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Another thing in VOTF by Zahn is the mention of Kinman Doriana. Mara remembers him as Palpatine's right hand man, supposedly one of the grand architects of his rise to power. She was told by Voss Parck: the Victory Star Destroyer captain who had found Thrawn, that untimely death of Kinman at the hand of Thrawn left Palpatine with a gap to fill. He filled this gap with three people: Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade. Kinman was sent by Palpatine with a private army to ambush the Outbound Flight project (a group of Jedi Masters and others who decided to head out another galaxy) just before the Clone Wars, when he (Kinman) runs into the Chiss lead by Thrawn. We might see a reference to this in the beginning of Ep.2. like the ships leaving and then later the report of their destruction? We might even see Kinman with Palpatine?

If George follows the same style as Ep.4 ,Ep.5 and Ep.6 in Ep.1, Ep.2, and Ep.3. In Ep.1 Anakin like Luke in Ep.4 will be the Hero from nowhere. In Ep.2 Anakin like Luke will be tempted by the Darkside but unlike Luke he will falls. In Ep.3 Anakin like Luke will bring his side to power. Just some food for thought.

Here are somethings I think we'll see in Ep.2 and Ep.3. In Ep.2 we'll see the Clone Wars and the stall of the fall of the Jedi. I see that the Clone Wars will cause the formation of Warlords and chaos in the Republic. Palpatine is quietly behind the corruption in the Senate. He has quietly built his private Army of Storm Troopers and Starfleet of Star Destroyers. At the end of or near the end of Ep.2 he brings these forces out to bring the New Order to the galaxy from the chaos caused about the Clone Wars. He doesn't turn on the Jedi publicly by says that the Republic's problem was to relying to much on the Jedi. So when he brings the Warlords under control and New Order to the galaxy he looks like a hero. He may even get support from some of the Senators and even some Jedi Masters who become rebels latter on when they see what Palpatine really is up too. In Ep.3 when Palpatine start to blame Aliens (non-humans) for their problems that the Jedi start to oppose Palpatine that he turns and on the Jedi publicly saying they are jealous of the Order he has brought with out them and the Jedi are hunted down in a large scale. Maybe will end Ep.3 with Vader beginning to chase a ship that just received copies of the Death Star plans jumping into hyperspace. When asks what its destination he is told Tattooine. I know that the story is about Anakin and I can guess a little about what will happen to him and will have a better idea after May 21 1999.

Anakin's fall may be by his and Obi wan own design. They may have decide for Anakin to infiltrate the Sith Jedi but wouldn't fall to the Darkside or not to fall that Obi wan couldn't bring him back, because in ROTJ Vader tells Luke that Obi wan once thought as you do. That being bring Anakin back to the Light side. Also if the fateful battle between Anakin/Vader and Obi wan happens maybe Anakin thinks he kills Obi wan and Obi wan goes into hiding.

Also in VOTF says that Yoda fights a Dark Jedi on Dagobah for a day and a half. Could we see this in Ep. 3 and does the Dark Jedi's death create the cave that Luke fights the Vader Luke?

If George gets to old for the sequels maybe he'll let Timothy Zahn write them or at least help. Maybe he'll let you help too SuperShadow.

Saving now and planning my vacation to start May 21 1999 to watch Ep.1 non stop for a week.

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