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Tues., Dec. 23, 1997

"The only being that Vader fears in the entire galaxy is the Emperor, even though Vader is more naturally gifted and talented in the Force than the Emperor. However, always seeking an advantage over his rivals, challengers and followers, the Emperor has a secret method which makes him more powerful than anyone else, even Yoda, in the ways of the Force. So in the prequels, we will finally learn how the Emperor has the power to fire lighting out of his hands . . . Second, and this is unclear, some believe that the Emperor has control over Vader's life-supporting armor. If Vader gets out of line, then the Emperor can kill Vader. However, this is not true. Another theory holds that the Emperor has told Vader that he will kill the exiled Luke and/or his wife if Vader does not uphold complete loyalty to the Emperor . . . But this is also doubtful . . .

But what I do know for certain is that after you watch Episode 3, you will realize why thematically (i.e., divine retribution, poetic justice) Boba Fett, Jabba, Vader and Palpatine must die in ROTJ at the hands of the new Jedi. The reason is that Boba Fett, Jabba, Vader and Palpatine presided over the demise of the Jedi in Episode 3. Consequently, it becomes Luke's fate to contribute to the death of all four of these villains (Fett's resurrection by popular demand not withstanding) as payback for the atrocities they committed against the Old Republic and the Jedi . . .

So when we see Jabba and Fett in ANH: SE after watching Episode 3, we will have a profoundly different interpretation of that scene. George wants the audience to react with disgust when we see two of the individuals (Jabba and Fett) who greatly contributed to the death of the Jedi in Episode 3 (unless you were wanting the Empire to defeat the Jedi Knights in Episode 3) . . . Notice that George is careful not to let Kenobi stumble across Jabba and Fett, if he had, he probably would have tried to unsuccessfully kill Jabba and Fett and undoubtedly would have been disintegrated by Fett . . . Remember in ROTJ Fett was poised to disintegrate Luke until Han unwittingly knocked Fett into the Sarlacc Pit. This is reminiscent of how Fett disintegrates Jedi in Episode 3 until Fett screws up an assignment with his disintegrations and Vader has to order Fett from then on: "No disintegrations" Certain lines like this one will have drastically new meanings once we see all the prequels . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Employee)

Wed., Dec. 24, 1997

The evolution of Darth Vader is interesting to examine. In the second draft of ANH, Vader started as an intergalactic bounty hunter, who killed Jedi Knights in the name of the Emperor. Then Vader became a Dark Lord, with religious overtones, and Lucas created Boba Fett from that early concept of Vader as a bounty hunter. (Source: Arg Arg)

It would be cool if the second prequel ended with the duel between Anakin and Kenobi as the cliff hanger. (Source: Wally World)

Maybe instead of using a Force Orb, Palpatine learns ancient magical spells that make him so powerful. (Source: Jed P.)

If the galactic senate is as big as I think it is with several thousand members, surely Kenner won't make every different race of creatures in the senate into an action figure. (Source: Dreger 41)

Since the young Queen is about 15 years-old in the prequel, I bet she is training as a Jedi since this is probably a good age to start learning the ways of the Jedi. (Source: Pow Wow)


Lucas recently said that Fett was his second favorite bad guy so I guess he must be in the prequels then. (Source: Randy D.)

I bet C3PO is silver colored in the prequel. (Source: Shaz)

R2 belongs to Anakin and C3PO belongs to the young Queen, I think. (Source: Paul)

I wish the Star Wars Insider would offer an exclusive prequel figure in 1998. (Source: Pallidan)

It is rumored that young Kenobi pilots the Falcon in the prequel, but what if Palpatine owns the Falcon instead? (Source: Chance Goodson)

Could Liam Neeson be Anakin's grandfather? Then Anakin's father could be either dead or a Sith Lord? (Source: Frenchy)

The ordinary person doesn't even know that Lucas is making the prequels. If you don't believe me, just ask some person on the street and they will say: "Prequel who?" (Source: Belly Up)

Fri., Dec. 26, 1997

When Vader tells Luke that he is his father in Empire, Luke doesn't want to believe him, but "somehow he could feel the truth in the Dark Lord's words." The Force told Luke that Vader was his father because Vader is a clone from the same donor as Anakin Skywalker. Genetically identical, Vader is Skywalker. This also explains why Luke saw his own face under Vader's mask on Dagobah. (Source: Gill C.)

Is it possible that when Obi-Wan says " Should I have? " in reference to the Milennium Falcon, that he is afraid that Han knows he was the prior owner? It's like in a crime story, they ask the criminal, "Do you know so-and-so?" and the criminal would respond, "Should I have?" Makes sense to me . . . (Source: Graana)

R2-D2 never claims that Ben once owned him, he simply announces that "he is the property of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a resident of these parts". This is most likely simply because of the Princess' programming of him - he has been re-programmed to serve Ben and now considers him his new owner, whether or not he has ever "met" the man.

The huge technological advances in the new films reflect George Lucas's obvious desire to be reliant upon human actors as little as possible. By his own admission, he's not particularly good with actors per se, this manifesting itself in his much greater interest in overseeing productions with another director actually doing the actor-related spadework, and his interest in puppet-centred productions in the 1980s. Ultimately, I'm sure he'd love to take the (slightly sinister?) step of having photo-realistic virtual actors, which may not be as far away as we might believe. Can anyone imagine the implications of having media able to manufacture news events that never happened, or at least being able to cosmetically alter footage at very short notice in the way newspapers can currently do with still photos? (Source: Ceri)(Ed. Note: Trust No One.)

If Owen and Ben are brothers, and Owen and Vader are brothers, wouldn't that make Ben and Vader brothers as well, or am I way off on this? (Source: Hopkins)

In ROTJ, Ben tells Luke, "when I first knew your father, he was already a great pilot, but i was amazed at how strong the force was in him." For Anakin to be a great pilot, we're looking at mid to late teens here. I don't think Ben will meet Anakin until the very latter part of Episode 1, much less begin training.

One more thing, Boba Fett was flirting with Jabba's dancing girls in ROTJ: SE. That and the masculine sound of Boba Fett voice (of course it could just be the mask, like Leia) would naturally lead some one to believe that Boba Fett is a male. (Source: I. Rubio) (Ed. Note: It is about 75% certain that Fett is male, but anything is possible because George has a funny sense of humor . . . )

I heard that Prince Xizor from the "Shadows of the Empire" will be in the movies (Source: James 007)

Sat., Dec. 27, 1997

In the Star Wars universe, Rome (the Old Republic) took tens of thousands of years to fall because it was protected by the Jedi Knights, an ancient and mystical religious order, which harnessed the Force. A Jedi Knight has no desire to be king, emperor or dictator, his/her's "job" is to preserve the rightful government in power. Yoda said, "Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things...anger, fear, aggression, the Dark Side of the Force they are. Easily they flow, quick to join in a fight. Beware of them. A heavy price is paid for the power they bring." Anakin was not satisfied to be a mere follower and protector of others. He wanted something more and that is exactly what Palpatine was able to offer him: adventure, exitement, tremendous riches and vast power.

What famous person taught a Force-type philosophy during the Roman Era? To give you a clue, he also chose to die rather than fight back against an evil tyrant. Immediately after he died, his body mysteriously disappeared, and he reappeared in a vision to his disciples.

Jesus Christ, of course. Some would claim that Lucas loosely based Old Ben Kenobi in ANH on the messiah. (Source: Reegon Treq)

I bet some people are going to have prequel "burn out" before long. A million prequel rumors are more than enough to make the head spin. (Source: A. A. Zimmons)

If Kenobi pilots the Falcon, then it is reasonable (although highly unlikely) that Kenobi has a pilot sidekick similar to Chewbacca. Maybe, a sidekick like Nien Numb from ROTJ. (Source: Fever Weaver)

Why does Lucas require that a "Han Solo"-ish character be in the prequel? Did Dash Rendar really add that much to SOTE? I don't think he did. I hope Lucas makes young Kenobi more than just a mere Han Solo clone. (Source: Jack Trainer)

Sun., Dec. 28, 1997

Trying to estimate how well the prequel is going to do at the box office is a tough, tough job. There are several unprecedented factors that have to be considered:

1. It is the most anticipated film in the 100 year history of cinema
2. It will be the most over-hyped film in the history of film
3. It has the broadest fan base of any film franchise in existence
4. The special editions had a combined North American gross that
exceeded a mind-numbing and shockingly high $ 250 million
5. It will be released on more movie screens than any other film in
6. It will likely be shown around the clock for weeks on end
7. No major studio release will occur during its first or second weeks
of release
8. And most importantly, the hardcore Star Wars fan will probably see
this film a dozen or more times.

Hence, the ingredients exist for the prequel to shatter all box-office records. The Lost World averaged about $ 22 million (per day) during its first four full-days of release. The prequel will probably average around $ 20 to $ 26 million per day. So from May 25 to May 31, the prequel may take in as much as $ 180 million in its first seven days of release in North America. However, this figure seems impossibly high to realistically be achieved and I would say the prequel should take in around $ 140 million or so.

Yet, the problem with being the most hyped film of all time is that expectations for the film will be impossible to satisfy. Hence, for many Star Wars fans, the prequel could prove to be very disappointing. Lucas has been known to do things in Star Wars films that he likes to see that sometimes make the fans irate. All and all, the film will open to stellar business in the first week then it will take a nose dive of about 50 to 55% in its second week of release (after much of the super-hype has blown over) for a cumulative two-week total of roughly $ 210 million. The final gross should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 350 million for North America and another $ 400 million earned internationally. So the prequel is unlikely to surpass Jurassic Park as the world's most successful film. (Note: Although Star Wars is the most successful film in North America, when domestic and international grosses are combined Star Wars ranks third to Jurassic Park and Independence Day). (Source: Anonymous Individual from Movieweb)

For a story to be complete you have to have certain roles and each character in the story has a certain type of personality and story function.. Anakin is the young adventurer (ie, King Arthur). The young Queen is the love interest (ie, Queen Guinevere). Liam Neeson is the wise man (ie, the Sorcerer Merlin). What does that leave room for? Obi-Wan is the cocky, rogue Han Solo-type (ie, Sir Lancelot). He probably will not be as "shadowy" as Han, remember he is a Jedi . . . I have a theory that Ben has to put up with Anakin. He is thinking to himself "I am a Jedi. Not a babysitter." But like Han ends bonding with Luke, Obi Wan eventually grows fond of little Anakin. (Source: Young Ben)

Surely, if R2 is owned by Anakin in the prequel, R2 must have his memory wiped out prior to ANH. (Source: Preying Manos)

Vader is not more powerfull in the Force than the Emperor. George has always suggested that the Jedi are like a religious group that use the Force as a tool. The Emperor also practices the arts of the force, he uses the dark side, the Jedi use the light side. It is apparent from the final scenes in ROTJ that Palpatine regards the Jedi with disgust, Luke continually saying that he is a Jedi like his father, while Palpatine continues to degrade the Jedi (eg. The Lightsaber "A Jedi's weapon" ) (listen to the disgust in Palpatine voice) and the final insult "So be it young Jedi", when he realizes Luke cannot be turned from being a "light side" user. Palpatine would never have done deals with Vader, he uses Vader after Anakin makes some choice to "take the easy way out" and use the dark side. (Source: GMC) (Ed. Note: The only reason that Palpatine is more powerful in the Force than Vader and Yoda is that he cheats . . . )

Maybe, Emperor Palpatine finds a more powerful way to use the Force than the Jedi Knights and the Sith Lords use. (Source: Pedantic 3)

Mon., Dec. 29, 1997

I work for the movie review staff at Entertainment Weekly and here is a mock review of Star Wars: Episode 1 that we have put together for your amusement:

Knights of the Republic. Well, it doesn't matter what he calls it. This is the film we have all waited over 15 years to see. No one can argue that Star Wars saga is the most influential film series of the last 25 years: it was the founding film of the blockbuster form which has controlled Hollywood ever since. It's not the perfect trilogy that some say it is, but it's also not as bad as some of its critics would have you believe. When it came out Star Wars was attacked as being too insubstantial, too fun, too easy; "like getting a box of Cracker Jacks that is all prizes," as Pauline Kael put it. As the years went by the second wave of scorn came from those critics who liked to blame it for what followed, holding Lucas accountable for the many poor imitations that Hollywood has produced since. Against this, the fans rallied, building a huge cult. Now in the summer of 1999, Lucas is poised again to redefine the way we see motion pictures in the future. We are about to enter a new realm of Star Wars mania and, unfortunately, at the same time the other films in Hollywood will get worse as Hollywood will try to imitate the success of the prequel. And of course, Lucas will be unfairly blamed for this . . .

What Lucas did, essentially, was to invert the way movies are made, by taking a B-movie plot and giving it the A-movie treatment. Moments of Star Wars: Episode 1 are therefore extremely corny. Sometimes, I thought I was watching a remake of the original Star Wars since the plotline is so similar to that of the first film. A rescue, a duel, an attack on the bad guys fortress, etc . . .

For instance, young Anakin Skywalker complaining to his mom that nothing ever happens on Tatooine. I realize Anakin is supposed to be impatient and immature, but Lucas overdoes it. The audience knows something big is going to happen on Tatooine and it does. The section of the film that gets really silly, though, is the long fight sequences between the Jedi Knights and the Mandalorian super commandos. Does any Star Wars fan really want to see several hundred Jedi battle the "Boba Fett" warriors? I think not. How many ways can a Mandalorian lose an arm or leg? Lucas, apparently, thinks there is no limit . . .

Though the special effects in this sequence are spectacular and jaw-dropping and the best ever seen on film, I think they were added solely for the sake of seeing what has never been seen on film before. It's strictly kid's stuff as young Kenobi and Liam Neeson blunder through the water planet against the world's dumbest super commandos. The silver C-3PO gets rid of one Mandalorian with little more than "they went that away," (a cliche that is seen again in Episode 4: A New Hope). Additionally, young Anakin and his future bride, the young Queen, played exquisitely by Natalie Portman, wander the hallways of a massive cloning base without ever being asked: "What are kids doing here?".

The weirdest plot point comes at the end, though: Why does Kenobi's Millenium Falcon just happen to be water submersible during the water battle? Just because the Falcon can fly in space doesn't necessarily mean it can fight under water also. The water battle appears to be too long, just like the death star battle scene in the original Star Wars, maybe Lucas has run out of ideas . . .

However, these script problems are overwhelmed by so many good elements, however, that I almost feel guilty about harping on them. The production design (inspired by Doug Chiang's design drawings) is stunning, with a great deal to marvel at: it's hard to believe Lucas achieved so much for under $ 70 million. The fully computer-generated character played by Ahmed Best, the new Chewbacca, is a great example of Lucas' imaginative vision, yet there is a great deal more for an alert viewer to enjoy. The hidden cameos in certain scenes, for example, are terrific, though their appearance is brief. And of course there's some of the coolest looking spacecraft we've seen on screen. The most impressive is the star ships used by the Mandalorian, which appears from above the screen in the film's soon-to-be a classic opening shot, just like back in 1977 - a moment that must have knocked audiences dead back then.

It is these special effects shots that really set the film apart from its contemporaries. Similar levels of realism had been attained before in Independence Day, The Fifth Element and Lost in Space, but it is Lucas who has first exploited digitial animation to show us fantastic images that can only exist in a computer. I particularly like the scene on the Millennium Falcon in which Kenobi bets his friend that they can make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. This gives a new meaning to some of the old lines from the original trilogy. Beautifully edited - and obviously inspired by David Lean and DeMille movies such as The Birth of a Nation - the giant-space battle sequence is graced with one of the best tracks in John Williams' completely new film score. It is, I believe, the effects and music in combination that most enure this film's success. It is these two elements that most shape the film's dynamic final half hour, and the supercharged climax will surely key a strong word of mouth for the film. The film has already made over $ 150 million in its first seven days of release in North America and the sky appears to be the only limit . . . (Source: Anonymous EW Employee)

It is not possible for a droid to be a Jedi, it is stated in the movies that the force "flows through every LIVING thing", and all the 'artificial intelligence' arguments that can be made the matter is really moot. Non-living organisms cannot access the force- as for the "coincidental" using of the force by R2, that's silly: all the allegeded instances of force use are either someone else using the force (like luke with the death star and catching his light saber) or are part of the story line (like the melted motivato on the red R2 that is bought by owen). Vader, part machine, can use the force only because he is partly organic and sentient- in fact with out the force the machinary alone couldnt keep him alive. Other wise i think the emporer would have a legion of force using death droids- makes sense doesnt it (Source: Fett)

It is said that the Emporer is SO powerful in the force that his body deteriates, not being able to hold the massive amounts of power. ----Now, what about the cave on Dagobah? You know, the cave that Yoda sends Luke into as a test of his senses to light and dark sides of the force? This cave is somehow VERY strong in the dark side of the force. But HOW? Could a clone of the Emporer or somone else have died in that cave? Is that why Yoda lives alone on Dagobah... ...To keep the presence of a dark Jedi from leaving? Could the Emporer have cloned Anakin? Maybe it was Anakin who died in the cave? Why not try to clone Darth Vader (Anakin)? (Source: Chris)

Tues., Dec. 30, 1997

"Just to set the record straight, the names like Darth Maul and Darth Sideous, that have been circulating the WWW for months, are code names for charaters in the prequel. It is similar to the code name that George used for ROTJ: Blue Harvest." (Source: Confidential Lucasfilm Informant)

Watch THX 1138, the first major motion picture that Lucas directed, and watch how Lucas mocks the confessional booth, with a computer's voice preaching nonsense, Jesus' poster staring from the wall like Big Brother in 1984. The Force is the "basis of all primitive religion," including Christianity, and those who used it were "misunderstood by their fellows- and worse." Worse is right. One was crucified. A lot more were locked away in asylums, or burned at the stake or pummeled with stones. This is probably what happens to the Jedi in Episode 3. (Source: Avalanche)

I thought I read somewhere that Yoda escaped From being slaughtered only to be followed by a dark Jedi to Dagobah. The cave is where Yoda killed the dark Jedi. Supposedly, he stayed on Dagobah to hide from the Emperor. The dark energy from the cave somehow cancelled out his presence, allowing him to remain "undetected". (Source: The Fly)

No where in the movies or books does it say that Uncle Owen and Ben Kenobi are related- Owen is not even positively related to Luke at all, Kenobi hid the twins with foster families (he certainly wouldn't be dumb enough to leave either Luke or Leia with true kin of Vader, thats why the princess is no more related to the Alderaan royal family than Luke is to Owen)

Also, it is not possible for a droid to be a Jedi, it is stated in the movies that the Force "flows through every LIVING thing", and all the 'artificial intelligence' arguments that can be made the matter is really moot. Non-living organisms cannot access the Force- as for the "coincidental" using of the Force by R2, thats silly: All the "instances" of Force use are either someone else using the Force (like Luke with the death star and catching his light saber) or are part of the story line (like the melted motivater on the red R2 that is bought by Owen). Vader, part machine, can use the Force only because he is partly organic and sentient- in fact with out the Force the machinary alone couldnt keep him alive. Otherwise, I think the Emporer would have a legion of Force using death droids- makes sense doesn't it. (Source: Champiora)

Obviously, George Lucas did write about the Kiber Crystal in the early screenplay versions of the trilogy. In my Star Was Annotated Screenplays book, George Lucas has this to say about the Kiber Crystall:

"I felt the Kiber Crystal was a way of articulating what was going on, but I decided I didn't need it. It was better to make the Force more ethereal than to have it solidified in a thing like the crystal. "The idea of positive and negative, that they are two sides to an enitity.a push and a pull, a Yin and a Yang, and the struggle between the two sides are issues of nature that I wanted to make in the film. Obiviously, in terms of moral issues, you always have what's considered moral and immoral. At the same time if you are dealing with the possible influences beyond what we can see, it's traditionally been the good and the bad." (Source: Obi Wan)

New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 1997

Is Old Obi-wan in ANH supposed to be Jesus Christ? Yes and no. Obi-wan is one thousand generations down the line from the first Jedi, who would have been the Jesus of the Star Wars universe. The first Jedi was probably more of a religious type instead of a fanatical warrior sworn to defend the Republic at all costs. For a parallel, read about The Mule in Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, which curiously also deals with the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire.

How does Lucas answer the question? He says, "Ben started out as Luke's father and became the friend of Luke's father. I wanted a character that was an old warrior, very stately, a father image for Luke. He evolved out of that. He wasn't meant to be Christ-like, but rather a thoughtful and intelligent man with a noble bearing-a symbol of goodness and mystical power." (Source: First Force)

I wish Lucas would release a 15 second teaser trailer this summer. (Source: Kiv's Toys)

Many of these entries are rather obvious: (i.e., driods can't use the Force and that the Emperor can kill Vader). Of course!! What I am afraid of is that since special-effects technology and imagination today (thanks to Lucas) are much broader and that the technology in the Prequels will greatly surpass that in the middle three. It really sucks that we have to wait another year and a half to see the prequel but one must not rush art. Another thing, it was symbolic that Luke killed 'himself' in that cave in Empire, if you notice, I believe that Luke always draws his saber first. In the cave, he draws and kills Luke in the Darth outfit. This shows how Luke fails to express his Jedi powers and uses the dark side to defeat his enemy. (Source: Ziegster)

It is rumored that Palpatine was planning to use cloning to make himself immortal so that he could rule the Galactic Empire for 1,000 generations. (Source: Wilcon)

What are the Sith Lords doing in Ep. 1? Who do they work for? Are they like outlaws in the old West or are they hired mercenary fighters? (Source: Harpoon One)

New Year's Day, Jan. 1, 1998

In the Camelot legend, Guinevere and Lancelot's affair ended when Arthur suffered mortal wounds in battle and then Arthur later died from these wounds on the magical Island of Avalon. Both Guinevere and Lancelot were extremely remorseful for their affair that occurred. After Arthur's death, Guinevere became a nun and Lancelot became a hermit. If Lucas is using this template in the prequels, then like Arthur, Anakin appears to die in the prequels and everyone presumes he is dead. And the real identity of Vader remains a mystery. The affair between the young Queen and Kenobi comes to an end, when they incorrectly believe that Anakin is dead. The young Queen becomes chaste and lives on Alderaan like a nun and then either dies or disappears when Leia is young. And of course, Kenobi becomes a hermit in the desert on Tatooine similar to Lancelot's fate. (Source: Freedom's Chance)

When Obi-wan first appeared on screen in ANH, he was wearing a beard and robe similar to the kind allegedly worn by Christ. Most likely, Jesus didn't have light brown hair and blue eyes, the way he's portrayed in modern paintings. He was Hebrew after all. European and American artists reduced Jesus' teachings to their basic elements and then painted a face to match them. A face that resembled their own more than that of the true appearance of Jesus. That's how Lucas did it in Star Wars. ANH is a painting except that it is projected at 24 frames a second on a much larger canvas. Lucas studied dozens of ancient legends and stories including King Arthur and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. He then isolated the most common elements in an attempt to come up with a story that was both mythical and classical in structure. A story that the audience believes that they remember from somewhere else because they have: The story has been told thousands of times through the eons. "Thou shalt not kill" and "Do unto others" appear in almost every story from the inception of history, likewise; so does the struggle between Good and Evil. The good guys always prevail in the end (Episode 6), even if they lose sometime during the story (Episode 3). (Source: Cypher Son)

Lucas stated that Jabba was smaller in ANH than in ROTJ because after ANH Jabba became real rich. Jabba then became fat and happy. So in Episode 1, Jabba must be real, real little. (Source: Chronos Chigger)

The galaxy must have a thousand star systems. Why does Lucas have to return to that barren, desolate Tatooine again. (Source: Beaver Red)

Do you think Obi-Wan Kenobi might be a clone of the man Ben Kenobi? (Source: Chris) (Ed. Note: Absolutely 100% NO. This is one of the oldest prequel rumors on the Net. It has never been true and will never be true. Please no more: "is X a clone of Y" rumors Cloning occurs in the prequels, but not in the way you are guessing it will.)

So maybe the Mule of Asimov is like the Emperor is Star Wars: an AntiChrist. Also, there is never a Galactic Republic in Foundation. There is a Empire, albeit a good one at that, and it collapses and there is anarchy. Some revolutionaries try to bring in democracy, but they are crushed under the might of the Empire and its fragments even. (Source: Sameer Ketkar) (Ed. Note: The analogy to the Biblical book of Revelations is best stated by analogizing Emperor Palpatine to the Devil while Darth Vader is the Star Wars version of the Anti-Christ.)

If I see Kenobi piloting the Falcon in the prequel with an Ewok sidekick, I am going to cry. (Source: Speedo)

I hope they keep the kids out of the action sequences in the prequels (i.e., Anakin or the young Queen in lightsabre duels, Anakin piloting star fighters) because that one look pretty corny. (Source: Billy Jenkins)

How can Lucas make the prequel for under $ 70 million if ILM alone is spending over 600 days on post-production. I bet the "real" prequel budget is closer to $ 120 million, if ILM was giving its "owner" such a tremendous discount. (Source: Penelope)

Fri., Dec. 2, 1998

"The Kenner and Galoob Star Wars merchandise were among our top three best selling toy lines for 1997 and was the number one boy's toy for the year . . . The problem we're seeing with the Star Wars line is a glut of the same action figures and vehicles. Kenner and Galoob will both be phasing into new packaging and different toys for the first quarter of 1998. This should help to continue and bolster the interest in the Star Wars line of merchandise through 1998 . . . Both companies plan to produce the trilogy toys for the next 18 months, but, from what we have been told, 85 to 90% of the Star Wars toy line will be dedicated to Episode 1 by May 1999. So the trilogy line of merchandise will be going into "semi-retirement" for a while when the new Star Wars film is released . . .

Both Kenner and Galoob have promised exclusive toys for our chain that will not be available anywhere else . . . The development and production of the Episode 1 toys will take approximately 18 months. Hence, when we met with Kenner executives last November, they only had some rough sketches of some of the Episode 1 toys for us to peruse. The sketches that I saw more complex and higher in quality than the production sketches that I have seen in the past for the present line of Star Wars toys. Also, there will be about 3 to 4 times as many exotic creatures produced and dozens of more ships released than in the original trilogy. According to the Kenner officials we spoke to, the new Star Wars film is overflowing and crowded with a giant assortment of creatures, people and vehicles. The Galactic Senate contains dozens and dozens of weird looking creatures that have never been seen before on film. So the Episode 1 toy line is going to have a much greater selection and variety available to the public than the original trilogy line of toys . . .

At the present time, Kenner is planning to release young Anakin and R2 as a two pack for Episode 1. And the toy packaging for the Episode 1 toys will be radically different from the packaging of the present toys. Kenner is planning to release game pieces inside the packaging of the toys that can be "instant winners" for Star Wars merchandise not available to the general public. Kenner hopes this will encourage people to actually open their toys (hopefully increasing sales) and to purchase additional toys in order to find winning game pieces . . . We have been told that the first of the Episode 1 merchandise will arrive during Memorial Day Week 1999 . . . We plan to double the size of our Star Wars diplays in each store by May 1999 . . . The Episode 1 line of toys should be alot more exciting than the trilogy line of toys just because so much of the merchandise will be creatures, people and vehicles that have never been seen in a Star Wars film before . . . I will keep you posted on any further Episode 1 toy news I come across . . . " (Source: Anonymous Manager at Toys 'R Us)

Sat., Dec. 3, 1998

Lucas created Obi-Wan as the most credible source for his philosophy. An old soldier knows more about the morality of killing than a young conscientious objector. Luke is the inocent farm boy that Old Ben teaches how to avoid the pitalls of life in the big city.

The confusion about Jesus comes from thinking he was the only legendary figure who underwent a resurrection. There were lots of others, particularly in Roman mythology. It's probably the most popular attribute of the legendary hero. Death is the most terrifying of all of mankind's experiences because none of us can escape it; therefore, only the greatest heroes can conquer it.

Obi-Wan was originally supposed to lead the Wookie attack on the Death Star in ANH. About halfway through the filming, Lucas decided that the Falcon's escape from the Death Star was too easy and told Guinness that his character was going to die in his duel with Vader. Conquering death is the last heroic act, and usually isn't added until after the hero has made his reputation. When Lucas added the mystical aspect of Obi-wan coming back from the dead, he turned Obi-Wan into a Christ-figure, whether that was his original intention or not. (Source: H.R. PuffAndStuff)

It is rumored that R2-D2 will visit Tatooine in the prequels, but C3P0 will not because in ANH, when R2 and C3P0 land on Tatooine, R2 seems very convinced that there are settlements in a certain direction because he is familiar with Tatooine because he use to live there with Anakin and. C3P0 objects because he has never been on Tatooine. (Source: Spec X)

I think Episode 1 has a legitimate chance of being the first billion-dollar box-office movie. Several things will work in its favor. As already stated this will be the most anticipated film ever. It willl also be review proof. If it does receive mixed reviews (I doubt that it will) will anyone not see it? People like us, knowing that there are two more movies to come, will see it several times in order to gain clues about the movies to come. Jurassic Park, ID4, MIB and other films that have done well internationally had zero history. Episode 1 will be bigger internationally than anyone can imagine.

Perhaps the most important fact is that theatre ticket prices by May of 1999 will be higher than ever. Right now it's $9.00 to see a film in New York City. They could charge $10-12 by then (they could charge $20 for the first week and sell out every screening). Final Episode 1 worldwide box office prediction : $1.175 billion. (Source: NYC)

If any of you really want an Earth equivalent to the Force in Star Wars, look at the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. The Tao is the closest thing to the Force we have, except that the Tao cannot be used on weak minds and to choke people who have very little faith. (Source: jon)

I read on you rumors page for no more X is a clone of Y stuff. This might have been in the rumors but do you think that most stormtroopers are clones? Such clues like when Leia said "aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" And that they are all the same height approximately and never are seen with their masks off. What do you think? (Source: Mark and Mary) (Ed. Note: Magic Black Eight Ball says: "Chances are good.")

You said that if Owen and Ben are brothers and Owen and Anakin are brothers does this mean Ben and Anakin are brothers. How did you get the idea Owen and Ben are brothers? (Source: Raabe) (Ed. Note: Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays and the Star Wars Screen Saver both confirm that Lucas intends for Owen and Ben to be brothers. Does this mean that it is written in stone? Only George knows the answer to that question for certain)

Sun., Jan. 4, 1998

Obi-Wan might never came in contact with C-3P0 in the prequels. Here's why: Throughout all of R2's ramblings about Obi-Wan Kenobi in ANH, C-3P0 insists to Luke that he has no idea who this Obi-Wan Kenobi is. (Source: HAL9000) (Ed. Note: Of course, 3PO could have had his memory wiped prior to ANH just like Owen wanted Luke to get R2 and 3PO's data banks erased. The droids probably have their memories wiped in order to keep the locations of the Skywalker twins a secret from the Empire)

Kenobi and the Jedi Knights aren't exactly like Jesus and his 12 Disciples. For instance, the Jedi actively support the government in power while the Disciples instead looked toward the world beyond this one, and the philosophy of "Turn the other cheek" adhered to by Jesus and the Disciples has been updated to "Speak softly and carry a big lightsabre." The Jedi aren't above using a little violence, like amputating a few arms, in the name of the Old Republic. (Source: Shadow Blade)

I think it's more likely for Owen to be Ben's brother than it is for him to be Anakin's brother. It's never been stated that Owen and Anakin are brothers anywhere in anything, but Ben and Owen have been identified as brothers in many different sources. (Source: Attaway)

Aren't Anakin and Owen related? Well . . . at least brother in law. cause he is Luke's uncle. (Source: Raabe)

Could Jabba and Fett be business partners in Episode 1? (Source: Kit Carson)

I was looking at the Official Star Wars web site, and I didn't see Anthony Daniels in the cast list. Is he going to take part in the Prequels? . . . I hear he is rather protective of who plays his character. (Source: Neil's Megalodon) (Ed. Note: The Official site can be stingy with prequel news . . . Anthony Daniels will be the voice of 3PO in Episode 1)

I hope the Jedi use different kinds of weapons like light staffs and light daggers. (Source: Flaveron)

In ANH, Owen asks C3PO if he speaks Bocce (sp?) . . . What if the Clone Wars have nothing to do with cloning at all, and the "Clones" are a race of beings--maybe from the "Clone system?" (Source: Jedi Sanctuary) (Ed. Note: No, the Clone Wars erupt partially because sentient beings are cloned for nefarious military purposes)

Would a clone of a human have a soul? (Source: Floppy)

Your site provides the PERFECT forum for these "anonymous employees" to let out anything on the Star Wars prequels. As you all know, Lucas filmed different endings to keep even his own film crew and associated people, from leaking the ending of Empire and Jedi . . . (Source: Mos Silpub)

In all likelihood the water battle probably doesn't occur until Episode 2 or 3. Lucas needs to save a new environment for one of these next films. (Source: Dingo)

Ben and Owen are brothers it says so in the Return of the Jedi novel and also in Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire. I guess this means that Ben left his brother Owen to look after Luke. (Source: Broome)

There was a submission Dec. 26 that said what if --having photo-realistic virtual actors, which may not be as far away as we might believe. Can anyone imagine the implications of having media able to manufacture news events that never happened, or at least being able to cosmetically alter footage at very short notice in the way newspapers can currently do with still photos? Three words "Wag the Dog" a new movie coming out starring Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman that's just like what he is talking about. (Source: Mark and Mary)

Monday: A Lucasfilm employee tells us how Lucas is ingeniously keeping certain portions of the final version of the Episode 1 plot a secret from everyone including himself at this point . . .

Mon., Dec. 5, 1998

"One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the production of Episode I is that George is deliberately filming misleading scenes in order to keep spies from revealing the sensitive plot points of the movie. The story for Episode I has been bouncing around in George's head for the past 20 years and during this time George has envisioned multiple versions of the plot (i.e., Should X die in Episode I or should he/she survive until Episode II?) In order to capture all these possibilities for the plot, George has to film each variation. In the editing room, George will select which version to include in the final version of Episode I . . .

George is filming multiple versions of the same scene to keep his options wide open. In the editing room, George will decide which scene has the greatest dramatic impact and adds most to the overall story arc of the saga. Some scenes that have been filmed won't be seen in the film at all because they may not be needed or add anything significant to the direction in which George decides to go . . . One of the biggest problems is, of course, deciding who lives and dies and who is related to whom. George has the option to leave holes in the Episode I plot that can later be filled in by the novels, comics or later Episodes. Do we really need to know that X is Y's daughter at this point in the prequels? That's the type of question George is asking himself.

So with 18 or so months to go until George has to hammer out a final version of the movie, not even George knows, at this point, exactly what we are going to see on May 25, 1999. And if you accuse him of doing this on purpose to keep the film a secret and a complete surprise for the public, his response to you would be to laugh. He's filming Episode I this way to keep his options wide open and it is only a secondary benefit that it keeps the plot of Episode I shrouded in mystery. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, just before the epic truck-chase scene, Sallah asks Indiana Jones what he is going to do next. Indy replied that he didn't know because he was making it up as he went along. That is exactly what George is doing with this film. It would be neat if George would release multiple versions of Episode I on video so that we could select the story that we like best . . . but that's not going to happen. George alone will decide the final form that Episode I will take and it will not disappoint . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Employee)

Titanic has earned a whopping $156.4 million in just 17 days in North America. Word of mouth and repeat business have been phenomenal. Titanic is also running 9% ahead of 1994's The Lion King which ended at $312.8M, and is just 9% behind 1993's Jurassic Park which grossed $356.8M at the domestic box office. Titanic is on pace to become the first 3 hour movie to earn over $ 300M in the U.S. (Source: Tinseltown) (Ed. Note: While these numbers are impressive, Episode I is going to be the box-office equivalent of a 250 megaton nuclear warhead . . .)

Tuesday: The Book of Revelations' influence on the prequels and why one scene in ANH points to the fact that we may see the Millenium Falcon in the prequels . . .

Tues., Jan. 6, 1998

Episode 2 and 3 are apparently going to borrow a little bit from the Biblical book of Revelations. The Jedi Knights preserved peace and tranquility in the Old Republic for a thousand generations (an astounding and remarkable 25,000 to 30,000 years by our standards). In Biblical terms, a millenium was only a thousand years, but Lucas constructed his myth on a much broader time scale, unless Kenobi is exaggerating. This peace, which appears to be eternal and greatly taken for granted, exists under the divine protection of the Jedi Knights until the Antichrist (Vader), in service of the Devil (Palpatine), appears to fight the ultimate war (Armageddon) against the Jedi. (Source: Daresay)

The Millenium Falcon will probably make an appearance in the prequels. And here is why: When we get our initial look at the interior of Docking Bay 94, you can tell by the way the shot of the Falcon was taken combined with the roar of Williams' film score that the Falcon is of great importance to the entire saga. Ben seems to be giving the ship a curious/disbelief/irony/shock filled look. When Luke shouts, "What a piece of junk!", at that moment Ben throws Luke a stare. When Han says his "She may not look like much kid, but she's got it where it counts .." line.

Now I'm not sure you can see what Obi-Wan does in the pan and scan version but it's most definitely in the widescreen version, as Ben is inspecting the 'Falcon', Han says "I've made some special modifications myself..." (or something to that affect) and Ben nods his head and makes a face as if to say, "You sure have.." in a way that, for me, is proof that Obi-Wan has come in contact with this ship before and that it is not in the condition that it once was. Please check his expression out. Finally, if it turns out to be fact, that a main character in the new trilogy in fact piloted the 'falcon', that would be an interesting spin on events in the established trilogy. It would certainly put some deeper meaning to the scenes of Vaders 'wanting every inch of that ship checked' scene in Ep. 4 and his obsession with finding the ship in Ep. 5. (Source: Fox Hole)

Wednesday: A plethora of prequel rumors including the people who may have piloted the Falcon in the prequel(s) from a Lucasfilm-sanctioned source . . .

Wed., Jan. 7, 1998

The following info. was taken from the Star Wars Technical Journal: Volume I: "The Millennium Falcon's ownership history is largely unknown; the ship's identiplate was removed long ago as an asset to smuggling. Beyond Solo and Calirissian, all documentation has been lost, but persistent rumor claims that the vessel was both owned and used secretly by members of the Jedi before Emperor Palpatine took power. These assertions, while intriguing, are unproven." (Source: Geri)

In the new Star Wars Insider # 36 ( 1 - 800 - TRUE - FAN ) New prequel shots including photos of Lucas and Rick McCallum on location in Tunisia. A few other pictures of humanoids and a landspeeder type vehicle. The rest of the pictures can be found on the Official Star Wars Website. There's more info on Episode I and an awesome interview with Liam Neeson. (Source: Jedi Ways)

I bet you know something about this (it's so obvious): when Luke is at Dagobah, he tells R2-D2 that "there's something familiar about this place". Do you know what it might be? Has he been there before or is it the Force that makes him fell like home or something? My guess would be that he has been sometime in his childhood on Dagobah. (Source: Joonas)

It is rumored that the Force orb gave the Emperor the ability to transfer himself into other Emperor clones.(Source: Thor)

While droids cannot manipulate the Force, R2D2 is in fact (in a way) a Jedi Knight. R2 has the life force of a martyred Jedi trappped inside of his circuits. We will see this happen in Episode III. The as of yet unknown Jedi realized that the only way to influence events in the future was to trap his life force in an inorganic object. Thus, we see the explanation for R2D2's "insight" at pivotal times. C3PO did not remember Old Ben because his memory had been erased. R2's memory had also been erased, but he was manipulated by the passed Jedi. (Source: L.A. Dickinson) (Ed. Note: Oh, boy. I'm sure George is going to use this idea in Episode 3)

A few days ago, it was stated here that STAR WARS was behind JURASSIC PARK and INDEPENDENCE DAY in worldwide Box-Office figures . The person that said this is not taking into account inflation. Of course JURASSIC PARK is going to make more than STAR WARS.......it costs about twice as much to go to the movies nowadays !

Taking into account inflation, it becomes apparent what the REAL box-office champion are. JURASSIC PARK comes in at about number 7 or 8. ID4, barely makes it in the top 10. STAR WARS is at number 2, with number 1 being GONE WITH THE WIND. Movies like THE SOUND OF MUSIC (a huge hit in it's day) and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS are also in the top 5. I think JAWS is fifth on the all time list. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is also in the top 10 ALL TIME (taking into account inflation), but if you go on pure money figure, like everyones does (for some stupid reason), THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK has slumped to number 15, or so. This is unfair, because most of the movies ahead of it, actually made LESS money, but because they were made in the 1990's (where the cost of going to the movies has gone up), they are ahead on the list. So on the REAL list, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, is actually about number 8 or so (I don't have the list with me at the time)

So, STAR WARS is THE most popular movie ever made. I am not counting GONE WITH THE WIND because it was made in 1939 when there was no television, and people's forms of entertainment were different. Going to the movies was one of the only things to do.

P.S. Taking ito account inflation (given 1939 prices), GONE WITH THE WIND has made a staggering 850 million (North American prices only!!!!)

STAR WARS, meanwhile, taking into account inflation (it originally made 300 million or so back in 1977), in todays prices it really made about 550 million !

So......in conclusion, a movie coming out in 1997 or 98 would have to make 550 million (virtually impossible) to reach STAR WARS. That's how popular STAR WARS was..... (Source: R.J.) (Ed. Note: Maybe they should rank movies by the number of tickets sold and not dollar amounts)

It is rumored that we may see binary load lifters in the prequels. (Source: Ratio)

Thursday: A Lucasfilm source tells us why those who criticize Lucas for being greedy are being extremely unfair and, after receiving numerous e-mails on this subject, we will start posting the latest rumors at the top of the page starting with tomorrow's update . . .

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