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Tues., Jan. 13, 1998

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Jedi Masters

Sun., Jan. 11, 1998

I noticed a debate about droids using the Force, and someone mentioned that there was not, anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, word of this being possible. Being the over-corrective person I am, I have to tell you that someone Messed Up Big Time!!! In the anthology "Tales of the Bounty Hunters", edited by Kevin J.Anderson, the droid 4-LOM develops a rudimentary talent in the Force which is still strong enough for him to catch a brief glimpse of the future where he sees himself attending Luke's Jedi Academy. (Source: M.El.C)

It was always my personal belief that Artoo was never the property of Ben Kenobi in the prequels, but rather that Threepio mis-interprets R2 during the scene in Luke's home in ANH. I think Artoo does not claim to be looking for his former master, but instead a Jedi master. Therefore, Luke mistakes R2D2's search for Old Ben, as devotion to his ex-master. And it explains why Ben says, "I can't seem to remember owning a 'droid before". I imagine Obi Wan would probably have some ethical reason against owning a droid. (Source: Nick Lee)

It is rumored that in Episode 3, R2D2 will have a signifigant role in helping Obi Wan Kenobi "deliver" Luke to Tatooine. Also, notice the line towards the end of A New Hope where a technician asks Luke if he should erase the droid's memory. Luke responds "Not on your life, this little droid and I have been through a lot together." This will have new meaning for the movies. R2 will also go through a lot with Anakin in the prequels. (Source: Madge of The Jedi Academy)

What if George called the first prequel: Light Of The Force. This is the title of the track on the ROTJ SE soundtrack, it contains the music that is played at the moment Darth Vader is cremated. Which means that the title refers to the moment that Annakin is on the Light side of the Force again. Before Annakin fell to the Dark side he was ofcourse on the Light side. Maybe George deliberately named the track this way to connect it with the prequels. We know he liked continuity in the first trilogy, he wanted to connect all three movies together by putting Jabba and Boba Fett in ANH.

Lastly: I remember you had a discussion some time ago on this site about the name Vader. Somebody wrote "Vater" is German for father. But the Dutch word for father actually is "VADER" ! Greetings from: (Source: Frumentuviris)

Has anyone read Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire"? (probably those 2 or 3 people who have been living in Antartica) Luke speculated on the origin of that cave in Dagobah that's "strong in the Dark Side of the Force, a domain of evil it is..." (etc, etc, etc). An evil Jedi Knight may have found Yoda (who at this time, EPISODE III, was with Ben Kenobi and baby Luke, and while Ben was keeping the baby safe) the Dark Jedi fought Yoda. I can only imagine it must have been (or it will be, depending on your POV) quite a spectacular fight.

Yoda, of course, vanquished the Dark Jedi. But who was this Dark Jedi??? Someone of great importance throughout EPISODES I & II, probably, and most likely, Palpatine's "former right hand man" who wants to redeem himself before the Emperor's eyes by bringing the head of Obi-wan Kenobi, and the "son of Skywalker" ready to be apprenticed by Palpatine himself. I am led to believe that this Dark Jedi did not expect Yoda to be with Ben. I think he was quite surprised by the diminute Jedi Master. He probably believed Yoda to have perished with the other Jedi Masters (who may have died when , say, the Jedi Council Tower was destroyed). Hoping the Earth still exists, or at least the Human Race, by May 1999, May the Force be with you. (Source: A.W.)

I believe strongly that the Millenium will appear in the prequels, but I doubt that Ben Kenobi will be in the pilot. I believe Boba Fett will be the pilot. Look at the way looks at the ship in ANH SE. (Source: Shaitor)

I may not be someone who is working for Lucasarts or any thing but put a little common sense into it. Owen's last name is Lars so Aunt Beru is probably Anakin's sister or the sister of Mrs. Skywalker (wife to Anakin). Or maybe even Owen is the brother of Mrs. Skywalker (wife to Anakin). So then Obi Wan is indirectly related to Anakin through Owen or Beru. (Source: Dan)

In ROTJ when Luke speaks with Jabba that Jabba is not influenced in the least by Lukes Jedi Mind tricks. Are Hutts in some way tolerant to mind tricks? Are they even included in the "SWIRL" of the force? Jabba is said to be in the prequels, correct? I think this may be a good part of the existing trilogy to examine for clues to the upcoming trilogy.(Source: Chris)

I have heard rumours that the Emperor may be a Twi-Lek. Remember, he has pale skin, like Bib Fortuna, a hood that covers his entire head (like Bib Fortuna), yellow/orange eyes (like Bib) etc. Remember, that it is apparently supposed to be a surprise as to who the Emperor is. Palpatine being an alien, would certainly be an unsuspecting surprise. I wouldn't worry too much about Palpatine's supposed racism. Perhaps he thinks he has got more of a chance of succeeding if everyone thinks he is a human. He also might not like his true self, and might want to be a human. Anyway, he is insane, remember. Lucasfilm can override anything Dark Horse comics has said about the Emperor.

*SPOILER* I have also heard that Qui-Gon Jinn dies in a light sabre battle with Darth Maul. This rumour was posted on another site some time ago and was taken off after only one day !!.........presumably for security reasons

I also want to speculate on Padme death. Aparently Episode's 2 and 3 are set 22 and 20 years before A New Hope. If this is the case, the twins would have to be born DURING Episode 3, because Luke is cetainly NOT 22 years old in A New Hope (I actually thought he was more like 18). He is obviously now 20 years old in A New Hope. Now if Padme was to die during the same episode as the twins were born, it would seem to be very hard for Leia to remember her. After all, Leia would only be a few days old ! Hence, there has been some speculation that Padme's death occurs AFTER Episode 3. However, something George Lucas said has made it occur to me that she will die IN Episode 3. He said:

"I actually debated whether or not to have Leia remember her mother in Return Of The Jedi. Since her mother was kind of a key character, I decided to let Leia remember her. But I really debated whether she would or not" This proves to me that Padme will die in Ep.3. The fact that George Lucas debated whether Leia should remember her mother, proves that Leia was very young..........perhaps too young to remember her mother. George Lucas certainly thought she could have been too young to remember her mother, that's why he was debating having Leia remember her. Notice how Leia said "I only remember images, feelings". This makes it seem more likely that Padme will die when Leia is an infant, and many of us will think, "she is way too young to remember her mother". George obviously thought this too, hence he debated whether Leia should have the memory or not. He decided she does have the memory (even though it is faint), and Padme will be killed off. What does everyone think ?

Alas, if that Twi-lek thing doesn't end up being true, don't be surprised if Darth Sidioius is REALLY the Emperor. He sounds an awful lot like the Emperor to me. The other possibility about the Emperor, is that he is actually a clone of the original man. We know Ian McDiarmid is in Episode 1. Now, it would initially appear logical that he would become the Emperor because he is portrayed by the same actor, hence he will look the same. The only problem is, it wouldn't be a is TOO obvious. Now I am betting that the person who eventually becomes the Emperor (a Twi-lek called Palpatine, Darth Sidious etc) will be played by Ian McDiarmid, simply because he WAS the Emperor in ROTJ. At the end of Episode 3, I don't think George Lucas wants the Emperor looking completely different to the Emperor in ROTJ. After all, he is the same person. I am betting that McDiarmids character gets cloned and the clone becomes the Emperor. After all, someone HAS to get cloned. With the clone wars happening in Episode 2, can you imagine a major character NOT getting cloned at some point? Of course a major character will be cloned.......obviously! And if it is the Emperor, it will keep everyone guessing as to the true identity. P.S. I was also reading an article in a magazine a while back which had an interview with Rick McCallum. He said that the title of Episode 2 was called "THE CLONE WARS" I can't remember the title of the mag, because I was flicking through it at the newsagents. (Source: Zac1) (Ed. Note: Palpatine is not a Twi'lek. McCallum has never stated that Ep. 2 is called The Clone Wars and Lucasfilm has never asked any fan-created Star Wars site to remove prequel rumors)

This first is I heard that the Rontos in SW:SE will definately be in EP.1. I think the best way they could be integrated in the storyline was if Anakin was to ride them with some other kids or siblings, and get into some trouble with some of the more hostile indigenous life on Tatooine? Sounds like pure Lucas to me. The second scene I thought of was Anakin's supposed death in lava. I thought that Ben and Anakin may have a duel aboard a ship that crashes into lava, because there was no one else but them to fly it. It's an interesting twist, don't you think, and is still in line with SW cannon. (Source: THX1138)

Refering to the Lucasfilm source who said that our view of the final duel in ROTJ would change after the prequels, this is what I heard... In Episode III of the prequels, Palpatine is electrocuting Obi Wan after he has been captured by Vader. The Queen comes to his aid, after abandoning Anakin to fall in love with Obi Wan, but is in turn electrocuted by Palpatine. As Vader watches, she is slowly murdered. This explains the power of the final scene in ROTJ. Vader can no longer live with the demons that Palpatine created by killing his only love and must stop him from taking her living memory away as well. (Source: Barcode)

I guess Obi-Wan takes cutody of, or becomes friends with R2 when Anakin falls to the dark side. (Source: Nick Lee)

I don't think Owen and Ben are related. It does sound possible that Uncle Owen and Lord Darth Vader could be brothers. It could be! Watch ANH. Listen to the way Ben tells the story of Anakin and Owen. I think the two brothers could have grew up together, and the older they got, the more distant they became. Anakin was just destined to be a whole lot more than Owen was. I think Owen is/was Vader's brother, but Vader being Vader, just didn't care about his old life. Owen IS Luke's uncle! (Source: Kodiac)

I heard that Liam neeson will be a jedi knight who is anakins father (Source: Dan) (Ed. Note: Liam is a venerable Jedi Knight, but it is only rumored that he is Anakin's father)

If those who post on this page would not go strictly on what is presented in the movies and read the books (as Star Wars was originally written) you will notice a few things: In the book Return of the Jedi, Ben tells Luke the following story (paraphrased, a friend of mine has the book): Luke challenges [the spirit of] Ben as to why he didn't tell him that Darth Vader was his father. Ben explains: "When I first met your father, he was a brilliant pilot -- and I was amazed at how strong the force was with him. I took it upon myself to train him as Yoda trained me. I was wrong. I could not do it. A Senator named Palpatine caught his attention and began training him in the Dark ways of the Force. Your father and I met and after a long battle, he fell into a molten pit. I left him for dead. My friend. The emperor took your father's broken, burned and bruised body from that molten pit. He put him in the life support suit behind that terrible mask. The good man who was your father no longer existed. " Ben goes on the say... "Before Anakin left on the battle which he would never return (before meeting Palpatine) he left his wife to fight for the Republic. He did not know that she was pregnant with twins. I knew that if Palpatine found out that Anakin Skywalker had any offspring he would have you hunted down and killed. That is why I took it upon myself to separate you. I had friends in the Senate on Alderaan who owed me a favor. I took your sister there to live where she grew up into royalty. Her adoption was never questioned and she grew into the position of Senator to Alderaan. Their debt was repaid to me by taking Leia. I took you to live with my brother Owen on Tatooine." So, obviously Owen knew the history of the Skywalker clan. This not necessarily mean that Owen and Beru were Skywalkers, but possibly that they could have "adopted" that name or maybe Luke was just told that they were from his mother's side. Who knows? But, as the book states, Owen and Ben were brothers. So there. Take this information however you want. Best wishes (Source: Keith Hall)

Sat., Dec 10, 1998

Luke & Leia may not have exactly *borned* on Dagobah, maybe Leia never even visited there, but Luke could have been taken to Dagobah when Leia was taken to Alderaan, and after that Luke was taken to Tatooine. He must have been so little that he doesn't remember the planet well, just have some images of it. (Source: Swordmaster)(Ed. Note: Brief update today, sorry. Sunday we will post a giant update, posting all the rumors you have sent in and that's a promise . . . )

Friday: Tons and tons of rumors and comments sent in by our readers: King Arthur/Camelot and the prequels, titles of the prequels, Ben and the Falcon, Uncle Owen, Souls, Sci-Fi Invasion Magazine and much, much more . . .

Fri., Dec. 9, 1998

Liam Neeson (like Obi-wan in ANH) is probably closer to Merlin in the King Arthur legend than the embodiment of Jesus Christ and Anakin (like Luke) is the young Arthur who finds the magical sword, Excalibur (lightsabre). The young Queen (like Leia) is his beloved Guinevere, who falls for the dashing young Kenobi, the S.W. version of Lancelot (Han Solo). All the old legends have the same characters, anyway. (Source: Sun Chaser)

Could you please tell me the titles of each of the prequels? I have heard many different names. (Source: MaxJBA) (Ed. Note: The real title to Episode 1 will not be made public until 1999. Sorry . . . If you went by the above post, George might choose to title the film Knights of the Force )

You posted an earlier rumor that: "When we get our initial look at the interior of Docking Bay 94, you can tell by the way the shot of the Falcon was taken combined with the roar of Williams' film score that the Falcon is of great importance to the entire saga."

I think you're reading a little too much into this. It's just a breathtaking shot of a funky-looking ship, that's all. The ship is of great importance to that film alone - its first appearance warrants a dramatic, sweeping musical motif on the merit of its role in ANH, regardless of other proposed chapters. (Source: Ceri)

Just watched my widescreen edition today, and was thinking of FoxHole's earlier comment that you posted. His line right before that scene, "If the ship's as fast as he's boasting, we should do well," would be pretty ironic if Kenobi himself had flown the Falcon. Also, I don't think he's nodding in agreement, I think he's rolling his eyes... which still makes sense, as to say, "Yeah, hotshot, the modifications you made are the reason it's so quick."

Also, what if Kenobi searched out Chewbacca/Han in the cantina, so they could use his old ship, the Falcon? Just a couple theories. (Source: Not Allison [Call Me Jim])

I am not saying that this is true, or that I believe it to be more probable than any speculation anyone else has come up with, but we all have to admit that it doesn't matter what we speculate anyway, Lucas himself is the only man alive who knows how these stories go, but suppose as another scenario, that Obi-Wan is the older brother of the Queen. Then, when Anakin marries her they have kids, Obi-Wan hides them from Vader ( I actually have my doubts that Obi-Wan knew about Leia because of Empire Strikes Back, when Yoda says, no there is another). What I am getting at is that if he hid Luke with his brother Owen, then Owen WOULD be Luke's uncle, (his mom's brother) It is far fetched , but it will be one of three scenarios, the Obi Wan related to the Queen, no relation or love interest, or the Love triangle between Anakin, Obi Wan, and the Queen like in the tales of King Arthur. Just my opinion (Source: Gish Gish Binks) (Ed. Note: Isn't Gish Gish in the prequel?)

"Aren't Anakin and Owen related? Well . . . at least brother in law. cause he is Luke's uncle." He is NOMINALLY Luke's uncle, but almost certainly no more than that. Loads of people have "uncles" and "aunts" who are just friends of the family etc, although Luke may well believe that Owen and Beru really are related to him. (Source: Ceri) (Ed. Note: Good point. Maybe Luke was deceived, yet again, into believing that he was really related to Owen. But could Beru be a Skywalker?)

I have a magazine article from Sci-Fi Invasion (published by the same people who produce the comic trade mag called Wizard: The Guide to Comics). The article is called SW: The Next Generation, and it shows the top ten events (with what we know, dont know and what we might see) that should be in the SW prequels including:

What were the clone wars and who won them? (Ed. Note: The Jedi Knights defeat the Mandalorian during the Clone Wars. That much we do know)

How did Anakin Skywalker deal with the Skywalker twins? (Ed. Note: Anakin knew about the existence of Luke, but not Leia . . . again that's obvious to us all)

Who and what were the Sith and how did Darth Vader get to be the dark lord of them? (Ed. Note: The Sith Lords are the Empire's version of the Old Republic's Jedi Knights. My theory on Vader becoming Lord of the Sith is that Vader killed the former Lord of the Sith in a duel reminiscent of the one that Luke and Vader had at the end of ROTJ. The difference being that Vader did not spare the life of that dark lord . . .)

How did the Emperor become so powerful? (Ed. Note: He cheated)

Why didn't Yoda and the other Jedi Knights whup the Emperor? (Ed. Note: By the time the Jedi realize what is going on, it is too late to stop Palpatine and the forces of the Empire)

Will wookiees be slaves of the Empire? (Ed. Note: Some are)

Who were the Mandalorian Super Commandos (Boba Fett-looking warriors who were a dime a dozen in their time)? (Ed. Note: They're the bad guys whose battles with the Jedi takes a tremendously heavy toll on the once mighty Jedi Knights)

How long have C-3PO and R2-D2 been around and what have they seen?

Were do the Shadows of the Empire and the Thrawn trilogy fit into things? (Ed. Note: We may see guest appearances from charaters in those works that were old enough to be alive during the prequels) (Source: Mark and Mary)

Would a clone of a human have a soul? Asks Floppy in a prior post. In our universe, probably not, as there are most likely no such things, unless you use soul as a metaphor for "mind" rather than meaning an eternally-lasting non-materially-based entity in the "spiritual," superstitious sense. In the SW Universe, however, clearly souls do exist, or something similar, as evidenced by the spirits of Ben, Yoda and Anakin that we see (do only Force-users get to exist post-mortem?). I am ASSUMING that the clones created in the Clone Wars come "fully-grown" and battle-ready, in which case something more than pure cloning techniques would have to be used to accelerate the body's development, implant memories etc (raw genetic material alone would simply create human beings with no experience whatsoever; traditional cloning would create babies). We can only speculate on how this might affect their souls (or lack thereof), and possible consequent (in)ability to use the Force in Lucas's universe. (Source: Ceri)

Obi-Wan *is* a clone, a clone of Bail Organa. As so often categorized, first comes the last name, then the first name: Organa = O, Bail = B. Hence, Ben's full name is Organa Bail "O.B." Kenobi. ;-D (Source: The Swordmaster) (Ed. Note: Hmmm . . .)

I'm checking your page almost daily. Is it just me, or is all these rumors heating up lately? Are you old enough to remember if there was this kind of speculation before the release of Empire & Jedi? (Source: Jim) (Ed. Note: By answering this question I hope I don't reveal too much about myself . . . Here's the story: the strong hysteria of rumors surrounding Episode 1 is nothing new. The same amount of rumors existed prior to the release of both Empire and ROTJ. The difference today is that people from all around the world can discuss and spread rumors to each other on websites like this one at the speed of light . . . One of the rumors that was spread prior to the release of Empire was that Vader was Luke's father. We take this for granted today, but back then it was considered ridiculous. Prior to the release of ROTJ some speculated that Han, Leia and Luke were going to enter some kind of time warp and fight the Clone Wars with young Anakin and Ben. Fortunately, that rumor turned out to be completely false . . . Prior to the release of Empire, a Lucasfilm representative commented on the rumors that were presented to him by a Sci-Fi mag. This offical stated that some of the rumors were true and some of the rumors were false. Today, Lucasfilm generally will not publicly comment on the rumors circulating Episode 1 . . . So the moral of the story is that some of the most silly rumors you hear will turn out to be true and some of the more reasonable ones will turn out to be false. But trust me "Star Wars movie" rumors are nothing new. History is repeating itself. So that means take my answers to the Sci-Fi magazine questions posted above as pure rumor. It's rumors just rumors . . . )

Thursday (1 - 8 - 98): A Lucasfilm source tells us why those who criticize Lucas for being greedy are being extremely unfair and, after receiving numerous e-mails on this subject, we will start posting the latest rumors at the top of the page starting with tomorrow's update . . .

Thur., Jan. 8, 1998

"With the release of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition in the theatres and on video, Star Wars has returned to its former days of glory past. But, unfortunately, the criticism that George is driven more by money than "vision" has also returned . . . As we all know, George sincerely wanted to make his beloved trilogy into the films that he envisioned back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, but was unable to achieve to do a lack of money, time and technical know-how. So when the technology needed to update and restore these films became available, George seized the opportunity and finally completed this trilogy that he created 20 years earlier . . . It was a coincidence that a large number of people wanted to experience the trilogy on the big screen again or for the very first time. As a consequence, the enormous amount of money earned by the Special Editions made George look like a conniving, shrewd businessman when nothing could be further from the truth . . .

George has waited over 14 years to return to the film franchise that made him a billionaire and that built his monumental and visionary Skywalker Ranch. George could have lazily pumped out a new Star Wars film every 3 years after 1983 and could have milked the well dry, but chose not to. He wanted a break from the films to pursue other interests and to make sure that his companies could survive without new Star Wars films. He didn't want Lucasdigital, Lucasarts or any of his companies to live or die based on Star Wars. So the Lucasfilm companies are now all commercially viable on their own . . .

George has been wanting and patiently waiting to tell the tragic story of Anakin Skywalker for the past 20 years, but he has been unable to do so because special-effects technology has lagged behind his imagination. When George saw the stunning results of the digital dinos in Jurassic Park, he told Rick that he was ready to go back and complete the six episode story arc of the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker . . . No other producer, director or Hollywood studio would have or could have waited 15 years to return to the most profitable film series that cinema has ever known . . . George was so willing to wait for the right moment to begin the prequel trilogy that the millions earned from Star Wars merchandising dried up in 1985-1986 because there were no new Star Wars films to fuel the frenzy for the merchandise . . . Star Wars as a merchandising force remained dormant until the early 1990's when the Thrawn novels were released . . .

Network TV is going to pay $ 30 million for the right to broadcast Titanic and $ 20 million for Tomorrow Never Dies. Episode I will get more from the networks than both those films combined, but that's not George's fault. That's the way the free market works. George has hired brilliant businessmen to run his empire to make sure it will outlast him and will be able to carry on without his guidance one day. So don't blame George for the billions Lucasfilm will reap from the prequel trilogy, it's not his fault that Star Wars is such a cultural icon, it is our fault and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine what life would be like without Star Wars . . . George will earn every dime that the prequels will generate because he has waited and sacrificed for 15 years of his life to bring us the greatest epic saga ever created for the silver screen . . . " (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)

Friday: Tons and tons of rumors and comments sent in by our readers: King Arthur/Camelot and the prequels, titles of the prequels, Ben and the Falcon, Uncle Owen, Souls, Cinescape Magazine and much, much more . . .

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