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Fri., March 13, 1998

Our mail service is down so it may take a few days for us to send you a personal response. The rumors continue:

Two facts have been stated from what I have read at your site, and what I have read on my own. 1. GL had the basic story arcs for all of the prequels planned out before ever making Star Wars ANH. 2. GL didn't decide that Darth would be Luke's father until making Star Wars ESB. So if this is true, isn't it true then that a lot of speculation about what Ben said to Luke on Tatooine useless, in relation to the prequels? The things Ben tells Luke about his father originally didn't apply to Darth. I know that GL will most certainly adapted the prequel story line to fit in with those statements, but until we see what has been done, there really isn't a lot of speculating to be done. Just my thoughts on it...

Oh, and on a side note about the Stormtrooper clones issue. Someone stated that they could be clones since only one voice was used. I remember reading an interview with the sound guy on ANH. He stated that he used his own voice, and the voice of two neighboorhood kids (digitally altered) to create the voices of the Stormtroopers. I think that if GL had wanted the voices to be the same to indicate they were clones, he would have specifically asked for one actor to be used. Instead of leaving it up to the sound man. Now however, Leia says to Luke when he walks into the detention cell "Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?" indicating that there could be a height requirement, or perhaps the Stormtroopers are one uniform size due to clonning. Who knows. Oh and one further thing. One of those two kids who got to do voices, got to actually play a Stormtrooper in the SE of ANH. Quite a thrill I am sure! (Source: John (You Rebel Scum) Stewart)(Ed. Note: George wrote the basic storyline to the Star Wars saga more than 20 years ago, but there are many details that are being put into the story and changed at the drop of a hat. George is literally making up parts of the Prequel Trilogy as he goes along . . . it will be interesting to see how George decides to utilize clones in the prequels)

"Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn't allow it."

The other day, I was watching ANH:SE, and I became skeptical of the word "wouldn't". What if Ben used the word"didn't" rather than "wouldn't", would this make a difference in the relevence or meaning of this quote? I think it does make a difference. But I can't quite put my finger on it. As Luke, Owen, and Beru were eating in ANH, Luke was talking about R2's recording. After Beru and Owen gave each other that mysterious look, and more dialog followed, Luke asked "What if this Obi-wan comes looking for him?" This is obviously fan-paranoia, but having the word "this", can imply that there are other "Obi-wan's" out there. Perhaps Obi-wan is some sort of a title or accolade, which would also coincide with the fact that Alec Guiness is known as Sir Alec Guiness in the United Kingdom. "Sir", acknowledging his accolade, his "knight-hood." "A knight, playing a knight"

Later on Owen replied with, "No, I don't think he exists anymore. He died around the same time as your father" Owen had to know that Ben was out there, still alive. Yet, knowing "that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view", perhaps this was not a lie. Obi-wan could be a representation of something that died within Kenobi. This change of names in the Starwars universe may be a representation of transition from the light to the dark-side of the force (and visa versa). Perhaps, Kenobi is no longer AN Obi-wan.

When all has been said and done, perhaps Anakin really was a navigator on a spice fraitor (at least for a brief period in his life). If this is what Owen told Luke, then this probably was not a lie. It was an equivocation. (Something Lawyers use constantly) As a matter of fact, perhaps the only characters that would resort to lying would be the rogues, such as Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, ect . . . Remember when Luke refered to Vader as Anakin Skywalker. "That name no longer has any meaning for me." However, this quote may have great meaning for Starwars fans anticipating the Prequel. Don't worry......we'll see that Titanic sinks . . . Today, February 28, I was watching E! TV, and Liam Neeson said specifically that he was going to play the father of Jake Lloyd's character in the upcoming Starwars Prequel Trilogy. (Source: Obi Clone)

When Skywalker and Solo are trying to save Princess Leia from her cell in A New Hope, what does Han say to Leia right before they jump into the garbage compressor. It sounds like "Squeeze the brain sweetheart" after Leia criticizes their escape plan. I have never been able to understand these words completely. Its not real clear and bad editing. (Source: Bryan)(Ed. Note: According to Ben Burtt, Han is saying: "He's the brains, sweetheart." Which is Han's sarcastic criticism of Luke's "plan" to rescue the Princess)

Where does it says that Anakin and Ben will meet in Episode I? Why not in Episode II or III? Lucas is certainly unconventional when it comes to story-telling; notice how late the hero of Episode IV enters the scene . . . At least, if Anakin and Ben meet at first in Episode II there will be no ten-year-old boy flying spaceships...By the way, your prequel site is by all means the best one I've seen so far. Keep up the good work. (Source: Admiral Piett)(Ed. Note: There are several ways George can handle this meeting. One way is to have Ben and Anakin meet in Ep. 1, but Ben forgets that he met Anakin at a tender age. Hence, his statement in ANH to Luke would be true. Or maybe Ben can't tell the truth to save his life. Maybe, his truth is from "a certain point of view" idea is what causes a lot of troubles in the prequels.)

( I was saving this thought until E.T. is released on 2002, but...) THE UNHEARD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!! (again) Star Wars is about to be knocked off as the #1 Box Office Champ (again). There are only less than three weeks away left for Star Wars. Titanic is on its way to grab SW's Spot . . . Let me just say one thing. BOYCOTT TITANIC!!!!!!! BOYCOTT TITANIC!!!!!!! BOYCOTT TITANIC!!!!!!! WATCH SOME OTHER MOVIE, FORGET TITANIC!!! Oh well, I'll guess we'll have to wait until the Year 2007 for the re-re-re-release of Star Wars: The Ultimate Edition. (By then I hope the movies I will direct are also on the top 10.) (Source: A.W.E.)(Ed. Note: With the re-release of the special edition of E.T., ANH is likely to fall to # 3 in the U.S. And the re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy is guaranteed . . . The numbers that Titanic is generating are impressive, but Cameron should not be too proud of his technological money maker because it will find itself insignificant compared to the power of Ep. 1. . . . or at least we hope so.)

Just a thought that hit me while at another sight. There has been talk about Chewbacca being in the prequels (I'm sure I saw a rumor that Lucas wanted to use the Wookiee planet). And it is taken as gospel that Boba Fett will be in the prequels. In the descriptions I've seen of Boba Fett, the Wookie braids on his shoulder are always mentioned. Just maybe Boba Fett makes a trip to the wookie planet. (Source: Scott)(Ed. Note: Fett is a given in the prequels as will be the Wookiees, but whether we get to meet a younger Chewie is anybody's guess)

Does Fox have the rights to the prequels and when are they coming out? (Source: Mr. Mister)(Ed. Note: We have posted this info. In the past, but here we go again: Fox does not have the distribution rights to Episode 1 (yet). That decision won't be made until the last minute . Lucasfilm will get at least 90% of the box-office rentals and nearly all of the revenue generated by the videos and related merchandise . . . The films will be released in three year increments beginning on May 25, 1999 . . . It's going to be a long, long wait for Ep. 2 and 3.)

Thurs., March 12, 1998

Lack of updates lately . . . uhh, it's not my fault . . . actually it is. We have been super busy lately, but the updates will begin again and no, we haven't been deactivated or sent to the spice mines of Kessel . . . yet . . . The daily updates will begin again tomorrow . . . hang in there . . .

Tues., Feb. 24, 1998

I had seen on a rumor site about the stormtroopers being clones and it's been stuck in my head. I just recently watched ANH and realized that every stormtrooper had the same identical voice. I thought maybe it was due to the helmets but when Luke and Han put on the uniforms their voices are distinct. any idea what gives? (Source: Steve Bullington)(Ed. Note: It has long been rumored that many of the stormtroopers are the result of advanced imperial cloning experiments. This may be a rumor that pans out to be true.)

Just saw Titanic the other day, and if that movie is going to make more than a billion, then Star Wars 1999 will make 2 billion!! Actually, maybe that wouldn't be so surprising . . . If Titanic has the same surprise success as Star Wars had in 1977, maybe SW1999 will match the success Gone With The Wind had in 1939 (2.5 billion, not bad!!) You get it: Star Wars 1977 - Titanic 1997. Gone With The Wind 1939 - Star Wars 1999 (Source: Frumentuviris)(Ed. Note: The talk of how much Ep 1 is going to make only makes me want to beg George for a few shares of Lucasfilm)

This is very, very broad speculation, but isn't everything? Today, Sunday the 23rd, Fox aired Star Wars:a new hope. This is very unusual, I cannot remember the last time they aired any of the starwars films. Maybe, just maybe they are trying to start increasing awareness of the films, since they will be distributing the new ones?????????? just maybe they already have the rights to distribute. (Source: Gold Vader)(Ed. Note: You make it sound like Fox and Lucasfilm are involved in some kind of . . . conspiracy. We'll just have to wait and see)

I think Star Wars fans worry too much on the box-office results (past, = present and future) of their favourite movies. I prefer that Episode1 = makes 200 million dollars and is a masterpiece than generate a billion = dollars and the movie is plain bad. You just can't compare a recent = movie like Titanic to a classic like Star Wars. (Source: Simon)(Ed. Note: We agree with you. George is not making Ep 1 with the intent of making zillions of dollars. He simply wants to tell a story that has been playing in his head for the past 20 years.)

Ok, I am wondering how the young Queen whatever her name hide Luke and Leia. If she WAS a queen, how was she able to hide her pregnancy? Wouldn't she have had meetings or something? Maybe, she found some way to get out of them, but why didn't people get suspicious? Wasn't there a paparazzi (media journalists) or something? If she fled the world, there would be even more questions. And what of Luke and Leia's adoptive parents? Weren't people surprised that they suddenly had kids? (Source: Mara Jade-Scully)(Ed. Note: The Queen's pregnancy is no secret . . . and so much chaos existed during the fall of the Jedi and the Old Republic that hiding the twins was relatively easy once they (Yoda, Ben, and the Queen) eluded Palpatine's forces)

I found a link on this site to an online interview that Leonard Maltin had with George Lucas a while back. There is supposed to be a third interview "coming soon" -- do you know when it is scheduled to happen? I'd appreciate any info you may have on other GL interviews that may be floating around on the web as well. I really enjoy your page, keep up the great work guys! (Source: db)(Ed. Note: According to the person responsible for updating that site, the third interview will be posted in early March 1998)

For crying out loud, pack it in with these "Obi-Wan = OB1" rumours. Look at the spelling, listen to the way the name is pronounced! I know you crazy Americans use horrible vowel sounds all over the place, but surely you can hear the difference when the "Wan" is pronounced "wonn" rather than "wunn". Having said that, some pronunciation is different throughout the trilogy ("LEE-ah" becomes "LAY-ah").

I was also thinking over the "Obi-wan" as "honourable" or "Colonel" idea. If this was the case, why would Vader always refer to Kenobi as "Obi-Wan", even to Luke? That'd be like saying "Honourable has taught you well", or "Colonel has taught you well". Actually, with regards to the rank idea, isn't Ben referred to as "General Kenobi" by Leia in her holographic message? Perhaps a Jedi rank and a military rank can be totally independent. (Source: Ceri)(Ed. Note: Only George knows what the significance of "Obi Wan" is but we can tell you that George was highly influenced by Japanese culture and originally intended Ben to be an oriental character. He chose Alec Guinness but kept the "oriental" sounding name. Amongst the Jedi Knights, there is probably a protocol where a Jedi trainee (Anakin) calls his master by a particular name (Obi-Wan).)

Just noticing a couple rumors about Star Wars and how much it made with inflation adjustments (you quote $600+ million). I found a page that lists the top 25 movies with inflation adjusted:

Star Wars comes in second (behind Gone with the Wind) with $774,992,216. (Source: Ivan C)(Ed. Note: Thank you immensely. We were looking for that info.)

It's obvious by the reactions of all of the aliens in Mos Eisley that there are definitely Jedi Knights in existence besides Ben. If you watch the scene where Ben pulls out his lightsaber and slices off Ponda Baba's arm in ANH. Ask yourself why didn't the other aliens make a bigger deal out of seeing someone use a lightsaber (the weapon of a Jedi)? Are these aliens accustomed to seeing such displays. If there are no sign of Jedi for the pervious 20 years leading up to ANH this scene falls completely out of context with the time line and the belief that all of the Jedi are wiped out of the galaxy! (Source: Richard Smithe)(Ed. Note: Ben's use of "force" in the cantina sends out a message to everybody: Don't mess with that man ‘cause he's a Jedi Knight. The exploits of the Jedi Knights are legendary throughout the galaxy and many are puzzled at how Palpatine was able to crush them)

I have a question about the actress who is going to play the Queen in episode 2. Do you have a list of people who are going to be trying out for the part? Do you know if Lucas has asked anyone specific to try out for the part. Other then girl who is acting in the first movie. Thanks a lot. (Source: Craig O)(Ed. Note: Natalie Portman has signed to play in all three of the Star Wars Prequels)

Look for Kenobi to be the spoiler in the later episodes. The statement, "I was once a Jedi knight, the same as your father", should be fairly significant. Why was he once a Jedi knight and not presently? We may see Kenobi stripped of his valor and/or Jedi knight status because of his faults. Maybe he couldn't teach Luke about the force because of his actions in the past. It would explain his letting down his guard against Vader. Lucas like showing a characters redemption and Kenobi keeping Luke on the good side of the force and saving the New Republic is his ultimate redemption. (Source: Staylor)(Ed. Note: Who are you that you are so wise in the ways of prequel rumors? You're on to something . . . )

It is rumored that the rights for the prequel trailer have been sold separately from the prequel itself and that a 15 second prequel teaser will be shown together with Godzilla (from 20th Century Fox) (Source: Frumentuviris)(Ed. Note: It will be interesting to see what happens this summer)

Mon., Feb. 23, 1998

"Instead of obsessing over Episode 1 character names, it may behoove you to speculate on exactly what type of character the young Queen will be in Episode 1. She is at the prime age to begin her training as a Jedi Knight. (Of course, the bulk of her training [and Anakin's) as a Jedi Knight is more likely to occur during the ten years that elapses between Ep. 1 and Ep. 2. So expect to read about this in the Prequel novels that come out after the release of Ep. 1.) . . . or she could be Force sensitive and choose not to train as a Jedi because of political commitments created by the strife that exists in the prequels . . . but wouldn't she then be a boring "carbon copy" of her daughter, Leia? . . . It would be a million times more interesting for her to have some kind of involvement with the Jedi Knights and it would be humorous to see her knock the young and cocky Anakin around in a mock light sabre duel in Ep. 1. Could she possibly "rival" the future Darth Vader in Ep. 1 because of her older age and maturity? . . . also, it is true that the more attention you pay to the details in the Trilogy; the more you will be able to appreciate what occurs in the Prequel Trilogy. Also, you have missed some of the more obvious and clever ways that George will profoundly change our perception of the current Trilogy . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

Lucas stated somewhere (Ed. Note: Where? Anywhere.) that Luke was an outsider on Tatooine. And in the PBS radio dramatization of ANH, Luke wins a drag race on Tatooine to earn the respect of the other youngsters on Tatooine. Of course, this scene and the scenes at Toshi Station do not appear in the film. Is Lucas going to recycle this idea in episode 1 and make Anakin an outsider who wins a drag race (pod race or whatever) to earn the respect of others? (Source: Soul Steal)(Ed. Note: Interesting idea . . . Assuming that George doesn't edit this scene out of the final cut of the film: there currently is some kind of "drag race" in Ep 1 (racing was a childhood/teenage obsession of George's and he might have become a race car driver if he hadn't suffered a near fatal car crash as a teenager. Likewise, I might have become a super model had it not been for the cruel reality of genetics). But anyway, Anakin's motivation for entering/participating in this race remains a mystery. The motivation could be greed or it could be to gain respect. Or it could be a combination of both or neither . . . in other words: I have no idea.)

`At its present rate, it [Titanic] should top `Star Wars' before the Oscar awards (on March 23) and that would give it another boost,'' said Robert Bucksbaum, publisher of Reel Source, a weekly industry newsletter. ``This is a film that comes around once every century in terms of having such a huge mainstream appeal.'' (Source: Viker)(Ed. Note: Twice in a century . . . we hope with Ep. 1 . . . when does Buchbaum think Star Wars was released? In 1877 or something.)

Prior post: 'I don't remember reading this before, but if Padme is the young Queen then that means Anakin becomes a young King at the end of episode 2 when he marries Padme.' Response: Historically, at least in the case of British monarchs, this is not true. Think of Queen Victoria and the current Queen, Elizabeth II. They inherited the throne, and their husbands remained (became?) Princes, not Kings. I think that if it is the King who inherits the throne, his wife WILL become queen, although I couldn't be certain about that. This is wrapped up, I suppose, in sexist historical assumptions that a King must outrank a Queen, so for a Queen to keep her power above her husband, he should not become King. It is different in cases where monarchs from different royal houses marry. Of course, there's no guarantee that these rather arbitrary rules should hold in Lucas's story universe. (Source: Ceri)(Ed. Note: George may or may not come up with some way to get Anakin promoted to the title of "King." But of course the title of "Prince," ain't all that bad either. I've settled for the self-proclaimed title of "Supreme Galactic Dictator"©® although currently I'm more a figure head than . . . wait a second, that sounds more like Palpatine)

Everyone thinks the prequel will be called something cool like ______ of the Force/Republic/Jedi, but isn't GL more likely to select a quirky title similar to A New Hope. GL has said that the prequel and ANH are extremely similar so shouldn't the titles be sort of similar and might the titles of all the prequels parallel the Trilogy titles. (Source: The All-Powerful Zantac: buy my action figure)(Ed. Note: Hmmm . . . interesting. George is full of surprises so he might title the film with something similar to ANH. It would be interesting to know what the original titles were when he wrote the story treatments back in the mid-1970's and how much, if any, have the titles changed since then? Somewhere I read ROTJ was almost titled "Victory of the Force." Could this resurface as the title for Ep. 1?)

People throw George Lucas quotes around like they were a dime a dozen. He doesn't speak publicly very often so would it be too much to ask for a reference or citation to where exactly the quotes come from? Some of what Lucas has stated may be misquoted for all we know. (Source: Longfellow)(Ed. Note: When possible we try to give at least the magazine, newspaper, book, etc. that the quote comes from. We're not sure if there is a site out there somewhere that has a database of all the public statements that George has made about the prequels, but it sure would be nice if such a site existed.)

How about The Old Republic as the name for the prequel? (Source: Sir Gillihad)(Ed. Note: George says to stop peeking in his spiral notebooks for clues because it will be of no avail. The only place you can find the title of the prequels is in a hidden micro-chip that has been implanted in George's neck for future retrieval. George is the James Bond of film making . . . The fascination with the title of Episode 1 is yet another psychological need that must have some kind of explanation. The need for a name to something we love must be some basic need. My only involvement with psychology is an experiment that focuses on the long-term effects of prolonged Rogaine use on the human psyche)

George said that Yoda won't be very active in Episode 1. However, in Episode 2&3 he will be. Maybe, we will finally see Yoda fight and show off his Jedi Master Skills. In ANH, Vader tells Obi-Wan that "The Circle is Now complete" now some fans are speculating that it means some sort of living will. But I think it means that their feud is over. Ben and Vader both knew that one of them was going to die in ANH and we know that because Vader says "Escape is not his plan" I think Vader said that because he was but the learner, now he is the master. its similar to the phrase we have come full circle meaning they have fought many times before and now its time for the circle (metaphor for rivalry) to be complete and that one of them is going to die.

There are several reasons why Episode 1 could become the highest-grossing film of all time. First, you will have all of the old fans wanting to see a new Star Wars movie after a 15 plus year wait. Secondly, the new Special Edition fans, plus just people who want to see a new movie because it has some cool-looking effects. In its opening weekend, Episode 1 could be up to 200 million plus (Slight Exaggeration) Plus with the weeks to come, Its surely can become the Highest-grossing film of all time. (Source: Jedi Master Alan Skywalker)(Ed. Note: The old "George said" with no source cited. Don't worry. We'll just have to take your word for it . . . I wonder what our psychological need is for Ep. 1 to become the highest-grossing film of all time? Maybe, it's like pulling for your favorite sports team to win the championship and your disappointed if they finish # 2 or worse . . . At his academy, Yoda probably has to show off his super Force powers to the new, young Jedi trainees because, just like Luke, they will judge Yoda by his size. Also, like trying to get my Gremlin to climb a steep hill, Yoda probably has to push the limits of his Force powers to escape the Jedi Purge (without Yoda it is unlikely that Ben and the twins would have survived Palpatine's wrath) . . . How much will Ep. 1 earn in the first week? I'm more worried about getting in the first day than the actual grosses, but rest assured that Ep 1 will shatter all box-office records and will set records that will be untouchable until the release of Ep. 2. )

Just a thought that hit me while at another site. There has been talk about Chewbacca being in the prequels (I'm sure I saw a rumor that Lucas wanted to use the Wookiee planet). And it is taken as gospel that Boba Fett will be in the prequels. In the descriptions I've seen of Boba Fett, the Wookiee braids on his shoulder are always mentioned. Just maybe Boba Fett makes a trip to the Wookiee planet. (Source: Scott)(Ed. Note: It is a safe bet that the Wookiee home world will appear in the prequels (although its appearance may be extremely brief). Likwise, it is almost certain that Wookiees are in the prequels and it seems more than coincidence that Fett, who will also appear in the prequels, wears Wookiee hair braids on his armor. The scene where Vader prevents Fett from killing Chewbacca in the Carbonite freezing chamber would have a new meaning if Fett (or his kind) went around killing Wookiees during the Clone Wars or during the rumored Imperial enslavement of the Wookiee race . . . or (to create yet another wild and unsubstantiated rumor) maybe there are Wookiee Jedi Knights that Fett hunted down and killed and the Wookiee braids may be the hair of a beloved Jedi Knight that we see somewhere in the prequels. Perhaps a relative of Chewie's. Just remember: George can't possible fit everything we want to see in the first film)

I know that Lucas hates to throw away ideas that he comes up with, but are the prequels really going to be a hodge-podge "soup" of all the ideas he couldn't put in the trilogy. (Source: Mr. Snoffalofugus)(Ed. Note: George has stated in the Star Wars Insider that a writer has to understand that every idea that a writer comes up with is not brilliant. Is George talking about himself? Is this cryptic statement George's way of telling us that we are relying too much on Trilogy rough drafts and other discarded ideas for what will be in the Prequel Trilogy? . . . Remember, the basic story arc for the prequels was written prior to the release of ANH. So it's not like George started writing the Prequel scripts from scratch although he probably did integrate some of the ideas that he could not include in the Trilogy because of the technological limitations of the 1980's)

We return to the rumor mines of Kessel tomorrow . . .

Sat., Feb. 21, 1998

Since cloning is a hot issue in our world right now, George may try to tap into that. However, he may try to distance himself from having the common movie-goer associate his films with a bunch of duplicating sheep. I remember . . . oh, about twenty years ago... there were all the discussions going on about stormtroopers being clones. But, it seems that they are actually recruited soldiers as Solo once was. So where are the clones? If the Jedi were against cloning and they got pretty much wiped out, then the empire could clone at will and you'd expect to see them all over the place in the original movies. Or, maybe George will just wait until the next special edition to send in the clones (sorry, couldn't resist that one). (Source: Hot Ala)

I noticed in the Falcon scene after escaping the Death Star that R2D2 and C3PO seemed just as upset as Luke. Leia felt bad for Luke, but didn't seem that attached to Ben. My point is that maybe Ben, 3PO, and R2 had a big plan going, and when Ben died, 3PO and R2 felt alone and realized that Ben sacraficed himself for all of his failures. Also, I don't understand why Ben sacrifices himself to Vader. Why doesn't he at least TRY to defeat Vader? That makes it one less Dark Jedi for Luke to have to defeat. You may say that Luke needed Vader's help to do this, but Ben admitted that he gave up on Anakin completely so it couldn't of been part of the plan. Last, how the heck does Vader's saber go THROUGH Ben's when he kills him? I've always found that impossible. When you look at it, the saber goes right through the other. (Source: Liner)

To end the talk about Darth: The original title of the King Arthur book is: Le Mort D'Arthur (so you just have to take away -ur) About the role of women in Lucas' movies: In Raiders, Marion was a strong individual (skip Temple Of Doom) in Willow there are three strong women (Fin Raziel, Bavmorda and Bavmorda's warrior daughter) and in Last Crusade Elsa had a strong personality so Lucas doesn't think (at least not any more) about women as "weak(er)". Will we finally get to know what race Yoda is?

"Like old times, huh kid?" I'm referrng to the period coming ahead: New Star Wars movie, new Indy movie. I was too young to remember ESB, IJATTD and ROTJ when they came out (I was born in 1978). It will be great to experience what people experienced in the early '80's, it must have been great. (Source: Frumentuviris)(Ed. Note: 1977 to 1984 was probably the best eight years in the history of motion pictures because Star Wars (1977), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Empire Strikes Back (1980), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), ROTJ (1983) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) made their theatrical debut. And for those of you who were too young to remember or too young to see the films at the theater . . . you have my sympathy, but you also have my envy. The next three Star Wars films and Indiana Jones 4 are going to put the early eighties to shame. How is that possible you ask? Just wait and see, wait and see . . . )

Okay, this has been bouncing around in my head for a little while, and I have to get it out. (It was kind of an overriding theme for a while, so I've tried to hold it back.) A lot of people think that the Obi-Wan of ANH is really "OB-1," a clone of the original Ben Kenobi. It's a fascinating idea, really, but I just don't know if it "fits." For the sake of the themes surrounding the story, Obi-Wan has to be Ben (not someone pretending to be him). He exists as the connection between the two trilogies and between the two "trios of heros." Of the original trio (Anakin, Ben, and Padme-or-whatever-the-heck-her-name-is), Anakin is metaphorically dead in the original trilogy, Padme (or whoever) is dead dead, and Ben has exiled himself away from life. He returns only to ensure that the "good" is passed on to the next generation, and then he dies.

If Obi-Wan wasn't really Ben, then the connection between the generations wouldn't exist. A clone would only be a stand-in for the character and would muddle the symbolism. (I hope that made sense.) Also, something that's been bothering me . . . Leia grew up calling Bail Organa "father." She knew she was adopted, but did everybody else? There's never been any mention of an adoptive mother, so did everybody just think she spontaneously appeared out of thin air? Hiding someone out in the open may be a good place (they'd never look somewhere obvious), but without the "blank spots" filled in, wouldn't it be a little too risky? And, if Anakin's wife was royalty, would there have been some sort of a birthright involved (or some kind of an idea that royalty should be raised as royalty)?? Sorry, just a thought. Thanks, (Source: SB)

This is in response to a submitter who wished that Episode I will be 3 hours long: Actually, Lucas has made reference to a time when people will watch, "All 12 hours." This implies that, like the originals, the prequels will be about 2 hours long. (Source: Smad The Star Wars Prequel Pic Page) Star Wars Prequel Pic Page

The only role that Jeff Goldblum could play in the new "Star Wars" film would be the same as every other big role he has played. You know . . . the guy who warns everyone that something bad is going to happen, no one listens, it happens, everyone dies.

About the whole "Star Wars" vs. "Titanic" at the box-office war-- I love "Star Wars" (actually "The Empire Strikes Back") and was thrilled when it became number 1, but you got to remember that it was released twice. It is the highest grossing film in US history, but it got 2 shots at it. Anyway, if all movie earnings were put into todays terms, neither "Titanic" nor "Star Wars" would be the highest grossing film. "Gone With the Wind" (which was released over 10 times) would have grossed over $800 million today. (Source: Dorante)

Sun., Feb. 22, 1998

First off, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ben Kenobi are the same person! Second, nobody can be sure what the clone wars were. It could have been a war in which the Mandalorians were cloned, one in which the Jedi were cloned, or one in which they were both cloned. And lastly, I would like to say that a friend of mine's uncle works for I.L.M. Though he isn't saying anything, he assured me that 'padme' is not a name used in the prequels. (Source: AK3412)

In reguards to the King/Queen issue, I believe we are overlooking a major detail. Just because you have a Queen doesn't mean that her husband is King. It goes along a direct bloodline. Just like the Queen of England. She is of direct decendence but her husband is not. Therefore, he is not the King of England, her father would be. I don't know if Lucas would follow these same guidelines though. He is in a galaxy far away and things could be different. I could be totally wrong on this issue, but I am pretty sure that it does follow the family bllodline. (Source: Scott Taylor)

I was on the Ain't It Cool News web site and read about an article that referred to Episode I as "No longer a galaxy far far away" I think they were saying that this is the title. I laughed, of course, and wondered where they heard that one or who made it up. Are they trying to say that we will be able to travel to a galaxy, such as Star Wars, in the very near future, so in a sense, its not very far away. Who knows. (Source: Bryan)(Ed. Note: 97% of the Episode 1 "news/rumors" posted on AICN is false, but AICN is not trying to fool you he just posts "cool" rumors for your entertainment. However, the pics sent in by the Bothan Spy are 100% legitimate. And I should know.)

I send this to you in response to this bit that appeared on your site on the 20th of Feb.

> I Enjoy your sight very much. I was told by a friend that speaks > German that "Darth Vader" is a derivative of "Dark Father" in the German language. Let me know what you think. > Thanks. (Source: Mark)(Ed. Note: Sounds good to me)

I don´t think GL planned it this way. First "Dark Father" would be "Dunkler Vater" in German which doesn´t really sound like Darth Vader, and second I read in an interview with David Prowse (the guy who played Darth) that they added the 'I am your father, Luke' part during post-production. It seems to me that GL probably planned several conclusions to this situation and decided about the best one in the cutting room. (Source: Georg) You know you are addicted to Video Games when life starts to seem like a bad DOOM .WAD - Imps everywhere and no BFG. Please visit my homepage at: :// (Ed. Note: Your correct. When George wrote the original Star Wars saga story-arc prior to the release of ANH, Vader and Luke were not related. It was not until George was working on the Empire story line with the script writer, Lawrence Kasden, that George decided that it would be a good surprise to make Vader Luke's father. George had fake dialogue spoken on the set during the scene where Vader reveals "the secret" to Luke. George did this to keep the real dialogue a secret from "spies.")

I am a healthy 22 year old wacky human. But I do suffer from a phobia currently referred to by me as "DON'T DIE BEFORE SEEING THE PREQUEL TRILOGY-PHOBIA". I just think it would be awful for any healthy young star wars maniac to miss an episode because they took a wrong step in cloud city, shouted one too many insults at Jabba, or took their "use the force to choke yourself" gag one second too far. I also suffer from smaller but growing cases of "DON'T DIE BEFORE SEEING THE SEQUEL TRILOGY PHOBIA" AND "DON'T DIE BEFORE SEEING THE NEXT INDY MOVIE (IF THEY FINALLY GET AROUND TO IT) PHOBIA". So I implore all star wars lovers to watch your step, watch your back, and always carry your lightsaber. Or at least a thermal detonator. Keep your guard up because the moment you let it down is when a crazed ID4 fan will pop out of the endor forest and turn you into bantha fodder. Until next time . . . MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. P.S. Is a death star bigger than a borg cube? Which would win in a space battle? I think a death star would win. One shot and it's over, right? (Source: limakat a.k.a. BANTHA)(Ed. Note: The Borg need time to adapt. Unfortunately, for them, the death star only needs one shot . . . no time to adapt. Sorry, trekkies)

An example taken from real life: The United Kingdom has a Queen. The queen has a husband. Is he the King? No. He's a duke, I believe. She also has a mother. Is the Queen a princess? No, she's a Queen. When a monarch parent decides to abdicate it's crown in favour of it's first born, the latter one becomes the new monarch. Is the old king dead? Not necessarily.

What does it mean: Anakin will not be king simply getting married to a queen. Padme's (or hatever her name is...) will not become queen after her parent's decease. Got it? (Source: Cristian)(Ed. Note: Anakin's "title" after his marriage with the young Queen depends on how much George want to paralled the King Arthur legend. Don't be too surprised if Anakin's tremendous successes in the Clone Wars has Anakin "promoted" to King of the young Queen's homeworld . . . Think carefully about that . . . How horribly ironic would it be if Anakin was once the King of Alderaan, which is destroyed in a split second in ANH. Vader would be so evil in ANH that his redemption in ROTJ would be all the more spectacular . . . yet another way George can radically change our perceptions of the holy Trilogy)

Just a few moments ago I was coming home (about 9:00 pm pst) when I saw an empty parking lot near my home full of big trailers and filming crew there were lots of cables and lights, and what seemed like some kind of lifesize model of a millenium falcon parked in front of laundromat , i looked around there were lots of cops so i asked one what was going on, he said "some kind of star wars movie they're making" so i saw that the trailers said "lucasfim ltd." so imade my way home and emailed you, do you know anything about filming going on in Long Beach,California? Can you explain what i saw? (Source: Bryan Vado)(Ed. Note: Maybe you had one to many that day . . . just kidding or are you kidding us?)

>>(Ed. Note: There are some who claim that the Star Wars novels and comics are "from" the Journal of the Whills.)

For once and for all, there are NO JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS! George Lucas is a big fan of the Dune novel (where do you think Tattooine came from?) and if you note in the Dune books, Herbert (the author) had 'excerpts' from other 'sources'. Herbert never created large volumes of books before he created the Dune series, they are just 'flavor' and ornamentation to pad out the series. Lucas had the same 'flavor' added to the novelization of Star Wars. Journal of the Whills is a reference to Lucas' early script drafts and treatments, which were barebones at best! (Source: Dugabug)(Ed. Note: Not true. The JOTW is much more detailed than any of you could possibly know . . . In order to produce a true mythological story, the history of the "mythological" world (a.k.a. the Star Wars Galaxy) has to be thought about and written out in some detail. Most of the real Star Wars stories in George's mind and in his spiral notebooks will never be published during his life time. It will be his legacy after he is gone and his greatest and most lasting contribution to the Star Wars saga. The JOTW will allow George to transcend death and exist long after his physical death . . . sort of like Ben in Empire and ROTJ)

Your point about box-office figures not being adjusted for inflation was something I have suspected for a long time . . . . Otherwise, why would all the biggest grossers be made in the last 20 years? Do you know of any site that lists them with inflation actually accounted for? (Source: Hurtster)(Ed. Note: I will post a link to such a site when I find it again . . . try a search engine search for: Box Office Films Adjusted for Inflation. That should find the sites you want.)

I really love this site! Anyway, I read that the emporer was less powerful than any of his dark Jedi, Vader included.The emporer only taught them as much as possible so they wouldn't be more powerful than him. Maybe, he wasn't even born with Force powers? Maybe he found away to kill Jedi and transfer their in-born power to himself. Maybe that's why he was aged before his years. Maybe the Kyburr crystal has something to do with this? I also believe that Luke and Leia are more powerful than their father. The young Queen is probably a Jedi and they have her powers to. What's going to happen to this board after the prequels? (Source: Mara Jade- Scully)(Ed. Note: After the day of the release of Ep. 3, there will be no more updates . . . This site has been registered with a database archive and will exist in perpetuity. This particular URL address will exist for as long as Tripod exists. The contents will always be stored by us personally so if something happens to Tripod we will be able to set the site up somewhere else . . . copy whatever you want from our site and do what ever you want to with it. We consider the Net to be a "free resource." Whatever we post on this site belongs to you, the Star Wars fans, more than it does us . . You can copy and re-print the contents of this site at your discretion because without you guys we don't exist. Hence, this site really belongs to you and not us. This site is protected by absolutely no copyright laws and, even if it was, we wouldn't enforce such rights as conferred by the law. We hope that answers your question.)

In ROTJ, we learned that Leia wasn't a princess by blood. Now we learn that Luke and Leia's mother is a queen. My theory is that, like Alderaan, the Queen's planets is a democracy. Maybe they still keep the titles like the Oraganas and still reman politically powerful. Luke and Leia therefore, still have strong poltical bloodLines. (Source: Mara)

Sorry for the late, late update. We are unbelievably busy at the moment . . .

Fri., Feb. 20, 1998

The mysterious Queen Padme: When asking our Lucasfilm sources about what's really going on with Gurland dropping the name "Padme" in her interview on the official site, we're told: "Just because Lucasfilm has publicized the roles of Portman, Lloyd, McGregor and Neeson's characters exponentially more than the roles played by a character like Madison Lloyd (Jake's sister), doesn't mean that there aren't "other" young characters of significance in Episode 1 . . . All I am saying is that you need to read Robin's statement extremely, extremely closely . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)(Ed. Note:

The part of the interview stating the name "Padme:"

"Gurland worked on finding players for the two youngest roles (Anakin and Padme) first, then moved on to the Jedi Knights eventually portrayed by Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson.")

" . . . notice how the name "Padme" is never directly linked to Natalie Portman in the interview and the official site never posts the name "Padme" with Natalie Portman anywhere . . . if you were a lawyer you would be very suspicious of the context in which "Padme" is used . . . Don't ever say George isn't clever . . . Maybe, Natalie is Padme . . . but don't bet on it . . . don't bet on anything . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)(Ed. Note: While the employees at Lucasfilm snicker at our situation and predicament, the prequel rumors, like that perpetual motion machine [that I could never get a patent for], eternally march on:

I watched a nice interview in my life on Friday night. Ewan was on Parkinson (UK chat guru) and he revealed nothing . . . I hate Mr L (Lucas) cause he's too good at secrecy. I can't believe that Mr McG (McGregor) didn't talk to the Guinnessmeister (Sire Alec Guinness) about Obi Wan in his research though. (Source: The Fool Who Follows)(Ed. Note: The "Pentagon"-level of secrecy is for your own protection. George believes that surprise is one of the greatest pleasures in anticipating the new movie. Bits and pieces will be thrown out to us from official channels from time to time, but nothing that will spoil the truly breath-taking adventure that we will all experience next May . . . Ewan had the best source possible: George, to turn to for insights into Obi Wan's psyche)

It has started again I saw a rumor posted on another site that there may be a prequel trailer coming out in May or next summer. (Source: Waxxon 3-D)(Ed. Note: Don't go jumping on the band wagon . . . just yet. The best we can hope for by this summer is a short, short prequel trailer (and that is currently a long shot). The big one won't debut until late 1998)

I just had to respond to the rumor about Jeff Goldblum possibly being in the Prequels. It's amazing enough that this guy has been in some of the highest grossing films of all time (Jurassic Park, Lost World, Independence Day, Earth Girls are Easy :) to name a few). What's more amazing is that the success of these movies seems to have NOTHING to do with him being in them. It merely a SPOOKY coincidence. The addition of Goldblum to the prequels would have to be considered a major sign of the apocalypse. (Hey, wasn't that Jeff Goldblum jumping from the Titanic?) Speaking of Titanic, I feel that when making comparisons between the box-office earnings of Titanic and Star Wars, one must take into consideration that Star wars was released when the average movie ticket price was about half the cost of a current one. With this in mind, the possible earnings of Episode 1 are mind-boggling. (Source: Lando N)(Ed. Note: The Fly is a decent movie that Goldblum starred in . . . But seeing Goldblum in a SW film would literally make me burst out laughing . . . having Goldblum as an actor in Ep 1 would be like having Michael Bolton as the lead singer of Van Halen . . . adjusted for inflation SW has grossed over $ 600 mill in the U.S.)

Any way you can make the thumbnail images clickable to a larger version of the picture? Some photos look very interesting but are extremely hard to see. Thanks. (Source: Michael H.)(Ed. Note: We made the pics on this page clickable for larger versions per your suggestion and will eventually make the other pics on the pic pages clickable)

I have been following the debate on the meaning of Clone in relation to the Clone Wars. Here's my 2 cents worth. I believe that "Clone" refers to droids/cyborgs. There are many reasons why I think this to be so. First of all in SW-ANH the bartender doesn't let the droids into the bar by referring to them a "their kind" Second, the only remaining soldier of the Clone Wars is,"More machine the man", or Darth Vader. Third, the most fearsome shock troops in the galaxy look like droids, the Stormtroopers. Fourth, the Asminov Robot Commandments have no power in the Star Wars Universe. Example of this is IG-88 Bounty Hunter droid, Torture Droids, Imperial Spy Droids. Fifth, only the Imperials and their allies use droids to directly harm or kill. The rebellion uses droids to assist the living troops. Sixth, Luke seems to be ashamed of his cyborg hand, and Mr. Lucas makes it a point of showing it several times during the Trilogy. Finally in the Journal of the Whills, which may or may not be true, the last Jedis take great, great pains to hide the fact that they are Cyborgs. Therefore, I believe that Mr. Lucas will use the de-humanization of Anakin, getting more evil as he aquires more machine parts to live, as a theme. Again this is pure speculation on my part. I have no evidence to support this. Only George knows. (Source: Keuka)(Ed. Note: Actually, some individuals believe that Anakin's transformation into the black, armor-clad Vader is not caused by a duel with Ben. But instead, occurs gradually as he loses body parts while engaged in one light sabre fight after another. Anakin slowly becomes more man than machine.)

OK, here's a thought. Maybe the Clone Wars have nothing to do with actual clones or cloning. They could just be fought on the planet Clone, or it could be the wars themselves which get copied from planet to planet; thus, gaining the title of the Clone Wars. I've read a lot about clones in comic books and the novels by authors other than Lucas, but I don't remember seeing anything where Lucas himself has said anything clones. (Source: Sullist)(Ed. Note: Come to think of it, none of us can recall any public statement by George that the prequels will involve people/creatures being cloned. However, George appears to have been very clairvoyant when he thought up and added the brief "Clone Wars" dialogue by Ben in ANH . . . Cloning is very timely for our society as we head into the 21st Century. Will George explore the moral and ethical dilemmas that he thinks we will face with cloning technology in the prequels (i.e., cloning sentient beings for evil)? The answer, which has become a tired cliche: only George knows for certain)

The creation of a clone without a mutation of any kind is impossible. Maybe, this opens the plot of the prequels to the fact that OB-1 is created and duels with Ben because its mutation is a tendancy toward evil/Sith . . . Somehow this seems to be the most plauseable, yet still, the most stupid idea to enter into ep.1 . . . Mr L. may have a tendancy to use jargon, but it's always scene filling dialogue, not central plot. He will not use science as the central plot. Cloning will be in there but only as an incidental scenery to the main plotline of Good vs. Evil. (Source: Dr. The Fool Who Follows)(Ed. Note: Some have argued in the past that the Imperial stormtroopers are all cloned from the same genetic material. Palpatine's perhaps?)

When Episode 1 comes out next May, it will probably be the biggest movie of all time, and it will bring in tons of money, I don't think this will really matter to George. He'll probably just be glad that he finished this movie. (Source: Jo Jo)(Ed. Note: True. For George finishing a motion picture is like surviving a 15-round heavy-weight prize fight. He will take one heck of a long vacation in June ‘99. That's for sure. George will be on some beach in the Carribean checking the Net for the latest box-office returns for the prequel and will think to himself: "Gee, that's nice. People must still care about Star Wars." Exaggerated modesty on his part no doubt, but that's the kind of man he is: extremely modest and down-to-earth.)

I Enjoy your sight very much. I was told by a friend that speaks German that "Darth Vader" is a derivative of "Dark Father" in the German language. Let me know what you think. Thanks. (Source: Mark)(Ed. Note: Sounds good to me)

If Anakin's wife is a queen, then Anakin is a king, which makes Leia a princess... and Luke a prince? That connection scares me! (Source: Liner)(Ed. Note: Maybe, this is what George meant by when he said our perceptions of the trilogy will change dramatically when we learn new and additional facts in the prequels. While we all thought Luke was some poor, farming simpleton in ANH, he turns out to be the descendent of a King and Queen.)

The trilogy bombards us with average and giant-sized creatures. Such creatures as: C-3PO, then Luke, Darth, the Stormtroopers, all types of creatures in the Cantina, all the Imperial Commanders and troops on the Death Star, Obi-Wan, Lando on Bespin, Jabba the Hutt in Jabba's Palace, the Rancor and other creatures in Jabba's Palace and finally . . . Chewbacca. Is it just another coincidence or a cynical ploy to sell collectibles or am I missing something here? (Source: Grand Moff "Moe" Tarkin)(Ed. Note: Oh, great. Sarcasm at my expense. Well, I guess I deserve it (and maybe even had it coming). I'll get off my "George-uses-too-many-midget-sized-characters-in-his-films" soap box. Man, what am I going to complain about now?)

How old is Anakin in the prequels? In the Star Wars guide (which I don't think is all that accurate) it's stated that Anakin/Vader is 55 years old in Star Wars: A new hope! (Ed. Note: Not possible) I don't think this is possible. That would make Anakin 36 when Luke and Leia were born! This is possable,but just how many years are these movies going to cover. If Anakin is 8 in the first one and there is a rumored 10 years between that and ep. two,then that would make him 18 in eposode two and if there is one year in between the last two, than he would be somewhere between 18 and 19 when Luke and Leia are born. Again, very likley. That would only make him 36 in Star Wars. Somehow, I can believe that a lot more. What about the young Queen? I think she is a couple years older,but I'm not sure. (Source: Mara Jade- Scully)(Ed. Note: Both George and Rick state that Anakin is 8 or 9 in Ep 1. The young Queen is about 15 or 16. According to a fold-out time line in the Star Wars Insider # 35, Ep 1 occurs 32 years before ANH, Ep 2 occurs 22 years prior to ANH and Ep 3 occurs 20 years before ANH. If Anakin is 9 in Ep 1, then Vader is around 41 in ANH. And maybe dabbling in the dark side for so many years makes him look like he is 60 or so years old in ROTJ)

I have seen some postings saying that at the end of ROTJ Special Edition the statue that is toppled is the Emperor and he is holding the Kaiburr Crystal, which showed up in "Splinter Of The Mind's Eye". If that book is an accepted part of continuity then the Emperor could never have been holding the Kaiburr Crystal because that would give him absolute control over the Force and Vader could never have defeated him. (Source: Mike Fay)(Ed. Note: In each of the Indiana Jones films (each story written by George), the bad guys are trying to find powerful relics that will give them the power to conquer the world. The bad guys always lost to Indy. Did Palpatine succeed in finding a powerful relic, orb or something that gave him the necessary power to take over the Republic? And the Jedi Knights (the Star Wars equivalent of Indiana Jones) were unable to stop him? No one knows (except for George) . . . I believe the rumor that Palpatine has the Kaiburr Chrystal originated from John Flynn's "Fall of the Jedi" fan-fiction script (1983). Thanks, John. Your rumor has survived for over 15 years. Congrats . . . No one knows what type of orb the Palpatine statue is holding (except for George). It could be a powerful Force orb, a Jedi holicron or a fish bowl . . . Maybe, it's just a red herring. If George were a woman, he would be known as the biggest tease in town . . . Regardless, there is something that Palpatine uses to make himself more powerful than Vader in the Force. So powerful that Vader can defeat Palpatine only when Palp has his backed turned to him and is draining tremendous amounts of energy from his body by trying to kill Luke. Unless Vader cheats to win, Palpatine beats Vader one-on-one . . . every time. It is rumored that Anakin and Luke were the two most-naturally-gifted Force users that Ben and Yoda ever encountered and Palpatine is more powerful only because he found a way to cheat . . . )

Check out these cool SW sites:

Have a good weekend . . .

Thurs., Feb. 19, 1998


001 $ 357.1 $ 563.0 $ 920.1 Jurassic Park (1993)
002 $ 376.4 $ 440.0 $ 816.4 Titanic (1997)
003 $ 306.1 $ 507.0 $ 813.1 Independence Day (1996)
004 $ 460.9 $ 330.3 $ 791.2 Star Wars (1977)
005 $ 312.9 $ 459.0 $ 771.9 Lion King, The (1994)
006 $ 399.8 $ 301.6 $ 701.4 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
007 $ 329.7 $ 347.0 $ 676.7 Forrest Gump (1994)
008 $ 229.1 $ 382.0 $ 611.1 Lost World: Jurassic Park, The (1997)
009 $ 250.1 $ 334.5 $ 584.6 Men in Black (1997)
010 $ 290.2 $ 243.7 $ 533.9 Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)

Author Kevin J. Anderson has mastered the Star Wars galaxy and has published 14 original tales for George Lucas. Anderson's critically acclaimed non-Star Wars techno- thriller "Ignition," co-authored with Doug Beason, was optioned by Universal Pictures for the screen for a high six-figures well before the book's publication in Spring 1997. Anderson has sold more than 10 million copies of his works in the past four years . . . (Source: Divicon)

To me, it seems that the prequel should be at least 150 minutes long (2.5 hours). There must be a ton of story info. that Lucas has come up with over the past 15 years since JEDI came out. I would love for the prequel to be 3 or more hours long, but I guess that would cut down on the number of times the prequel could be shown each day (although that has apparently not hurt Titanic any). And the financial bottom line is important . . . (Source: Vron) (Ed. Note: We agree. The longer a Star Wars film is the better)

Just a thought. About four years ago I read some sort of summary called "Episode 3: Fall of the Republic." I'm pretty sure just about the whole thing is junk because of what we've learned since, but there was one interesting idea that stuck in my mind. In this summary, Palpatine had some sort of holo-image created of some Jedi killing Anakin's wife, and after some training from the Sith, it was this image that drove him over the edge. What if this happens, and somehow Vader believes Obi-Wan is responsible for his wife's death? He does seem to have a personal vendetta against Ben which Ben does not share. "Escape is not his plan. I must face him alone." Actually, escape WAS his plan. "I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again at last." Vader obviously is looking forward to this more than Obi-Wan. Probably not true (as are most of these other rumors), but I thought it was an interesting idea nevertheless. (Source: Gregory Attaway) (Ed. Note: Whatever happened to "John Flynn," the guy who wrote Fall of the Republic/Jedi back in 1983? Flynn's "script" for Ep. 3 must be the most widely read piece of Star Wars fan fiction in existence. Some present-day rumors can be traced back to his work . . . Vader probably blames Ben for most of what has gone wrong with his life (i.e., becoming more machine than man, losing his wife and child, being a virtual slave to the Emperor). So in ANH, it is pay back time for Vader. Did Ben betray Vader in the prequels by having a real or imagined affair with the young Queen and/or did Ben cause/get blamed for the young Queen's death? As usual, there are many plot possibilities.)

I don't remember reading this before, but if Padme is the young Queen then that means Anakin becomes a young King at the end of episode 2 when he marries Padme. This makes the allegory to King Arthur all the more stronger. This goes along with a prior readers comment that if you remove the -ur from Arthur and add a D to the front you get Darth. Very strange. (Source: Kwazar) (Ed. Note: Seems logical that when a Queen marries her fiancee he would become her King and vice versa)

But Ceri disagrees: "Shadow Blade advised us: 'Listen to this: if you remove the "ur" from Arthur, you get "Arth" and if you add a "D," you get Darth. I think this is solid evidence that Darth Vader represents Mr. Lucas' SW version of the fallen King Arthur of the Camelot myth.' Further to that, if you take "Merlin", remove the M, R, L and I, and put a B at the beginning, you get "Ben"! Good grief, this makes your case almost watertight! I am now working on "Morgana le Fey" and "Palpatine"" (Source: Ceri)(Ed. Note: Over-analyzation can lead to some speculations that are probably coincidental, at best . . . but as long as your using your imagination who cares? It's so fun to speculate. As I have told you before, some of the most common-sense rumors will turn out to be false while some of the more outlandish rumors will turn out to be true.))

Just watched SW:ANH SE again and came up with a brainstorm. After looking at the Rontos, Dewbacks and Banthas (again), it would be neato if Anakin owned a baby one of these creatures in Ep 1. This would achieve the cuteness factor that Mr. Lucas tries to achieve sometimes in his movies. A CG baby Ronto would be adorable and would make a great stuffed animal as a bonus . . . (Source: Ang Ever) (Ed. Note: Don't whisper that too loud. That's the kind of "clever" idea George might actually add to the film. He could shrink an adult Ronto from ANH SE into a baby and digitally insert it into Anakin's backyard. All we need is one more "midget-sized" character to populate Ep. 1)

Every so often you comment (or more like criticize) the fact that a few people and creatures of small stature are used by GL. What's the big deal? Would you have those same kinds of people eliminated from our own society (i.e., people who do not meet societal norms)? Maybe, your a Palpatine supporter. It appears unless you fit a certain stereotype you can't exist in Palpatine's world. I think GL is trying to make a point when he uses diverse characters/creatures, which yes sometimes do include ones that are smaller/shorter than the norm. (Source: Eddy Veddur Returns)(Ed. Note: The trilogy bombards us with such creatures first R2, then the Jawas, R5-D4, Gonk, at least one midget creature in the Cantina, an Imperial mouse droid on the Death Star, Yoda, Ugnaughts on Bespin, a frog creature outside of Jabba's Palace, Salacious Crumb and other creatures in Jabba's Palace and finally . . . the Ewoks. Is it just another coincidence or a cynical ploy to sell collectibles or am I missing something here?)

If Lucas is going to film episode 2 and 3 back-to-back and simultaneous as Rick McCallum stated in the Star Wars Insider, how can each episode have a different director? All indications show that Lucas enjoyed his return to the director's chair. Is he secretly planning to direct the entire Prequel Trilogy? I for one hope so. Lucas could avoid the lackluster effort exhibited in ROTJ if he were to direct episodes 2 and 3. (Source: Jim)(Ed. Note: That is probably extremely tempting for George since George stated that he decided to direct Ep 1 because he wanted to make sure it was done right. This implies that George believes that he is the only person really capable of capturing his "vision" of Star Wars on film. Let's hope he directs all three, but expect that he won't)

It is really doubtful that Lucas would turn the stories from the Journal of the Whills into a mini-series or TV show since Lucas has indicated that he felt the only 'honest' part of television were the products it peddled (Paraphrased excerpt from Skywalking: Life and Films of George Lucas). Although I would love it, I feel it would dilute and reduce the appeal and charm of Star Wars (less is more). (Source: Dugabug) (Ed. Note: There are some who claim that the Star Wars novels and comics are "from" the Journal of the Whills.)

Since Natalie Portman plays the role of a Queen in the prequels that must mean that her parents are deceased. Otherwise, wouldn't she be a princess instead? I'm assuming that her society has the normal rules of monarchial succession, but do her parents necessarily have to be royalty? Could she have inherited her title from some other relative when she is chosen to succeed him/her because Padme is the closest "blood" relative still alive? (Source: Eugene Y.)

If it is true that C3PO will be some ‘animatic droid creature' created by the LF creature department, it is still possible that instead of being ‘gold' colored, 3PO could be ‘clear.' Although why on earth, George L. would do something like that is beyond my capacities . . . and does Lucas prefer to be called Mr. Lucas, GL, Lucas or George . . . just curious. (Source: The Knights Who Say NI)(Ed. Note: The ‘clear' 3PO is in the same category as "Obi-Wan" is a clone, Fett pilots the Falcon and Padme is a Jedi Knight rumors. Clever . . . but likely to be proven false . . . All Lucasfilm employees from the janitors to the top executives are encouraged to call their boss "George." If employment with LFL sounds like your bag baby, then check out for the latest available employment opportunities. Sorry, no positions are available for the Ep. 1, 2 or 3 film crews.))

For the clone wars to make any sense (giving the time line of the prequels that has been released to us so far), the clones must be able to be produced as mature beings very, very quickly and in plentiful numbers. And the clones are probably short-lived and are used mainly for soldiers, organ donors and/or cheap labor. (Source: Fillion)

This doesn't have much to do with Star Wars but by May 1999 it will have been 16 years from the May 1983 release of Ep 6 (ROTJ) to Ep 1 (BOTF). Logically (maybe even absurd logic some will say), Indy 4: (ROTFE) should be coming out in 2005 since that will be 16 years after the release of Indy 3: (IJATLC). (Source: Wildholder) (Ed. Note: Sadly, that may be truer to the mark than some of us would like to think)

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