross). (Source: Brent Lynch)

7 - 12 - 97

Lucas will be conducting a press conference in Italy, but little real news about the prequel will be revealed. (Source: Confidential informant at LucasFilm)

7 - 9 - 97

Lucas has convinced the owner of the Royal Palace of Caserta (La Reggia di Caserta) to permit footage for all three Episodes of the prequels to be filmed there. (Source: HAL2001)

7 - 3 - 97

The Force is explained in depth in Episode 1 and Balance of the Force is not the real title of the prequel. (Source: Necromancer)

6 - 28 - 97

Neeson's character is killed during Episode 1. (Source: Darrin Stillwell)

6 - 26 - 97

Steve Sansweet of LucasFilm stated at an Australian convention that the names of most of the characters in the prequel will not be revealed until just before the release of the prequel in May 1998 (Source: Golden Fleece)

6 - 23 - 97

Rick McCallum avoided the question of whether Charleston Heston is in the prequel (Source: Brentwood) Hence, Heston is rumored to be playing a member of the elite Jedi Council (Source: Extreme Zealot, Toadstool, Duckster)

6 - 20 - 97

Ewan McGregor is rumored to be under serious consideration as Ben Kenobi. Patric's publicist denies this rumor (Source: The Gatherer)

Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman are rumored to be considered by Lucas for "key" parts in the prequel (Source: HAL200l, Rock C., Tent Pole)

6 - 17 - 97

_____ ________ (director of _______ and _______) accepts the director's job offered by Lucasfilm to direct Episode 2 (Source: Random)

6 - 15 - 97

700 individuals are now currently working on the prequels at I.L.M. 32 sets at Leavesden have been completed. Alderaan is prominent in the prequel. The young Queen is rumored to be the daughter of Bail Organa (Source: Confidential Insider at LucasFilm)

6 - 14 - 97

Rick McCallum announced at the Japanese premier of Star Wars S.E. in Tokyo that: "The prequel is going to be more like a photo-realistic animated film like Toy Story than a true live-action film." (Source: News-to-Me)

6 - 11 -97

London's Daily Mail newspaper prints that Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls (! ?) has inquired LucasFilm about a part in the prequels. She may play the role of a friend to the young Queen (Source: The Instigator)

6 - 9 - 97

Tatooine is rumored to be a slave planet ruled by the Sith or Mandalorian. (Source: The Belgian Connection)

6 - 8 - 97

According to Newsweek, Lucas stated that the prequel will contain 1,500 special effects shots, 75 sets, 50 actors and over 115 scenes (Source: Barry Spicer)

6 - 7 - 97

Liam Neeson's character is rumored to become Palpatine at the end of Episode 2 (Source: Billy Milkman)

6 - 4 - 97

Rick McCallum states that the wedding of Anakin and the young Queen will occur at the end of Episode 2 (Source: HAL2001)

6 - 1 - 97

LucasFilm is approaching Liam Neeson, Bill Paxton, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman for various roles in the prequel (Source: Final Resurrection)

5 - 25 - 97

Time magazine quotes Lucas as joking: "Wouldn't it be neat in the prequels if 3PO is the astomech droed and R2 is the protocol droid." (Source: Fence Dense)

5 - 12 - 97

Jack Lloyd may play the role of Anakin Skywalker (Source: Razing the Jedi)

3 - 12 - 97

20th Century Fox film execs claim that the prequel will make $ 600 million bucks in the U.S. alone (considering that the 20 year old Star Wars has made over $ 100 million in re-release)(Source: Holy Water)

2 - 11 - 97

The British magazine Neon claims that the prequels will be called: Ep 1 (Battle of the Force), Ep 2 (Fall from Grace) and Ep 3 (Tribulations of the Jedi)(Source: Blank Stare)

1 - 3 - 97

The release of Star Wars Special Edition will have a 2 minute prequel trailer (Source: Hold Over) At the end of the credits of S.W. Special Edition, the title of the prequel will appear (Source: B B Q)

10 - 18 - 96

Ben Kenobi is rumored to be a clone (Source: Pappi) And 3PO contains the brain of a Jedi who is hiding from the Empire (Source: Giant Riot) Also, the prequel may be called Glory of the Republic (Source: Confidential Insider at LucasFilm)

5 - 14 - 96

Miniature will not be used in the prequel. I.L.M. will scan miniatures that will be C.G.I (Source: Dennis M.)

2 - 11 - 96

The prequel is code named "Red Tails" (Source: Beetnik)

1 - 15 - 96

Jeffrey Boam has been asked to pen a script for Episode 2: Betrayal of the Force (Source: Minot, N.D.)

8 - 12 - 95

Lucas will write, direct and co-produce the prequel (Source: Confidential Source at LucasFilm)

4 - 23 - 95

Lucas tells Leonared Maltin in an interview that Ben will dabble in the dark side of the Force in Episode 1 (Source: Entertainment)

11 - 25 - 94

Lucas states that he will be making the first three episodes of the Journal of the Whills to be released on Memorial Day week 1997 (Source: The New Yorker, Ben Tanner, Lave H., Booook)

7 - 12 - 94

Rumors surface that LucasFilm is planning to "fix" the trilogy and re-release them in the theatres during the summer/Christmas of 1996 Source: Regis S.)

5 - 21 - 94

Lucas states that when he makes the nest three Star Wars films they will all be shot back to back (Source: Confidential Source at LucasFilm)

2 - 11 - 94

Steven Spielberg tells Barbara Walters that Lucas wants him to direct one of the next Star Wars movies (Source: Blue Light Special)

12 - 23 - 93

Episode 1 is set 37 and a half years prior to Episode 4 (Source: Greg Brady, Roc-em-Soc-em Robots, Chad

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