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RUMORED: This pic is an exterior set at Leavesden and is thought to be the exterior of the young Queen's palace that will be "digitially" integrated with interior palace scenes filmed in Caserta, Italy.
Pics of backgound extras and scenes on Tatooine:

George and Jake Lloyd (Anakin) filming a pivotal scene in the Tatooine desert

This is a device used for the transportation of some interesting "machines," that make their debut in Episode 1

A familiar-looking "Gonk" droid.

The Tusken Raiders (Sand People) cause some "trouble" in Episode 1.

A new fighter craft.

Inside an Episode I star ship.

Pre-production sketches of the Jedi Council's sacred headquarters.

Inside the Jedi Council's inner sanctum, which serves as a meeting place reminiscent to the one used by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

More sketches of the Jedi Council's skyscraper on Coruscant.

Anakin and Shmi share a meal. Does Liam Neeson eat at this same table in Episode 1?

Anakin's bedroom.

The place where Shmi prepares meals for the Skywalker clan.

A blue R2 unit.

Warwick Davis and a very tall associate.

A duel in the sun. Will we actually see this scene in Episode 1?

What kind of star ship/vehicle is this and who is the pilot?

Live-action filming under the heat of Tunisian skies

Is this really what the name on the side of this vehicle suggests that it is?

Is this a hovertank as originally envisioned by George in an early rough draft of the ANH script?

A secure hangar used by the "good guys" to store their ships.

Ready for take off with his blue R2 unit.

Will we see this ship produced for the Episode I Kenner collection?

Is this an "armless" R2 unit so that it can fit in the fighter?

Yoda will appear as an "animatronic" puppet in close up scenes and will be computer generated when walking and when shot from a distance.

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