While we here at Fox are estatic that we get to distribute the next three Star Wars films, the television division is disappointed that Lucasfilm is "dragging" its feet regarding television ventures. Everyone knows that the prequels are going to be the most important entertainment vehicle for the next decade. Animated Episode 1 shows on Fox TV would help solidify and maintain Fox' number one status for children's programming (during the week and on Saturdays) for many years into the next century . . . However, thus far, Lucusfilm is reluctant to move forward with any animated shows. They promise to "explore the matter" once Episode 1 comes out next year.

If Fox had its way, we would air a prequel-related animated show during prime time to follow a show like the Simpsons or King of the Hill. Also, we would like to have a prequel show to air during the week to bolster our children's lineup in the afternoons. These shows would be the perfect advertisement for prequel-related merchandising. Unfortunately, it appears that the earliest that we will see animated prequel shows will be the Fall 2000 TV season.

The only TV product that will spin out of the deal with Lucasfilm so far is a "Making of Episode 1" show that will air during 1999 to help promote the film.

(Source: SithFox)

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