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Coming Next Week (Jan. 25 to Jan. 30) : A Lucasfilm source confirms whether C3PO is computer generated or whether he is an "animatronic" creature created in the LFL "props" dapartment for Ep. 1 . . . An ILM employee gives us a little more info. on the ingenious way George is filming the Ep. 1 plotline . . . . and we take an insider's look at the "bidding war" for the distribution rights to the prequel trilogy . . . and, out of all the "products and services" offered by Lucasfilm, which ones earn the most money?

Thursday ( 1 - 22 - 98): A Lucasfilm source gives us more info. about the Episode I plot . . .

Monday ( 1 - 19 - 98 ): An ILM source gives us a glimpse of the "big," 20 minute battle sequence that they are working on for Ep. 1

Fri., Jan. 16, 1998): A Lucasfilm source tells us why the special editions will not be re-released again in this century plus a ton of prequel rumors . . .

"There are no plans to re-release the Trilogy Special Edition in the near future. George plans to re-release the trilogy every 10 to 20 years, similar to the way Disney releases its animated classics every 10 or so years so that these films can be enjoyed by a new generation on the silver screen as these classics were intended to be seen . . . The special editions were not released in the theatres or on video to make money . . . Instead, Lucasfilm produced the special editions in order to save the Star Wars film negative from permanent, irrepairable damage, to make the films in the way that George originally envisioned them and to introduce a new generation to the magic of the Star Wars galaxy so that they will be prepared for the forthcoming prequels . . . Rumors that Lucasfilm is planning to re-release the special editions prior to the release of the prequels is completely false . . ." (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Source)

I enjoy your page and find many of your readers' prequel speculations very interesting and intriguing. However, as an editor of a magazine officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm, I can assure you that George is not going to use concepts that appear in the post-ROTJ novels, comics, CD games, CCG or RPG. Many of the characters that appear in these other Star Wars sources are canon, but those characters, that were alive during the prequel time period (i.e., Thrawn and Xizor), were not involved in actions that appear in the prequels' plot line. Many talented authors will have ample opportunity to delve into what these fascinating characters were doing while the prequels unfolded. (Source: Patrice Girod, Co-Editor of the Star Wars Insider [French Edition])

At some latter point of the prequel trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi is being violantly tortured by the Emperor's electric pulses. Anakin stands by his side and watches without helping his old friend. Suddenly, the young Queen interferes to save the life of her new love. The Emperor turns to her and intentionally unleashes his full powers on her. The electric beams push her close to death, which eventually cause her to die, but again, Anakin does nothing. This adds so much more meaning to the ending of ROTJ, just as Lucas promised. My brother's friend at a TV Station up in NYC was told this by someone who works at ILM. If this is true, it truly does add much, much more to the trilogy. (Source: Barcode)

I would like to get an opinion on an issue that has been bugging me ever since filming for Episode I began. I would like to know if we really know as much about Episode I as we think we do. Every Star Wars fan on the Internet has their own speculations for the next Star Wars film and that is fine, but what bothers me is the people who claim to have inside information concerning everything from 1. character names, 2. the plot, 3. all the way up to the title. 4. Also is Lucas really distributing fake pictures to fool us? 5. What does Lucas think of people who claim to have inside information? Thank you for listening. (Source: Don Segar)(Ed. Note: Let me answer your questions: 1. Those claiming that they have the real names to the characters in the prequels other old ones like Anakin, Ben, Jabba, etc. are not telling the truth. The real character names have been protected by Lucasfilm's extremely effective secrecy tactics. 2. While the basic structure (i.e., there will be a rescue, the bad guys attack/invade the good guys, similar character types in ANH re-appear in Episode 1) to the Episode 1 plot is known, particular scenes, plot devices and characters (i.e., does Liam survive Episode 1, what does C3PO and Ahmed Best's CG character look like) are completely enshrouded in secrecy. 3. The title is known only to George and his closest, most trusted associates 4. There is no tangible evidence that Lucasfilm has distributed "fake" pictures on the Net. 5. George does not have a problem with prequel speculation as long as the screenplay is not posted on the Net, as long as the character names remain secret and as long as people don't sneak onto the movie set and take unauthorized photos.)

Excerpt from Cinescape Magazine (Vol. 3, Number 3 [end of the year 1996]): Although Palpatine's power play is clearly defined, the Clone Wars remain a mystery. Few details about the conflict surface in the books, and even fewer are revealed in the three films or in early drafts of the Star Wars screenplay. One can conjecture that the Jedi Knights fought to prevent cloning technology from being used to create a terrible weapon or an army that would be used against the Republic. Obi-Wan (O.B.-one) might even be some sort of clone designation, identifying the first clone of a man with the initials O.B. Perhaps, as the Jedi ranks precipitously fell (through disease or other causes), scientists in the Old Republic were forced to clone their warriors.

When information about this development first surfaced, sinister forces from worlds outside the Republic may have sought out the technology to strengthen theur armies. With the successful end of the wars, fearing that the cloning might once again be used for evil, the Jedi likely destroyed the technology and all information about the procedure. The first film of the new trilogy could close with Republician victory, led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, in the Clone Wars, and the temporary defeat of the evil forces threatening the Republic from within. But as Kenobi and young Anakin Skywalker are lavished with medals, the latter fins favor with both his future wife and, ominously, the powerful Senator Palpatine." (Source: The Swordmaster)

If the Falcon is in the prequels, and that's a big if, I don't think it will have anything to do with Anakin. When the Falcon is captured by the Death Star, Vader marches out and scans the ship, yet the only recognition he has is the presence of Obi-Wan. (Source: Tattaway)(Ed. Note: We won't believe that the Falcon is in the prequels until we see it with our own eyes . . . even then we may not believe it 'cause we are extremely cynical and watch too much of the X-Files. TNO.)

This was posted earlier by me: "Ed. Note: No, the trilogy clearly states that Luke and Leia are identical twins"

Don't think so, mate. Identical (monozygotic) twins contain the same genetic data, including gender-determining chromosomes, i.e. they're always of the same gender. Unless I'm gravely mistaken, Luke and Leia don't qualify on this front. The only escape clause is to suggest that the humanoids in the SW universe use radically different genetic mechanisms to homo sapiens. Seems a bit unlikely, though..........and it's hardly a use of the word "identical" that I'd find acceptable. Just twins, not identical. (Source: Ceri) (Ed. Note: Da*m*t Jim, I'm a programmer not a doctor!)

I challenge you to find a quote from any lucasfilm publication in which Luke and Leia are referred to as IDENTICAL twins. If this were truly the case don't you think the cat would have been way out of the bag about Luke and Leia being siblings when ANH was released, instead of six years later?! It is impossible for identical twins to not be the same gender. I enjoy this page immensely, but it would be nice if you would make sure your posts are accurate, especially if you are correcting someone else. (Source: Andus)(Ed. Note: Well, you win that challenge. I screwed up)

To reply to the suggestion that the prequels would be "The adventures of Obi Wan Kenobi" and the three next episodes "the adventures of Luke S.":I read somewhere (maybe in Cinefex, the best magazine about SFX; but we read so much.....) that George said that when seeing the prequels, one would understand that the whole series of the first 6 episodes were in fact "The adventures of Anakin Skywalker"; the 4,5 and 6 being his journey into the Dark Side and his rescue by his own son.

I also read a paper made by a journalist who managed to get on the set in Tunisia where they were shooting the Tatooine scenes. He saw a glimpse of a lightsaber fight between Liam Neeson's character and some other Jedi I do not know which side; and he was surprised at how fast and, he would say, recklessly, George was shooting. This gives me sleepless nights; but maybe it is George's way of working ? I am telling you he had better fulfill our expectations ! I read your page everyday; please make a smooth transfer to your next location. (Source: Marianne)(Ed. Note: Like the prequel, our move to the new server is taking forever :) . . . but good things come to those who wait)

Just wanted to drop this tidbit on 1/15/98 it was posted: "I think if Lucas (or whathisname, the actual screenwriter) had found some other slightly better place to reveal this tidbit, he would have." The name of the screenwriter of both Empire and ROTJ is Lawrence Kasdan. (Source: Scott Nick)(Ed. Note: Thanks)

In response to Droids being able to use the Force . . . the droids in the Star Wars unniverse ARE NOT like the computers of our time. The droids are much, much like a real person. Let me explaine--- A droid gets activated-a child gets born, a droid learns-children learn, a droid can forget-children forget, a droid can make mistakes-children make mistakes, etc. Have you ever heard of a child being able to use the force? Of course they could----Unknowingly. (Unknowingly until they are instructed in the ways of the Force) I think a droid could do the same. As the droid goes a long time not having it's memory erased it (using Artoo as an example) seems to develope a very strong personality (LOOK at C-3PO ...WOW!) Just like a person. (As a child grows and ages it devlopes a personality as well) Besides that, in the original trilogy it is said that "Life creates it, makes it grow" or something like that---BUT--- it never said something has to be alive to harness that power (Example: OB-Wan was dead and was able to talk to Luke and appeare to him as were his father and Yoda) SO, if something DOES NOT have to be alive to use the force---WHY WOULDN'T A DROID BE ABLE TO USE THE FORCE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One last thing---I don't appreciate you telling people that they are wrong about some of the things they are curious about and rumors they have heard. If you knew all the answers Lucas would have you writing the movies. Please think twice before saying to someone "No, this and that won't happen." Lucas likes to do the unexpected (You know this as well as I) and he proved this by placing a musical number in ROTJ:SE. So expect the unexpected and don't shoot anyone down for doing the same. (Source: Chris) (Ed. Note: I apologize, but if you read a zillion e-mails from people claiming that their Uncle's brother's grandson's sister saw an Ewok Jedi during the filming of the prequel, you might get a little grumpy sometimes too)

In reply to Slamms suggestion that Luke and Leia had different mothers...Not to be rude, but Slamm needs to think long and hard about this one... It'd be pretty impressive if twins could be produced from different mothers. A miracle even. (Ed. Note: Slamms may not have seen ROTJ. Hard to believe, but some SW's fans have not seen all three films)

If Obi Wan is supposed to to fall in love with the young queen behind Anakins back, there's gonna be some serious age difference going on. Jake Lloyd isn't even into Double figures, Nat Portman is around 18 or 19, and Ewan McGregor is in his mid-twenties. Even when you scale this up to the time when Anakin's at that lovin' age, it's still quite a gap. And besides, several official people have claimed that Anakin and Obi are a sort of Duo in the first film.. then again, who knows eh?! (Ed. Note: If an affair occurs in the prequels, it could occur between the young Queen and one of Anakin's young friends he meets during Episode 2. Anything is possible . . . )

In reference to the claim that Star Wars isn't as popular in the rest of the world as it is in the US... this is rubbish. For example, Star Wars SE's were at about the same place in the 1997 movie charts in the US and the UK, and if you scale the profits to relate to size of country, they pretty much match. And Star Wars is extremely big in Japan, France and elsewhere. (Ed. Note: Agreed. In fact, the prequel is projected to gross more overseas than in North America)

In reference to the May 1997 Dreamwatch issue, where McCallum supposedly states that Clone Wars is the title of the second movie : The scripts for the first episode hadn't even been finalised by then, nor had casting or filming begun. A lot of things change. And besides, McCallum would probably tell you that the film was called "Turd wars" if he thought that it'd make a cheap rumour - if I were in his position I'd be spreading as many false rumours as possible!

If Mon Mothma means "My Mother", does Mon Calamari then mean "My Squid"... Hmm, me thinks some people are going a bit overboard on the translating names thing. Oh, and Lucas has always claimed that Luke S/Lucas was the only purpose built name.

I'd say it's unlikely that Mara Jade will be in the prequels, since her character had always been layed out as being about the same age as Luke (and Leia obviously) Remember that Episode III is pretty likely to end about 18 years before Episode 4, otherwise they're going to have to get people in to play the kiddie Luke and Leias, and Georgey L has always said that L&L are NOT going to be in the prequels.

A lot of rumours concern several characters named Darth so-and-so. Even though die-hards may think this is good continuity, I think GL would realise that the general movie going audience would think it far too cheesy to have several Darths. Sorry to sound very negative. I just get like this sometimes ; ) (Source: Henry Elliss Note: If you have a homepage and would like for us to link to it when we post your rumors, please send us the URL address with your e-mail)

So by now we know that both Luke and Leia are royalty. So is their father, Prince Anakin Skywalker, after marrying the Young Queen. She is the ruler of, not only a world. but a powerful Kingdom that encompasses several systems. (Is she a young, kind, and pretty version of the Emperor? A ruler of a small, but important "Empire"?) Her Kingdom must have a great leverage in the Republic (like the U.S.A. with the rest of the world). So what would happen if the Young Queen's Kingdom collapsed??? a.-Civilization would collapse with it. Which is exactly what I believe will happen in "Star Wars: The Prequels." (I particularly don't think it would make a great title) Palpatine knows that that is one of the most important keys to the eventual overthrow of the Republic, and he sees the golden opportunity when the relationship between Anakin and the Queen blossoms. By converting Young Skywalker into the Dark side, he gains a powerful ally and servant, and breaks the queen, sending her Kingdom into turmoil; That marks the beginning of "THE COMING OF THE EMPIRE" and the eventual destruction of the Old Republic.

In the ROTJ novelization, and I believe also scenes left in the cutting room at the RANCH, when Luke is brought before the Emperor, Palpatine mocks the young Jedi, and wants to find out if it was a "certain Jedi Master...Yoda" who had been instructing him!!! This of course makes it more plausible that Yoda and Palpatine had a few run-ins and altercations in the past (maybe the elfin Jedi Master was the one who turned Palpatine down when he wanted to become a Jedi. (Ed. Note: Similar to the way Hitler was turned down by a school. Hence, like Palpatine, Hitler chose to be a ruthless, sociopathic dictator instead) Yoda was one of his biggest rivals (no pun intended).

Probably, and most likely, Palpatine have had arranged Yoda's assassination or had tried to have him killed at least once. That's where Palpatine's pre-Darth-Vader right-hand Dark Jedi Master comes in. He had failed the Emperor before by failing to bring Yoda's head before him. By Episode III, (Which I'd like to call "STAR WARS: THE COMING OF THE EMPIRE") the Dark Jedi Master traces Obi-Wan, who is hiding baby Luke, and (unknowningly) Yoda (who was believed to be dead) all the way to Dagobah. There he confronts the Jedi Knight and is vanquished, once and for all, by Yoda. (Source: AWE)

I heard some things a while ago which you may or may not already know. Someone told me they saw a first or second draft of the Empire script and in it the script said that the Emperor was a clone of Ben and Boba Fett was a clone of Vader and when Lando bends over to check the carbonite freezing chamber he actually sets it to defrost. On Slave 1, Han defrosts and right before he goes to kill Boba Fett it is revealed who he really is. I wonder if this has any basis in fact and of will this be in the prequels in some way. (Source: Michael Fay)

I read a rumor that Mara Jade could be the Emperor's hand in Episode III. now as far as I'm know, Mara is the same age as Luke and Leia. so either she's a baby then or not even born. Even though maybe we see Palpatine take Mara away from her home when she's just a baby. I know in Zahn novel, the Last Command, Mara tells Leia what she remembers of leaving home. Who knows? The Force could amplify those memories so she could remember them. just like how Leia remembers her mother when she was young even though the Queen might not die in Episode III or after . . . Here's something else, in the magazine Sci-fi invasion, published by Wizard press. It asks if Grand Admiral Thrawn or Prince Xizor could be in the prequel(s). Well what about Jorus C'baoath? Or the Noghri for that matter. Maybe if any of these charecters appear, I'm thinking cameos (Source: Jo Jo)

Thur., Jan 15, 1998

Just to clear things up, when Red5 posted the rumour about Darth Maul killing Qui-Gon, then the next day it was gone . . . I don't mean the whole site was gone. This was many many weeks before the site was pulled off. Just that rumour (which, as I said, needed to be highlighted to be viewed) was gone. That's why it seemed to me that the rumour was true! Thoughts ? (Source: Zac)

It seems that most of the prequel scenarios that people are suggesting assume that Obi-Wan Kenobi will already be the good hero at the beginning of Episode 1. The scenarios then speculate on how Kenobi will outwit or be outwitted by Palpatine, turning Star Wars into some kind of quest or gimmicky action flick. I think these scenarios fail to take into account what Star Wars is really about: the Force, and the struggle to understand and use the light side and resist the dark side. It's almost assured that some major character will struggle with these issues profoundly throughout the first three films, and an equally safe bet that this character will be Kenobi. Annakin will no doubt struggle, too, but I think the story will be told through the eyes of Kenobi.

Somewhere I remember Lucas saying that while the trilogy we already have is "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker" the prequel trilogy will be "The Adventures of Obi-Wan-Kenobi." As this is a large part of my reason for stating the above, I would appreciate someone confirming it. Second, remember how in ESB Yoda says about Luke "He is angry" and Ben's voice says "So was I." If this doesn't convince you that Kenobi will undergo a lot of personal struggle in the prequels...

Expect to see some scenes in the prequels between Kenobi and Yoda that remind somewhat you of scenes between Luke and Yoda in ESB. Whether these scenes will come as soon as Episode I or later remains to be seen. It's quite possible that Episode I will only involve Kenobi's first introductions to the Force in a manner similar to Luke's discoveries in ANH. The rest of the interest in Episode I would then be cool new creatures and stuff. On that note, expect to see a lot of cool CG stuff in the film that you won't have a clue about before the film opens, since it won't have been photographed by paparazzi.

Star Wars is about the Force. While there are a lot of cool things to keep our attention and make us rethink the ordinary, Star Wars has always really been about the personal moral, ethical, and political struggles symoblized by the Force. So many prequel rumors seem to presume that we already know almost everything about the Force, and that the new movies will just involve battles between good light Force guys and bad dark Force guys. The prequels will be a lot more complicated and emotional than that. Expect the idea of the Force to be constantly revisited, with old themes being repeated and new doors opened (and I'm not just talking about droids) . . .

This is in response to S.B, who asked why Yoda says "there is another" in ESB when he is not certain that she (Leia) won't be killed by the Empire. The point I want to make is that, regardless of the logic of what Yoda knew and could forsee, Lucas had other reasons for foreshadowing the fact that Luke and Leia were twins. In particular, remember how at the end of ESB Leia senses where Luke is hanging under Cloud City. This part of the plot wouldn't make any sense if the audience didn't have some inkling already that some other main character might be sensitive to the force. I think if Lucas (or whathisname, the actual screenwriter) had found some other slightly better place to reveal this tidbit, he would have. Remember that ESB was supposed to be a cliffhanger that would tantalize people regarding ROTJ. Knowing now what is revealed in ROTJ, it is easy to forget how tantalizing and dramatic these moments were when ESB first came out. Unfourtunately, Leia's force powers didn't play as much of a role in ROTJ as I think they could and should have. (Source: Joel Frangquist)

There is another reason that links Mon Mothma as Luke and Leia's mom : All three of them did lousy acting jobs in Return of the Jedi, maybe it is hereditary??? (Source: Dan) (Ed. Note: It is true that George made many mistakes in ROTJ (i.e., too much emphasis on special effects and not enough emphasis on the acting and characterization), but he has promised not to repeat these in the prequel trilogy . . . )

Is it possible that Luke and Leia Had different mothers . . . (Source: Slamm) (Ed. Note: No, the trilogy clearly states that Luke and Leia are fraternal twins)

In the original trilogy, Dark Vader is always talking about OB1-Wan and not Yoda. Take for example in ESB he says, "OB1-Wan has taught you well." Does Dark Vader know who Yoda is or does he think Yoda is dead from the Jedi massacre or some other aspect. Please explain this.

I think that OB1-Wan will fall in love with the Queen as she too returns her love behind Anakin's back (like the stories of King Aruther). At the same time Anakin follows Emperor as he promise power for Anakin (the posting from Jan 14 fits in here). Anakin becomes ruthless and greedy just like the Emperor. OB1-Wan tries to bring him back from the dark side as he sees his friend corrupted. The young Queen delivers the twins and hides them in fear of Anakin and the Emperor. Anakin finally finds out about OB1-Wan and the Queen, they could have some type of duel. Anakin is beaten and OB1-Wan in tears; emotionally picks up the lightsaber and leaves his long time friend behind. Anakin barely alive escapes his death and heads to the Queen's Palace. (also his home) Then Queen is caught by surprise of his appearance. Badly wounded and scared tell the Queen, "Why didn't you tell me?" (just like Luke said at the end of ESB) Then the scene fades. OB1-Wan is then contacted by the Palace and is told about the Queen. When he arrives he finds the Queen badly hurt. Here they will say some romantic lines to each other and she dies. The camera will pan out of the scene as OB1-Wan holds the Queen in his arms (Should put some of John Williams score in here, emotional theme will work) and the movie ends. That should be Episode II or III or both.

You are right, there are too many "OF THE" for titles. I don't mind using one of them, but not all three movies called "OF THE" BALANCE "OF THE" FORCE KNIGHTS "OF THE" REPUBLIC MASTERS "OF THE" KNIGHT FALL "OF THE" REPUBLIC RAISE "OF THE" EMPIRE CHILDREN "OF THE" FORCE (Source: Rebel Boy)

With Titanic going to a profit of 300+ million dollars Lucas is considering making the first prequel three hours long instead of 2 1/2. The prequel will be as popular as ANH according to George, that means it will make about 500 million dollars in the U.S. and besides that about 450 million dollars outside the U.S. (Star Wars isn't as popular outside the U.S. as it is in the States. This means the prequel COULD make a billion... But it is going to be hard (Must be an exciting time in 1999 - watching every day how much money the movie made - going insane when it reaches 999 million...

One thing is for sure: The year 2000: Academy Award for Best Visual Effects: Star Wars Academy Award for Best Soundtrack: Star Wars Academy Award for Best Sound: Star Wars It would be great if Star Wars was the only one nominated for Best Special Effects - who else can win? (Source: Frumentuviris) (Ed. Note: George could care less about the success of Titanic. He is going to make the Episode I film that he wants to see on film regardless of criticism . . . and George is unlikely to win many Oscar awards for the prequel since most individuals on the Oscar voting list are extremely, extremely jealous of George's unprecedented success)

First: The Star Wars Screensaver Entertainment stipulates that the Papatine does not become Emperor until Anakin becomes Darth Vader(see the Profiles section).

Second: I don't think Mon Mothma would be in the prequels. Why? Because if she was a major character wouldn't she have told Luke everything about what happened before his arrival??

Third: Obi-Wan turns for a short time to the dark side of the force but beats it. McCallum stated this in an interview a read. This makes some sense as it introduces Anakin's downfall, how one struggles with their darkside and how to overcome it. It sounds like an interesting plotline!!

Fourth: The prequels are based upon the similar self-destructive story of Shakespeare's Othello.

Fifth: The Mandalorian element has been overplayed for a while. They are not hundreds or even millions of warriors. They appear in the Prequels much in the same way as the bounty hunters did in TESB. (Source: THX1138) (Ed. Note: Only time will tell what George decides to do . . . )

It doesn't seem to me that droids using the Force fits into one of the major themes of the trilogy. This theme being that nature and spirituality can overpower technology! Just look at the Ewoks destroying AT-STs and Stormtroopers with primitive sticks and rocks. Or the fact that Luke TURNED OFF his targeting computer in ANH and destroyed the Death Star without the help of that technology (or R2 for that matter). This will be probably be mimicked in the prequels when the technological advance of cloning causes disaster. Having a droid, which is a machine, harness the natural force doesn't seem to me like it fits. (Source: MAXIMUS) (Ed. Note: ROTJ has no impact on the fact that droids can become Jedi if they have the talent . . . )

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