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Thursday, August 6, 1998

Are the computers at Skywalker Ranch Y2K compliant? (Source: CDA)(Dark Ocean: You're asking the wrong person. But like everyone else in the world that uses computers, something will have to be done before 2000. Maybe, they'll have to delay the production of Ep. 2 a few years!?!?!)

I was thinking of alternate meanings to the "Clone Wars" while watching Raiders of he Lost Ark. I remember when I was a kid my Dad's friend telling me that Hitler was the first to experiment with plastic surgery. He said Hitler had six or seven lookalikes that often gave speeches for Hitler making it impossible to assassinate him. What if Palpatine has this same thing going on except some of the Clones or look-a-likes go evil and take control of the Galaxy and Palpatine is one of those look-a-likes? Im not saying I think this will happen I just thougt it was a little bit intresting. P.S. The French guy from Raiders looks alot like Terrance Stamp. (Source: Jason)(Dark Ocean: What a great idea! Maybe the Clone Wars have nothing to do with "genetic" clones. Perhaps the clones that we will see originate from plastic surgery as Jason suggest or maybe clones can be created from "dark Force" magic. What an original idea! Kewl . . . Or maybe, we misunderstood what Obi-Wan said in Star Wars: A New Hope. Instead of "Clone Wars" maybe he said "Gnome Wars." This would make more since because it would give George the oppotunity to create tons of more midget-sized muppets!)

I for one think it would be great if Boba Fett turned out to be a girl. There are far bigger things to get up in arms about,like the way it sounds this whole movie may as well be animated because most of it is going to be computer generated. And why isn't the book coming out long before the movie? The author already has permission by the man himself to add several things into it so we won't really know what is or isn't actually in the movie.

Now that is something to be p*ssed about. Here is a chance to get a sneek peek at the movie several weeks before opening day after all this time waiting and now we find out we cannot read it til after we see the movie. I dont see alot of posts about that huh? Or is it that nobody here can read? (Source: Frank Z.)(Dark Ocean: Frank Z. get down and dirty. No one at Lucasfilm has said (to my knowledge) that the book will definitely be released AFTER the film comes out. The novel has already been completed. Now that should really p*ss you off, Frank! But if George were to release the novel prior to the movie, every entertainment website and TV news show would have a summary of the story line up within hours after the books release. Some fans want to see the film before reading the novels. Honestly, how many times do you read the Classic Trilogy novels versus watch the films. I would surmise that many of our readers have never even read the novelizations of the movies, but have watched the Star Wars films dozens and dozens of times. Will it really kill you to have to wait and read the novel after the movie comes out? You could read the novel and then go see the film sometime in June or July when the lines will have gone way, way down.)

Strictly out of curiosity sake, where are you based out of? California? (Source: Curio)(Dark Ocean: Just as the secret location of the Batcave remains elusive so does the location of our secret hidden base remain shrouded in mystery from unfriendly Imperial forces. Did that answer the question?)

This rumor that continues about Boba Fett being a woman in "Episode II" has me a litle fearful. Is this the same Boba Fett that was portrayed as a "ladies man" in the "Return of the Jedi: Special Edition"? What's the deal? If this is true, the Boba in "Episodes IV- VI" can't be the same one in the prequels. Sorry, but this is "STAR WARS," not "Ellen". (Source: Diamond Dave)(Dark Ocean: In the Star Wars Insider, George said that if he wasn't going to drastically change our perception of the classic trilogy then he wouldn't bother making the prequels at all.

Also, George stated that he was going to do some unconventional things in the prequels that might get him killed by some fans. What would upset more fans than makin' Fett a woman? Only one thing: EWOKS. Lots and lots of Ewoks. Well, it is safe to say that Ewoks won't be appearing in vast numbers in the prequels . . . Wouldn't it be kewl if Anakin and Fett have a little fight in Ep. 2? The fight ends in a draw and the two make friends. Fett removes her helmet to reveal that she is a beautiful yet tuff woman sort of like Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Wouldn't that completely change your perception of the Fett that appears in the classic trilogy? Also, rest assured that George is very aware of the Lara Croft phenomenom (the beautiful female adventurer from the Tomb Raider games). What better way to exploit the popularity of tough female heroines than to make Fett a woman? It sounds better and better the more we discuss it!)

You have a very informative website. Congratulations. I was reading your letters page and I stumbled on to a letter written by Rose Helmer. First of all, I am sure that there are a lot of people who like both star Trek and star wars. 2 , Star Trek 1 , the motion picture was commisioned before starwars was released. 3. Star Trek became popular mainly becuase of the distribution of the cable networks in the USA , It had nothing to do the starwars movie. If anything , the starwars movie would have been helped by star trek. It is also interesting that you made mention of how the SW books sucked. How many SW books were released ? what percentage of them sucked. At least with Star Trek you have choice of books ,you get to see new shows more than once every 5 years or so , and there are actually storylines. (Source: Boba Fett)(Dark Ocean: Star Trek has a very formulaic story line to both its TV shows and motion pictures.. The TV shows continually reuse the same old plots over and over and over . . . The success of Star Trek is by far one of the biggest flukes in the history of science fiction. It bombed as a TV show and for whatever reason it some how grew into a billion dollar commercial franchise. It is as big a fluke, if not bigger, than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Power Rangers. Star Wars was a success from day one. Star Trek floundered for years before it became even a very modest success. Final analysis: Star Trek is inferior to Star Wars. Case closed, Scully.)

Does George Lucas have a wife? (Source: Peter E.)(Dark Ocean: George is the divorced father of three young children. He was once married to Marcia Lucas. She helped edit the first Star Wars movie. As sometimes happens, George and Marcia got divorced and went their separate ways in the 1980's. George keeps his private life extremely private. However, George has been seen showing off the ranch to a young model named, Cindy Margolis.)

I agree with the person who brought forth the possibility that you are just another poor sap that George is sending out with false information. Also, I heard somewhere that there will be no sequels. (Source: The Cynic)(Dark Ocean: Our sources aren't going to furnish us with the Episode One script or kewl pics of the CG images from the film. Why? Cause they very much enjoy their extremely cushy jobs at Lucasfilm. And sometimes they may give us rumor (or two) that are more tantalizing than truthful, but it is better than nothing.)

I dont know about all this rumor talk that Fett is a woman. Boba Fett is a droid! What makes you think that he/she is human? No one has seen under Fett's armor. It is fact that a lot of bounty hunters are droids. Chew on that. (Source: Ska)(Dark Ocean: I know that's you, George! Stop playing with us! I'd recognize your email style of composition anywhere . . . A droid, huh? Geez, now that would suck. I'd rather that George would adopt Super Shadow's idea of making Fett to be two Jawas that are standing on top of each other than to make Fett a droid. There will be sequels one day when Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are in their sixties and, of course, that would mean that Grandpa Harrison Ford would be in his seventies!)

I just thought I would like to let you know Shadow that I saw about three zillion R5-D4's at Toys R Us. The ones with the slide transparency. They wanted $ 5.99 for those things. Are they crazy? (Source: Marcus)(Dark Ocean: If SuperShadow had read your email, he . . . ooops, I mean, she would have pulled out her hair if she weren't already bald.)




LATER (Source: Sith)(Dark Ocean: It is unlikely that the history of the Sith Lords will be spelled out in detail in the film that is something that is better left for the novelization of Ep. 1 . . . Palpatine is in his fifties in Ep. 1 so we will not learn about his past in the film. Again, the novel is the more proper place to explain the origins and histories of the various characters that appear in the prequel.)

In the Jedi Academy Trilogy, Leia and Han use 3PO to watch the twins and Aniken occasionally. Winter also helps out in the role on ocassion, but there is no mention of a Twi'lek body guard anywhere in the novel. Maybe someone got creative with the storyline from the book, but how should I know. Hope that helps some. (Source: Walter W.)(Dark Ocean: It is very, very, very extremely doubtful that Winter will appear in the prequels, but who on earth can predict what George is going to do?)

I was wondering if the Imperial March and the opening scene music that was in every other star wars movie will be in these also...........? (Source: Gun Ga)(Dark Ocean: The music for Ep. 1 has not been recorded yet. I do know that the opening scroll music will be the same as in the classic trilogy. Why should the Imperial march be in Ep. 1 when the Empire will not even be in existence until much later? You need to trust John Williams. His Jedi Knights theme music is going to be awesome to hear. It will be kind of thrilling and fast paced like the theme to Indiana Jones (the Raiders March))

I was thinking about the possiblity of Boba Fett being female, and then realized that if it were true, then Boba would have to be you-know-what for a girl.  Remember Return of the Jedi Special Edition when Boba is seen flirting with the female dancers in Jabba's palace.....  Just a thought. (Source: Dan Spencer)(Dark Ocean: You could interpret that flirtation as Fett's ingenious way of hiding the fact that she is female.)

Another day gone so fast . . . see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Extreme site. Nice Job . . . is there any way we can get a pic of Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon in Jedi combat in the prequel. This would be extremely kewl. Lattas. (Source: Pee Wee Jeez) (Vespon: The images and pics associated with Ep 1 are guarded extremely, extremely tightly . . . You would stand a better chance of sneaking into the Pentagon than finding someone who can deliver you an unauthorized pic from Ep 1.)

Hey, how are you cats? I hope good. I have been thinking a little (god forbid) and I have kinda a big problem with one of the "mainstream story" elements..... If Palpatine is the senator of "Naboo" (or whatever the young queen's planet will be named)why does he need to support some Nimoudian/Sith attack to get the cloning technology? If he is the Senator to the Galactic Republic I am pretty sure he would have access to all the info he might ever want on the technology. And if it is his goal to indirectly assasinate Natalie Portman's character surely he could do it trough his own channels, right? I am trying to determine his motivation for secretly supporting the attack on Naboo, but none seem to fit. Good thing I don't really think that is really part of the story, huh? (Source: Whilljournalist)(Vespon: The plot inconsistencies relating to character motivations is just one of the many reasons that 90% of the rumors surrounding Ep 1 will turn out to be false.)

Two big money makers, Titanic and Saving Private Ryan, were both about 3 hours or more in length. I think it would be the best move for Mr. Lucas to make episode 1 about 3 hours in length. What says the dark side? (Source: Jaimee G.) (Vespon: Not going to happen for various reasons. First, George likes to keep his films in the 2 hour to 2 hour and 25 minute range. Second, the longer a films is the less times it can be screened each day which cuts down on the box-office gross. Third, George did not write a script that would be three hours or more in length . . . Ep 1 will be great no matter how long or short it is.)

Here is a rumor I read today at Corona Coming Attractions for July 31, 1998... A surprise email from a first-time letter writer has snagged our imaginations. In their email the scooper claims to be writing direct from their laptop at Orlando, Florida's airport because they just spoke to George Lucas. The scooper alleges that Lucas was on-board the latest Disney cruise ship, Magic, as a VIP on vacation with his family. "I was going through customs with him this morning and asked him when we would see trailers for the new Star Wars movie...he said Thanksgiving," our emailer attests. "I did not follow up because he was with his family..but that's what I heard today."

That would be yesterday, the 30th. If the scooper is being honest, we give them a pat on the back for respecting the fact George was on vacation and not harping on him for revealing secrets. Call us suck-ups but it's always nice to know that people know when to draw the line. Now! , maybe there's a chance we could confirm he was indeed on-board the Magic in late July. If so, we'll have our first solid piece of info about when to expect to see the SW1 trailer. [We hope your vacation went smoothly, 'J Bell'.] (Source: Jetfire)(Vespon: We can't comment on George's private life. What he does when he is away from work is his own business. The release of the trailer is no big surprise. We have been telling you for many, many moons that the trailer would not be out until November or December 1998. It must be tough being George, especially when he has to go out in public. The prequel questions must be relentless.)

How does Lucas know how good his film is? Many film makers have advanced screenings of their films so that they can gauge audience reaction and make changes if a scene doesn't work. I would like to attend the advanced screening of the prequel if Lucas decides to test the prequel in this manner. (Source: Randy Hollar)(Vespon: Unfortunatly, for the fans, George does not give advanced screenings for the public. He relies on his own instincts and the opinions of his employees and close friends to let him know how well his film is working. Remember, this is Star Wars we're talking about. It is almost impossible to make a bad Star Wars film no matter how crazy some of the ideas, creatures or plot lines may be.)

I was just thinking, in episodes four five and six Threepio has one silver leg, right? So maybe in the Prequels he is completely silver. Just my thought on the ever mysterious Episode 1. Great page! (Source: Jaina Solo)(Vespon: A silver 3PO. Hmmm . . . sounds intriguing. I think a silver 3PO would be cool. It is better than the many other rumors surrounding our fave protocal droid.)

I hope we get to see Thrawn, Xizor and other characters from the novels in the prequels. Please, Mr. Lucas!!! (Source: Celery Jennings)(Vespon: Expect the unexpected. You'll see familiar characters and surprising appearances by some of the characters from the novels and comics, etc. However, only George knows which of these characters he plans to integrate into the prequel plot line. Hope your wish comes true!!)

How do I audition for the next movie? Mr. Lucas if your reading this i want the part of anakin in the second movie. (Source: Anakin)(Vespon: You need to find away to contact the very elusive Robin Gurland, who is responsible for casting the Prequel Trilogy. Visit to see if they provide any contact information for those wishing to audition for parts for Ep 2 and/or 3. I don't think that Robin is going to conduct any "casting calls" or casting sessions from this website . . . But remember, the role of the older Anakin as seen in Ep 2 and 3 has already been given to me. Thanks, Robin! I just wish George would pay me more than scale.)

I like your page. Excellently done! You impressed me with your Myth analysis. I'm a great fan of SW and of greek Mythology and really was incredible your job. According to the drawing of the Mandalorian warrior, He really has the Boba Fett helmet, it is only that has like a veil covering from below his eyes to his neck, just like Snowtroopers. In that draw you can see the vertical midline crease that the helmet has below the veil. (Source: Jams)(Vespon: SuperShadow has worked hard on this page. Of course, I deserve much of the credit also because of my strong support for Shadow and all his enterprises.)

I am a janitor for the sets of the new Star Wars movie. And I gotta tell ya, It's gonna rock! (Source: Robert MacDermott)(Vespon: Since when did janitors become such experts on film criticism. Did your local community college require you to study film to get your janitor's certificate? Thanks for letting us know what a great film Ep 1 is going to be.)

I am just imagining next May. We are all gonna leave the theatre and say, "That was beautiful." I am very excited right now. We should all be thankful for the true genius of George Lucas. (Source: Boba Fann)(Vespon: George will be remembered as the Walt Disney of his generation. George and Walt's films are going to last for many, many generations yet to come!)

Are you sure that 3PO will appear in Episode I voiced by Anthony Daniels because I find it strange that his name was not on the official site, also The Insiders interview with McCallum just wrote Rick said 3PO will probably be in Episode II, Could there be a Star Wars with out C-3PO? (Source: Anony Muss)(Vespon: C-3PO plays the role of a Jedi Knight in Ep 1. Just kidding . . . Don't worry. 3PO will appear in the film. In what capacity? For all I know he is somehow involved working with binary load lifters or something similar.)

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Monday, August 3, 1998

Boba Fett as a woman in Ep 2 could make sense if Boba was going to be involved in a love triangle with Anakin and Padme. Perhaps Palpatine uses the female Fett to lure Anakin to the dark side. Or perhaps, Fett is good, but wants to marry Anakin or something. This could be a way to put a plot twist on the Arthurian love triangle (Arthur, Quinevere and Lancelot). If a love triangle, even exists to begin with . . . (Source: Red Karde)(Dark Ocean: Who knows what George has up his sleeve? A love triangle in Ep 2 would mirror the one that appears in Ep 5 except the love triangle in the prequels may have disastrous consequences for our heroes.)

When the heck are the prequels coming out? (Source: David J. Redirts)(Dark Ocean: Ep 1 debuts next May 1999, Ep 2 is scheduled for release May 2002 while Ep 3 will finally be released on May 2005. These are "official" release dates and not mere rumors.)

I have a scarry rumor that I pray is not true. It seems as though a day or two ago, some accident with post production caused ILM to lose 40% of all the footage that they were hopefully done with. If this is true, this meens that the release date will be postponed a great deal and that they have waisted a lot of time, money, and energy. I hope to beable to read more about this in updates on this page. Sincerely, A loyal fan named (Source: Alex)(Dark Ocean: It truly is sad that some of the fans are becoming so bored that they creat rumors about 40% of this or that being ruined. It is simply not true. Remember, creating false rumors is not going to change Lucasfilm's scheduled release of information to the public. Lucasfilm will continue to release bits and pieces of the film to the public until the film is released next May.)

Finally, we have less than 300 days until my eyes get to see the prequel . . . I hope that the cineplexes to offer advanced sells of tickets AND reserved seating like for a music concert. I remember when I saw Jarassic Park and had to stand at the back the entire movie cause some people had snuck in and all the tickets for the show had been sold. It sucked. I will be pretty upset if I have to watch the prequal from the back of the place. I'll probably just leave and come back when it ain't so popular. (Source: Ever Better.)(Dark Ocean: Advanced ticket sales and reserved seating will be left up the the individual theater chains. Hopefully, most will permit most so that we all get to see the prequel under the best possible environment.)

Maybe I'm outta touch, but when did Boba Fett become such a major celebrity? All he does is snag Han in ESB and then gets eaten by the Sarlac in ROTJ. But on the fan pages he's practically bigger than Luke, even before it was announced that he would be in the prequels. How the did this happen? (Source: B.J.M.)(Dark Ocean: When it comes to websites dedicated to a Star Wars character, Fett is by far the most popular. Number 2 ain't even close. Fett's immense popularity was sealed after his appearance in the Empire Strikes Back. With Fett, George knew he had created an extremely cool looking character, but he had no idea that Fett popularity would become so great. Fett is the Jim Carrey or Tom Cruise of the Star Wars Galaxy, which means Fett is a huge box-office attraction for the fans. Fett's appearance in Ep 2 is no coincidence (in our opinion). There is a rumor that the Mandalorian warriors are long dead prior to the time frame of the prequels. However, the bad guys want to clone these ancient warriors to form a colossal super army of cloned soldiers. Just a rumor.)

Hey SuperShadow and Co. I've got a question for you. In the Star Wars novel Obi-Wan tells Luke that Vader was "one of my greatest disciples... one of my greatest failures" or something like that. Does anyone have any info about these other 'disciples'? And I must add that I'd rather wait another 15+ years to see the prequals than have Lucas pump out 8 crap, weak plotted, 100% totally predictable Star Wars films such as the Star Trek fans demand. I'm sure every SW fan would agree! (Source: Old Senatorial)(Dark Ocean: Obi Wan was the mentor/teacher of other Jedi Knights. The mistake Obi Wan made was thinking that he could teach an apprentice with the tremendous Force powers like Anakin Skywalker. Only a hand full of Jedi Masters like Yoda had the ability to successfully train someone as powerful as Anakin in the ways of the Force. Obi Wan only gives Luke cursory lessons in the Force and leaves the great bulk of Jedi training to be done under Yoda's supervision . . . There are three main reasons why it has taken over 15 years for a new Star Wars film to take shape:

1. George didn't think that special-effects technology was at a level necessary to allow him to film the prequels in a way that would capture his vision. It wasn't until the beginning of the digital animation era (which began with the breathtaking Jurassic Park (1993) that George realized that technology had finally caught up with him brilliant imagination.

2. From about 1974 to 1983, George had dedicated almost his full life to the completion of the classic trilogy. He was simply burned out with the Star Wars franchise and wanted to pursue "other" interests. Willow, Howard the Duck, Tucker and Radioland Murders may not be the greatest box-office hits of all time, but they were what he was interested in at the time.

3. George wanted to make his various companies self-sufficient and capable of earning profits without the help of a Star Wars film. He accomplished this objective and now each of his companies are very profitable with LucasArts and Lucas Licensing being the most profitable at the moment. The film division will be the most profitable (for a while) once the film is released next May.)

The Clone Wars has me concerned. If Lucas has all the good guys cloned to cause distractions or betrayals, it could get kind of hoaky. If he uses cloning for the bad guys to produce thousands of evil men for the wars, this would be better . . . but I'm sure whatever Lucas does will turn out to be OK. (Source: Sharlon)(Dark Ocean: The story of the Clone Wars remains one of the most enigmatic aspects of Star Wars history. Logically, if you use cloning technology in a war, you would want to use it to produce a large army of super warriors and to clone your enemies so that you can infiltrate their ranks. These could be called "clone spies" or something.)

I have a question about the official buget and the estimated budget for the first episode. You said the officail estimate was $115 million and the unofficial estimate was $150 million because of special effects. Why would the film even cost more than 50 million? George Lucas owes ILM, it should cost him next to nothing to produce his own special effects house for his movie right? Is it just a statement to not get hollywood jealous of him? Because he charges them millions of dollers for special effects.

Did ILM open up another computer departmnt? I mean they did sell their origional department, which eventually became 'Pixar'.

Thank you for your time, (Source: Robert)(Dark Ocean: George had hoped to spend less that $ 70 million to produce Ep 1, but this has proven impossible. George is having to invest in alot of new technology in order to accomplish the extremely complex digital animations that he wants to use in the prequel. Hence, the budget has swelled by about $ 50 million. It will all be worth it once you see the final product. George is sparing no expense in making this the best Star Wars film . . . ever . . . As far as what ILM is charging George, ILM is dedicating almost 100% of its capacities to the completion of Ep 1, which means they are foregoing money they could be earning by working on third party films from Hollywood. While ILM may be giving George a "price break," they are certainly not working for free. But it is safe to say that if a Hollywood studio was using ILM as much as George is, Ep 1 cost $ 200 million instead of about $ 115 million.)

I think its kind of funny how Liam Neeson says he has no idea what Ep I is about yet a bunch of people in cyber space like to think they have it all figured out. Delusions of grandeur is what I would call it. (Source: Floppy)(Dark Ocean: The fans are in for quite a surprise come May 1999.)

I was just going through your site, and came across that filthy message from "7of9." Why are Trekkers invading SW sites? I'd like to remind those fools that if it wasn't for SW, Trek would have remained a laughable show from the '60s and promptly forgotten. SW resparked an interest in Sci-Fi. Do those idiot Trekkers really think there would have been a Trek Movie if there hadn't been Star Wars? No. And who does all their best Special FX? A company that was based on the making of SW...ILM. And besides, the SW Universe features aliens with more than a bump on their foreheads. 'Hey look! I discovered a new race! These folks have really long eyelashes!' Everybody from the rotting Rodenberry to Paramount have raped the Trek franchise into oblivion. Sure, George knows how to milk the SW cow, but so what? Good for him. It seems the only requirement to write a Trek novel is to be able to spell. And yeah, maybe a couple of SW books sucked sack . . . I'm sure the die-hards will all disagree, well get bent. I rule the known galaxy. Love Emperor PAULpatine. Clones suck. P.S.: Star Wars vs. Trek? DEATH STAR, baby! Trek has no one-man snubfighters...just those ugly lumbering model ships on strings. (Source: Rose Helmer)(Dark Ocean: SuperShadow has told me it is best not to post Trekkie ramblings on this prequel site just like posting info. about Titanic is not the best idea in the world . . . Your love of Star Wars cannot be questioned. Fighting between Star Wars and Star Trek seems rather pointless. ST9 will earn about $ 80 million come this Nov-Dec while Ep 1 will probably earn well over $ 400 million. Which will be considered to be the most popular come May 1999? Rhetorical question.)

I JUST FOUND THIS SITE AND AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE PREQUEL RELEASE IN MAY. I JUST WONDER IF GEORGE LUCAS HAS WAITED TOO LONG TO RELEASE THE PREQUEL.. FOR ME .. HE HASN'T, BUT FOR THE NEXT GENERATION I WONDER IF THEY'RE GOING TO BE AS INTERESTED IN THE MOVIES AS OURS. THE STAR WARS TRILOGY HAS BEEN THE ONLY SOURCE OF GOOD THEATRE I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFETIME...SCREW TITANIC--THE LAST 45 MINUTES WHEN EVERYONE WAS DYING WAS COOL. BUT TODAY EVERYONE THINKS THAT TITANIC IS A GOOD MOVIE??? GO FIGURE (Source: Jay Thompson)(Dark Ocean: The Trilogy Special Edition made about $ 250 million in North America when they were released in the theaters in early 1997. The only other film to do better in North America was Men In Black. You could argue that Star Wars is even more popular than it was back in the late-1970's-early-1980's. The classic trilogy has sold over 35 million videocassettes worldwide which is astounding!)

I was reading the possible titles of Episode I all of which I believe could be likely titles. However, while visiting, I watched a RealPlayer movie from Lynne's Diary. The movie showed parts of the script as hand-written by George Lucas. When he began to write out the beginning where the scrolling intro is displayed, he wrote: STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE BEGINNING Therefore I believe that the correct title will be "The Beginning". (Source: Doyle)(Dark Ocean: This is how false rumors get started. You need to read all of Lynne's comments very carefully. Lynne stated that "The Beginning" was only the working title that George used while writing the script. Believe me that is not the actual title to the film.)

As for 7 of 9's blather about Star Trek's superiority, well, I don't want to get into a nerd debate, but he/she basically digs a hole for themself more than adequately......."pumps out"...."clockwork"......absolutely. This is why Star Wars still has that mythos, that sweep of grandeur about it, while Star Trek is just another franchise (albeit a very popular one). Star Trek is production-line stuff, often good, sometimes poor, always with an air of being churned out for the eager fans. The Star Wars novels have regularly threatened to wade in that direction - high volume, low-quality, beloved by trivia-obsessed saddoes. When Star Trek V was released in 1989, ST fans grumbled about the low quality. If Lucas made, or allowed to be made, a film of that quality, he'd get lynched. A Star Wars production demands the impeccable, and I hope and trust that this is just what Lucas will deliver. (Source: Kaitain)(Dark Ocean:)

Keep gruvin, I heard that Kevin Costner will play Dash Rendar in Shadows of the Emipire in 2000. Tell me this isn't true. Oh Yeah,Maybe Boba Fett isn't a woman, maybe HE is an escaped Carnie from the future obssesed with ruining the worlds prequel hopes! It would make more sense. (Source: Shabadoo)(Dark Ocean: False. George has stated that SOTE is a story he would like to make it to a movie, but he never will . . . As far as Fett, there is talk at Lucasfilm about doing a stand-alone Fett movie once the prequel trilogy is completed. It would be set in between Ep 3 (Rise of the Dark Side?) and Ep 4 (A New Hope). Hopefully, it will one day become a reality.)

My favorite episode in the Star Wars Trilogy was Ep. V.: The Empire Strikes Back. If George makes Ep. I. as good as ESB than I will be more than happy. May the Force Be With You. (Source: Don Segar)(Dark Ocean: The prequel is not going to be as dark as Ep 5. In Ep 5, the Empire pretty much routs the rebels and the heroes are left in dire straits . . . Ep 1 is going to be more similar to Ep 4. Pure action, adventure. Simple entertainment. With spectacular never-before-seen special effects and an interesting plot line. The good guys triumph over evil and the dark foreboding times don't occur until Ep 2 and 3.)

Eon will post a bigger update later tonight with some questions answered by one of our Lucasfilm sources . . .

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Friday, July 31, 1998

Hmm..are there so many relations (similarities) between the episode..the old and the new ones..? (Source: Dava)(Dark Ocean: No one know for sure how similar Ep will be to the classic trilogy. But George has stated that he likes to repeat the sames themes over and over again. George said in the Star Wars Insider that some are going to think that Ep 1 is Star Wars: ANH with a shorter Luke Skywalker. Hopefully, the similarities will be kept to a minimum.)

OK OK. So Fett might be a woman because her voice is made lower like Boushh Leia... I'm not convinced. I knew right away in ROTJ that the Boush was Leia because of her feminine movements. So Fett's going to be a VERY butch lady! What reliable sources did you get the names from (e.g. Padme, Qui-Gon)? (Source: Greig Walker)(Dark Ocean: It may be unlikely that Fett is a woman, but why would George have Fett in EP 2 unless he was going to do something extremely surprising with Fett's character? The names came from the cast list that was used on the Ep 1 set. So the names are real, but George may change some of the names, but expect most of those names to turn out to be legitimate.)

Indy finds a hoodlum ring but he has found his long, lost mother and will he cross the ruby cross to find his team before a bomb in a airfield blows up with them? (Source: The Producer)(Dark Ocean: How old will Harrsion Ford be when LFL finally gets around to producing Indy Jones 4? 60 something.)

Hi i have a little question? If 95% of the rumors are false . witch ones are true? I was told once that it would be false advertise ment if they lied about the actors is that true? I just don't think the actors listed are playing what erevery bbody thinks there playing thanks (Source: Susan)(Dark Ocean: No one except for George and a few employees at Lucasfilm know which rumors are true and which are false . . . we can only assume that the actors are playing the characters that Lucasfilm says they are. LFL wouldn't lie to the fans.)

Hi, still enjoying your sight. I am particularly amused by all the controversy the female Boba Fett thing has stirred up. Anyway, I have a couple of old copies of a (now out of print) magazine called Fantastic Films, which was basically the Starlog and Cinescape of the 80's. There are lots of articles dealing with rumors of the 'upcoming' movies, i.e, Empire and Jedi. I have posted one of these articles in it's entirety on my own site ( It seems that nobody had a clue that Leia was Luke's sister, nobody believed Vader's paternal claim, and many were convinced that Boba Fett was a girl! Oh yeah, it was widely held as common knowledge that Luke was going to die at the end of Jedi. Kinda shows us where we may be in our current thinking, hunh........ Later on (Source: Whilljournalist)(Dark Ocean: That is some very interesting reading! George has still tons of surprises in store for us in Ep 1.)

I just wanna say that Dark Ocean kix as*! (Source: Boba Fann)(Dark Ocean: Thanx. I try to do my best.)

I would like to see more Star War Books recorded on CDs. (Source: Theo2)(Dark Ocean: Hopefully, the Ep 1 novelization and many of the prequel novels will be release on CD.)

Very interesting... I hope the real deal is at least as good as what I have read here. I have heard that the original nine episodes were together called "The Journal of the Whills" and have been written and locked away for some time now. Any confirmation of this? (Source: R.K.)(Dark Ocean: The Journal of the Whills is the mythical book that contains the entire written history of the Star Wars galaxy . . . The basic story synopsis for the nine episodes were written in one of George's spiral notebooks back in the 1970's.)

This is a page to be bookmarked... (Source: Arkay)(Dark Ocean: Thanx!)

We want pictures (Source: Tara)(Dark Ocean: Eon is putting together a new prequel pics page!!)

Star Wars. The greatest movies ever made? More like the greatest story ever told!! (Source: Synlord)(Dark Ocean: True. Great visuals and an even better story!!)

Dash Rendar and Boba Fett are the same person. This explains why Rendar wouldn't help the others to take down Slave 1. And why did he fake his death and run away? Maybe because he didn't want to join the Rebel Alliance and he had to turn in Han Solo for his bounty to Jabba the Hutt as Boba Fett. How Could Dash Rendar afford a ship like the outrider? Maybe he was doing some bounty hunting on the side.

Also, in Empire, how did Fett know that Solo would try flotting away with the garbage, unless he knew him well like, let's say Dash Rendar did. And remember, everything Rendar did in Shadows is only what he said happened, there was no way the reader could confirm that Rendar acually did any of the things he said he did. (Source: Wedge Antilles)(Dark Ocean: Original theory. Obviously, Fett must know Solo pretty well to guess that Solo would hide in the jettisoned Imperial garbage. Maybe, Solo was using a common smuggling trick. Who knows except for George?)

That's all for today! Later! Some new information from one of our Lucasfilm sources will be posted later tonight or early Saturday morning! Stay tuned! Same Jedi time; same Jedi channel!

Send your rumors, comments and criticisms to SuperShadow

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

I think when all is said and done the biggest mystery surrounding the prequel is not what it's about instead the question should be what it is not about. It want have Boba Fett, IG88, Chewbacca and others from the classic trilogy in it. Instead, I think that Lucas is only using the characters from the trilogy that are absolutely necessary to telling the story. My opinion. Take it or leave it. See ya!! (Source: Lonegunman)(Dark Ocean: George generally will not insert a character into the new films just to make the fans happy. Rick McCallum)

Great site! Is it true that the trailer to Epidode one will be given away with a new Lucas Arts game for nintendo in mid-November? And, Boba Fett ain't no women! (Source: ODB)(Dark Ocean: I e-mailed one of the guys at LucasArts and he said that sounds like a good marketing strategy, but it's not going to happen. The trailer will hit the theaters first as far as he knows . . . I'm not sure about Fett. SuperShadow started the rumor that Fett might be a woman. I think he's just having fun with you fans!!)

I heard 40% of the footage for episode I is unusable and that the realease will be pushed back "months" This was reported on WPLJ in NY yesterday afternoon. I tend to be skeptical, but this type of news scares me. Is it true???? (Source: Jedi Bri)(Dark Ocean: Contacted one of the individuals working at ILM and they said that rumor is absolutely false. According to our source, the prequel is right on schedule. It's funny how these rumors get started and then suddenly they somehow become accepted as some how truthful. Lucasfilm is one of the premiere film production companies in the world. The Prequel is of the utmost quality and will be the envy of every Hollywood studio. Spielberg would love to be making this Star Wars movie!!!)

The idea of Boba Fett being a woman to me is hard to believe. It would conterdict many official Star Wars documents. According to many sources Boba Fett was once a Journeyman Protector named Jaster Mereel, who was a man. I for one believe that Boba Fett is a man but there is still a chance of George Lucas changing that, but I don't think so. Hopefully we will see the person behind the Mandalorian armour in Episode 1. (Source: Darth Kreloth)(Dark Ocean: I don't believe that Fett is a woman either. Why? It simply does not add anything to the prequels to reveal Fett as a woman . . . George did tell that Fett would not appear until Episode 2 and that Fett would play a prominent role. We can only hope that Fett remains a man. Why change this?)

Those kids from Goodburger are going to be in Episode-1!!! They make Obi-Wan a "Goodburger." The part of the script I saw went like this:

Keenin: Welcome to Goodburger! Home of the Goodburger, may I take your order?

Obi-Wan: What is this you!!!! I need another hit man!

(Obi-Wan takes a bite)

Obi-Wan: Man this is a good burger! To it with Jira and her fruit stand!

Then George Lucas sent me to McDonalds to get him a McLean. (Source: Stooge Patrol Epsiode-1)(Dark Ocean: I don't know that just doesn't sound like a scene that George would put into a Star Wars film. I haven't heard any news about the guys from Goodburger being in the prequel. How did you get a portion of the prequel script? Are you sure it is authentic because I have my doubts. Thanks for your rumor. If it's real then I guess you have spoiled part of the movie for us!!)

Hello¡ My name is Francisco J. Castanedo I am a lawyer who lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The reason why I am writting you it is because I like to ask you if you know how I can get contact with Mr. George Lucas. I have an excellent idea for him and my dream since I was a little boy was work with him in a project. Please help me if you can because I want to get direct writting contact with him. Thank you so much. (Source: Francisco M.)(Dark Ocean: George only uses his own ideas for Lucasfilm projects. For legal reasons, he cannot accept any unsolicited movie, TV or other ideas. Try to shop your idea around to someone in Hollywood and hope for the best. If you have the talent and stay true to your dreams, you can accomplish great things!)

I've read that after the three prequels are out of theaters, Lucasfilm will begin production on three sequels to episodes #4, #5, and #6. (Source: RED5)(Dark Ocean: I'm sorry but that rumor is absolutely false at this point. By the release of Episode 3 in 2005, George will have spent over 10 years of his life dedicated to the Prequel Trilogy. He will take a very long break from the Star Wars franchise and probably will not even consider working on a Sequel Trilogy (Episode 7 - 9) until around 2015. Just sit back and enjoy the wonderful adventure that George has in store for us in the prequels. It will be the best three movie experiences that we will probably ever know!)

I love your colourful insight and info about the new Star Wars prequels. I am also a big fan of Star Wars, but I must ask if you know why Lucus seems to want to use the same planets in the prequels as he did in the first three movies . I know Lucus likes to repeat themes but there's a whole universe out there we know so little about. What makes these planets so important? For example: Yavin 4, This planet was in ANH but I also here it will play a key role in the prequels. But don't get me rong, this is not that big of a deal. Stay hip.....BROTHER!! (Source: Rebelrocker)(Dark Ocean: There are so many wonderful worlds in the Star Wars galaxy so it is puzzling to me why George felt compelled to return to Tattooine for yet a third Star Wars film. Tatooine is one of the most boring and desolate planets out there! Not only that but about one third of Episode 1 will be spent on Tatooine!! I guess we just have to have faith that George knows what he is doing. George is probably planning to save many of the other planets and environments for Ep 2 or 3. I guess George doesn't want to use all his cool ideas in the first prequel film!)

I have an interesting theory, but since I'm new to this website I really don't know if it has been posted or not. What if somehow Anakin Skywalker was cloned in the prequels and Darth Vader is really some twisted dark side clone? It could give Anakin Skywalker a heroic death. That seems to be just the kind of plot twist good ol' George would throw in. (Source: Pickett)(Dark Ocean: Well, since the scripts to Ep 2 and 3 have still yet to be written, maybe George will include your "cloning" idea . . . Cloning is almost certainly a very important aspect of the prequels. Are the good guys going to be surreptitiously cloned by the bad guys to sow confusion in the Old Republic? Is a part of their evil plan to destroy the Old Republic all the way to its very core? Stay tuned, true believer! These questions and more will all be answered in 2002 and 2005. Let the wait begin.)

super shadow I have been following your site for many, many months and almost from the beginning . . . as your site as swelled to enormours popularity. your ego has likewise swelled to gigantic proportions. you now have an ego to match howard stern, the radio talk show host and self-proclaiment "king of all media," i expect that very soon you will be calling yourself the "king of all prequel knowledge." the site is still entertaining . . . (Source: Jass)(Dark Ocean: SuperShadow is a very humorous and sarcastic individual who I don't think takes himself all that serious. He finds his new found super stardom to be quite a joke. All he does is post prequel rumors and that makes him famous? I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame. We still love ya, Shadow!!!!!)

When Obi-Wan is revealed to be a clone, I am going to have to give my condolences for you being wrong. I still love your sight though. (Source: Ska)(Dark Ocean: SuperShadow will be the first to admit that he doesn't know everything. It will be interesting to see if George does make the Obi-Wan we see in Ep 4 a clone. But this would not change our perception of Ep 4 because many already suspect that Obi-Wan is a clone? So logically, to change our current perceptions of the classic trilogy, George has to reveal to us that Obi-Wan is definately not a clone. I hope that made at least a little sense.)

I don't understand why you guys are so crazy about Star Wars. Lucas, Spielberg or whoever makes these silly films hasn't bothered to make a new one for you fans for over 20 years! While Star Trek pumps out an awesome new movie every 2 years. Just like clockwork. We also have two TV shows while you guys don't have diddle, except for a bunch of lame novels, video games and baby toys! Live long and prosper! (Source: 7of9)(Dark Ocean: To each his on . . . Actually, some Star Wars fans enjoy Star Trek also . . . but remember George Lucas (not Spielberg) has put off doing a new Star Wars film for several reasons: 1. He has been waiting for the past decade for special-effects technology to catch up with his vivid imagination. It is only in the last few years that ILM has developed the technology to capture George's complete vision on the screen. 2. After ROTJ, George burned out on Star Wars and wanted to pursue other film projects like Howard the Duck, Tucker: A Man and His Dream, Willow and Radioland Murders. While all those films bombed (I mean really bombed), he got to pursue other interests for a while. 3. George wanted to invest more time in making all of his Lucasfilm companies self-sufficient and able to survive without having to depend on the Star Wars franchise for funds, which he has successfully accomplished.)

If Boba Fett is a woman in the prequels, is this the same Boba in Episodes IV- VI? The reason I ask that in the "Jedi" Special Edition, Boba is presented as a "ladies man". If it is the same character, I am very afraid.( It's not "Ellen", is it?) (Source: Young George Lucas)(Dark Ocean: Ellen reference. LOL. Our readers outside of the U.S. probably don't know what your TV reference to Ellen means . . . Well, maybe the Fett that appears in Ep 2 is the original Fett and the Fett we see in the classic trilogy is an imposter of the Fett we see in the prequels. Bet you don't like that rumor do ya? Get use to it. By the time Ep 2 comes out, people will claim that Fett is Tarkin's little brother, Palpatine's third cousin or even Qui-Gon's son. Or maybe when all the dust settles, we will learn that Fett is Jaster Mereel, exiled Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn.)

Well, well, well . . . thousands of prequel rumors posted on your site. Is there a point to all this? Some goal or prize you are seeking. Is there a holy grail you hope to find? Cause if your hoping to spoil the prequel, you might be in the wrong business. (Source: The Seeker)(Dark Ocean: I don't think SuperShadow's original vision for this site was to "spoil" the prequel. He just wanted to create a communal atmosphere where Star Wars fans could gather to share their thoughts on what we might see in the upcoming Prequel Trilogy. Of cource, very few of the rumors here are in fact true, but a tiny, tiny fraction of them will actually turn out to be very real indeed.)

Great site! Aside from what we have seen in the Star Wars Insider and, do we really know anything about Episode I? Alot of the rumors out there seem hard to swallow. (Source: Donald S.)(Dark Ocean: Many of the character names that have been rumored for many months will turn out to be legitimate. However, much of the plotline that has been bandied about is pure fabrication. You fans need to give George at least a little faith. Do you think he can't keep most of the prequel story line a secret from us simple fans. Say it together: "Yes he can!!!!")

Okay, here's what I think: -Using his technical savvy, Anakin greatly modified R2-D2. This will cause us to view the Old Trilogy in a new way becuase Artoo helped to defeat the Empire; ironically programmed by Vader/Anakin himself.

-Why did Ben not know he owned a droid? Becuase Anakin gave the droid to Ben, and Ben never recieved it for whatever chaotic reason.

-I doubt Fett is a woman. And I really doubt Lucas is concerned with sexism in Star Wars. Unless this was completly false information, I read a transcript of Lucas speaking at the Smithsonian a year ago; when asked about the lack of Star Wars gals George stated, "women have no place in a war movie," or something very close to that. Didn't you guys read that or was that wrong?

Okay, what do you think? (Source: Nate)(Dark Ocean: All your rumors are stunning for their exquisite intellectual genius and cannot be questioned. I wouldn't be surprised if your real name is none other than Rick McCallum. Thanks for the secret prequel news!)

Is it 100% true that Luke and Leia are twins, or does everybody just assume that thy are? I've never heard if Lucas made any definitive press release/comments clearing this up. Don't twins skip a generation? If the novels are at all true this points to L&L just being brther and sister. By the way, GREAT SITE!!

--------------------------------------------------------"Boring conversation anyway," Han Solo ~ SW: ANH (Source: BK-421)(Dark Ocean: It is revealed in ROTJ that Luke and Leia are indeed twins (fraternal twins) . . . Twins don't skip generations. Genetics is all about random factors to begin with. I'm glad you like the site. Hopefully, one day SuperShadow will better organize this site, but I'm sure he would tell me that he simply doesn't have the time to organize this site. I would like to see him organize all the rumors by characters or subject matter. I prefer order to chaos.)

Do you work on the Set (you dont have to answer) CAn you tell me if There will be any major battle scenes in the Episode 1 if so Will they Look Good And Is George going to use Models Again or completely Computer generate everything Thanks alot Your doing great Work cya :0) (Source: Xavier W.)(Dark Ocean: No one can exactly pin point what SuperShadow's exact job function is. It appears that he is almost as enigmatic as Vespon . . . ILM has gone away from using traditional miniature modeling to achieve SF shots. Models can now be created in the computer or miniature models can be scanned into the computers these days. The computer has unlocked vast potentials that have not even scratched the tip of the ice berg so to speak.)

You know Star Wars is decent and I have most of the action figures, but in my heart I truly feel that Titanic is a much better movie than Star Wars. I hope you all understand. (Source: CameronMac)(Dark Ocean: Actually, no one care. Why don't you go hang out at for a while!)

Hey i dont have any rumors just some comments and clarifications-

Boba Fett a woman? that would be cool! just imagine at the end of episode three seeing a mane of blonde hair coming out of a battle torn fett's helmet? but that offers the question, why would fett disguise her/his voice as a mans in TESB and ROTJ (listen to fett say one'll know what i mean. its also possible that man or woman, fett and solo have had a VERY rocky past even before Solo's bounty (just read Dark Empire and see how cheesed off fett is at solo, dispite the fact that solo made fett be digested for a year or so) Palpatine's origins- EVERYONE seems confused. i like many, consider palpatine a clone-freak and so Dark side skilled that he could kill vader on a whim....

But most of these assumptions come from Dark Empire, and from what Admiral Thrawn says about the emperor "supporting" the navy in HTTE, i also read some fan fiction about palpatine (named Espaa in these stories) and his origins and in my mind consider them true...i hope lucas at least takes Dark Empire into consideration when making Palpatine (and as cool as i think Ian Mcdarmid is....i always picture palpatine look different than him when hes young!) it has been proven by many for a long time that Owen Lars is infact Obiwan's brother, NOT anakin's. your prequel script says "jedi knights have guard.......a thousand systems" A THOUSAND SYSTEMS!?!?! WHAT!!!!! this is a galaxy spanning civilization over 25000 years old! the republic included over 12 million inhabited worlds and over 20 million sentient species!. this is an obvious plug....but if you really want alot of clarifications of the technical aspects of Star Wars. go to curtis Saxons Star Wars Technical Commentaries. see ya! (Source: Morgoth)(Dark Ocean: Hey, SuperShadow can't be confused with Einstein. I checked out that website you mentioned and it is pretty good. It gives all kinds of neat information including how the destruction of the Death Star 2 in ROTJ would have led to the extinction of all life on Endor. The death of the Ewoks. How great!! Rejoice!! Those Ewoks didn't survive the Battle of Endor. This is the greatest single piece of information that I have ever come across. Now I'll be happy even if the prequel is never completed or release in my life time. Thank you, Morgoth!!!)

The mail bag is still running over so I will be back tomorrow with even more of you awesome rumors. I can't believe all the Ewoks are really dead. I'm going to go party!!

Send rumors and comments and whatever is on your mind to SuperShadow!!

Tues., July 28, 1998

I really hope that the princess isn't called Padme. It's a stupid name. I hope that Liam Neeson's character doesn't die in Ep 1- it'll be too much like ep4. I think it would be cool if he stays alive till Ep3 and is killed by Anakin (now Vader) as a sign of his allegiance to Palpatine and as the beginning of the Jedi Purges. I hope that Fett isn't a woman (not being sexist!) although I think that George Lucas tried to clear that doubt up once and for all by having Fett stroking the dancer's chin in Ep6. And he has a masculine voice. I hope that the princess is from Alderaan because a) as people have said before it's ironic that Luke is sent to his father's planet and Leia is sent to her mothers b) it can be shown as a beautiful planet of culture and dignity, so it's quite sad when it gets blown up!

I noticed that SuperShadow said that the sequel triliogy will be set when Luke and co are 60. I think that that will be a good idea. Carrie Fisher was on Ruby Wax's (UK) show and she was still looking good! (Source: Greig Walker)(SuperShadow: It appears that George is going to stick with the name Padme Amidala . . . Liam's character might make it into the next two prequel films . . . Fett's voice could be artificially modulated like Leia's voice was when she was in Boush disguise at the beginning of ROTJ. Remember, Fett might have stroked that girl's chin to make Fett's disguise all the more convincing . . . Alderaan may be the young Queen's home world . . . The Sequel Trilogy is many, many years from production.)

If Lucas makes Fett a female, then I hope he puts in a hundred R5-D4's to spite you. There I said it and I mean it! Oh, the site is OK by the way. (Source: Thompson))(SuperShadow: R5-D4 had better not make an appearance in Ep 1.)

Are you related to George Lucas? Later . . . (Source: Wilson T.)(SuperShadow: If George has a family member that is a three-foot-tall midget who is bald and fat, then yes I am related to George Lucas. Call me Barney Lucas, heir to the Lucasfilm empire.)

You guys rock better than Pearl Jam and AC/DC combined! (Source: Fella in KYC)(SuperShadow: Listen to the money talk, Jeremy!)

I heard that Mark Hamill would be playing the part of Anakin Skywalker. (Source: Ye)(SuperShadow: False rumor.)

THE FORCE IS THE ENERGY INSIDE OF EACH OF US. (Source: ASSEMBLER)(SuperShadow: If you ever really tap into the powers of the Force, let me know.)

Keep it up. Please try to update each day. I get depressed when you guys don't update!!! (Source: A.A. Littleton)(SuperShadow: We apologize. We try to update each day. Sometimes we just can't . . .)

I hope you don't know as much about the prequels as you say, or you have a good sense of humor. Because you have me really scared about a female bobba fett. I mean, that's so Generic. What, has the man been playing to much metroid? Im not sexist or anything, But if bobba fett were a woman she would have to be one ugly expletive. I mean, that wasn't a woman playing the part in ESB/RJ. I don't know about how you like your female villains, but jees, there supposed to be lithe, and athletic, and devious. Not butch. What about the hitting on the dancers in SE? Why would G.L. add something like that after he had written the Fettmeister female?

I'm liberal. I'm for all the nice little movements out there. Feminism, you name it. But you don't have to put it in Star Wars! Princess Leia already did the whole mask thing in RJ. Enough already! (Source: -Megalodon)(SuperShadow: George stated that he is going to do some things in the prequels that are going to be unconventional and will upset some of the fans. Would making Fett a woman upset the fans? It would infuriate most Fett fans. Hopefully, George won't change this aspect of the original trilogy, but remember Leia (a female) was disguised as a Boush bounty hunter in ROTJ. Anything is possible . . . )

Nice prequel story. Some of it is kind of stupid, but then again many of the internet rumors about the prequel are just plain stupid. Take it easy! (Source: John L.))(SuperShadow: Thanks for your candor!)

Love you guys. (Source: Chett's)(SuperShadow: Kewl.)

Hey super shadow you are by far the best prequel expert, you created a wonderful piece of work on the new star wars film with your KOTR script, that is brilliantly written. Michael Potts should be shot for ripping you off and what not. My name is Anthony Brown and I visit your page each week day. Maybe I'll start a religion based on SuperShadow that would be cool!! Australia loves (and some of us worship) super shadow. :) (Source: Anthony B.)(SuperShadow: Please. Some of you guys are starting to take this site too serious. I'm not a celebrity although it would be nice to start dating super models. And certainly, I should not be worshipped as a deity of any kind. Thanks but I don't want to get involved in the religion business. Lighten up. I'm glad you luvved MY KOTR SCRIPT!)

All us Star Wars fans owe you one Supershadow! You're hard work is wonderful work.

First off, If Boba Fett is female, then I suppose she was masking her voice to sound like a man when she said, "He's no good to me dead" or "As you wish". That same voice-synthesizer would also cause her to scream like a man when she got knocked into the Sarlacc pit. She'd also be a possible you-know-what, because she was sure hittin' on those back up singers in Jabba's lounge! Say . . . come to think of it, Boba Fett being a woman is a whole lot like a character named Samus Aran in an old Nintendo game called "Metroid". Remember?

I really want to believe you, because you're very logical about what you post, but I can't help but smile and think that in all your honesty, this thing about Boba Fett would be a little bit of the darkside creeping into your news and rumors page. If I were you, I'd try throwing out my own little rumor just for fun too. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe George did decide on Fett being a woman. Why does it make sense for Boba to be a woman? Maybe then we'd believe wholeheartedly! Ah, but faith is a difficult thin

About Sidious, I have to think that Sidious is a bogus name. Am I right? Put the letters I-N at the front of Vader and Sidious. Well, you get in-sidious and in-vader. Insidious means sneaky. It means that it reveals itself only after scheming and plotting.

This seems to be a little hoaky. George wouldn't telegraph the names this much would he? After all, the word invader didn't have much to do with his original concept did it?

Well, whaddaya think?

Keep up the hard work, (Source: Christopher)(SuperShadow: Whether Fett actually becomes female is still up in the air. George won't start the Ep 2 screenplay for a few more weeks/months. There are certain aspects of the prequels you aren't going to like just like certain parts of the classic trilogy are not well received (i.e., Greedo shooting at Han first, dance number in ROTJ, etc.) George is seriously considering doing something radical with Fett in Ep 2. We'll just have to wait until 2002 to find out!!!)

You guys rule. I bet Lucas would like to take you guys down, but no one messes with shadow and co.!!!! (Source: Farker)(SuperShadow: Don't say that too loud.)

If I read one more prequel rumor I think my head is going to explode. I hope we don't see so many things from the trilogy in the prequels. I want the prequels to be largely original. (Source: Penchant for Avarice))(SuperShadow: It's George baby so I've prepared myself to be visually assaulted by R5-D4. I pray each night that he won't make it into the film, but George being George you just never know!)

People, all Prequel sights are speculative . . . Take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. Have fun but remember, we are merely conversing with kindred souls, some more than others . . . Peace!!! (Source: Skin)(SuperShadow: A good 90% of the prequel rumors on the internet are false. The number of false rumors (which some call disinformation) literal number into the thousands.)

I love Star Wars! (Source: Drakkar Noir)(SuperShadow: That's probably why your reading this site :)r.)

Do you work for the Star Wars Insider. Just kinda curious. I'm always curious. You must be somone that is high ranking to know so much about the prequel. (Source: Highgrass)(SuperShadow: What's the Star Wars Insider? Never heard of it :) )

Hi Shadow! I recently saw a copy of Cinescape at a news stand and it had a blue Imperial Guard on the cover. I know youve said that the magazine is garbage. Do you know if these "blue guards" are for real or just another way to sell a inacurate tabloid? Just curious. (Source: PHIL Florida)(SuperShadow: The blue guards can be digitally altered just like everything else in the film (if such guards even exist in the first place). As George shapes the film and story line, some rumors that were true yesterday become false today and rumors that were inaccurate yesterday become true today. Which rumors are true? Only George and a very select few at Lucasfilm can tell you that. Cincescape does not have ANY inside sources at Lucasfilm reporting secret prequel info. to them. They have to go through official Lucasfilm contacts like any other media source. The best they can hope for is to receive tidbits from extras who worked on the set for a day or two. 90% of what Cinescape prints about the prequel will turn out to be false. Cinescape is the National Enquirer of Sci-Fi mags. For real inside scoops about Ep 1, subscribe to the Star Wars Insider: 1-800-TRUE-FAN.)

SuperShadow, Is it possible that "there is another" Darth Vader in the prequels? Perhaps this is Anakin's father? Maybe Ben, or another Jedi kills "Vader I", and after his conversion to the dark side, Anakin "becomes" Darth Vader to avenge his father's death. "Now, fulfill your destiny and take your father's place at my side." P.S.- What's the deal with Chewie in the prequels? (Source: Dave Grate)(SuperShadow: The "two-darth-vaders" in the prequels rumor is pure fiction (at this point). It's an interesting theory, but don't bet on it. It's similar to the OB-1 is a clone rumor. It's unlikely to be true, but you never know . . . Wookiees are in Episode 1. Is one of these Wookiees Chewie or someone related to Chewie? You'll have to ask George cause I have no idea.)

THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. I'm concerned about Darth Maul. George Lucas once spoke his concern for how "scary" CHEWBACCA might have been to young children. Darth Maul's description is, well, horrifying. True that in the 70's, people weren't as visually sophisticated, but still. I hope some consideration is taken into account that a NEW generation of children will be influenced by these films. My POINT is that NOT ONLY grown Star Wars geeks are going to see these films. Some young children might get frightened. I'm a big fan too. Not trying to rain on this. I just want to see the best from Lucasfilm. (Source: Andi)(SuperShadow: Hey, this is Star Wars. Nothing will be terrifying. George is aiming for a PG rating to maximize the box-office gross.)

Not sure about this. I like the plot, and it makes sense. However, I'm sort of let down about Senator Palpatine (Darth Sidious). It's very "Scooby Doo" to me how we discover his alias (I'm being humorous). I like the beginning with the speeder race and Jabba. Personally, I thought Qui Gon-Jinn was Anakin's father, vainly stalking the slave camp to save his wife and son (Who, like Luke, never met his dad). This is all speculation. I hope the story line is too. (Source: Andi)(SuperShadow: The story line is fiction. I based it on all the rumors flying around out there. Palpatine is not Darth Sidious. This is a false rumor that was created by some bored fan.)

A couple of questions. 1. Why won't George Lucas release any Star Wars movies on DVD? It's great quality and affordable compared to laserdiscs. Not too many people laserdiscs and they are so damn expensive. 2. Is Fett really a woman or have you been being sarcastic? (Source: HDanger)(SuperShadow: Don't get your hopes up that the classic trilogy will be released on DVD soon. There are not enough DVD units in the marketplace yet to justify a release of the trilogy on this format.)

CARRIE FISHER WAS A BABE (Source: Mitch)(SuperShadow: I agree.)

I think all of your comparisons are really insightful, but I tend to disagree with your point that Luke is a hero that wants greatness. I believe that most of the charm of the originals is that Luke is an unwilling hero, just an ordinary guy (through his upbringing by Owen and Beru) who simply wants a better life. Only when faced with the death of his foster parents is he willing to learn the ways of the force. A comparison to Ender of the Orson Scott Card novels or Bilbo and/or Frodo who may have been complacent but were not ready or eager to embark on their perspective journeys. I did however enjoy your commentary and found it interesting, well-read and insightful. (Source: Tlsey)(SuperShadow: Luke is desperate to get off of Tatooine and seek adventure. He can't leave because of his commitments to his Aunt and Uncle.)

What does "Darth" mean? (Source: Bunnydrop)(SuperShadow: It roughly means "dark." Darth Vader = Dark Father.)

I recently finished a college course that covered the stories and myths of ancient civlizations along with its visual arts. Being a devoted star wars fan, I wrote my final paper on the similarities of ancient myth and the star wars saga(I wasnt too sure of it, or how it would be recieved). I found numerous similiarities, ex: King Minos's Menataur that was rumored to dwell in the dungeon of his castle was entered only by a trap door that was an unpleasant surprise to the king's victims. There were countless parallels that I pointed out in my paper. I included, in my paper, a charcoal drawing of the pediment on a greek temple depicting the star wars equivelent to the actual mythologically themed pediment. I got an A+ and my paper was discussed in class. The whole class was interested in the subject and it made a great class discussion. I wish I would have stumbled upon this sight before i handed it in, I might have been able to record even more similarities. (Source: Margaret B.)(SuperShadow: Interesting. You got an A+ good job.)

Shadow, do you ever hang with George Lucas? (Source: Pilgrim)(SuperShadow: I can't answer personal question about my self if I do I might blow the anonymity of my self and others. I would like to keep my job.)

Star Wars is COOL. But that script or whatever, you need to edit it down or something, when something is that long, few people will read it, make it a little shorter and more will read it. (Source: WolfDawg)(SuperShadow: Sorry. Can't do that. The KOTR script represents my difinitive vision of Episode 1 and cannot, thusly, be altered . . . Yes, I take myself and Ep 1 waaaaaay too serious. Maybe, I'll do a special edition one day when word processing technology catches up with my fertile imagination. :) )

Until next time, the prequel is now one day closer to release!!

Send rumors and comments and whatever is on your mind to SuperShadow!!

Sun., July 26, 1998

I like your site. (Source: Calliflosser)(SuperShadow: Thanx.)

Great story line! I hope Episode 1 is as good as your vision. Nice job. (Source: Scream10)(SuperShadow: Better. George's vision is much better. By the way, there ain't ever going to be a Scream 10. There going to stop with Scream 3.)

Yoda better have some hair. (Source: Rodent)(SuperShadow: Yoda has hair in Ep 1 cause I saw him using Rogain on the set. Don't worry about it!)

I just hope these movies aren't too similar to the three original films (IV,V,VI) (Source: Zeebo)(SuperShadow: They won't be too similar although they will be somewhat similar.)

I am looking forward to the release of the prequel. If anyone could tell me exactly when it will be released, I would appreciate it very much. (Source: James Courtney)(SuperShadow: May 25, 1999 in North America.)

I was just thinking. If Luke and Leia are supposedly born at the end of Episode 3, that could leave a possibility of seeing a cameo of a young Han Solo in that episode. Most timelines indicate that Han was 29 in ANH and Luke and Leia were 18. This is an 11 year age difference. I also think that since Lando appears to be older than Han (?), he could also be appearing. I know the main plot is focusing on the Jedi Knights, but maybe there could be some sort of subplot. I know a lot of people don't like the Star Wars novels because they are not the official storylines of George Lucas, but I just finished reading the Han Solo Trilogy by AC Crispin, and I think that the storyline portrayed in those books should somehow be included in some movie. I think the time gap between the birth of the twins and the capture of the Rebel blockade runner is way too long. And if you read those books, there is some pretty kewl stuff that happens to Han in between. And it brings you from when Han was nine right up to his first glimpse of "the old guy in the Jawa robe" and "the kid in the moisture farmers outfit" in the Mos Eisley cantina. They should make an episode 3 and a half, just for Han. There are so many better characters than the Skywalkers (like Boba Fett!) and they should get more noticed. (Source: Boba Fann)(SuperShadow: Subplots. Kewl. Now the plot really starts to thicken!!)

Great SW site with even better ideas! (SuperShadow: Merci, monsier.)

I love star wars. umm.... that's about it, k? baibai! (Source: Spyrie)(SuperShadow: What no compliment for me?)

Do Anakin and Obi-Wan meet in Ep 1?(Source: Jessie T.)(SuperShadow: Yes.)

I hope we get to see Sith Lords or Dark Jedi in the prequals. That would be good for a change.(Source:)(SuperShadow: Sith Lords are seen in Ep 1.)

Send rumors and comments to SuperShadow

Sat., July 25, 1998

Just found your site and I have only one word to say: WOW!! Wish my parents would have let me on the www years ago! (Source: Ulrich)(SuperShadow: Your too kind. Thanx!)

What are those weird designs over Natalie Portman's face on the teaser poster? I'm pretty sure they appear at least in one other place on Thanks. Great page. (Source: D. Starkill) (SuperShadow: Those symbols are called hieroglyphics, which on earth is an ancient form of written communication that was used by societies like the Egyptians.)

C'est tres bien! Awesome prequel page! I'd start my own but why bother when I can just come to yours . . . I don't have a rumour for you. (Source: The Giggler)(SuperShadow: We've inspired dozens of people to start there own SW site. If you need some help, just let us know!)

I have heard that the possible title for the prequel is " the once and future jedi" (Source: Omeo) (SuperShadow: Yeah, that's the real title. You hit the nail on the head. What a grrrreeeaat title! Just kiddin' with you. I have NO idea what the prequel is going to be titled . . . sly grin.)

I was looking through the official site. Under the entry for Emperor Palpatine the last line includes the words "Balance of the force." Would the employees who run the site be trying to mess with us? Could Lucas want to drop us a hint in the place we would never look. Is it just a function of random chance? Is this old news? Do I need a life? (Source: Megadon) (SuperShadow: Lucasfilm playing games with the fans? Conspiracies and disinformation? Surely not! Why would they take pleasure in toying with the fans?)

Whatever happened to all the rumors that Obi-Wan is a clone. I heard that "Obi-Wan" is actually the serial number "OB1." We know that George likes to use numbers and letters together in character names: THX-1138,IG88 and C-3P0. And the character R2-D2 is often spelled as Artoo for short. (Source: Ska)(SuperShadow: If Obi-Wan turns out to be a clone, I promise to give away all my worldly possessions and join the French foreign legion. Obi-Wan ain't no clone, but Fett is a woman. Don't get angry with me. I am just the messenger.)

Cool site. I'm from Australia and there's hardly any S/Wars news down under. Now want to know why Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vadar) didn't dissolve when he died (ala OBI-WAN and Yoda) and the end of ROTJ. Also is it true that Palpatine cloned himself so that there is another Emperor in the Sequels ? Also I want to personally thank George Lucas for creating the greatest pieces of art in the 20th Century. I'd like to think so, but surely nothing could top the original Star Wars Trilogy. (Source: Karl R.)(SuperShadow: Cloning oneself can be used as a kind of immortality. Does the Emperor do this to himself? Your asking the wrong person. You could ask George, but would he give you an answer? Nope.)

Hey the site. Yesterday, I saw Lethal Weapon 4, and all I have to say is JEDI JET LI. This guy was awesome!!!! He was a great villain. I left the movie really impressed with his performance, which was probably the best of the movie. Anyway, I started thinking what if this guy was a Jedi Knight, or even a Dark Jedi? (I prefer the latter). And if he can't speak English, make him a mute Jedi. I want to see him in a starwars flick. He already has a jedi sounding name, so he'd fit perfectly. He would add a real warrior mentality to the picture, and maybe have a Boba Fett impact to the prequels. If he could be added to the film, he would be a great asset. Can it be done? Check out Lethal Weapon 4, Shadow, and jump on the JEDI JET LI bandwagon. (Source: Guzzler37)(SuperShadow: If he works cheap, George will hire him.)

Why on pac man's green is earth in RTOJSE did they not fix the seen where Han Solo slips from the skiff at the pit of Karcoon. I've always been annoyed at how obvious it is that Chewie doesn't catch Han's feet but Han catches himself, only a tenth of a second later, Chewie is holding Han by his feet. Do you have insight to this issue? (Source: WillMunny)(SuperShadow: Haven't ever noticed that before. And I'm too lazy to watch ROTJSE again to see what your talking about. George only had a few milion to touch up the movies so a lot of flaws still exist in the films.)

Are you guys EVER going to get back on-line and start posting some things? (Source: LHammes)(SuperShadow: Give us a break please! The popularity of the site was causing such severe server strain that we couldn't update. That is all fixed now. We hope.)

First of all on the subject of the prequels i hope they dont make any:if they do the only characters returning would be 3po,r2(hopefully r5-d4!!!!) and then a whole new cast of characters. that would stink there cant be a star wars movie without darth vader, Yoda or any other characters. and even if he does dont expect them to be based on any of those horrible novels. do you think george ants someone elses ideas NO!!! he already knows the stories he just has to write the script of the main ideas in his head. Stop reading those books its completely false! By the way are you sure 3P0 is in episode I and his voice is done by anthony Daniels (Source: Skywalkr84)(SuperShadow: R5-D4! You know I hate that red devil of a droid! George has probably added a R5 into the film just to spite me. Actually, he'll probably make R5 the hero of the first film. Durn you George! Whoops . . . I'm starting to ramble. Every time someone mentions R5, I lose control and start on some tirade. Pardon moi.)

The Official Star Wars web site hasen't mentioned any news about John Williams composing the music for the new prequels. He has recently composed music for Speilburg's latest film, Saving Private Ryan. Any news on Williams composing music for Star Wars? The Star Wars music made him famous for writing soundtracks for many popular movies. (Source: Roche A.)(SuperShadow: George stated in the Star Wars Insider (can't remember which one so you'll have to buy them all :) ) that John Williams WILL DEFINATELY be doing the music for Ep 1.)

Hi!! Just reading some letters, and offering some of my thoughts...

1) Re: Fett: I think we may see some Mandalorian warriors in Episode I, but probably won't see Boba Fett, until Episode 2, when we are introduced to han Solo. I think at that time we'll be given some insight into whatever strange connection they seem to have had in the past. Apparently, solo was in the Imperial Navy, and possibly Fett was too, after being banished from his home world. Solo saved Chewbacca and other Wookies from slavery, and got kicked outof the Navy. Fett has a hatred of Wookies. Possibly they had a falling-out over this?? Apparently, the Mandalorians fought with The Jedis around the time of the Clone Wars, which will probably occur in Episode 2. I see the whole Solo/Fett story unfolding at that time.

2) Old Senatorial wrote about unanswered questions> To put it politely, he hasn't done his homework. It's not until the end of "Jedi" that Vader realises that Luke has a twin sister. And he apparently doesn't seem to know that it's Leia. The first time Luke was on the Death star, he didn't really have any contact with Vader. even in the trench scene, Vader senses that "the Force is strong in this one" but doesn't know that the guy in the X-wing is named Skywalker. It was the Emperor, in "Empire" that figures out that the name is Luke Skywalker. Vader had only said he'd felt the disturbance in The Force. Apparently, when anakin had the duel with Kenobi th . . .

(Oops! didn't mean to send that previous mail yet)

Apparently, when Anakin was unaware that he'd fathered children at the time when he had the duel with Kenobi and was knocked into the lava pit, where Kenobi left him. My theory: Kenobi takes the newborn babies (Luke and Leia) and flees. Anakin is recued by the Emporer, and becomes Vader. Kenobi drops off Leia on Alderann to live with the Organa family. He then goes to Dagobah (baby Luke still with him) and tells Yoda about his failure with Anakin and that he thinks he's killed him. Luke, although just a baby, is very strong in the Force, and is able to perceive feelings about a certain place. So, though he has no conscious memory of the time he was on Dagobah (probably breif), his return there in "Empire" elicits latent feelings. Which is why he senses something familiar about it...

Probably, Yoda, sensing Luke's Force-ability, and knowing he was Vader's son, told Ben to take him to a secluded place (tatooine) and let him grow uyp with trusted people (Ben's brother) and told Ben to wait on Tatooine to hid from the Empire and wait for the time to come for Luke to fulfill his destiny. Essentially, it boils down to: Vader didn't know he had children. He didn't know he had a son on Tatooine, didn't know that Leia was his daughter (he might have sensed her strength in the Force when near her, but had other things to attend to). He didn't know that Kenobi was on Tatooine either, and didn't see the coincidence of Leia's ship being on the way there when he caputured it in "New Hope". Being intelligent, he would have noted that it was his home planet, and that Leia was about the age appropriate to the time when he changed. But with the other things he had on his mind, maybe he simply didn't have the time or resources to investigate it further. I think all this willl take place around the middle, or near the end of Episode 3.

3) I'm rackin my brain here, trying to recall if Vader has any direct contact with R2-D2 in any of the movies. Off the top of my head, I can remember only twice when Vader even saw R2 from a distance. 1st - during the saber-fight with Kenobi as the others ran for the Falcon. 2nd - when he was chasing Luke in the Death Star trench. I recall no other times when Vader saw R2, and might have said "hey, that looks like the droid I had when I was a kid!" So the Anakin-R2 connection might be legit after all? R2 probably would have had his memory wiped since then. Your thoughts?

4) On the subject of possible movie titles... don't know how old you are. I'm 27. Rememer when they made the first "announcement" that the third movie (Episode 6) was to be called "Revenge of The Jedi"??? Only for George to decide that The Jedi don't seek revenge, and changed it to "Return"... LOL I've seen so many rumors on the title, it's makin my head spin, and they all just become a big blur. I consider myself to be fairly astute about Star Wars, but I admit, I don't have a bloody clue about the new title!!! And if George says he's not even close to deciding, then I don't think anyone else has a clue either! hehehehe! (hey, if you can find/still have any merchandise that says "Revenge of The Jedi" it's probably worth some real bucks, yes??)

5) Wouldn't it be fun if George hired a director to make a movie of "Shadows of The Empire" to be released a few months after Episode 3 comes out (whichever year that is)?? If George could find a director he really trusts, so he could basically take a break from filming movies, yet still have a badass movie released!!!

Hope you can respond if/when you have the time! If you can't, no big deal. Thanks for one of the best sites of ANY sort on the Web!!! (Source: Big Larry)(SuperShadow: Ton O' Rumors there Big L. Too much to digest. Must pass out now.)

Hi you guys,

I want to clear up something. If I am a member, are there any fee that I have to pay for your service. If there are, what are the rates and payment terms.

Please mail me reagrding this matter.

Anyway, thank you for your information. (Source: Hamizan H.)(SuperShadow: I make money from writing a column for an on-line mag, but everthing else on this site comes to you free of charge. You would actually pay us to be on the mailing list. Surely not! Thanx for the compliment. You're going to give me the big head.)

Love the web site partner, best I've ever seen. I have a question for you. Jedi Master Jinn, I did a little research on the name on a hunch, and the name Jinn has a meaning of, "Something Hidden." Struck me as odd. I'm curious if Jinn is going to be the one tempted by the Dark side in the prequels, and Anakin witnesses this and prompts him to do the same. From the name, Jinn may have a secret or a weakness that Palpatine will try to use in order to bring about this fall from grace. Anyway, I don't want to sound like a geek with too much time on his hands, but I know how Mr. Lucas likes to surprise, and from the name Jinn, I think a few may be in order. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this character and my theory. Again, great web site. (Source: Matt)(SuperShadow: Liam Neeson will only appear in Ep. 1. Does that mean his character bites the old light saber in the same vain as Obi-Wan in Star Wars: ANH? Who knows?)

I've heard that Mr. Jackson only has a very short role in Episode 1. Will his character be returning for the rest of the films?? I am curious as to when Lucas Film will begin casting for Episode 2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would kill to be in Star Wars (whatever the role). I read an article on someone who almost got cast as an extra; but it didn't say how or where. The acting community is generally quite "closed house." I would be please to know how to become an extra.

Thanking you in anticipation. (Source: Eppideem)(SuperShadow: Jackson's character survives Ep 1, but it is highly unlikely that he will be asked to return for Ep 2 or 3.)

I Think the best name for the first addition of the prequel shold be simply "JEDI" It makes sense since the sixth one is called "return of the Jedi" of course one can toy with this idea and call it Jedi Night, The Jedis, etc etc. Also I read earlier on that Obi-wan is Owens brother; however, that's not true I hope I misread that. Owen is Anakins brother (that should be obvious) and I would assume one of the movies would have Obi-Wan and Owen arguing over Anakins participation in the Jedi training. In Star Wars It's clear that Owen resents Obi-Wan and that he was displeased with his brothers decision on leaving Tatooine to join the Republic. Thats my thought. (Source: Spector L.)(SuperShadow: The title of the prequel. Yes, that age old question. I will have a 10 foot beard before George gives the world the real title to Ep. 1!!!)

This is logical deduction, not inside information.

The names given for the characters are a smokescreen. There is no "Mace Windu," for example. Here's who's playing who:

Liam Neeson is Ben Kenobi (same eyes, build, rat-ass beard) not "a venerable knight." Ewan McGregor is Annakin Skywalker, mature (his face resembles the kid playing little Annakin, and Annakin needs to get into action before the end of the movie). Natalie Portman is Mon Mothma. Mon Mothma is a title, not a name. Samuel L. Jackson is Yoda. Same face. Seen any pictures of Sam in action? Nope. But he's got a major role. He's said "most of my scenes are with Yoda." Yoda is reportedly onscreen about eighty percent of the time. Seen any pics of Yoda with Jackson?

You heard it here first. (Source: Thurston Howell, IV)(SuperShadow: Thanx for spoiling the entire film for us all! No offense, but your rumor is so bad that I'm tempted to call you True Fan.)

I could be wrong, but I hear something about this guy, Luke , runs an alliance against some big black evil guy, tries to kill him and finds out that he is Luke's Father! (Source: Tom Duprey)(SuperShadow: Sounds like you're trying to spread prequel disinformation. There is no one named "Luke" in Episode 1. You think we were born yesterday or something?)

Odds are you have already read the Cinescape Insider magazine. Practically their entire magazine is devoted to the prequel in the recent edition. I was just wondering how accurate some of the facts in the articles were, and especially the cool time line they put out. It seems pretty acurrate to me. (Source: Boba Fetts' Slave) (Source:)(SuperShadow: Wrong. Haven't seen that issue. Cinescape has a very tiny circulation of about 70,000 to 75,000 per month. Not very many subscribers. Without having seen it, I can't give you an opinion although I would surmise much of it is bunk with a few truths scattered in.)

PLEASE tell me it is some lie, that Lucas plans to reveal Fett as a woman? I had read where he never understood the fans taking to such a minor charactor in the films (to him I guess) so maybe its his way to get back at us Fettaholics. I mean in all the books and comics, he is always a man, he was played by men on film. I am reading the new book, the Mandolor series I think, he is a man in it. I would really be upset (and millions more I am sure) if he does go thru with that. (Source: Jix)(SuperShadow: It's not revenge on George's part. He just thinks it would be a neat and kewl idea that would change our perception of the current trilogy. The original trilogy is sexist in that it has very few female characters. George could rectify this somewhat by revealing to us that the most feared and notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy is a woman.)

Please ease my mind.How the h*ll can Obi-Wan interact with R2 in the prequels and not remember him in A New Hope ? (Source: Charles L.)(SuperShadow: Blue R2 units are very common in the Star Wars galaxy. They're a dime a dozen so to speak. Also remember that Ben said he didn't recall ever OWNING a droid. He didn't say "That's the first blue astromech droid I ever saw.")

You guys are the second best Star Wars site. The official site is number one, but you guys are still pretty dog gone good. I really hope Fett isn't a woman though. Later! (Source: The One Who Wishes)(SuperShadow: #2! I hate being number two. Geez, I hope I don't start an avalanche of anti-Fett as a female e-mail!!)

Just finished reading your primo impacto prequel script. Not too bad although I could do better! Back in a flash (Source: Gomer)(SuperShadow: What? Did I miss something? Was that a compliment or a diss?)

Title of the prequel: Raiders of the Force. Lucas likes to recycle ideas so I am certain that this is the title. I also peeked into Lucas' notebook and saw this title scrawled on page 14. Honest. (Source: Marcy's Playground Burned Down)(SuperShadow: Ok, enough rumors for today. I'm calling it a day. I'll see all you guys and gals tomorrow. Until then . . . )

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