Tues., April 1, 1998

SuperShadow Episode 1 News: Seems like April Fools day is the perfect time to release this new info: It appears that the laughter from Lucasfilm can't be contained anymore. Apparently, much of the info. leaked to the public by so called "Bothan Spies" has been carefully orchestrated by the man himself to test the security of the Ep. 1 production. Certain individuals who briefly worked on Ep. 1, who didn't have to sign contracts forbidding them from revealing Ep 1 secrets because they weren't privy to any, were given false information (i.e., bogus cast-listings with mostly fake character names) on the set. George knew that these eager beavers would jump at the chance to dish out alleged inside Ep 1 dirt to Star Wars fans. Hence, 95% of what has been released from so-called inside sources is false. George has done this in order to test the secrecy surrounding the Ep 1 production. And know that he is satisfied that no true leaks will ever be released. We will just have to wait and see what Ep 1 is really about come May 25, 1999.

Ironically, with that in mind, we provide you with some inside dirt from one of our own sources . . . An interesting bit of info was sent in from an inside source about what may occur in the prequels: "Sadly, the Emperor orders, not only the extermination of the Jedi Knights, but also he orders the death of all their children: baby Luke Skywalker for one."

(SuperShadow: Special thanks to Ryan for handling the updates while I was gone . . . )