"I find it very amusing that many fans believe that the prequel fan sites are ruining or spoiling the surprise of Episode 1 for you. Not true. George is releasing the proper dose of Episode 1 to you through various official and unofficial sources. You many know some of the characer names and a few of the scenes that occur in Episode 1. But what occurs in the scenes that show the Galactic Senate? What environment does the twenty-minute main battle sequence occur in? Do Shmi and Qui-Gon survive Episode 1? Who really owns R2 and/or C3PO? Imagine all the other scenes that you have not been made privy to.

George wants to give you a good glimpse of what to expect in Episode 1, but he is not going to permit the surprise of the film to be spoiled for you. The trailer will reveal certain things that you are currently unaware of. The Internet is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak . . . Remember that Episode 1 is an ever evolving creation that changes almost on a daily basis. Certain color schemes and digital environments have been changed. New names for new creatures are created. Old ones are changed . . . George comes up with new scenes that may have an important dramatic impact on the film.

Just remember to treat the rumors you read on the Internet as tabloid speculations. That are sometimes wildly inaccurate while at other times they sometimes come close to the mark. Regardless, when you step into the theater next May, I can assure you that your prequel experience will not have been spoiled by what your reading anywhere on the Internet." (Source: Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant)