The number of alleged spoilers and rumors posted on the Internet in gazillions of places from so called reliable sources is legion. And according to our inside sources at LucasFilm, less than 10% of the spoilers and rumors posted on the major Prequel web sites are accurate. The frenzy created among fans by these leaks has been exaggerated to the infinite degree. While a few of the leaked character names will turn out to be true, the vast majority of the "insider" prequel leaks (from the Bothan Spy, Delta Source and many others) are false. Ironically, most of the "true" rumors and spoilers that have been posted are lucky guesses made by Star Wars fans AND HAVE NOT COME FROM SO-CALLED RELIABLE, INSIDER SOURCES.

Prior to the filming of Episode 1, George Lucas set up elaborate security measures to foil would-be prequel spies. For instance, Lucasfilm released many false leaks on the set of the Episode 1 production in order to send spies on a wild-goose chase. Additionally, George Lucas has the ability to thwart any real leaks with editing and digital-animation techniques. George has the ability to change every frame of Episode 1 that was filmed if he so chooses. While it is virtually impossible to have a 100% leak-proof set on a production as large as Episode 1, Lucasfilm has done a relatively remarkable job. And our Lucasfilm sources have told us repeatedly that the fans will be surprised by how little they really know about Episode 1 . . . especially the ultra secret plotline.