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Saturday, September 12, 1998

Hey great site!!!! I'm a one trip a day fan myself, but I always hang around a while. Keep up the awesome job. Okay I have a few thoughts that I havent seen anyone hit on yet.

1. Is it possible that Boba Fett will be a Jedi? My line of reasoning is that in Masters of Teras Kasi, he at some point wields a light saber. A group that is hovered so closely as LucasArts for continuity surely wouldnt have let a little error like that slip on accident would they? Perhaps its a bit of very light foreshadowing. Also, he is supposedly a terrific bounty hunter and wouldnt a Jedi make a great bounty hunter? It has been stated that he has a hatred of Jedis. Perhaps Lucas will integrate the world of Concord Dawn as a Jedi world and implement Fetts history into that of the Jedi society instead of that of the Journeyman Protector or whatever he was. (SuperShadow: I don't know anything about that particular LucasArts game so I will take your word for it. If Fett is a former Jedi Knight, it seems strange that he fell into the Sarlacc pit so easily. Luke was able to fly out of the carbonite freezing chamber on Bespin so how come, if Fett was a Jedi, he couldn't use the Force to fly out of the Sarlacc? Your rumor could prove correct. Only George knows at this point.)

2. Obi wan, in my thoughts, is a rank in the Jedi clan. It all seems to make sense doesnt it? It sounds very much like a "Lord" title. Also, when he runs into luke in the Junland Wastes he tells him He hasn't heard that name in a long time. People just don't go around throwing their names away you know, but you can be stripped of your rank. And Yoda had to be reminded by a dead Kenobi that he was ALSO reckless, if he remembers. Maybe he was TOO reckless... (SuperShadow: In Star Wars, Kenobi says that Obi-Wan is a "name" that he has not gone by for a long time. He did not say "title." It is possible that some (or perhaps all of the Jedi) adopt some kind of Jedi name that is derived from some ancient dialect that has a special meaning for each Jedi Knight. Hey, I could be completely wrong. You could be absolutely right. Such is the way of rumormongering!!)

3.On Dagobah Luke says prior to meeting Yoda that "This place feels familiar"...Knowing Luke has never been off Tatooine to his knowledge, he doesn't seem too disturbed by that thought. Perhaps he has been there before, and perhaps we will see Dagobah again. Maybe Yoda will move in to the lovable swamp in Episode Three. (SuperShadow: Interesting speculation for which I have no solid answer just my own theory. While hiding from Vader and the Empire, Luke may have been hidden with Yoda on Dagobah as a very young child to young to be able to remember it. Eventually, Luke makes it to Tatooine.)

4. When Darth Vader meets up with Kenobi on the Death Star, Vader tells him "You should not have come back". So it seems to me that Kenobi abandons Anakin at some point, but perhaps it isn't to run off with his twin brats, but maybe he dumps Anakin to run off on some foolish crusade, and Anakin then has to discover the Force on his own or with the help of Qui Gon.I dont know, but it sure is fun to speculate!!!! Anyway, those are just a few thoughts on the Prequel, from my thoughts. Thanks again for the great site and good luck!!! (Source:-THX, The Hardcore Xizor) (SuperShadow: It is possible that Kenobi successfully eluded Vader and the Empire or maybe Vader couldn't bring himself to kill his former master and allowed Kenobi to escape into hiding if Kenobi agreed to never be seen again. Of course, Kenobi lied to save his own skin and patiently kept a low profile until the time was right for him to motivate Luke to seek his destiny.)

i just found your site a couple of days ago, and as i scrolled through some past comments, i found something about obi-wan being a clone and the clone wars. could you please clarify that conversation? (it's from early august, i think! thanx (Source: c-3p0 kenobi) (SuperShadow: The "Obi-Wan is a clone" rumor apparently originated on Corona's Coming Attractions. We all have Patrick S. to thank for starting that one. If Obi-Wan is a clone, then George lets me drag race his Lamborghinis when ever I want to . . . The Clone Wars will be featured in Ep. 2.)

How about some prequel pics? Your site doesn't have any that I can find. (Source: LionRyan) (SuperShadow: Eon is working on a prequel pic page.)

Way coooool script of the preq. What I would like to know is why you don't have more Jawas in it. That's what you should add. Just trying to help. May the sandcrawler be with u! (Source: Flyboy2513) (SuperShadow: No problem. I'll integrate some mega-cool Jedi Jawas into the "special edition" of my Ep 1 script. I promise to go back and redo certain scenes in my script, which I am unhappy with, when word processing technology catches up with my "vision" and makes a special edition feasible. ;) )

Hey there, I just thought that I would congratulate you on keeping so many different debates going and them all being so interesting, so I thought I would let you know about my feelings on Episode I. In the USA and Canada there seems to be a lot of people complaining about having to wait until May 21, 1999 to see how the prequel turns out and what surprises there are going to be. There are probably as many with the same ideals that they don't want to hear anything about the film as it willspoil the plot, but it is relatively easy to avoid them, and even if you do see film plots and pictures, there is no proof that they are in the film until that day arrives next year.

My point is that us Brits and most other countries outside of USA and Canada have the same wait as you, and then stick another month or 2 at least until we get the film. Can you imagine how hard it will be to avoid any information that will spoil the film for up to 2 whole months. Every Newspaper, Radio Show, SW internet site, Toy Shop and especiallyTV shows will be plugging the film with interviews, merchandise, pictures and storylines for 2 months until we finally get to see it. Although it is up to Lucas/Fox to arrange the release dates, don't you think that considering that they have gone to so much trouble tokeep the film a complete secret that they would give a worldwide release (That would be a first in the Film Industry)on the same day!!

Try to picture it. It is March 1999 and all newspapers, radio and TV is full of the complete plot with pictures of the special effects that could spoil the whole thing, and you have to wait until May to see the durn thing. It's not a pretty thought is it? well that's my views on the matter anyway, (Source: Mike Lunt) P.S. All that I said might not effect me as I should be in Canada next May and see the film as it is released. (But I might not be!) (SuperShadow: Once the film comes out in the U.S. the plot line is going to be plastered all over the internet. If you live outside the U.S., I would completely avoid any site dealing with Ep. 1 once the film comes out. Otherwise, the entire film will be spoiled for you. Good luck!)

Are there a billion rumors? Are any of them true? Are all of them true? Am I losing my mind? (Source: The Warner Brothers) (SuperShadow: Some are true, but most are downright false. All will be revealed next Summer!)

Your script for episode one is extremely silly with a bunch of weird sounding names. please come up with some better names. (Source: Thomas R.) (SuperShadow: Better get use to those names. Most of them will be the real deal.)

i was wondering when you were going to resume updates, reply back if you can get around to it. (Source: Barry) (SuperShadow: Sorry it took so long to reply to your inquiry!)

This sounds far to simple to be a movie (especially lucas) plot. The author has some knowledge of starwars, but it can't be true. And on top of that, where would one find an Ep 1 script? (Source:- SW fan) (SuperShadow: Obviously, my Ep 1 script is not the actual shooting script . . . it's my personal stab at what we might see . . . )

Do you host sites? I would like to join your site and have a link on your main page. (Source: Toin Btin) (SuperShadow: We are limited to 11 megs of server space. Very tiny. Are account is much too small to effectively host your site. Sorry.)

Is the mainstream media ever going to start reporting internet rumors to the general public? If you're not on the net, there is no way to even know that Sir Lucas is making a new film. (Source: Hank-- yep, it's my real name!) (SuperShadow: Most of the legitimate news outlets like Entertainment Tonight and CNN won't release any information posted on the net. The rumors circulating this netherworld have proven far too unreliable to relay to the general public. It's called jounalistic integrity.)

Ever wonder why these Jedi Knights (Qui-Gonn Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi) are searching for Anakin Skywalker? They don't just trip over him one day, they have actively been searching for years prior to it. Qui Ginn Jinn is Anakin' s father, having conceived him unknowingly years before with Shmi. This was way before Jinn was even into the Force, a dark and low time. He was introduced to it and later attuned by the great Yoda himself, becoming one of the greatest to wield it's powers. Though still a shady drifter in life, he consistently struggles daily to keep from the dark side, and continued to search for his son, much like that of the Star Wars Trilogy that shows the love of family can overcome anything. (SuperShadow: You have a very plausible theory that perhaps could be true. It appears that Anakin has serious questions about his absent father that he desires to have answers to. Until George says otherwise, Qui-Gon could be Anakin's father.)

Learning of Anakin's existence through the Force, Jinn sets out on a personal voyage to rescue his son and the woman he loved and still loves, Shmi, from the clutches of their enslaving captor. *On the side here, in regards to the names of the Jedi and the rumors that the Obi Wan in the original trilogy was a clone (O.B.-1), they are titles in the religion with meanings of their own, much like the Muslim religion and their names like Muhammad, etc. Obi Wan's real name is Ben Kenobi, and Arturemus Jinn is Anakin's father's real name. (SuperShadow: I like your theory about the Jedi names. It sounds very logical. The Force is in essence the Star Wars version of religion.)

Boba Fett's character is a Jedi Knight in the Prequels, named Podo Kahn or something like that. In the second installment we get to know him better and we witness the split of the once mighty Jedi Knights. This is where Fett becomes disgusted with his Jedi brethren and denounces the religion, becoming a vigilante h*ll bent on dispensing his own justice in the Old Republic. He is fiercely loyal to the protective ideals the Jedi lived by, and that is the only thing he follows, anything else goes. The remaining Jedi set out to stop him and end up scarring him, hence the new getup in the original trilogy. Similarities and parallels in his and Anakin's life are astounding. (Source: -Dovi) (SuperShadow: Excellent speculation. It will be interesting to see how well you have foreshadowed what we may actually see in the new films.)

The Force is strong with this site! (Source: Ace) (SuperShadow: Yep.)

Hi I don't mean to bother you and I know you got in trouble with LFL, but I'm lost what did you people say that was so bad? Does this mean you're not going to update anymore. thanks (Source: susan) (SuperShadow: George doesn't want certain issues discussed about Ep. 1 unless he authorizes it. That's all I can say about that. We're updating again . . . Note: That I received this email nearly 4 weeks ago so its content is dated.)

You must have made a mistake. Did you mean Pepsico gave Lucasfilm $2 million or $2 billion for the rights to use Ep. 1 for their products and restaurants (i.e., Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut)? Cause that is an awful lot of cash. H*ll, with that sort of money than George can go back and reshoot those out of focus shots no problem. Thanks for clearing that up. Oh yeah I was kidding about the out of focus shots, I know better. (Source: A.Chance) (SuperShadow: Pepsico didn't give Lucasfilm $ 2 billion in cash. The deal between Pepsico and Lucasfilm is potentially worth $ 2 billion.)

The Ep.1 release date is set May 21st, not May 25th. (Source: goldenboy) (SuperShadow: Again, this is an old email and is old news.)

Thank the maker for your site! You are the bright center of an otherwise dreary Star Wars galaxy on the internet! (Source: Flee) (SuperShadow: We here that alot.)

Hello again. I understand that Anakin and his mother are held as slaves by the Sandpeople in Episode 1. Just look at the facts: it is common knowledge that the two heroes are enslaved. It is also known (not by many) that the Sandpeople are in Episode 1. Then put two and two together. Speaking about the things George should have changed in the Special Editions, I agree totally with the fan who thinks the Emperor's hologram is inconsistent with the whole trilogy. Also, why didn't they fix the Rancor in Episode 6?

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm back with my 'ex' - the one who worked as a make-up artist on Ep. 1. She was required recently to re-apply the make up to a dark jedi (this is what she told me) as they needed to reshoot some scenes from last year. While she was there guess who was spotted around the studio? Billy Zane. Think about it. Billy Zane - adult Anakin Skywalker. What a perfect combination! I don't know why he was there though. Billy Zane for Anakin!!! (Source: Auzzie) (SuperShadow: George did budget enough money to fix every single flaw in the classic trilogy. In a decade or so, when computer animation is dirt cheap, George will be able to go back and spend a few million to eliminate all the flaws and short comings of the trilogy. Hopefully, George will digitally erase the Ewoks from ROTJ and insert some kind of cool creatures instead, but that's just my personal pet peeve.)


Why doesn't Lucas replace the people who maintain the official site with the Dark Side team. This sits is infinately better than the official one cause they update so infrequently. And they don't have an email address for feedback from the fans. Your the best! Ask Lucas if he will fire those other people and let you take over. (Source: Vren) (SuperShadow: Thanks a million, but I'm certain that Marc Hedlund (who is the head of Lucasfilm's internet operations) doesn't want a pink slip from George. He would then have to get a real job :o Heaven forbid! While we slave on Ep. 1, he piddles around on updating every 2 weeks or so. That boy has it made in the shade. Of course, ILMers make MUCH MUCH MUCH more than he does.)

Anakin's father is Palpatine and Beru is a Skywalker. Mr. Hanky (from South Park) will have a cameo role in Ep. 1. (Source: Trey Parker [on Matt Stone's behalf]) (SuperShadow: Howdy ho, Kyle! . . . I love Mr. Hanky . . . he's the coolest doo doo this side of Hoth . . . Actually, Anakin's father turns out to be a groovin' Jawa. This explains why Anakin is so short in Ep. 1. You can take that rumor to the bank)

If Palpatine is so powerful why does he need body guards? (Source: P.J. Harvey) (SuperShadow: Likewise, if he's so clairvoyant, how come he can't foresee Vader tossing him into the reactor core. Huh?)

I'm now convinced that Fett should be a woman! I think it would be cool if there is a sassy woman in Ep 1 and only in Ep 2 does she don the armour and become Boba Fett.(although we know the person behind the armour better). It would be cool if she was gorgeous. It occurred to me that when people watch Eps one to six in sequence (yes, there are people who haven't seen star wars!) they will be in no doubt that Luke is Anakin's child, as is Leia. Wasn't it wonderful watching Eps 4,5,6 in sequence and learning (unexpectedly) that Luke was Vader's son and later that Leia was his sister. This magic will surely be lost... unless George Lucas is aware of this and will deal with it somehow. And why did Luke get left with his father's surname? (Source: Greig Walker) (SuperShadow: If George wants to, he can choose not to reveal to the audience that Anakin becomes Vader in the prequels. Even though, 97% of the audience will know the truth about what happened to Anakin . . . Luke had the last name Skywalker because George did not decide to make Luke Vader's son until he and Lawrence Kasden wrote the script to ESB.)

SuperShadow on the ticket prices for the prequels. My sister used to work for the a company the handle the promotions for the studios. She handle Warner account but new what the other studios were doing from her co-workers She always got me into the previews for all the movies that her company handled including the press screening of the SEs when they came out. George didn't do any sneak previews like the other companies. She said the studio usually sign a contract with the theaters usually gets 80% for the first 6 weeks of tickets sales, then the percentage drops week after week. That's why the theaters loved Titanic. So the theaters can either try to get some more money up front by charging more or hope for long release of months to make their money. Of course I don't know if Fox is working out special deals for Episode 1. Thats the main reson popcorn cost so much at theaters because thats how they make most of their money not from the movie. I'm just glad almost all the theaters near me are digital now. The newest one that was just rebuild has saduim style seating. (Source: jetfire) (SuperShadow: Thanks for the info!)

There was this mail from Donk that you censored off because it was too revealing. I know you guys work for LFL and have a sense of loyalty towards them and George, but when you're doing this page, you're on our side. By day you work for LFL and by night you're with us. You're not protecting us by cutting out the spoiler page, you're worsening our pressure and making the long wait MUCH more agonizing for us wondering what Gonk's mail said about episode 1 (not that it's a bad thing).

I know that you think you're trying to protect us from being spoiled from all the news we've been hearing from you and I know we all apreciate it all but if we didn't want to be spoiled, we wouldn't be opening your page, would we now? So, in the future, please try not to censor off the spoilers pages. BTW, that date with Cameron Diaz is MINE! (Source: Anditte) (SuperShadow: LOL. I'm a LFL stooge by day and a Benedict Arnold by night. George will love to hear that! Would you have me post the final version of the prequel script?)

R5-D4 is the mack daddy. U must be rippin' if you don't appreciate R5's greatness. (Source: Pallo) (SuperShadow: Why don't you and Barry get together and make a R5-D4 site. If you do, I'll give you guys a link on our main page, which will bring you guys a zillion hits a day! Enough with that durn droid! R5 makes my skin crawl.)

Cannot WAIT for the soundtrack! Thank Heaven for John Williams! (Source: pdh) (SuperShadow: The soundtrack is going to blow us all away and will sell at least 5 million copies worldwide.)

I thought a character named Bonjok was suppose to be in the prequel. What happened to Bonjok? (Source: Brent G.) (SuperShadow: LOL. LOL. LOL.)

In the DSPN newsletter, you said the movie would be best viewed in a THX- equipped theatre. How can you tell if a thearte is THX-equipped? Is there a list of them or something? I'd like to know if there's one near me, but I'm not sure how to tell. Please write back. Thanks. (Source: Purplewoof) (SuperShadow: Search the theatre database to find the nearest THX-certified theatre in your city or state.)

You work with lucas film? (Source: Atatadam) (SuperShadow: Actually, I'm a high-level CIA operative who uses Lucasfilm to hide my secret identity.)

DSPN 1 to 4, Could you please send me these again. I want to share them with a friend. Thanks, (Source: David) (SuperShadow: I'm still working on a website that will house an archive of past issues of DSPN. It will be finished soon . . . I hope!)

In response to my complaint about the work at ILM sometimes being very monotonous: No offense, mate, but you don't know boredom until you work as a tax accountant for 9 years! God help me !!! :( (Source: Mike Duffy) (SuperShadow: You're in my prayers, Mike!!!)

Will Emperor Palpatine (my favorite) get longer film time in the new prequals? Also are you going to show everyone's favorite blue faced Grand Admiral Thrawn? And for my last question (probably the only answerable one, LOL!) Will you show Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Palace?? Your loyal fan, (Source: Exar Kun, Dark Loard of the Sith) (SuperShadow: Palp has an expanded screen presence in Ep. 1 . . . No Thrawn in Ep. 1 to my knowledge (although Thrawn's species may be seen in the Galactiv Senate scenes) . . . As far as I know, Palp's palace will appear in Ep. 3.)

Excellent content . . . informative and thought provoking. I read and read and read for hours on end. Thanks for the entertainment and it's all free! (Source: Alcox)

I was just watching Empire. Right before Luke enters the cave he says "I feel cold..." If you listen as he says it, right after someone whispers "Death"!!! I never heard it and it may only be in the Special Edition. Is it prequel related? You tell me. (Source: Jason) (SuperShadow: Interesting. I've never noticed that before. Are you making that up?)

NAME THE NEW CAST (Source: Haunter) (SuperShadow: Check out our FAQ section for a run down of who will be appearing in Ep. 1.)

I have heard something disturbing from a friend who went to Tunesia a year ago on a desert-trip, and encountered 'some sort of film set.' He said that they used twin-actors, or maybe for some other reason, used twins. Who knows something about that? Does it have something to do with clones. Maybe Lucas is already shooting for Ep 2? (Source: Judicator) (SuperShadow: They're not clones. Instead, they are two really good-looking females that George used for a couple of shots.)

Ok,first some well deserved praise. What you do here is most commendable. You people make the wait for the prequel tolerable. For this my sincerest thankx. Keep those answers to e-mails coming, I find myself laughing outloud while reading them :) Comment: I think one of the main ways the prequel will change our perception of the trilogy is in how we view Kenobi. I believe we will see a wild almost reckless young Jedi, that will greatly differ from the wise old man who gives his life for Luke and co. to escape the death star. But I also believe it is possible we might see a darker side to "Old Ben." After all some event happens to make Ben and Anikan foes. Perhaps this event will make his sacrifice in S.W. take on new meaning. (Source: Seeker) (SuperShadow: You'll have to wait until next May to find out what kind of character traits that Ben has in Ep. 1.)

Queen/Princess Padme Neberrie Amidala might be Luke Skywalker's mother and Vader's wife. (Source: Emperor Palpatine) (SuperShadow: Thanks.)

After reading that Lucas does not plan to release the first movie on video or laser disk until 3 years after the theatre release, I felt disappointed. And it did not make me want to see at the theatre many times as he probablky hopes. I have not been to a theatre for more than 2 years, and I will probably not go to one until my kids are at least the age to do so. I have been watching all of the movies on video or HBO. I guess Mr. Lucas will not get any of my money until they are ut on video. I saw the first 3 star wars movies at the theatre, but I guess i will have to wait five years before I go back to the theatre.

There are many movies that I have not seen--titanic, jurassic park II, aliens 4, etc.,.. I'm waiting for HBO, cinemax, etc....I'm not in a hurry to watch it anyway. I can wait. I just thought I would have been nice to get the oportunity to do so on video. As far as not ever going to be released on DVD--yeah right! All of the video technology will be shifting within the near future to DVD. No more VHS, the camcoder will be DVD, all of it will be consilidated to a form of DVD or a smaller product like SONY's mini-disc--I like that! They will all eventually be in this format. please post. (Source: Old Fan) (SuperShadow: A release date for the video release of Ep. 1 will not be decided for about a year or so.)

I was wondering if you could give me any inside information or anything on the Jedi wars that will go on in the prequels, like the Sith and Jedi and things like that? Thank you!! (Source: -R2) (SuperShadow: Conflicts between the Jedi and the Sith occur in the prequels. Is that vague enough for ya?)

I've been snooping around on the Official Star Wars Web Site, and i found out about a pink alien named Yaddle. The kicker: yaddle is supposed to be the only other of Yoda's species that we have, and may never, see again. Also, over the course of the Prequels, i heard that they might even show Yoda's home planet, and it ain't dagobah. (Source: Wiz) (SuperShadow: Really? A pink Yoda-looking character. Those figs will be warming the shelves at Wal-Mart!)

That's all for today. Check back in tomorrow for more rumors and comments about the prequels!

Friday, Sept. 11, 1998

SuperShadow: As you know, I haven't been able to post your email for over three weeks now and I certainly do apologize. I'm going to start posting all your clever rumors and comments on a daily basis again with some help from Fire Force and Eon.

Today, we have an avalanche of rumors and comments for your enjoyment:

In response to Barry's comment about the rumored script posted the other day. Where he says the part about Anakin seeking revenge is not possible. I think is high like and also follow the plot line of ANH. But in ANH after Luke finds Aunt and Uncle dead he agrees to go with OB1 because he wants revenge. But OB1 tells Luke that he can't go along if he wants revenge because this is not the way of the Jedi. Maybe OB1 learned from his mistake with Anakin (Source: jetfire) (SuperShadow: If Shmi suffers an unnatural death in Ep 1, then Anakin would want vengeance. It would then become Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's duty to teach the boy that vengeance is never an option. Otherwise, George should title Episode 1: Vengeance of the Force.

just wanted to tell you what a spectacular site you have,, but i guess you here that all the time...keep up the good work...cheers (Source: Nicholi) (SuperShadow: Thanks for your kind words. A person (or website) can never be complemented enough!)

The official site is great but they only updat once a week or less. That's why I love your site even better since your team members try to give us at least one good update each day. Don't stop the updates......PLEASE ! ! ! ! Call me the (Source: timebandit) (SuperShadow: By spreading the work around, at least one of us is usually available to do an update.

I was wondering if we will see some of the same shipe used in the preqels that we say in the classic trilogy such as x wings,ties and etc..........although some people believe there was absolutly no Empire in these prequels how do we know that the Empire wasn't the current rebellion at that time.......the Empire may have been around for a long time before it took control........and perhaps with R5-D4 high in the just never know.................. Anyway I have completed R5-D4 wars Ch.1......that was a good idea about Kevin J bad there isnt a way i could get a hold of him so we could swap ideas! (Source: Barry) (SuperShadow: Some of the older ships appearing in the classic trilogy existed during the Old Republic era and will be seen in Ep. 1. However, most of the vehicles that are seen in Ep. 1 are brand new ones that we have never seen before . . . Just to spite me, I'm sure that Lucas Licensing is on the phone with Timothy Zahn right now begging him to write a book trilogy on the rise and fall of R5-D4)

My gawd, your script rules. However, the title sucks big time. It's a clunker. Too hard to say. Title your script 'The Force' That really says it all. bi-bi for now!! (Source: JediWill) (SuperShadow: I've decided to shorten the title from KOTR to "The Jedi Knights" At the moment, TJK is the most likely title for Ep. 1, but George being George may have something entirely different in mind come 1999! George is full of surprises!

Dude, are you saying that theater owners will be raising the ticket prices for "Episode I" exclusively? While ticket prices- as a whole- will increase everywhere by Summer '99, I find it very difficult to believe that theaters could jack up the price on a single film- even the most anticipated film of all time. Actually, who cares!?! I'll sell my kidneys to see this thing! (Source: Dave Grate) (SuperShadow: For those of you too young to remember the great Summer of 1983, let me tell you that theater owners were charging more for screenings of ROTJ than they were for the "crap" that Hollywood dished out that summer. Fox required a minimum average ticket price that was above the average ticket price, which meant ROTJ was the most expensive movie ticket in town. Tickets to Ep. 1 will be a bargain at any price!!!)

This is a space movie right. Than what do the spaceships look like if the fighters are on a planet. Thier are space battles right. This is a space movie last time i checked. (Source: Ska)(SuperShadow: Ep 1 does have some awesome dog fights between some ultra-cool looking star fighters. These effects shots run circles around the Battle of Endor from ROTJ)

All hail SuperShadow! You're an internet god. Maybe, I'm too hyper right now, but the Dark Side Rumors is the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars in cyber space. I wish I had found this page eons ago. Thanks. (Source: Dorin) (SuperShadow: The Dark Side Team works extremely hard on this site and we are well deserving of the 3,000 plus hits that we average during the normal week day. Many of the other Star Wars sites are so jealous of our success that they can't stand it. Rock on!)

When will the Star Wars: Episode I soundtrack be availabe. And i know this sounds dumb but will John Williams be composing? Thanks (Source: Sean MacDonald) (SuperShadow: The last word I have heard is that the soundtrack will be released a few days PRIOR to Ep 1's release date)

1,000,000nth Rumor, Cameron Diaz, really? Better start making up some rumors right quick. By the way, if I win you can keep the trip to Skywalker Ranch. Cameron Diaz, HUBBA HUBBA!!! (Source: Spiker) (SuperShadow: ROTFL. Yeah, the person who sends in the 1 millionth rumor gets a date with Cameron Diaz. My treat. Yeah, why would you want to come by the ranch. There's going on here that's important to you. )

Geez, you guys are so cool that the other Star Wars sites are constantly talking about you guys. They make bad things about you guy but that's what jealous people always do. Keep it up! I love the way you guys respon to reader e-mail. That's cool. You guys must be the most influential Star Wars page other than the official site. Keep it awesome! And tell George he's the man! (Source: Uzi Burner) (SuperShadow: Who knows what motivates someone to spread hateful things about us? There is no reason for them to be so jealous if that is the motivation. George wants Star Wars on the internet to be a fun place for all the fans. Just ignore the negative and accentuate the positive as the old song goes.)

i read that you hope that Boba Fett is in fact a women. Lets just picture that a moment and go see Return of the jedi : special edition. Is that Boba Fett flirting with a female ? Yes, it is. So, if Boba Fett is a female...well...she's a you-know-what. Its a large universe, so its still possible that under that helmet it is a female but i don't think Star Wars fans are ready for that kind of thing. That pretty much kill your hope of seeing Boba Fett has a female but you can still make a story out of it...if you're crazy enough. (Source: Benoit T.) (SuperShadow: George has already warned us that he is going to do some unconventional things in the prequels. Making Fett a woman would be very unconventional and would profoundly change the way we view the classic trilogy)

Read the script. It's ok I guess. George Lucas had better do a lot better! (Source: The Greenster) (SuperShadow: My script is based on internet rumors and some official releases from Lucasfilm. It ain't perfect, but it's the best I can do.)

How does Palpatine eradicate almost all the Jedi Knights so quickly? How does he pull it off? Does he allow situations to degenerate (discrediting the Jedi, pinning the blame on them etc) and then step in or does he "take control" the old fashioned way? Do you have any idea when Episode 1 will open in the UK? (Source: Grandmoff) (SuperShadow: Read my comment for the next letter to learn the means by which Palpatine may have destroyed the Jedi Knights . . . I haven't a clue as to when the prequel will open in the UK)

Every now and then you post questions that are answered by one of your sources from Lucasfilm. I have a question that I would like to ask the next time you post a Q&A from a Lucasfilm source. The question is: My favorite vehicles throughout the original trilogy have always been the Millennium Falcon, the AT-AT Imperial Walker, and the Imperial Shuttle seen throughout ROTJ. Will we be seeing vehicles as cool as these in Episode I?Thank you... (Source: Don Segar) (SuperShadow: From what I know about the Jedi Purge, the Jedi Knights wanted to end the corruption that ran rampant throughout the Old Republic's government. This, of course, makes the Jedi extremely unpopular with the corrupt leaders and those who are making huge profits from the corruption. Palpatine makes the Jedi into scapegoats. He blames them for the extreme horrors that resulted from the devastating Clone Wars. He also makes the people think that the Jedi are traitors when they challenge the corrupt leaders of the Republic. That's the best "theory" that I can give you about how Palpatine whooped up on those knights.)

You have a great idea. Its great that there is a site that will respond to the questions of the fans. Too cool for words! (Source: Bill Hasley) (SuperShadow: It's a Dark Side Rumors original that we began many, many moons ago!

G'day Shadow mate. I was writng to defend Titanic. People were saying that Titanic only suceeded because of the Leo factor. Well those people are tossers or just jealous that Titanic is the highest grossing film of all time. Leo wasn't the only good thing about Titanic. It had a billrant plot, great performances and stunning special effects. It is my opinon the finest movie to come out since the Empire Strikes Back(I hate ROTJ, the Ewoks stuffed it). Also Shadow, what the hell is wrong with R5-D4???!!!! (Sources: Elvis M.) (SuperShadow: For those of you who care, Titanic has edged past $ 600 million in North America and has earned another $ 1.2 billion overseas for a worldwide gross of $ 1.8 billion. That is almost twice what the # 2 film of all time (Jurassic Park) grossed back in 1993: $ 914 million. George has his work cut out for him.)

You guys are great. Your my first stop I make each day. No one competes with you Shadow. (Source: Randy Meyers) (SuperShadow: I'm seriously thinking about starting a SuperShadow Appreciation Society. LOL. It's kinda of weird how I have become this Star Wars icon just from maintaining a website)

Any ideas about where Ben kenobis psuedonym 'OBI WAN' came from and do all jedi have them ie: 'QUI-GON'?? (Source: Ross Lagoda) (SuperShadow: Could it be that some Jedi Knights adopt a Jedi "name" when he or she joins the ranks of the Jedi Knights. I'm not sure if every single Jedi has to adopt one of those hyphened names.)

Glad you are taking all this with your fantastic sense of humor! Don't worry...we will all roll with the punches. Take care...and, remember, we're never coming back to this planet again! (Source: pat pdh) (SuperShadow: You betcha!)

I have portions of a Star Wars book written. When completed, I would love to have this authorized by Lucasfilm. Do you know if Lucasfilm only deals with certain publishers? (Source: Pete) (SuperShadow: Sorry, Lucasfilm cannot accept any unsolicited materials. You need to contact the company that publishes the Star Wars novels and pray!!)

Star Wars forever! (Source: Pemart) (SuperShadow: Let's hope so)

All this prequel stuff has me itching for the sequels. I hope we don't have to wait 20 years! (Source: Rollander) (SuperShadow: Let's just hope George can finish the prequels first . . . )

I have a question about the proposed release date, May 25. That's a Tuesday, is it not? The day after Memorial Day? Will that be a full day's release, or just a "pre-opening," with one or two late- night showings?I'm planning to take the day off work, if necessary, so I hope we find this out in a timely manner. As you said, it's the most anticipated release in film history, I truly believe that as well. (Source: Eileen) (SuperShadow: The release date was moved up to May 21, 1999.)

I was so sorry to hear about your latest troubles with Lucasfilm. Sad, 'cause we all love that guy so much for giving us Star Wars, and yours seems to be a VERY difficult and narrow tight-rope to walk. I can't tell you how much I appreciate and have been most impressed with your efforts. You have done an incredible job at striking the exact right balance of prequel-related news and, at the same time, avoiding any major spoilers that only you and the man himself seem to be privy to. The reason that I am writing now is to clarify some issues in yourlatest e-mail.

While the now infamous "ticket-price-hike rumor" is not a rumor that is particularly plot-sensitive, it is curious that George hasn't simply plugged the 'leak' in his tight ship if he is so pissed off. (i.e.. find your informant and 'whack' him! :)) Surely this would make more sense than censoring your page! OK, to be serious here: What are the ramifications as far as your sources and the future of your site are concerned? Let's be blunt, if your page has alluded George's attention until now, surely his first action will be to find your sources and fire these poor people! Bad for us, yes -- but TERRIBLE for them! I hope and pray that this will nothappen.

Also, this business of removing some archived posts has left me baffled. Surely he isn't thinking to remove any spoiler info! Doing so would only tell us which info was really accurate unless he meant to mislead us -- in which case there seems to be little reason to do it that way, since we don't really know what's accurate in the first place, right? Seems like a childish and time-consuming exercise in subterfuge. Since we all know George to not be childish, and obviously he's got a lot on his plate right now in terms of how much time he and his staff have....why would he mess with this?? Of course, you may not be able to answer these questions without revealing too much about your sources and I can fully appreciate their need for anonymity.

Thanks for taking the time to consider all of this, I am aware that it is rather more verbose than much of what is posted on the rumors page. Hang in there you guys, your fans aren't going to bail! I'll look forward to having some, if not all, of my fears assuaged. Until then I'll simply remain, (Source: eyegore ps. Man, why on earth did Krista write in all caps??? :) ) (SuperShadow: For good reasons, there are certain aspects about the internal workings of Lucasfilm that George and his handlers do not want released to the public. It reflects bad on George if you have to pay more to see Ep. 1 than other movies next summer. It makes George look greedy. But he's not. If he were greedy, he would have already made 10 Star Wars films by now and could have run the franchise into the ground. George is the coolest man alive.)

Man I just got ur email about the censorship of ur site now, and I guess all i can say is, "THAT ____S"!!!!!! But anyway I hope u can at least post some kewl stuff anyway, and for what it's worth, I really do enjoy your site, HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!! (Source: AstroCowboy) (SuperShadow: George has the right to control the information that is released about Ep 1. I respect his wishes and will not post anything that he wishes to remain secret, but it's hard to know exactly what he wants kept confidential if he doesn't explain to you what specifically cannot be posted. It can be frustrating.)

You guys really are the number one source for prequel rumors. No other site even comes clost to your sites amazing contents! Don't ever leave us! (Source: Tommy Ines) (SuperShadow: We were one of the first half-dozen sites dedicated solely to the prequels and we will probably be the last one standing by the Summer of 2005.)

Thank you for the courteous explanation of why there were no more updates... Do the "powers that be", as you call them, really believe that fans didn't already know and expect the price hike of tickets ? I have so far accepted and understood Lucas' attempt to keep all info. confidential. But this is absurd. It's beyond ridiculous. There is no reason why he couldn't release a trailer, or at least the damn title...Fans are getting upset. Now he has to take away the one thing that could hold us over til the release ???? I LOVE any and all things Star Wars. But this is all becoming an enormous headache. And there's still 9 months to go..... Thanks for allowing me to vent. (Source: Dallace Brooks) (SuperShadow: 100% of Star Wars and Lucasfilm belongs to George. If he tells me jump, I beg his forgiveness for not knowing he wanted me to jump before he asked me to jump. George is the law and whatever he says goes. No questions asked.)

I never finnished high school, can bairely reed buts would love to work at ilm can you get me a job? ONe htat pais a hole lot preferably. (Source: Trucender) (SuperShadow: No one starts off at the top. You have to work your way up at some fly-by-night effects firm and then hope that you exhibit exceptional skills that warrant a job offer from ILM. We are the few, the proud, the ILMers. Work hard and always reach for the stars.)

tell the man that he can't stir too much ____ about this or we will conspire to wait till memorial day and cheat him 10%. yeah right. no seriously if he thinks this little lapse in don't poo poo me or my movie we could always talk about how much money he will make from the merchandising of this film. the next robber baron to be bashed like gates. perhaps you could tell him that you would talk to the justice dept. about his star wars monopoly on ep i. more to follow on (to) other things. until then again finn.slan go foill, (Source: PANLIBERATUS) (SuperShadow: LOL. I'm sure George will love to hear that one. LOL. In fairness to George, Bill Gates has about $ 50 billion while George only has about $ 2 billion. Personally, I'd rather own the rights to Star Wars than the Windows software and Microsoft OS.)

I am too lazy to copy all these files can you please attach all html files as text and email them back to me at the following email address, I have some space on Tripod. I will put up a mirror site there for you. That way there is a least a record of all your hard work guys! (Source: Bemis) (SuperShadow: I'm too lazy to send you those files. LOL)

If old Lucas doesn't use the Kiberr Chrystal in the prequels I am going to be miffed. It's a cool ideas. It would explain what gave Palpatine to deceive everyone and rise to leader of the Republic. The chystal would also give him the power to thrash all those Jedi. (Source: Elm Elmer) (SuperShadow: At the end of ROTJ: Special Edition (and I have said this a thousand times before), during the brief scene on Coruscant, the people knock over a statue of the Emperor which has an orb grasped in his right hand. Is this the fabled Kiber Chrystal? Is it a red herring? What is the significance of this spherical object?)

BEST E-MAIL COMMENT OF THE DAY: It seems weird to me that Fett doesn't take his/her helmet off during the Jabba Palace scenes. Why wear the mask at all? Fett's hiding his/her true identity. Fett is not the person that everyone thinks that he is. By keeping the mask on Fett, Lucas has left his option wide open in the prequels. Your theory about a female Fett is probably right on the money. (Source: The Force of One) (SuperShadow: Exactly! Fett's identiy is clouded in mystery because he/she always wears the mask. Fett might wear the mask all the time just to keep up his/her fierce image. Regardless of Fett's motivations for always wearing the mask, it gives Lucas the perfect means to surprise us. What would be cooler than seeing Fett remove the mask to reveal a beautiful female face and long golden-locks of hair like Star Trek Voyager's 7 of 9. Of course, we might find out that George has always envisioned Fett as two Jawas standing on top of each other inside that cool Mandalore armor. Give us a hint, George!!)

Lucky, lucky. It must be heaven working for Lucasfilm. (Source: Aaron Little) (SuperShadow: Tell me about it.)

I'm new to the internet and thought starwars fan websites all sucked until I found yours. (Source: X-Force fan) (SuperShadow: We are pretty cool!)

My father just told me this story. He wears SW ties to work so one of his co-workers who he kind of knows came up to him and told him this story. His co-workers brother (so thats my fathers coworkers brother. Now thats a Spaceballs relationship if I ever heard one) is an artist and was hired to paint a big mural of all the new Star Wars Prequels toys. Ever time the brother artist left the place they searched him to make sure he didn't take any reference pcitures or anything at all. And when he was done with this masterpiece the execs came and saw it and decided they didn't like the colors. So they painted over the whole thing to keep it from being seen. Now that ____s. You would think they could have just locked it away or something. Oh well. When Lucasfilm says security is tight, its tight. Well thats my story. Keep up the good work!! (Source:- D Starkill) (SuperShadow: It seems very hard to find a person whose life has NOT been touched by Star Wars.)

Attention-- prequel trailer to be with Star Trek 9. (Source: Trekster) (SuperShadow: Thanks for the tip. We'll keep it on file.)

Your script is pretty good. When can we expect scripts for the next two episodes? (Source: Gillian Anderson) (SuperShadow: At the present moment, I don't plan to ever write scripts for Ep 2 or 3. I'm going to post George's scripts instead. Just kidding.)

I did think of some thing funny though . Clinton did tell the truth from a certian point of view. sorry I had to say it. (Source: JediSusan) (SuperShadow: Maybe, since both Clinton and Kenobi like to "fudge" the truth, we should all start calling him Obi-Wan Clinton?)

I'm going to be starting my own website with a domain name and need someone to run my prequel section. I would be willing to give you unlimited space and other perks. Would you be interested? (Source: Mack) (SuperShadow: We have a zillion links pointing to this location at the moment and can't afford to move. Thanks for your kind offer we may take you up on it one day! You're too kind.)

Can you please send me a zipped version of your site? I would really appreciate it. (There is just so much to your great site.) Can you please send me the Java Class or Applet that you used for yourcountdown? (Source: Wormie Boogoo) (SuperShadow: Cut and paste anything you want from my site. Everything is free for the taking on the internet. We live in the days of old like the Vikings who use to constantly plunder and purloin the riches of Great Britain. Just give me credit or a link back if you use it on a website unless your name is George Lucas.)

Cool site. (Source: Sill) (SuperShadow: Thanks.)

The new film is never going to get here. By here I mean, New Zealand! (Source: Wallaby Downs) (SuperShadow: At least you got Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) to stare at! Va Va Va Voom!)

I'm knee deep in your email, but I promise to give you all a personal reply and to post your email as soon as possible! As always, I remain your friend in the Force!

Friday, August 14, 1998

I really enjoyed TK 421's most recent post and Shadow's comments. One question: If Alderaan is Naboo, it seems VERY unlikely that, in spite of whatever reservations Vader may have of going back to Tatooine or Alderaan (for painful memories etc.) Palpatine or another henchman would pretty easily have found Leia if she was hidden on Padme's homeworld. Royalty hides less well within the same, or other royal familes. I'd venture a guess that, if this hypothesis is true (ie. Naboo=Alderaan, and Leia is hidden there successfully) then perhaps Vader/Anakin and the Emporer did not know that Padme ever had any children! Speculations anyone? (Source: Eyegore)(SpyLord: I read Tk421 post and Shadow's comment and it does seem interesting and plausible that Naboo (a silly name in my o-p-i-n-i-o-n) could be Alderaan. In ROTJ, Vader learns about Leia's existence only when he is able to eaves drop on Luke's feelings for her. Neither, Vader nor Palpatine knew that Luke had a twin sister. This logically explains why Leia was able to hid in complete safety on Padme's homeworld of Alderaan. Have we figured out something about the prequel that we shouldn't have? I sure hope so!)

I doubt that Boba Fett could be the Samuel L Jackson Jedi Master character. Boba fett, using all those weapons? Almost getting his head taken off by Luke? (Source: ObiClone)(SpyLord: I think Shadow was joking when he made that statement. Shadow can be very sarcastic at times . . . It is unlikely that Fett would have fallen prey to the Sarlacc so easily if he were a former Jedi Master. Jackson is almost certainly not Fett! No offense, Shadow, if you were being serious.)

According to supershadow, Boba is female, R5 sucks, Naboo = Alderaan, he/she has posted the script to the prequel . . . Lucas wears expensibe Air Jordans . . . I can't wait for May 21 so that all this rumor stuff will be over!! (Source: Ralston)(SpyLord: It will only be over for EP 1! Just imagine how many crazy, wild and downright absurd rumors that will be created while we wait three years for EP 2 to hit the movie chains! It is going to be worse than Chinese water torture, listening to David Hasselhoff records and watching Jackie Chan do his own stunts!)

The story (KOTR prequel script) is too long and stupid!!!!!! Fools, you do not know how stupid your story is! (Source: Grand Admiral E.)(SpyLord: How do you like that comment, Shadow! This SW fan isn't exactly heralding you as the next Shakespeare . . . Don't take Shadow's EP 1 script so serious! It's just his version (and it's not the only stupid thing Shadow has ever written!))

According to what I have read on this site lately, I'm going to have to wait in line for hours to buy a ticket. When I buy the ticket, it is going to cost me about as much as a used Yugo. Then, popcorn and drinks will force me to get a second mortgage on my house. And finally, I will be spending my kids college fund on prequel collectibles. (Source: Earvin Meyers)(SpyLord: I have only one response: WHY DIDN'T I CREATE STAR WARS? ARRGH!)

I don't appreciate your horrible mocking of my scripts. I might just sue. (Source: George Lucas)(SpyLord: This is great! Someone else who has the guts to criticize Shadow's prequel script. All right! I'll join the bandwagon . . . Shadow, don't quit your day job . . . after saying that, I bet Shadow won't ask me to post the email anymore [sly grin])

This place is pure genius! Awesome sources and you guys are funny as all get out . . . This place really brightens up the day! Thanx and stay with us forever! (Source: Random)(SpyLord: With that kind of compliment, we're not going any where!!)

Hey Supershadow! You're prequel script ain't half bad. Of course, it's not half good either, but at least you put forth the effort and actually wrote it! That's more than what most of us can say. You haven't failed until you stop trying! (Source: Jason Overfield)(SpyLord: O.K., Socrates. We thank you for your words of philosophical wisdom! :) )

I think that your plot is weak, your characters poor, and your style is horrible. (Source: Michael Stackpole)(SpyLord: I'm not making these cut downs up, Shadow! For some reason, the last few people are of the opinion that your prequel script BITES!!! . . . Let's hope Shadow passes on writing a script for EP 2.) (SuperShadow: Hey, that's enough SuperShadow roasting for one day if you don't mind, friend . . . You sure as hoth ain't acting like no friend. I don't have time for this . . . It's obvious that the same person is sending in these cutdowns of my prequel script . . . It is one of the best written scripts of the 20th century.)

It seems that in the first prequel we will learn that Chewbacca is a member of the Galactic Senate. Mark my words this is one rumor I can vouch for. (Source: Tingle Forge)(SpyLord: That would be cool. What a great idea? This would be a great addition to Chewie's background. Chewie was once a politician. A high roller in the politics of the Old Republic. Chewie, your one sly dog . . . or Wookie I mean.....)

The Bible tells about the breaking of seven Seals before the Apocalypse. Indy finds a brass tablet relic, telling the location of the first seal. He finds that a seal is broken sequentially by some means (Monastic order/mechanism/power of God?), after a period of 5,000? years, and the location of the next seal. Indy meets a madman (Nazi/some semi-immortal man who witnessed the breaking of one seal and is on a deranged quest to break the last seal(s)?) bent on (Holding the world ransom/Killing everyone/Bringing a hell on earth/Apocalypse now?) by breaking the seal prematurely. Now Indy and -of course Sallah- are racing against time to stop the madman before it is too late (Source: Jeremy Parker)(SpyLord: Alright, I got something to say. It's better than a burn out. Just say the word . . . ooops, that's the words to a Def Leppard song. Sorry. I was day dreaming while I was typing. It won't happen again.)

Where is my twin sister? Twins seem to run in my family. (Source: Anakin)(SpyLord: It has long been rumored that Beru Lars (Luke's aunt) might be Anakin's sister. Perhaps even his twin sister . . . Is this true? Man, don't ask me. It's hard to believe that everybody is related to everybody in the Star Wars galaxy. The Skywalkers pretty much dictated the history of the galaxy. Anakin destroyed the Jedi and Luke destroyed the Empire. Those Skywalker men are pretty durn dangerous!)

Finally! Finally! I have found a kewl prequel page to call my home each and every day after the new school year. All I think about all day at school is coming home so I can check out your great work! No rumors from me today! (Source: Zilge)(SpyLord: We're here for ya!)

I had a dream last nite about the prequel. I dreamed the whole movie . . . Guess what? In my dream, 3PO was a Jedi Knight. He was anything, but wimpy . . . He was the coolest character in the whole durn film. His voice was just like Harrison Ford's! (Source: Charles V.)(SpyLord: Is that the surprise that George has in store for us? Do we get to see Jedi droids in EP 1 . . . nah! Surely not! Force-sensitive droids? You never know until ya know I guess.)

Is it true that Samuel L Jacksonīs character, retired Jedi-master Mace Windu is a slimy Hutt? I thank the make each day for your site because I don't have many friends. You guys fill the void I sometimes feel. You guys are great!!!!! (Source: Pruneface)(SpyLord: We're a ray of sunshine . . . A light beam of hope on a darkened isle of despair . . . Hang on for one more day cause don't you know things will change. So hold on for one more day!!)

With your site, it's like Christmas 365 days a year! What more could a warsie ask for? Yippee! (Source: Dentman)(SpyLord: Settle down them horses, Dent. I'm sure the team is glad to know that they have to update 365 days a year. The endless grind continues . . . back to the salt mines!)

If episode II is anything like how you described episode I, then it should be awesome! I loved how that script was put together,but I have 1 question. That is, "Are we possibly going to see what happened to Anakin's mother (Schmi)? (Source: Jarod Dittman)(SpyLord: You might find this hard to believe, but George isn't letting me see the rough edit of EP 1 . . . which means I have absolutely no idea what happens to Shmi . . . other than the fact that she survives EP 1. Oooops! That was a spoiler wasn't it. Well, now you know!)

When you watch Palpatine in slow motion during his scenes in ROTJ, you can see this hump on his back that makes a funny movement. Is it possible that Palpatine has some kind of symbiotic organism or creature that lives on or in a hump on his back? (Source: James)(SpyLord: Let me think about this one real hard and long: NO!!!!!!!)

in the episode one pic, liam neeson is shown with his hair pulled back and sporting a beard but I recently saw a magazine article on episode one with a pick of liam clean shavin and with semi long hair, but not pulled back (Source: Thiefbaggins)(SpyLord: Liam appears in the film in the same manner as he looks on the EP 1 pic. He sort of reminds me of Errol Flynn. Hope you know who Flynn is . . . as in: in like Flynn. Never mind. Forget it. Errol Flynn was an actor who has been dead for 30 years of more. Nobody remembers him these days. How sad . . . he was a great actor. Grandpa use to describe watching Flynn do all kinds of adventurous things at the Saturday morning matinee. The golden age of film is what he called it. The golden age of film . . . )

My cousing has a friend whose girlfriend works as a receptionist at a company that made the architectural designs for Skywalker Ranch. This has absolutely nothing to do with the prequels and is really kind of meaningless. But it's as close as I will ever get to Skywalker Ranch. (Source: Justin Gathers)(SpyLord: You never know. One day you might end up working on the Sequel Trilogy in the year 2047 . . . As long as one dream stays alive, then the Universe can remain in peace and harmony. Listen to your heart.)

It would be cool if ole Lucas would make a real cheap and low-budget live-action TV show like the Power Rangers. It would cost nothing to produce and Lucas could make another billion dollars by just stamping the episode one logo on it . . . Let me know when Lucas starts mailing my share of the royalties and I want a percentage of the syndication revenues too!! (Source: Howie's Playhouse)(SpyLord: Everybody has their hand out these days . . . There must be a million screen writers in Hollywood who will work for residuals. What is the world coming to?)

The date is set May 21st, not May 25th. (Source: Goldenboy)(SpyLord: So we're too lazy to change the official release date . . sue us why don't you?)

George Lucas should copy something from the film, Beastmaster. In the Beastmaster, the hero has a sidekick that is a black panther. It would be mackin' if Anakin had a pet black panther! (Source: Evercloth)(SpyLord: A day late and a dollar short . . . where were you when George was writing the script? Maybe, he'll add your idea to EP 2.)

I've seen some early designs for Darth Vader's mask in SW art books like The Art of Star Wars. Since the flannel one (Lucas) finds it literally and figuratively impossible to abandon an idea. I think these conceptual drawings will be what we see in the third prequel. Cha-ching! (Source: Little 'Un)(SpyLord: Don't get cocky, kid! George is full of surprises.)

We're having a celebrity auction at school. I need something to give the school to auction. I was wondering if Mr. Lucas has time to sign 400 baseballs for this charitable event. (Source: Rager Jedi)(SpyLord: George would love nothing more than to spend all day siging baseballs, but unfortunately he is spending about 10 hours a day working on a little film project.)

Are you guys going to give anything special to the person who sends in the one millionth prequel rumor? (Source: The Guardian)(SpyLord: We're planning to give that person an all-expensive paid trip to Skywalker Ranch to have a private screening of Episode 1 with Cameron Diaz . . . Keep sending in those rumors! Only 983,783 more rumors to go until we have a winner!!!)

Face it, Shadow. R5-D4 is going to be seen in the background of every other scene in the prequel. In fact. Lucas is probably personally over seeing the computer-generated R5. (Source: OilyChill)(SpyLord: I don't understand what Shadow has against R5 . . . after all, R5 was the most important character in the classic trilogy. If R5 hadn't had a bad motivator, then R2 would have been stuck with the Jawas and the stormtroopers would have captured R2. And the rebel base would have been destroyed. End of the Star Wars saga and no ESB or ROTJ. Thank you, R5! I'm going to runout to Toymart and buy a dozen R5 action figures! You should too!!)

Well, that's all for this edition. This was the first time I answered your email (as if you couldn't tell). Hope I didn't bore anyone to sleep! Meet you there!

Thursday, August 13, 1998

When Obi Wan talks to Luke he says Vader is more "machine" than I have figured out who Anakins father really is...........its R5-D4!.......i can just picture the script now......(R5-D4:Anakin, your father! Anakin:NOOOOOO!).............I also believe that we may see a Force trained R5-D4 unit.....maybe the unit would even become the hero and end the clone wars,hehe. SuperShadow can only hope. (Source: Barry)(SuperShadow: Real funny. Real, real funny. The march towards Ep 1 seems to be taking forever. R5-D4. Why did it have to be R5?!?!?)

My sources say C-3PO used to be an assasin droid. He was one of the most feared droids in the galaxy. When C-3PO is captured, he is reprogrammed to be a whinny wimp. It is the ultimate humiliation. This certainly changes my view of the original trilogy. (Source: Ska)(SuperShadow: Whose your source True Fan? ROTFLMAO. Just kiddin' with you. That would certainly be a cool origin for 3PO to have and would definately change our perception of the classic trilogy. I like this rumor!)

Some people say that Grand Admiral Evax, the head of intelligence, will lead the imperial fleet to defeat the republic through assasination and restore order to the galaxy (Source: Serene)(SuperShadow: I'll take your word for it. Actually, I have never heard of Evax, but then again I don't read the novels.)

Why is it that every time George Lucas reveals something about the prequels you guys start ridiculous rumors . . . For example, Lucas admits that Fett will not be in the prequel, but will instead appear in a prominent role in episode two . . . Two seconds later, Shadow starts the rumor that Fett has to be female or else Lucas wouldn't bother with Fett. Have you read the script to Ep. 2? No. Lucas hasn't even written it yet. Face it. Lucas is going to use the history that already exists for Fett. Fett is Jaster Mareel, exiled warrior from Concord Dawn. Simply has that. (Source: Ranger X)(SuperShadow: Let's see who has more pull with George you or me . . . I'll spend the next few months begging George to make Fett a female. Mark my words when Fett takes off her helmet in Ep. 2, you are going to be shocked at what you see!)

Is it possible that you are a member of the Lucasfilm disinformation conspiracy that has been a blight on the net since day one. (Source: Veer's a-go-go)(SuperShadow: No. Why would LFL have a disinformation agenda when the fans create dozens and dozens of false rumors each day. If you don't believe me, then search the Internet for prequel rumors. You'll be knee deep in B.S. within minutes!)

Do you know the cast? (Source: Rosro)(SuperShadow: CLICK HERE to go to a link that will show who is a member of the cast for Ep. 1)

shadow rulz! Luv this site! Don't ever go away! I hope Kenner makes your action figure! (Source: Marga)(SuperShadow: Having my own action figure would rule. Instead of R5 acting as the designated shelf warmer, my figure could quickly take that position. Who would buy a SuperShadow action figure? What would it look like? No one knows what I look like. Hint: Imagine a young, good-looking version of Mel Gibson.)

Hey great site Shadow!!! Do you know what the final battle scene will be like at the end of Ep 1? I have heard that it would be the underwater battle. But I am not sure. (Source: Steve Soltis)(SuperShadow: There is a handful of individuals working on the final battle sequence at ILM. That sequence is ultra-top secret. You would have an easier time finding Mulder's office at the FBI than discovering what the final battle sequence is going to be. What I can tell you is that it is a "type" of battle that has never been done before. Now you have something to REALLY think about!!)

If an asteroid were heading to earth and would definately destroy the earth on Jan. 1, 1999. Would Lucas move up the release date of the prequel so we could see it prior to meeting out maker? (Source: Tony Robbins)(SuperShadow: No prob. ILM would have to work double-shifts, 24 hours-a-day, but the film could be completed sufficiently to be released by the end of November!! It might not look as good as it would if it came out next May, but something is better than nothing.)

How many different kinds of weapons do the Jedi use? (Source: Richard H.)(SuperShadow: You're asking the wrong guy. I haven't a clue. No one except George and his inner circle know EVERYTHING about Ep. 1.)

Please tell me that todays response is a rumor...we have to cough up 10 bucks for the first weekend???? I for one will wait a week. I for one think that stinks major ewok doo-doo. Please say your kidding (Source: Francis)(SuperShadow: Sorry, that is NO joke. Higher ticket prices occurred at many theaters in 1983 with the release of ROTJ and it will happen again next May. The demand for Ep 1 is going to be inelastic for the first week end so theater owners can charge whatever they want. If you won't pay 10 bucks, there are millions of others who gladly will. Economics sucks sometimes, but that's life!!)

In the prequels, I think that C3-P0 will be completely silver. I have no idea how else his appearance will be changed, but since one of his legs is silver in the Trilogy, it seems reasonable to assume in the Prequels he might be completely silver. Also, if Boba Fett does turn out to be a girl, it might be a little disapointing, but all things considered, I think it will make the Star Wars universe just that much more exciting. Just think about the posibilities -- if Han Solo does indeed have a history with Fett, I can see a torrid romance between them... maybe.

If this is so, then the significance of Fett helping the Empire and Jabba the Hutt hunt down Han is very interesting. If they had parted on bad terms when Han knew her as a woman, and not as the bounty hunter Fett.... Well, would you like to have your ex carrying a big gun and hunting for you? Han would not know that Fett was actually his former flame, of course. Those are just my thoughts, and I would really like it if you would post them this time.... you guys are definetely the best. (yes, I'm flattering you so you'll post my rumor!!) Keep up the good work! (Source: Jain Hollie)(SuperShadow: 3PO certainly could be silver since no one has any idea what he looks like except for a select few at Lucasfilm . . . Your comments on Fett being a female are very interesting and would certainly add to the depth of the Star Wars saga. 95% of the complaints about making Fett a female come from the guys who have Fett posters on their walls and are breathlessly anticipating this Halloween so that they can dress up like Fett for a day and not get laughed at . . . P.S. I think your rumor about 3PO being silver was posted a few days ago :) )

Now that "Episode I" has an official release date, how long 'til George lets loose of the title? Do we see Kashyyyk (the Wookiee planet) in the prequels? That would be choice! In "Episode III", do Anakin and Obi- Wan have their legendary lightsaber duel on the planet Dagobah? This would seem to make some sense... (Source: Dave Grate)(SuperShadow: The title will probably not be released for a few months (November most likely) However, George could wake up tomorrow and tell Marc Hedlund (the guy who runs internet operations for Lucasfilm) to post the title . . . If Kashyyyk appears in the prequels, it will have to be 2 or 3 cause it is absent from Ep. 1 . . . Your Dagobah rumor is interesting. Maybe, the cave on Dagobah contains a molten lava pit which Anakin falls into during his legendary duel with Obi-Wan. We'll just have to wait until Ep. 3 to find out!!)

I can't believe I found this site . . . Star Wars has never looked so cool! Great prequel story! (Source: Jedirocker)(SuperShadow: You're too kind. Much too kind.)

Anyone who thinks that episode one is not going to kick rear is living in a fantasy world . . . episode one is going to make twice as much money as Titanic! (Source: Morrison)(SuperShadow: Let's hope you're right!)

I was hoping to get any of your feelings (truths lol) regarding why I heard Harrison Ford was doing reshoots with lucas. I had heard that a special edition of the Indiana Jones movies may come out soon with new added footage that required Harrison to do some filming. Any truth to this or too much to reveal? Thanks and by the way very cool how you allow us to help you leak some possible info!!

Groovy Baby ..yeah bye, bye. (Source: Sorcan)(SuperShadow: Well, I can tell you that Harrison Ford has not shot any Indy Jones footage since his guest spot on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles a few years ago. Ford has not shot any "new" footage for an Indiana Jones special edition . . . There are some scenes from the Indiana Jones Trilogy that ended up on the editing room floor because George chose not to insert those scenes into the films. These scenes may or could be added to the special editions . . . Lucasfilm is contemplating what to do for the 20th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which will be 2001. A theatrical release of a special edition of the Indy Jones Trilogy is not out of the question. The problem is whether George will have enough time in between the productions of Ep. 1 and 2 to work on the special editions . . . George also hopes to produce Indy 4 prior to the release of Ep. 2 in 2003. We'll just have to wait and see!! It's a great time to be alive!!)

I have something to say about that "script" of the first hour that was sent in the other says at the end "One of the jedi feels responsible for Anakin and offers him to train him in the force. He agrees, just to have the chance to seek revenge for the death of his beloved mother one day. ".........this is not possible george dosent want the jedis to be known for revenge,that is something of the dark side and it is understood that anakin first serves the light side before his fall to the dark side........and would any jedi be willing to train someone who is in it for revenge.......

I think they would be able to tell.........well,thats only a hypothetical answer to a ridicoulous plot.........when are you people going to learn that there is no way we are going to get hold of the script unless your name is George Lucas.....dont be so naive, George has a suprise for everyone and the only accurate info that isnt on are just lucky guesses.......while there are probably people somewhere from lucasfilm that are open to giving info.......which i may be wrong to say so, I dont believe that they even know what they are talking about,why do you seem so eager to figure the plot would just ruin a movie we have been waiting many years to see.

ps. Long Live R5-D4........SuperShadow,im glad you liked my conclusion about who anakins father really is,HAHA!!!..........keep up the good writing R5-D4 Wars.......ill send it,tell me what you think of it. (Source: Barry)(SuperShadow: Yeah, the people who write these fake rumors always shoot themselves in the foot. If the person hadn't used revenge in the context of the Jedi, then it would have been more believable. Oh, well, you can't win them all. Barry, thanks for letting us know it was just make believe. I can hear George laughing while I am typing this . . . For the love of Pete, R5-D4 Wars!! Don't say that too loud or the folks over there at Lucas Licensing will assign Kevin J. Anderson to write a novel about the adventures of everyone's fave red astromech droid . . . )

I love Star Wars more than anything. (Source: Kassar)(SuperShadow: Us too!)

Thanx for dropping by. Send me some rumors and come back tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

I am EXTREMELY interested in a career at Industrial Light and Magic, but i would like to contact George Lucas and ask him several questions about ILM. I was wondering if you had George Lucas' e-mail address or a regular street address. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Source: Mirage)(SuperShadow: Visit

All hail Dark Side Rumors. Thank the maker for you guys! Star Wars on the net would suck without you cool dudes! (Source: Shinge)(SuperShadow: We'll try to keep up the good work!)

Fett as a woman is not such a bad idea. Consider the possibilities (plot twists) when his/her? identity is finally revealed. A good point was raised recently in response to Fetts' apparent "Mack Daddy Vibe" for the ladies in ROTJ (SE), maybe she was trying to throw the "bet you can't guess my gender" curve ball... or maybe she just likes women! Who cares? Too many people appear to be assuming that the characters in the SW universe have hang-ups about women being more than a "damsel in distress". I'll do ya one better, wouldn't it be something if G. Lucas decided to sprinkle a few female Jedi into the mix? Besides all that, what use would it be for G. Lucas to create a predictable film? Further more, with all the secrecy and the 1 in 10 chance of actual truth being posted on the net. . . I'm inclined to believe that we'll be in for some even bigger "Jedi Mind Tricks" once the popcorn gets buttered. Either way you slice it up, I've always found that "Hell hath no fury..." (Source: Will Gaines)(SuperShadow: kewl)

Just wanted to tell you what a great site you guys have. It has everything except for pics. Give us some pics! (Source: Jor Gill)(SuperShadow: Eon is working on a prequel pic page for the site or at least he/she/what claims to be working on one . . . We'll have some cool pics for you soon.)

I hear that young Anakin will visit a planet of small billy goat things. Is this true? (Source: Needhama)(SuperShadow: According to George, that rumor is 115% true. Durn, how do you kids get these leaks? I guess George is going to have to tighten security even further. Stop trying to spoil the movie for everyone!)

What kind of shoes does George Lucas wear to work? (Source: Quentin C.)(SuperShadow: $ 175.00 Air Jordans.)

My mom is divorces and since you said Lucas is divorced. I thought maybe you could introduce my mom to him. (Source: Billy Sims)(SuperShadow: Shadow as match maker. Sounds tempting, but George doesn't need me to find him a girl friend. For some reason a billionaire bachelor has no problem with the girls. If you know what I mean (wink)(wink) . . . )

Since you cut my last letter down to oblivian, I will make this brief.

Star Wars: 3 movies = 500,000 action figures, ____ cartoon series. George Lucas makes Gene Roddenberry look like a fool. (Source: Bobba Fett)(SuperShadow: I agree with you that Star Trek = Star Sucks. Star Trek 9 will be lucky to earn $ 80 million at the box office. Ep 1 might make that much in its first weekend! Trekkies suck. Pardon my French. I just had to get that off my chest.)

I sure hope that George Lucas is going to put a space battle in the prequel that makes the one at Endor look like crap. Make sure that we get to see thousands of ships on the screen at the same time blowing each other to oblivion. Also, name one of the ships Toki if you don't mind. (Source: Toki)(SuperShadow: You'll get to see some dogfights in Ep 1. Will these fights eclipse the climatic battle seen at the end of ROTJ? You'll just have to pay your $ 10.00 to find out next May . . . Yes, theater owners are going to charge extra for those of us who want to go see Ep 1 during the first weekend next year.)

All of you are wrong.......with careful study of how fett tries to pick up on the dancers and other things left unsaid I have come to the assumption that Boba Fett is 3 miniature Yodas, 2 Ugnaughts and one R5-D4 unit (hence that may be how supershadow thinks HE is female....but it looks like HE still prefers women). (Source: Barry)(SuperShadow: Thanx for settling that for us, Barry.)

I can't get over how terrific this site is. Obviously, some hard work has gone into it. I would like to visit ILM some time in the future. Would you mind if I came by with my video camera? (Source: Old Yella)(SuperShadow: Not a good idea. If you came near ILM with a video camera, you would like be shot on sight. Sorry.)

I don't know if you know anything about the guy who runs the Prequel Watch, but does he post false rumors on purpose to fool us. Is he a part of the Lucasfilm disinformation? (Source: Eco Gekko)(SuperShadow: The guy who "runs" the PW is named Carl Cunningham and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He doesn't post false information on purpose. It's not his fault. He simply doesn't have any good sources at Lucasfilm so he is forced to post whatever is sent to him. Kind of sad.)



There's only one kind of creatures that I will be dissappointed if they do not appear in Ep 1. And that is the Ewoks. Surely, back in the days of the Old Republic the Great Ewoks were once members of the Galactic Senate. Then, after Palpatine came in to power they had to go into hiding on a primitive moon. We should see several dozen Ewoks on Coruscant. It should be great!! (Source: Perciful)(SuperShadow: I sure hope you are being sarcastic. No one in their right mind wants to see a bunch of those d#mn teddy bears in Ep 1. I hope you don't know something that I don't know. You're scaring me.)

Hey, I'm going to be buying a kewl domain name and would like to host your site. It would be for free. (Source: Ang Toovil)(SuperShadow: Sorry. We can't accept your offer. We'll keep you on the list of possible places that we may move the site to. Good luck with your domain!)

I was trying various urls to see what domain names are taken. i found it interesting that is a page that was "intentionally left blank" and that when I tried to go to it took me to the official star wars site, (Source: Geri)(SuperShadow: I guess I should buy and then sell it to George for a million bucks. Thanx, you just made me even richer!)

Shadow rules! (Source: Oregon Gunner)(SuperShadow: OK.)

I heard that the obi-wan kenobi in the movies was really a clone from the clone wars and that his clone designation was OB1. (Source: Churchhill)(SuperShadow: That rumor is false. Absolutely false. It is simply not true. Further, it's incorrect.)

Have you seen any of the merchandise that will be coming out with Ep 1 next year? (Source: Larry Helms)(SuperShadow: Some Ep 1 "stuff" is floating around Lucasfilm although no one has bothered to offer me any of it. I do know that Lucas Licensing has approved a gazillion and one different products to come out with the prequel next year. You have no idea how many items are going to have the Ep 1 logo attached to them. It boggles the mind. The real money is in the merchandising and not the actual film. Kind of funny when you think about it.)

Shadow, do you know anything about Lucas' plans to do "Episode II" all digital? He had said he was planning this awhile back, and I was curious as to if it was still going to be done in this manner. If he does, this would be another huge step in the evolution of film -courtesy of George. Also, do we see Dagobah in any of the prequels? Is it possible that the "cave" that Luke went into in "Empire", is actually a Jedi or even better, a Sith Temple from the prequels? ("That place... is strong with the dark side of the Force.") Maybe Dagobah wasn't always the way it looked in "Empire" and "Jedi"... (Source: Dave Grate)(SuperShadow: George hopes to go 100% digital with Ep 2 . . . You won't get to see Dagobah until the end of Ep 3. You will learn a very clever reason as to why Yoda chooses to hide on Dagobah.)

I can't believe episode one is almost ready for release! The long years of torturous wait are almost over. Hooray! (Source: Will)(SuperShadow: Yeah, Ep 1 is almost here. But then we will have to wait 3 years for the release of Ep 2!!)

Your prequel story line is very impressive. Good job! (Source: Listless1523)(SuperShadow: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Thanx.)

That's all for today. C U tomorrow!!

Monday, August 10, 1998

I noticed a post a few days ago speculating that C-3P0 may not appear in Episode I. I think it is possible that this is true. I was just looking around the Officail site for the billionth time and noticed something. In the production updates it talks about some of the characters in EP I. It says that we will be revisiting some of the characters from the original trilogy. While it mentions Obi won, Yoda, R2, Jawas and Tusken Raiders, it makes no mention of 3PO. This has to mean something, a major character like 3PO simply couldnt be accidently left off of something like that. Just something to chew on. (Source: Jedi Bri)(SuperShadow: C-3PO's appearance in Ep 1 is being held completely in secret by George. What will 3PO look like? Will he sound the same? Who owns him? What will his role in the film be? George knows and you'll just have to wait until May 21, 1999 or perhaps much later to find out.)

I think Mark Hamill (Luke) should make a quest appearance in as a trainer in the final film. This would make a neat message. Thank you for filming the new film. I am so excited and I can not wait for the next wave. May the force be with you . . . I studied film and media in college. (Source: Tom Calandra)(SuperShadow: Maybe, we will see Hamill in some cameo role during the prequels . . . Hope you do well in the entertainment industry if you so choose to enter it as a career!! Good luck. And may hard work be with you.)

Iīve heard that Samuel L Jackson will play a Jedi Knight. (Source: Pruneface)(SuperShadow: Jackson plays the role of Mace Windu, Jedi Master, in Ep 1. His character does not die in the film and may return for brief appearances in Ep 2 and/or 3. Could Jackson possibly be Boba Fett?)

Star Wars is great and thank you. I would love to be a storm trooper or rebel fighter. (Source: Tommy-boy)(SuperShadow: It is unlikely that storm troopers will appear in the prequels (unless they appear in Ep 3) and there will be no rebel fighters in the prequels. It takes a while for Mon Mothma to start the rebellion after Ep 3.)

Your're a great writer. That prequel script rocked! (Source: Absalom)(SuperShadow: Thanx!)

If Fett is a woman, then the Queen turns out to be Mon Mothma and the Emperor turns out to be Qui-Gon Jinn. Fett can't be a woman. Lucas doesn't have the guts!!!! I hope . . . (Source: Gordan)(SuperShadow: Don't double dog dare George. He might just surprise you. Actually, the Queen turns out to be Aunt Beru and the Emperor turns out to be Salacious Crumb. Honest. No kiddin'.)

I just read the Dark Horse comic on Mara Jade. In one of the panels it has Mara Jade talking to Boba Fett when she is posing as a dancer for Jabba. Maybe she is the dancer we see Fett with in ROTJ SE? As for Fett's Idenity, maybe he/she/it turns out to be a modified R5-D4 unit just to spite SuperShadow (just kidding). If Fett turn's out to be a woman could she be Anakin's mom or someone related to him? Just an Idea for a Plot twist. (Source: Jetfire)(SuperShadow: If R5-D4 makes even a split seconds appearance in Ep 1, then George and I am going to come to blows and we will sit down together and peacefully edit that infernal droid from the film . . . If Fett is female, then maybe she has an affair with Anakin in Ep 3 that causes the Queen to leave Anakin. And with the Queen gone Fett lures Anakin to the dark side as Palpatine had planned all along.)

Earlier some people made comments on how Titantic is a better movie than Star Wars......this is ridicolous.... first of all ticket prices were different from now, thus allowing Titantic to make more money..... second of all George doesn't rely on big name stars that the only reason people go to see the movie is because of their pitiful obsessions with the actors (yes,Im talkin about you Leonardo Dicaprio)...and many "Titantic" action figures do you see hangin on the walls at stores........Myself and many others think when the prequels are released Titantic will be a bad memory. (Source: RedN)(SuperShadow: Titanic did not become the most successful film of all time because of Leonardo that's a myth. Titanic made Leonardo into a star who can now command $ 20 million per pic. How many box-office hits did Leonardo have coming into Titanic? None. Leonardo's the Man in the Iron Mask movie was released after Titanic and only made about $ 46 million in the U.S. It bombed. James Cameron is the reason that Titanic made over $ 1.7 billion worldwide. Leonardo was just along for the ride. When you adjust for inflation, Star Wars has made over $ 800 million in North America.)

STAR WARS IS THE GREATEST! (Source: Roswell 2)(SuperShadow: C.O.T.F.)

Do you might if I print off your page so I can give it to my friends who don't get the internet. (Source: Shannon R.)(SuperShadow: Fine with me. This is a huge site so I hope you have tons of paper!!)

Lets get something straight. You people are crazy if you think Lucus is going to consider any terrible star wars novel written by a third-rate hack while making episode 1. The only star wars that matters is the trilogy (special edition included). Lucus has said himself that this material is the only true star wars cannon. If the books were written by Lucus it would be an entirely different story. The books are just unoriginal fluff propagated to keep fans salivating. Does anyone out there think these novels are actually good? (Source: Kid with no Name)(SuperShadow: My job function is not to depend the stories that have spun out of publishing. However, George does love some of the characters, vehicles and other things that have been created by brilliant writers like Timothy Zahn, Steve Perry and Kevin J. Anderson. Whether you like it or not, you are going to see members of Thrawn and Xizor's race in the Galactic Senate. During the prequels you will see many "nods" given to the novels. The novels are responsible for rekindling the worldwide rebirth of the Star Wars phenomenon.)

You guys are awesome! I'm glad there's at least one prequel page that has kewl sources. Keep it comin . . . (Source: Kivorn)(SuperShadow: Our Lucasfilm sources make us the most envied prequel site in the SW universe. Other prequel web masters would kill to get our sources.)

Why are all the titles that people think up of of the prequel trilogy have the two words 'of the' in them, i.e. Child of the Force, Fall of the Jedi, etc. Doesn't anyone remember than only one of the original trilogy had those two words in a title (Return of the Jedi). Let's think more towards the titles Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

What's this ewok bashing I keep hearing of? Why do everyone hate the ewoks? These cute furry creatures won the battle because they've been battling 60 foot monsters and magical, jedi-like, beings for a VERY long time. Heck they might even have a jedi among them - Logray. They know their terrain and they know how to use it. These aren't some tame animal species, they're the dominant species of the moon of Endor. They're warriors.They kill to survive. These so-called 'legion of my best troops' on endor didn't stand a chance against the might of the entire Ewok tribe. (Source: Anditte)(SuperShadow: No one knows the title to Ep 1 except for George and Rick McCallum. George is going to surprise us . . . again. What I can tell you is that none of the titles that are circulating the Net will turn out to be the actual title of the film. But who does that surprise? . . . The only character I dislike more than the Ewoks is that dreadful R5-D4, whom George will undoubtedly insert in the film just to tick me off . . . please have mercy on me George!)

Supershadow are you going to be at the Los Angeles premiere of Ep 1? (Source: Kindred Run)(SuperShadow: No comment.)

I couldn't help but wonder that your page the perfect tool to spread disinformation. How much does Lucasfilm pay you to run this page, or is this done in-house? Is this page run by the so-called 'Bothan Spies'? (Source: Ryan)(SuperShadow: Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Yeah, George is paying me a zillion dollars a year to spread fake prquel gossip on the Internet . . . Do you have any idea how cheap George is? . . . Hey, and don't pick on the poor Bothan Spies they have enough problems as it is . . . where's my raise, George? Or at least I should get a bonus for all this hard labor. LOL. LOL. Geez. Now I'm being accused of being involved in a conspiracy with Lucasfilm. Better call Mulder and Scully. LOL . . . You can't prove a thing.)

If this is the real story for the Star Wars prequel will some please e-mail me at _____________. (Source: Darren)(SuperShadow: I hate to break it to you, D. But that ain't the actual script to Ep 1. I spent a few days gathering all the lame rumors posted about Ep 1 and thought it would be funny to write a script based on them. Knights of the Republic is just my fictional version of Ep 1. It may not be all that good, but I put my heart into it so be kind. 90% of it will turn out to be complete and utter rubbish.)

In a New Hope, Ben says that he first met Anikan when he was a great pilot. We all assumed he was talking about the Clone Wars maybe we were wrong. (Source: Harry)(SuperShadow: Since most of us have yet to lay eyes on the final film version of Ep 1, we just don't know yet. Do Obi-Wan and Anakin meet in Ep 1? Yes. Hence, this changes our perception of the classic trilogy because we all assumes that Obi-Wan and Anakin met when Anakin was a man. Instead, they actually met when Anakin was a nine-year-old kid. Did Obi-Wan ever tell the truth in the classic trilogy?)

What's the worst part about working on Ep 1? (Source: Randy P.)(SuperShadow: The work hours are extremely long . . . and the pay is OK I guess. Better than digging ditches. I guess.)

The lava story is true. (Obi-Wan knocks Anakin into a molten lava pool). (Source: Squealer)(SuperShadow: I'll believe it when I see it. Rick McCallum is very devious and tricky. One of the best producers in Hollywood. Ep 1 is cloaked in secrecy that is so tight that the generals at the Pentagon wet their pants just thinking about it.)

At my local theater, they didn't limit the number of tickets that you could buy in advance for the special editions. What's to keep some guy with $ 500 or so bucks from buying ALL the tickets for the first showing. Unless they limit ticket sells, the first person in line will get all the tickets! I'll have to kill somebody just to sneak in!! (Source: Chris)(SuperShadow: This is a potential problem. Your local theater will determine whether tickets will be sold in advance and will also determine how many tickets each person standing in line can buy. If the first person in line has enough money to buy out the first showing, do you think the theater is going to turn him or her down? Of course not. Many of the fans are going to get ripped. Nothing Lucasfilm can do about that. Sorry. Your're on your own! Good luck! Lots of good luck!)

I think I'm gonna cry. There isn't a THX theatre anywhere near where I live. I might have to drive and hour to New York City. And believe me I would. I read both Super Shadow and Vespon's opinions of the situation and my own opinion is somewhere in between. I just hope by some miraculous miracle that I will get to see Ep 1 before everyone starts telling me about it. Pray for me! (Source: Boba Fann)(SuperShadow: Whoa, don't panic! George is not limiting Ep 1 to just THX screening room. Any digital screening room is OK with George. Also, expect Ep 1 to play on the same screen that you saw the special editions played at in your home town. Don't worry. George won't make you drive to the Big Apple. You're in our prayers! Hope your able to get a ticket before July 1999!)

A BIG plot hole - Ben says he hid Luke and Leia from the Emperor in ROTJ. Fine...Luke goes to the backwater planet of Tatooine. Good idea. No one is going to look there. WHY does Leia go to a prominent planet to live with the ruling family??

Anakin and the Emperor do not know about Yoda, or they think he's dead. Vader always says "Obi Wan has taught you well." He never mentions Yoda.

Grand Moff Tarkin must be in the prequels. In ANH Vader says to Tarkin, "HE is here." To which Tarkin replies, "Obi Wan Kenobi? Surely he must be dead." Obviously Tarkin comes into contact with Obi Wan at some point.

I believe that A New Hope gives many clues to the prequels. Lucas has said that Episode 1-3 will cast a new light on the existing films. I have also heard that Lucas has hired someone to specifically make sure that the prequels fit the original three films (great job eh?).

I believe that the Millenium Falcon will be in the prequels, but it will have a different name. Someone pointed this out to me. Obi Wan says he has never heard of the Millenium Falcon. However, notice the look on his face when he sees the Falcon for the first time at Mos Eisley. He seems to recognize it. This may be pushing it, but Lucas has stated that he made the first films with the prequels in mind.

Finally, I feel that Uncle Owen is going to have a role in the prequels. A scene was cut from ROTJ where Obi Wan explains why he hid Luke and Leia from the Emperor. In the dialogue, he referes to Owen as, "my brother on Tatooine." Also, the looks exchanged between Owen and Beru at the breakfast table suggests that they know more than they let on. (Source: TK421)(SuperShadow: As far as the Falcon in the prequels: When Obi-Wan is bargaining with Han about Han taking him and Luke to Alderaan, notice what happens. Han asks Obi-Wan: "You've never heard of the Millenium Falcon?" Obi-Wan replies: "Should I have?" Obi-Wan acts like he has never heard of the Falcon and acts very unimpressed so that Han won't jack the price for taking them to Alderaan. Obi-Wan knows the Falcon very well because it was once piloted by the Jedi Knights. Somethint to think about . . . Also, Tarkin is DEFINATELY in the prequels. It helps tie the films together just as the insertion of the CG Jabba scenes helps tie Ep 4 with Ep 5 and 6 . . . Luke was hidden on his father's home world while the young Queen was hidden on her mother's homeworld. Sometimes the best place to hide is in the most obvious place. The memories of Tatooine and Alderaan are too painful for Anakin to ever step foot on those places again. This is the reason that Vader doesn't personally oversee the search for the death star plans on Tatooine and why he is not upset when Alderaan is blown to space dust. With the destruction of Alderaan, Vader's painful memories of his former wife, Padme Amidala, are made more palatable. )

Me again. I believe that Naboo is a code name for Alderaan. Lucas is known to do this i.e. Blue Harvest (Source: TK421)(SuperShadow: You been peaking at the real script or something? My lips are sealed, but you may know more than you think you do.)

How ________________ back remains to be seen. (Source: Donk)(SuperShadow: Had to edit that one! Can't spoil certain aspects of Ep 1! Great guess, Donk!)

This has got to be the best Star Wars site of all time! (Source: Kevin T.)(SuperShadow: We appreciate that!)

Special thanks to Dark Ocean for handling the mail bag in my abscence. Come back tomorrow. I'll post even more of your email! Later.

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