While we like to think we know the plot line of TPM inside and out, Rick McCallum stated in his recent on-line chat that most prequel rumors are bunk. So I guess George Lucas still has a few surprises left up his sleeve for us. This makes sense because much of the film exists only in computers at ILM. And since ILM has kept relatively quiet about what they are working on, we should find some unearthed prequel secrets on the silver screen when we watch the film this May.

However, one has to wonder if part of the reason Episode 2 and 3 will be filmed in Australia is because of all the leaks that were reported from Leavesden Studios by prequel spies to the internet. Lucas has to be more than upset that a rough summary of TPM script has been leaked to the public from various unauthorized sources. But in the end, with ILM's help, Lucas is sure to deliver a great movie with a few surprises for us.