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Thurs., June 4, 1998

I don't think Anakin will be played by Jake Lloyd for the entire movie. I believe about 30 minutes into the film that Episode I will skip about 9 or so years into the future and then show Anakin and company fighting in the Clone Wars. Just a guess. (Source: Shokkster) (Vecton: Neat concept> But who would be playing the older Anakin character in the later parts of Episode 1? Jackie Chan? Don Knotts? Jon Bon Jovi? Paul Reubens? Am I cold or hot?)

I love the web page, it helped a lot on a school project :( (Source: Xian)(Vecton: Shadow educating the youth of America . . . in the ways of the Force no doubt. If you need answers to particular questions about the prequels just let us know.)

Everyone is saying that Boba Fett is in the prequels, but that could just be the person Fett got his armour from. Fett may not even BE in Mandalorian armour until Ep 3.(Vecton: George Lucas is full of surprises. We may get to see what Fett was doing before he started wearing his Madalore armor. Who knows? I'm sure George will get a big kick out of all our speculation. That's why he revealed on that Fett will be an important character in Ep. ii. Let the rumormongering begin . . . )

How's it going? I just have some rumors and "so-called" facts I would like to share or clear up First, a source of mine has 'undoubtly' confirmed the famed 'pod race' scene with young anakin and it is suppose to have a game based on the activity of the race in the movie. also, this samuel L. jackson role has some of the most rumors ever. In an interview jackson himself said he has some scenes with yoda himself that would pretty much sum up that he is a jedi knight or in training, and he said he would love to be in episode 2 and 3, so his character survives (at least untill they hunt down the jedis in episode III) And finally, i would like to state some theories and maybe everyone else can help out on the answers Liam Neeson's character is stated to being a "great Jedi" so he is undoubtly second in command next to yoda, maybe finally we can see a fully trained jedi in action?! Also, everyone i talked to said every jedi will die in this new trilogy, but it was never confirmed that all jedi was tracked down, it just said most jedi or some jedi was slaughtered by vader and finally, i heard that in episode I anakin gets his lightsaber on his birthday, now if this is true, how did he get it , who gives it to him, and this probaly shows us that he befriends Obi Wan Kenobi early in his life. And this is just opinion, but i heard that the now infamous volcano scene is not going to happen, but if not why is Lucas able to film near a real volcano?! maybe to film the scene? The speculation started when a source read vaders profile on the official site and it said vader had a crushed body, does lava crush your body? no, but i think before anakin fell in to the lava he got beat the f#$% up by Obi Wan Kenobi. Just a thought. (Source: Adul the Jedi)(Vecton: Who knows for sure what we're going to see until George finally pieces together the version of Episode 1 that he is completely satisfied. George has a self-imposed deadline of May 25, 1999 to finish the film. Although he believes that a film is never completely finished, it is just abandoned by its creator)

Anyway this website I justed visited, its version of episode one's plot was quite impressive, I wonder how accurate the information was. The page used pictures to augment its storyline, unfortunately the were mostly doctored and recycled images supplied by the Bothan Spy, Delta Source, etc. Some pictures were interesting, while others were predictable and just plain pathetic. (ie. almost every image of Jake Lloyd (Anakin) was the same, except it was reversed, shrunken, or enlarged to fit the scene) I suggest you guys check this one out for yourselves if you haven't already, it could contain some genuine spoilers. Another dissapointment was that the plot contained nothing concerning the Mandalorians, and very little on the Palpatine's uprising in the Imperial Senate. (I also thought the attempt to doctor a picture of Jabba the Hutt into a female Hutt with greasy black hair was pretty lame.) (Source: Mon Mothma)(Vecton: Never heard of the site you are describing, but then again there are literally thousands of fan sites dedicated to Star Wars out there. I'm sure the guy has put in thousands of hours of work that in the end will turn out to be an exercise in futility. Only George and a handful of others know the actual and complete plot to Ep 1)

I was just thinking the other day about all that hype about the title for star wars episode 1. evreyone seems to have come up with some title, whether it be Realm of Light, Knights of the Republic, or Genesis. Well, in most cases when a series of movies are done (ie Batman, Superman, Lethal Weapon, Three Ninjas) the title of the first movie is usually what the series is called: in this case, the title of Star wars episode 1 would not be "episode 1" or "Knights of the Republic, or any other redundant title, but simply, Star Wars. Think about it. (Source: Jazzie)(Vecton: Smart concept there, J. You could be right George may be planning to drop Star Wars from the title of A New Hope and call Ep 1 simply STAR WARS. But that would confuse a lot of the mass public who are not as knowledgeable about SW as we are)

Boba Fett will be the leader of some divisions in the Clone Wars for the Empire. (Source: Boba Fett)(Vecton: Who would know better than you, Fett? Sounds cool. I'll buy that.)

I'm trying to catch up with all your e-mail. It's great reading all your cool rumors. Keep it coming!


Tues., June 2, 1998

Some absolutely splendid ideas, but I would like to know what type of ship the Republic will be flying in the final battle . As I understand the X-wings had not been created at the time of the Maldorian wars or the Clone wars . PLEASE REPLY (Source: kevin t.)(Vecton: To find out that answer, you would have to pry the answer from somebody working at ILM. We asked a top source at ILM and he/she stated that when we can afford to pay him/her $ __,____ a year like George does then he'll/she'll tell us. Well, we ain't got that kind of mega-cash so he/she won't answer your question. Doh!!!!!!!!!!)

I WORK AT ILM BUT I AM AT A DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT THAN THE ONE WORKING ON STAR WARS AND ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS THAT WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS GOING TO BIG!!! THE EFFECTS WILL SO FOR THIS TIME WHAT A NEW HOPE DID FOR THAT TIME. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. AND DON'T WORRY THE FORCE WILL BE WITH US IN 1999 (Source: DOTF)(Vecton: Sure, you do. And SuperShadow just got married to Cindy Crawford. No, offense Shadow!!!! To confirm your status, email us back with the code name ILM is currently using for Episode I. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!)

Indi is my hero no matter what adventure comes alongit will be great. But PLEASE don't change the actor whom plays indi. I that happen it will be a flop just like what happened to batman. Director changed, keaton was not there and three and four suck more and Godzilla did. and keep the same director for indi too. it will be great if you keep it original. (Source: brandon)(Don't worry George would never substitute anyone in Harrison Ford's place unless Harrison decides not to make another Indy flick. One day Indy 4 will blaze across the silver screen again. However, it may just be a few years!!)

I'm not sure if this has been stated here before on this page but...Did anyone see the interview a while ago that Samuel L. Jackson did on the Conan O'Brian show? Well he talk about how he only worked with aliens in the movie and how he had to shave his head for the part. Well me and a friend got to thinking... with a bald head and no facial hair Mr. Jackson (with his buggy eyes and distinct facial features) looks like a (yoda species?). If he does play that role then that could mean that maybe when it are young that they can be six feet tall (even though we should not judge them by their size since luminous beings are we). Hmmmm (Source: Oksid)(Vecton: Interesting theory. Perhaps Jackson was placed in full make up to look like one of Yoda's kind. But in the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider, Jackson is seen wearing a cloak of the Jedi )

It seems that with every issue of Cinescape . . . sorry, Cinefake according to Lucasfilm . . . it seems that Cinefake keeps changing the story line that they claim the prequel is going to be about. I think their grasping at straws and are trying to trick us!!! (Source: Flowbee) (Vecton: That's a very true assessment of Cinefake. It's not worth buying. It's the Sci-Fi version of the National Enquirer. Waste 'O Cash. It's best used for housebreaking pets or to line bird cages with.)

You guys keep a low profile like James Bond or something! COOL! Some other Prequel site claimed that the "Knights of the Republic" story you guys/gals/Lucasfilm people or whoever link to has tons of spoilers and reveals the entire movie. If so, when is Lucasfilm going to shut you down? (Source: Talisman42)(Vecton: Well, I just found out today that SuperShadow is the one who wrote the KOTR plot line. He fooled all the websites including AICN and Cinefake at least for a few days . . . seems he took a page out of Rick McCallums's book (If you know what I mean). Hee Hee. The guys/gals at Lucasfilm can barely contain their laughter)

Great prequel stuff! It's about time somebody with Lucasfilm sources started a webpage. I hate I just found the site. Keep up the great inside work. Any chance we get to see the Millenium Falcon? (Vecton: George assures us that we will get to see the Falcon . . . but he hasn't told us where in the prequels, yet. We'll be the first to know. I assure you.)

I'm glad to find out their finally making a new star wars movie. It's about time. I wish I could be in the films, but according to your site I'll have to wait until episode 2 now!!! Durn it!! (Source: Melanie Crossland)(Vecton: Keep your fingers crossed. Mayber you can get a job as an extra and be a prequel spy!!! Hee Hee)

You guys are awesome. You said all along that Fett would appear in the prequels. And voila!!! George Lucas, the main man, confirms your rumors. Great work! How do you guys do it!!!!! (Source: Craig Fallow) (Vecton: That would be an ancient Chinese secret, Craig. Our sources are obviously the best!!!)

Another day. Another dollar. And now for something completely different . . .

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

Mon., June 1, 1998

Vecton here again helping out until Shadow has time to handle the e-mail again.

Killer mailing list idea. Do you mind if I print off the Knights of the Republic story that is on the SWPrequels website. (Source: Greener)(Vecton: Go ahead!!! Just don't tell anyone!!)

Wow, I just added myself to the mailing list, keep up the good work, I really wanted to see a site like this up, and now here it is. This Star Wars fan will be back often. This is really a fabulous site, I can't remember the last time I have spent so much time just reading and enjoying a web page, I really hope you keep up the good work. Take Care, and thanks for such a great site!! (Source: Zoltron)(Vecton: Thanks! I wish I could take credit for this amazing site, but ninety percent of the work has been done by SuperShadow . . . hope the site continues to entertain.)

Can you guys get me some kind of job at Lucasfilm? (Source: Kid)(Vecton: If won't to look into a possible job at Lucasfilm, visit!!! And pray they'll give you an interview!!!)

Viva Star Wars. (Source: N4)(Vecton: Things are looking good for a "renewed Star Wars" over the next 10 years.)

I've been told by my source at Leavesden that there have been many phone calls made about trying to get a location for episode II that involves lots and lots of trees... the "boys from props" have been told to expect some new uses of blue-screen (which as we all know is now normally green) because the sets for epII will involve a lot of greenery.... my conjecture is that Kashykk (I can't be bothered spelling it right... you correct me please) in the second movie... Maybe we'll get a glimpse of chewie being carted away into slavery. Who knows what the future may bring... (Source: TheFoolWhoFollows)(Vecton: Kashyyyk. In the trilogy, Chewbacca is about 200 years old. Our sources tell us that Chewbacca will be present in the prequels . . . where and when? That's for George to tell us.)

Hello again. Thanks for posting my last rumer/thoughts on the prequels. I have an idea on what motivates anakin and why he does the things that he does (whatever they are). The tramaus in his early life drive him to great deeds in the clone wars (in his mind he is just trying to right the wrongs done to him) and it just happens to be the good guys he fights for. Yoda sees this and refuses to teach him untell he comes to grips with his past (i.e, "there is much anger in him") In other words yoda knows better than to give a angry young man a sword. Palpatine (or someone else?) see's the same, but takes advantage of anakin in order to use him.Obviously the emperor couldn't care less what happens to anakin, just so long as this powerful jedi is not using his natural talent against him. Like the official site says, PLOT DOES MATTER! And these movies are gonna rock!. Hope ya think this is useful. (Source: Don)(Vecton: There are tons of negative influences and events that occur to Anakin that cause him to be susceptible to the ingenious manipulations of Palpatine.)

Last night (May 30, 1998) I was watching Fox on Entertainment on the Fox News Channel. At the end of the show, they did a short piece on the PLOT DOES MATTER page at After paraphrasing some biting critisizm by different people associated with star wars episode 1, the host made his own commentary. He said George Lucas must be very careful that his movie delivers or else he has to eat his words. Lucas critisized Godzilla for the 1 year of hype that lead to a basic monster movie. The host said that lucas will also have a year of hype. He then said that the 1st trailer will appear on the x-files movie. I feel this is important becasue of a couple reasons. 1. It came from Fox which is promoting the movie. 2. The announcer never used words like "might", "possilby", "could", or "maybe" He definately said that marketing WOULD begin during the X-files weekend. (Source: The One)(Vecton: Our sources at Lucasfilm state that there is no trailer ready for viewing with the X-Files movie. The trailer won't be coming out until November at the earliest.)

Man, Boba Fett's a major character in episode 2. I'm definately going as Fett for Halloween this year. Will he be wearing the same armor? (Source: Hoopster)(Vectong: Our contacts at Lucasfilm tell us that George has an ultra cool surprise involving Fett for us in ep ii.)

I keep reading about a love triangle that everyone (including Grandma) claims will occur between Anakin, Obi-Wan and the Queen beginning in Ep 2. What will Lucasfilm let you tell us about it? (Source: Harris Gregory)(Vecton: George has a basic story idea for ep ii in his head. But it keeps changing and nothing is solid yet . . . George won't start the screenplay for many, many months. And even after the screenplay is finished, he won't let us know much about it . . . just bits and pieces to tease us!!!!!!

IG-88 has a fight with Bobba Fett in prequel #2. I would bet all my star wars collectibles on it! (Source: Paladine)(Vecton: The chrystal ball is cloudy on that one.)

One more day of rumors complete!!! See you again in 24 hours, friends!!!!!!

I'll leave you with this golden nugget. Cool site of the day:

Sun., May 31, 1998

Greetings readers! This is Vecton I'm new to the site and I hope you have patience with me. We each have our own ways of doing things, but I'm sure you'll find me at least tolerable until SuperShadow returns. Shadow hasn't been available to answer your e-mail. He is writing the first of his bi-weekly columns for one of the biggest and most well-respected online mags in cyberspace. They get zillions of hits each day. As a result, Shadow's nervous and wants to make his column as highly interesting and as grammatically correct as possible. His columns are going to be very long and will take quite a while to compose. Shadow may be gone for a few days or a week. Hopefully, Shadow will let you know how things are going. I hope he gives us a preview of the cool prequel stuff it will contain! Now on with your rumors and comments.

I have just had a serious idea, but I suspect I may be a little too late. I read/heard somewhere (hint) that GL and co. want to focus their marketing efforts on the international stage. Well in little over 3 weeks time, the largest single sporting event in the history of the planet will take place: World Cup France 98, (the soccer tournament held every four years and last held in the states). Now although this may not be big news to Americans, the other 2 billion males (and a sizable quota of their women), will be glued to the World Cup Final in La Stade de France on July 21st. This would be an excellent time to drop a line like: (MAY) 25 1999 (THE FORCE) will be (WITH YOU) Your friend (Source: Hardbody)(Vecton: From what are sources have told us, the marketing blitz for ep i won't begin until at least November 1998. Lucasfilm is going to pass on using the world cup for promoting ep i, but you do have an excellent idea. Thanks for your comment!!)

He's an addition to your list of names of the Prequel movies:

Enter a Dark Lord

I heard this one back in 1984 after the hoopla from ROTJ calmed down and people started talking about the next movies. It was in a catalog for replica lightsabers & other props. I don't remember the company's name, but they were taken over by Marco Enterprises( ? - I think). From the looks of things, it could be Episode II or III. It's a neat sounding name- Star Wars: Enter a Dark Lord ! Works for me. Later, (Source: Kelly)(Vecton: Sounds like the name to a Bruce Lee flick! I like it. Or how about the Dark Lord Rises. I guess we only have to wait until 2002 for the title to ep ii. With the recent update on the official site, maybe George will call it: The Fear of Fett!!! Keep reading the page and contribute again!!)

Are Owen and Beru really related to luke? If so, is Owen playing an older brother of young Anakin in Ep1? I've just recently seen your website, so is the young Queen from Alderaan and is she related to Bail Organa? (Source: Ka' Pa the Hutt)(Vecton: From what our sources have relayed to us: Owen is Obi-Wan's brother. The Queen is rumored to be from "Alderaan," but this has yet to be confirmed. She is not related to Bail. Bail later adopts young Leia as his own daughter. Hope that helps some!)

I am thinking of joining your email list, but I don't want spoiler news. (Source: Stormin3)(Vecton: Vespon will be running the email list and V says that it will contain spoilers. There's your answer!!! And will detail why most of True Fan's rumors cannot be trusted.)

First off, let me thank you for inviting me to your great site's email listing. Also, congratulations for having the balls to put the entire Knights of the Republic synopsis on your site. I e-mailed tF.N for a complete copy and all I got back was that lousy AICN summary. Well done! Now there are many parallels between Episode 1 and the current saga, many I'm sure you've already caught. Here's some which I have thought of that have not appeared on any sites yet...

1) Vader and R2: At the end of Episode 1, Anakin uses R2 to save the day. In Episode 4, Anakin's son Luke attempts to do the same thing. However, Anakin/Vader wishes to prevent this so he immediatly blasts the R2 unit. However, Luke is superior to his father and saves the day without R2's help using only the force and not technology

2) Jedi Luke: Luke in Return of the Jedi looks just one of the dark jedis from Episode 1. In fact, he behaves like a dark jedi, choking guards and attempting to kill Jabba with a blaster. Even more intriguing is that Luke in Jedi looks exactly like Anakin in the Gungan sub scene (Look at the stand-in photo recently revealed on When Luke confronts Vader in Jedi, it symbolically is the younger Anakin confronting his older self. Also look when Luke stands next to Vader before the Emperor. Luke looks like a child, the young Anakin next to Vader. When the Emperor is killing Luke, Vader looks on, seeing not only his son but his own young self being destroyed. Thus, Vader finally kills the Emperor for destroying the young man in himself. The Revenge of the Jedi.

Finally, who do you think Anakin's father is? I think its Darth Maul. Palpatine in Episode 2 tells Anakin that Obi Wan killed his father, thus enraging Anakin. My opinion anyway. Call me: (Source: The Hutt Spy) (Vecton: Apparently, tF.N guys are a bunch of weenies who were scared to death that Lucasfilm would shut them down if they posted the KOTR "screen play." Lucasfilm doesn't even bother to visit their site (why waste time at a site that produces more bull than an Outback Steakhouse)!!!! As you all probably should know, they are the laughing stock of Lucasfilm. Our Lucasfilm sources laughed at the KOTR "screen play" and gave us their blessings to post it . . . Who's Anakin's father, that is the million dollar question? There are several popular rumors on this question. Some believe Liam Neeson's character is Anakin's father, but this is unlikely. Others believe that Anakin's father was killed by Jabba the Hutt's minions (henchmen) and then he and his mother were enslaved by Jabba. Our sources refuse to divulge the answer to your question because George wants this to remain a complete secret!!! Hope you enjoy V's mailing list!)

Not really a spoiler, but I found this on MTV News... Ewan Lego You've had the Spice Girls, you've had Take That, and now you're going to get Ewan that is. As part of the Star Wars merchandising campaign lego with be making pieces with the Ewan's head on it. Can't wait to play with those! Cheers, (Source: NickJ) (Vecton: Star Wars Legos are going to rule! I can't wait for the mega-zillions of prequel collectibles that are going to be available come late May 1999. Start saving up all your money to spend on the prequels! I plan to spend $ 100 bucks on tickets and $ 1,000 or more on toys. Let's all make a pact to see the prequel 25 times in the theaters!!! Let's make the prequel the most successful film ever!!! Down with Titanic!!!!!)

Who is Supershadow??? Is he some kind of relative to Lucas??? How does he know all this stuff about the prequels??? How do we know if he's just not another true fan? (Source: Bungholio, Lord of the Prequels)(Vecton: SuperShadow's true identitly will forever remain shrouded in mystery, but Shadow is one of the nicest people I know. He contacted me when he struck gold after selling his site and said he needed tons of help to run the site while he concentrates on writing his bi-weekly column. I'm happy for him and wish him the best! He promised to pay for my on-line service connection (about $ 15.00 a month) and buy me something cool for Christmas (a toaster oven maybe?)!! He's the best and is (as we all know) the foremost prequel expert! Also, unlike True Fan, Shadow never goes around spouting off ridiculous rumors like True Fan. Shadow is above all else honest with the fans. He is limited by the man himself on how much ep i info. that he can divulge to the public. He doesn't want to spoil the entire film for any of us.)

Your page kicks a*s! if that is not the real script it should be that was the best damn story I ever read. Thanx man (Source: BOBC174) (Vecton: To the anonymous fan who wrote the KOTR script, good job! Why not write one about ep ii and send it to us so we can post it too!!!!!))

Lucas should call Indiana Jones IV: Indiana Jones and The Fate Of Atlantis or The Lost Continent (Source: Dave55250) (Vecton: According to our top sources at Lucasfilm, it is not looking good for Indy 4. There are no immediate plans to begin production of that film and it is at least 4 years from release at the earliest!!! Don't cry folks!! We still have the awesome prequels to look forward to!!!)

Good job supershadow! I've enjoyed your site for months. It's great to see a fellow fan or whoever you are make it big! Don't forget about us. And how much money will you be making? Just curious. (Source: Swordmaster)(Vecton: Shadow won't tell us exactly how much he was paid for the contents of this site (which is made up of mostly your rumors!!!) and he won't tell us how much he's being paid for his column. But he did tell us he's using some of his new found wealth to get an IBM computer (no more clones for Shadow! Lucky stiff!), a scanner, a laser printer and a bunch of other geekster computer stuff. It must have been good money is all I can say)

Hey, How come you guys didn't answer or comment on the Ep 1 info I got from Cinescape magazine? Everybody else gets a response but me? (Just kidding, I'm not bitter.) Anyway, what about the report that a trailer for Ep 1 might be shown before Fox's 'Wing Commander' a film that should be released this fall? Is Jabba the Hutt definately going to be appearing in the new movie? (Source: Mon Mothma) (Vecton: According to our most reliable sources, most of Cinescape's ep i info. is laughable and will not make it into the final edited version of ep i. Lucasfilm refers to Cinescape as Cinefake!!! There's your answer! Hope you continue to enjoy the site!! When asked which 20th Century FOx movie will be blessed with the first ep i trailer, our sources only laugh.)

I have been waiting most of my life for this movie...can't wait. My fiancee gets angry because i'm more excited about episode 1 than my upcoming wedding! (Source: Starkiller69)(Vecton: Geez, that's an understatement. This will probably be the greatest film of all time. You guys can't even come close to imagining what George Lucas has in store for us!!!!!!!)

I'm done for the day. That wasn't too bad was it!!! The Force is a powerful ally!!!!

Thurs., May 28, 1998

Hey, listen up you blockheads, there's no way in your ****ing galaxy far,far,away, that Lucas is going to let his precious plots get into the public's hands. He's obviously using fake information (NIMOUDIANS!?!) to dupe you schmucks into believing you got some hot stuff here. (Source: Mister Burns)(SuperShadow: While 85% of prequel rumors are false, some are the read deal)(Vespon: With a production as large as Ep 1, it is impossible to eliminate all leaks and spies. For example, the pod race that was leaked to the Net will be seen at the beginning of the film on Tatooine)(Eon: You make a good point, Mr. Burns. The entire plot line to the movie is NOT in cyberspace regardless of what anybody thinks)

Can you change the color of the print on your pages so that I can print them out? (Source: Edger)(SuperShadow: You might want to copy and past the text to Wordperfect or whatever wordprocessor you use on your computer and then print off the text.)

Now I was wondering is the release date for episode 1 really May 25 because it will be a tuesday and it is almost unheard of a movie, especially of such calibur to come out tuesday, or will there be a sneak preview on tuesday and then it official opens up on wednesday?????? (Source: Skyclash)(SuperShadow: As of today, May 25, 1999 is the target release date)(Eon: The normal rules of the game don't apply to the prequel. It will open in full release on that Tuesday and will open to record crowds.)

Brilliant site you have here! I was wondering if you knew how many of the Ep 1 actors got their parts. I'm 16 and live in the UK and I reckon that I look like the young Anakin. George has said that Anakin for Ep2 would be about 16 now, and it would be a dream to appear in the triliogy. I've done some stage and TV work.. but this is all wishing! (Source: Greig Walker)(SuperShadow: Robin Gurland will be casting Anakin for Episode 2. She works for LucasFilm.)(Vespon: Unless Lucasfilm does a casting cattle call in the UK looking for someone to play Anakin, you may be out of luck. But keep your fingers crossed.)(FireForce: The actor used for Anakin in EP 2 and 3 will most likely be an American actor who resembles an older looking Jake Lloyd)

I recently read the 'script' of Episode One, titled, "Knights of the Republic", and to be honest, I must admit I was disappointed. I found it to be boring, predictable and the characters (especially the bad guys) didn't have the clout of those featured in the first trilogy. If you look carefully at the story-line it is just a weaker mirror image of A New Hope. The names were silly and unimaginative- (Nimoo,the Nimoudians?!), and I really thimk the plotline would benefit from the inclusion of the Mandalorians (as pivotal characters) and perhaps an in-depth look at Palpatine's growing greed and lust for power. What about the incredibly mysterious and tantalizing history of the 'Clone Wars'.

I hope that the report that the majority of prequel rumors are false or deliberately misleading. I think the the plot could be alot more convoluted, and richly textured. The Star Wars universe and its myriad of complex characters could be explored so well in the ne! w trilogy, why not take full advantage? (Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, after all, a bunch of unconfirmed rumors hastily regurgitated into a potential script is bound to lose some of its punch. I'll keep an open and optimistic mind and hope to see a truly brilliant film when Episode 1 is finally released. (Actually from what I heard, the young Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Ewan McGregor sounds like an intriguing character.) (Source: Mon Mothma)(SuperShadow: KOTR is fan fiction and not the real script, as you all know, it was written very quickly by a SW fan so obviously it is not going to be of the highest quality)(Vespon: The story line to Ep 1 is largely a secret from the public although scattered pieces of what occurs in Ep 1 have leaked out)(Vecton: Most of the genuine leaks occurred from filming that took place in Tunisia. The Leavesden set was very secure)

May 26th, you talked about the bothan spy & other guys! How do you know some of the things they said were FALSE? (Source: Jedi)(Vespon: Just wait and see . . . Most of their rumors will be proven false and will not have anything to do with Ep 1)

Supershadow. Have you ever thought of publishing the entire volume of SOGUCO.HTML rumors and comments into a book. I'd certainly like to see it in print. How many others think this a good idea - the first interactive chronological log of star wars fans' comments prior to the opening of the most anticpated film that has ever been? Sounds pretty unique to me. Cutting edge stuff.

Listen. I'd just also like to ask you one other thing: what on earth does SOGUCO stand for?

Also has anybody considered that the true reason for T*****c's doubious box office gross may be the rumor that the trailer for Episode 1 would be tagged onto it?

Yours discerningly (Source: Hardbody)(SuperShadow: Actually, we have pretty much sold all of this Dark Side Rumors site to the on-line magazine that we will be writing a column for. They will use our rumors as an archive for customers who subscribe to their premium services. In other words, we no longer on the contents of this site.)(Vespon: Yeah, SuperShadow sold out the first chance he got!)(FireForce: When do we get our slice of the pie, Shadow?)

C U again tomorrow. The rumors will never end . . .

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

Send your rumors and comments to SuperShadow!

Wed., May 27, 1998

I have been wondering lately: If The Star Wars Saga is a myth....then like all myths it must explain something about our existence like all myths do. I have been thinking and cant seem to find anything that starwars explains. Since Supershadow did a page on the myth of Star Wars then I guess he must be the one with the answer. What does the saga explain? Another thing I have been pondering is that all myths have stages like the helpful guide, into the heart of darkness and stuff like that i read this at the NASM website about the trilogy. Since the prequels will be myths too then we can assume that some of the storyline will use the hero journey and its many stages but unlike his son Luke, Anakin will fail the last stage of the heros journey. Is this making sense?. "So be it... Jedi'. (Source: Bryan J. Vado)(SuperShadow: It's a journey from boy to man and the perils that must be successfully confronted in order to complete the "journey" into something greater)(Vespon: SW represents the universal yearn for adventure that we're all suppose to share)(FireForce: By overcoming impossible obstacles, our hero achieves the confidence and skills necessary to defeat evil)

One commenter recently voiced his disappointment that Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor were cast as the major players in the new Star Wars film, lamenting that they were not 'unknowns' like those in the first trilogy. Well, in my opinion, Neeson (Or, the guy from 'Les Miserables') is the equivalent of ANH's Sir Alec Guiness (Or, the guy from 'Bridge on the River Kwai'), while Portman and McGregor are certainly no Alicia Silverstone or Tom Cruise, as far as Hollywood stature goes. I think all three are accomplished actors, and would rather see strong performances on-screen any day of the week. The March/April issue of Cinescape reported: "Lucas takes the helm to oversee the rise of the Empire and the fall of the old Republic. The opening chapter focuses on 8-year old Anakin and teenage Queen Padme Naberrie Amidala on a collision course with a destiny that includes Obi-Wan Kenobi and a couple of guys called Darth." The magazine then went on to say:

"The Mandalorian army is rumored to appear in the film. A large number of scenes are reported to take place on a water planet. The movie will focus on 12 great Jedi Knights similar to King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. Episodes two and three may be filmed in New Zealand or Scotland." Just thought I should share that stuff with you guys. (If 95% percent of the leaked rumors are supposed to be false, what percentage of what Cinescape printed do you suppose has any true substance?) (Source: Mon Mothma)

Tues., May 26, 1998

What exactly happened over at SwDatabase? (Source: Jason)(SuperShadow: We were once a proud member of the SWD. In mid-April, we were contacted by one of the premier on-line magazines to write a column for them for which we would get paid. We left so that we wouldn't have to fight over how to split the money with anyone over at the SWDatabase)(Vespon: Shadow's nickname should be 'Greedo')

EXCELLENT SITE, PLEASE KEEP US UP TO DATE. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US, 4 EVER. HOW DO YOU FIND THIS INFORMATION OUT, IS IT THE TRUTH OR RUMOURS (Source: JEDI STEVE PRICE)(SuperShadow: Everything on this page is considered "rumors" until it comes from the mouths of LucasFilm either by way of or the Star Wars Insider 1-800-TRUE-FAN)(Vespon: As a general rule, will not comment on Internet prequel rumors and the SWI has been known to bash the Internet in its editorials)(Eon: Rumors are nothing new for Lucasfilm. Zillions of rumors surrounded the productions of both Empire and Jedi. The only difference now is that the rumors can be spread almost instantaneously in cyber space)

Star wars kicks butt!!!!! And we better get to see me in the prequels! (Source: Boba Fett)(SuperShadow: Even if we don't get to see Fett in the prequels, we will get to see the evil Mandalore warriors wearing that ultra cool armor.)(Eon: It would be nice if GL would explore Fett's origin in one of the episodes)(FireForce: Jabba and Fett have probably been associates for many years prior to Ep 4: ANH. We may get to see Fett prior to his wearing of the Mandalore armor)(Vecton: Since Lucas added Fett to A New Hope: Special Edition for the fans, it is almost certain he will "drop" Fett somewhere into the new movies)

Mon., May 25, 1998: 21st Anniversary of the theatrical release of SW: A New Hope

I HAVE SOME INFORMATION FOR YOU. I DO NOT KNOW THE THINGS YOU NEED THOUGH. PLEASE E-MAIL ME WITH SOME INFORMATION ON WHAT YOU NEED. THANK YOU. (Source: T.J.)(Source: O.K., well for starters, please snail mail us a 24 kt gold-encrusted copy of the Episode I script, pictures of the Jedi Knights in battle and maybe a pic or two of Obi-Wan's star ship. Thanks.)(Vespon: All I want is a videotape of some of the rough footage that ILM is putting together. I'll even reimburse you for the postage.)

Indiana Jones and the Unknown Artifact: The Government hires Indy to study the artifacts they have collected in the same warehouse that they stored the Arc of the Covenant in from the first movie. While categorizing the artifacts he comes across an unusual pendant that he can't identify. Indy takes the artifact to his father who he hopes will know what it is. His father tells him it is the Lost Pendant of Time. An unknown government agency attempt to gain possession of the artifact but Indy and his father are one step ahead of them the entire time. (Source: J.Cool)(SuperShadow: I'm assuming that is a rumored plot line to Indy 4. Interesting. Are there any Indy fans reading this? I'll be driving a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo with Cindy Crawford in the passenger's seat before Indy 4 ever hits the cineplexes. Indy 4 is R.I.P.)

Lucas may call the last episode "Fall of The Republic". (Source: Mr. E)(Supershadow: George is more likely to call Ep 3: Lord of the Dark Side)(Vespon: Actually, GL is going to title Ep 3, Dark Sith Revenge)(Eon: No, the title is going to be Force of the Empire)(Fire Force: The title may be Defenders of the Empire)

That in SWII or III boba Fett will be chasing Han Solo, so this means that they knew each other before SW5. (Source: Guri)(Vespon: The common history between Fett and Solo is that they attended the same high school together and use to go on double dates with the Oraken twins . . . it would be cool to see a young Boba Fett chasing a teenage smuggler named Han Solo.)

You guys made a pretty nice web page. You really helped me out on the prequels. Good Job (Source: Mulder)(SuperShadow: Yeah, the secrets of the prequels revealed . . . the truth is out there . . . somewhere)

I think that every rumor that has been written is false nobody has any idea of the plot nothing is confirmed and i am sure lucas has people writing these illogical 1977,'80 and '83 there was no internet and people had to wait three years to find out what the each movie was about instead of wasting three years pondering and spending there lives trying to figure it out. No more rumors you are just ruining the excitement. Come on people there is one entire year left until the number 1 movie of all time comes out lets try to be surprised!!!!! (Source: A Cynical Fan)(SuperShadow: This may seem hard to believe, but George is too busy working on Ep 1 to bother with prequel rumors. Other than to laugh at what is posted on the Internet)(Fire Force: Out of the 22 gazillion rumors posted in cyber space about the prequels about a dozen or so are actually true)(Vespon: Rumors, rumors and more rumors with very little truth to any of them)

The Force is, of itself, neither good or Evil. The Force is Balance. I am Balance. I am the Force. (Source: Grey Cuspkeeper)(SuperShadow: Let me guess. You're a philosopher poet at a small liberal arts school in the North Eastern United States.)

What a brilliant site, cant wait for more, and of the prequels, what an amazing story line the Star Wars series is, and will live for ever, May The Force Be With You. (Source: Jaren Q.)(SuperShadow: Thanks. The Force returns in earnest on May 25, 1999)

Obviously, Bossk and not Fett will be appearing in the prequels. Just thought I would let you know. (Source: Will)(SuperShadow: At this point, I just want to see the film. I could care less whose in it. I wouldn't even mind seeing R5-D4 at this point)

Vader will appear in Ep 3 very, very briefly and his identity WILL be kept secret for obvious reasons. (Source: Peter South)(SuperShadow: It's hard to believe that Ep 3 is at least SEVEN years from release)(Vespon: In seven years, Shadow will be collecting social security. HEE HEE)(SuperShadow: Whatever)

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Sun., May 24, 1998

It's quite possible that I have leaked the actual title of Episode One, because you guys failed to post up my last message. So here it is again: Star Wars Episode 1: THE FORCE (Source: Hardbody)(SuperShadow: Has Hardbody revealed the title to Ep 1? Stay tuned!)(Vespon: The title speculation is becoming tiresome like the teaser/trailer speculation . . . Will George ever tell us the title?)

My page at has moved to It is now Prequel news mainly. Thanks, (Source: Gareth)(SuperShadow: Great page, G!)

I have just found out about the secret meanings behind Star Wars and I was wondering if there is a place where i could find these so i can better understand the movies. Thanks, (Source: David Rose)(SuperShadow: Secret meanings to SW are a dime a dozen. Everybody who watches the Trilogy finds their own secret meanings.)(Vespon: Actually, the secret meaning behind Star Wars is that if you come up with an ultra cool movie idea you can become a billionaire movie mogul just like George . . . )

In your web site you should also include the new novels of Star Wars. Shadows of the Empire, The Empire's End, Jedi search, Truce at bakura, and The last cammand for example.The prequels aren't the only thing going on! You should also talk about the new weapons and vehicles of the New Republic and the Empire like the Eclipse Star destroyer, sun crusher, the long forgotten Death Star prototype, the New republic's new sleek V-wing, the Mon Remonda, The Flurry, and the incredible Imperial world devastators. You should have everything from Episode 1 to Champions of th Force, and more! AND A MAP OF THE STAR WARS GALAXY WOULD REALLY BE USEFULL!!! (Source: Guri and Qui Xux)(SuperShadow: Guri and Q.X. are commenting on my website called SWPrequels: Myth, Prequels, Trilogy and More . . . I wish I had the time to add everything under the binary suns related to SW, but unfortunately I don't. I'm way too busy, sorry)(Vespon: Don't believe Shadow. He's just lazzzzy!!)

In episode 2 or 3, Boba Fett will be after Han Solo. According to my sources, he is hired by Bogga the Hutt. Another rumor is that Darth Vador will destroy Falleen, Xixor's home planet, in SW3. Another rumor is that there will be a brief war between the Empire and the Ssi-ruuk. Another rumor is that instead of TIE fighters the Empire will use skipray blastboats as its primary fighters. Another is that Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma, his brother Cay, and a Twi'lek jedi Tott Doneeta will be in the prequels along with their ship the Nebulon Ranger. Finally, another rumor is that alot of scenes will be on Hosk Station. These are just rumors so I can't make any guarantees (Source: Qui Xux)(SuperShadow: What? Possible false prequel rumors. You must be kidding. Don't expect to see much of the SW novels, comics, games and other SW tie-ins to appear in the new movies. However, George does love Shadows of the Empire so expect to see a younger Xizor in Ep. 3))

Another myth (as I'm sure you are aware) that is used is that of the "Chupacabra" (Chewbacca). This mythical creature originates in mexico. I'm not exactly sure of the whole story, but i'm pretty sure he is a large hairy man-like creature. The myth is supposed to scare children from running away. (Source: Mythic Enigma)(SuperShadow: Never heard that one before, but it sounds great. Seems that George borrowed from every source except for maybe Gulliver's Travels, It's A Wonderful Life and Gone With The Wind)(Vespon: The number of sources that George has borrowed from in creating Star Wars probably cannot be numbered. He's borrowed from EVERYTHING)

The queen is evil, for a time. FACT! (Source: Pappy's Carnival)(SuperShadow: Thanks for the secret info. George. We appreciate it, really FACT!.)

Sat., May 23, 1998

Has anyone discussed this theory? 1. Queen is seduced to the dark side via the Emperor 2. Through this the emperor is able to make his bid for power. 3. Anakin is seduced to the dark side via the Queen 4. Obi Wan/Jedi kill Queen and take kids 5. Anakin/Vader turns against Jedi. 6. Emperor takes power with Vader as his muscle. (Source: DanSh1138)(SuperShadow: No one knows what role, if any, the Queen (Luke and Leia's mother) plays in the downfall of Anakin. The Star Wars screen saver states that Anakin was enticed to join the Dark Side by Palpatine while the Queen was pregnant with the twins . . . but learning anything about the prequels from what may or may not be official Star Wars canon is about as easy as getting a date with Cindy Crawford: very, very difficult indeed)

I read your site fairly often. Anyway, a friend in England got a gig as an extra on the set of the new film (how? I don't know, and he was evasive when I asked). He sent me this script page, which he swears he swiped from the set one day while Portman was filming. He was playing some sort of royal guard or something. Anyway, make of it what you will. I thought it was interesting. At the very least, it's fun fan fiction to pass around and enjoy.


Princess Padme FRETS as she WALKS from one end of the room to the other. She STOPS and KNEELS. As she does, the camera pans down to reveal YODA, resplendent in a black cloak. He NODS.


Worry not, Princess. Pass this shall.

PADME (angry)

But why, Yoda? Why is this happening? And why hasnít Obi-Wan returned?

YODA (closing his eyes)

In motion are his actions, as is the future always. Return soon he may, or not at all.

Padme RISES and walks to the window, where she WATCHES the battle outside. A BATTLE TANK EXPLODES and she hears men SCREAM in agony. She averts her eyes, visibly shaken by the carnage.

YODA (opening his eyes)

Sense him I do, but there is another.

Padme TURNS to Yoda.


What? Who? Qui-Gon Jinn?

YODA (shaking his head)

Another. Strong with the Force is he. Like you.


Oh, Iím not that strong with it.


Heh. What knows a child of the strength of the Force?

(closes his eyes again, and then opens them)

In motion his future is not, nor yours. Intertwined are your destinies.

Padme SHAKES HER HEAD. She canít believe this. (Source: Greg)(SuperShadow: Well, George threatened to fire me if I posted your inside info., but what the heck . . . I just won the $ 195 million dollar powerball and could give a rat's rear! Come and get me if you can LFL stormtroopers!!)

Just a quick message, i'm new to this game, keep up the good work. I first saw SW at age five on a special made video that my dad bought about 15 yrs ago -it was special because it had my name scrolling across the screen and the message MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU-pretty cool. Anyway i watch the movie so many times i wore out the tape and i've been addicted ever since.Only You Can Defeat The Powers Of The Darkside. YOU ROCK (Source: Obi Wan O'Brien)(SuperShadow: At least you didn't mention Fett and that's always a bonus)

Star Wars is estimated to make 700million nationally a feat which T*****c will never accomplish. Episode 1 is the most anticipated movie ever and can easily shatter T*****c's record. by the year 2000 Everyone will have seen it at least once. A message to you pathetic T*****c lovers the next installment to the biggest movie trilogy of all time is coming and not even an iceberg can stop it. (Source: ????)(SuperShadow: At least they can't make a sequel to that d*mn film . . . of course, they could make a prequel . . . maybe . . . somehow)

I was reading interview outakes on Dark Ocean's page. At one point he quotes Marcia Lucas in Reader's Digest as Georges ex-wife. Is that true? I never knew there was a divorce. (Source: Rick and Carolyn)(SuperShadow: George has been divorced from Marcia for a very long time now . . . however, she didn't do to bad. She reportedly received over $ 50 million from George from the divorce settlement . . . by the way, I'm not familiar with this Dark Ocean character)

I would just like to express my opinion. I wish Mr. Lucas had used little known actors for the prequals, as he did in ANH. I mean, most people will see Neeson and say, "Oh, that's the guy fom Les Misarables." or some such. They won't see Obi-Wan or Anakin the way we did Luke and Han. Thanx for letting me vent. (Source: Furball)(SuperShadow: When casting for the prequel was first underway, LucasFilm stated they hoped to cast "unknowns" for the major roles. However, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman certainly can't be considered "unknowns."

You guys haven't updated the page!!! Come on I don't wanna listen to that Sameer Ketkar dude babble on and ruin your beutiful organization known as the darkside prequel rumors....why does Supershadow allow this to happen??? "So be it... Jedi'. (Source: Bryan J. Vado)(SuperShadow: Maybe they put something strange in the water over in Singapore. Anywho, Sameer's a pretty cool guy and does a decent enuff job . . . I guess . . . Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been kind of distracted lately with that major on-line magazine dangling money in our faces . . . )

You guys were talking about how in ESB, Lucas originally had the actors believe that Vader told Luke, "No, Kenobi was your father." but I heard that what he said instead was "No, Kenobi killed your father." That would explain Luke's horrified reaction. There is supposedly going to be a huge under water battle scene, bigger than anything ever attempted on screen before, in Episode One. Maybe on Admiral Akbar's Mon Calamari? Luke and Leia's Mother probably will not perish in the first movie (as stated in one of your rumours) because she is supposed to be in her teens and Anakin is only about eight. How can he get her pregnant and she have time to deliver the babies before the movie is over? Are there going to be other 'Darths' in the first movie? (ie. "Darth Sidious", and "Darth Maul"?) Has there been any rumours on who will play Anakin in the second and third installments? I've heard names like Brian McCardie (Did I spell that right?), Russell Crowe, and! even Mark Hamill's real life son. Please say no to the last option, it would be soooo dumb!! Anakin Skywalker must be six foot five or six, have a deep voice and look at least a bit like the actor who played Anakin's spirit late in ROTJ. Will there be a teaser in front of the X-Files Movie, or will Lucas wait till about thanksgiving to quench our thirst for even the slightest smidgen of info? (Source: Mon Mothma)(SuperShadow: The young Queen doesn't die in the prequels. Episode 3 ends with the birth of the Skywalker twins. There are no other "Darths" in Ep 1 . . . Casting for Anakin for Ep 2 and 3 hasn't even begun yet, but I should be a shoe in . . . No teaser in front of the X-Files movie . . . The epic water battle sounds kind of cool . . . I've run out of things to say. Don't forget to join our new mailing list!)

Fri., May 22, 1998

Lando calrissian will make an appearence in episode two in a card game. Cloud city will will look like the death star (under construction) in the Return of the Jedi. I found this out from Liverpool, England. (Source: dax)(SuperShadow: Interesting. It would be nice to see Lando as a young guy in the prequels. But if Lando is in the prequels, then Han and Chewie would be also, probably . . . )

The loss of Luke's hand symbolized he was on the path to the Dark Side. By having a machine hand, he started on the same path as Vader. In the Emperor's throne room in ROTJ, after Luke slices off Vaders hand, he looks at his mechanical one. He realizes that he is already on the path to the Dark Side, and lowers his light saber. He uses his hand as a reminder that the Dark Side is always present, tempting him. Anakin will face a similar loss, and use it not as a reminder, but to fuel his hate, and push him ever closer to the Dark Side. He will use it as a reason to give into his hate. (Source: Kell Tainer)(SuperShadow: A very logical rumor . . . I wonder if the alleged affair between Obi-Wan and the Queens adds to Anakin's anger, hate and aggression, which make him susceptible to the temptations of the Dark Side)

I think that people should realize that the new film will be a disappointment if people don't keep things in perspective. Just wanted to point that out. Still can't wait though. Also, I wanted to say that the title "Guardians of the Force" is not good enough and I hope it isn't the one going to be used. I personally like "Genesis," but would settle for a simple title like "Star Wars Episode One: THE FORCE" (Source: Hardbody)(SuperShadow: No movie can meet the expectations that Episode I faces. It's just not possible. Ep I will be a great movie and the best of the 1990's, but, realistically, there is no way it can meet all the hype . . . Guardians of the Force is not the real title and is not even one that George considered for Ep 1 . . . Your title is as good as anything we've heard so far . . . )

Can anyone get it through their fat heads that there will be no Boba Fett in the new movies. Boba Fett stole the idea for the armor from the Mandalorians. Therefore, it will be them, and not Boba Fett, that will be seen in the new movies. Come on people, think!!!! Thank You, (Source: POWER SPIKE)(SuperShadow: Love him or hate him; Fett will be in at least Ep 3)

In The Empire Strikes Back, Obi-Wan Tells Luke Some More about the training of his father in the prequels talking about how strong the force was with Young Anakin and takes it upon himself to train him as a Jedi and it failed because he was over confident and thought he could train people just as well as Yoda and now look at what's happened to Anakin (Episodes 4 to 6) . . . I Think The Names For Each Movie Will Be: Released In 1999 as: Presence Of The Force Episode 1; Rise Of The Jedi Episode 2; Fall Of The Jedi Episode 3 I Found The Information In An Inquest Magazine . . . I Think We'd all Like To Know Whether The Sun Crusher Is In The Prequels or not. (Source: Jessie Kenobi)(SuperShadow: Obi-Wan who attains the rank of "General" in the prequels suffers from delusions of grandeur and thinks that he is Yoda's equal, which is completely wrong . . . Presence of the Force sounds OK I guess . . . The Sun Crusher is not in the prequels . . . sorry)

Will the prequels be released three years apart, like the first three? (Source: zekey)(SuperShadow: Unfortunately, the answer to your query is "YES." Ep 1 will debut on Tuesday, May 25, 1999 . . . Ep 2 will be out by May 2002 and Ep 3 will be released by May 2005 . . . long, long waits.)

Is it true that Verhoeven is going to direct prequel number 2? (Source: Uber)(SuperShadow: That rumor is false)

Just a little comment on the Clone Wars and cloning. Clones are not the exact Duplicates of their originals. A human clone has to grow up just like any other human child and is therefore much younger than the Original and has another personality. Of course STAR WARS has its own Universe and never cared to much about the scientific facts of our Universe, but there is the danger. I hpoe the first Episodes dont get entangled to much in our 20th Century Problems, it would derstroy the spirit of the STAR WARS Universe. While a series like STAR TREK is a mirror to our real world, STAR WARS ist a mirror to our myths, fairy tales and dreams and should remain that way, without discussing the pros and cons of Cloning. (Source: Toni Huber)(SuperShadow: It will be very interesting to see what George does with cloning in the prequels . . . your guess is as good as anybody else's)

Thurs., May 21, 1998

This is SuperShadow. Sorry, we've fallen behind . . . We've been contacted by a major on-line magazine to be their exclusive source for Episode 1 news. We're currently working out the details. They're actually going to pay us to write a bi-weekly column about Star War: Episode 1! Heaven on Earth . . . stay tuned. We'll give you the complete low down once everything is arranged . . .

Thurs., May 14, 1998

Hi, it's SuperShadow! I'm back from my vacation and got some rest and worked on a webpage I had been planning for a long time: SWPrequels: Myth, Prequels, Trilogy and More. Check it out! Now on with your rumors and comments:

You just confiirmed what I always knew . . . that the rumors from the Bothan spy were false. I thought they were funny and a little obvious that they were fake but there are some suckers out there, who think they are telling the truth (Source: JS)(SuperShadow: It would be wonderful if the rumors out there about Episode 1 were true, but at the same time if they were true the movie would be spoiled for us and we would have a lot of weird stuff going on in the prequels. Just read the rumors posted on other web sites and laugh. SW is all about fun.)

Rumored titles for: Episode I: The Last Hope, Episode II: The Rise of the Empire and Episode III: The Fall of the Jedi (Source: Apparition)(SuperShadow: Geez, I'm gone for a few weeks and you guys/gals are still rumormongering about the titles. Anywho, if I were titling the prequels, here's what I would do: Ep 1: The Jedi Knights, Ep 2: Lord of the Sith and Ep 3: Emperor of the Force. Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure George is going to use those titles . . . pretty sure . . . well . . . )

That guy that took over the rumors from you at the Database seems to be real immature and doesn't know much about Star Wars. He constantly makes corny comments and embarrasses himself. He's says he lives in Singapore where they don't have running water and still use out houses. When are you coming back? Save us from this doofus. (Source: Evangilde)(SuperShadow: Take it easy. Sameer is only 16 and is doing the best job he can and don't worry I'm back!!)

About the rumor stuff (on the Internet), About some of it being false or mis-information I kinda figured it was. (Source: Liaan)(SuperShadow: Yep, 95% of the rumors posted on the Net will turn out to be false, but some of the more odd rumors will strangely turn out to be true. Go figure!)

May the force be with you, always (Source: jari)(Thanks. I love SW as much as the next fan, but I'd rather have a Lamborghini and Cindy Crawford with me always if you don't mind . . . )

This comes from very reliable sources the 8-ball. Ep-1 will hold the death of Luke and Leia's mother. And R2-D2's creation. (Source: Glitch37)(Those rumors are all false. Who is your reliable source? True Fan. HEE HEE. Luke and Leia's mother can't die in Ep 1 because she appears in all three of the prequels and R2 is created prior to the beginning of Ep 1. 8-Ball could be the drunken janitor at Lucasfilm and he has been know to spread some false prequel rumors . . . )

Dark Side Rumors on the SWD has gone into the crapper since you left. You rule and are the wittiest person in cyberspace. Come back or will send out bounty hunters to force you back into service. (Source: Jeff Fulsom)(SuperShadow: OK, OK. You don't have to put me in carbonite. Relax. I'm back. Man, you guys could pull the ears off a Gundark! Last time I go on vacation for a while)

The force is becoming stronger by may 1999 it should reach it's full potential AGAIN! (Source: Groove)(SuperShadow: Thanks for the words of encouragement for George. No, rumors about Fett so far . . . this is going to be a great day.)

All I can say of the above two synopsis is that if these are factual and bear any resemblance to the finished film then I won't be lining up on May 25th to see it. Simplistic, predictable and extraordinarly dull. Possible title: "Waste of the Force" (Source: Sabe)(SuperShadow: Sabe is referring to the alleged story lines to Ep 1 that I have posted on my new site in the Episode 1 section: SWPrequels: Myth, Prequels, Trilogy and More. Well, guess what, Sabe? The real plot to Ep 1 is very much a secret from would-be internet spies. The synopsis that you read are based on the rumors from the internet so don't worry . . . OK . . . you can rest easy at nite and prepare to line up on May 25th for the best movie of all time)

KURT RUSSEL WILL NOT PLAY A YOUNG BOBA FETT IN THE 2,3 PREQUELS (Source: XBOBX)(Thanks for the tip, BOB. Is Russel going to play Batman instead? Just joking. He's actually going to be cast by George as the next Indiana Jones. Rejoice! [And the world groans . . . ])

In an interview with Ewan McGregor in a Virgin Atlantic in-flight magazine I read that the title of the first movie is going to be called Balance of the Force. So there! (Source: Kimon Christodoulides)(It would be kind of funny if the real title is "Balance of the Force." We would have actually known the real title all the time . . . George would certainly have an odd sense of humor to do that . . . I'd like to see him title Ep 1: Victory of the Force.)

Why did you let Sameer take over Dark Side Prequel Rumors after you left. I and my friends think he sucks and we stopped going to the page. He's the nut case that kept claiming that the prequel would be coming out May 1998 even after lucasfilm said it wouldn't be out until 1999. Why not let Hannibal the Cannibal Lechter run your page into the ground instead. Thanks alot for letting Sameer ruin the best prequel page!! (Source: Talon 3)(SuperShadow: Ryan Fogle of the SWD let him take over while I was on vacation so don't blame me. Anyway, I'm back posting at this page so the best prequel page has returned!!)

I dont care what busy schedule LUCASFILM has with one year to go...I have alot on my mind too! For instance...Got to subscribe to a sci-fi magazine so I can get it in the mail because you just KNOW their gonna have a GIANT issue dedicated to SW 1. (And just to make you ALL jealous...THEY WERE THERE FOR EVERY FRAME OF FILM! PRE-PRO-and POST PRODUCTION! Where was I...Oh,gotta be sure I reserve time off at work for MAY 25th...gotta make sure I set time to camp out at my fave bookstore just in case they release the novelized version of the film a day before the BIG DAY. (You wanna see speed-reading?Stick with ME on the 24th,son!!) Plus any other magazines about ANY behind the scenes info...calendars,coffee mugs,T-SHIRTS,and of course TOYS....OH MY GOD!!!THE MOVIE ITSELF!!!I FORGOT TO FIGURE THE MOVIE INTO MY CALCULATIONS!!!!!AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, I gotta go...where DID i put that #$%^&* calculator... Thanks for your time (Source: Tuttle)(SuperShadow: Sounds like waiting for Ep 1 has made you a little neurotic. Hang in there kid! May 25th 1999 will be here before you know it.)

I don't care what anyone says. I know that a prequel trailer will not be released with the X-Files movie. (Source: Carrot Toppe)(SuperShadow: I've given up on trying to prognosticate when the trailer will be released . . . my guess is that it will be released with a Fox film by December 31, 1999 . . . Carrot Top (the comedian) is rumored to have a cameo in the prequel, honest.)

Well, you guys have certainly made my return more than worth it. I hope I want leave you guys hangin' out to dry in the future. Send me your rumors and comments to or you can keep sending e-mail to

See you again tomorrow!!!

Wed., May 13, 1998

The real lesson that Luke had to learn from the cave is not that Vader is his enemy, or that the dark side is his enemy. The lesson is the greatest enemy that anyone can face is himself. That is why Luke sees his face under Vader's mask. That is how they Yoda explained it to Luke in the radio adaptation. So I'm too into this stuff. I know. (Source: DK)(Vespon: Also, that scene acts as a kind of foreshadowing that if Luke chooses the wrong path he will end up like Vader. We each probably have a different interpretation of this scene.)

Lucasfilm, undoubtedly, find all our rumormongering to be quite entertaining. I mean how many rumors can we all come up with? It seems that many of our rumors will be dead on the money while others will turn out to be quite ridiculous. (Source: Ace)(Vespon: Prior to the release of the Empire Strikes Back, everyone thought that it was ridiculous that Vader might be Luke's father. Well, guess what. It turned out to be very true. Guess which of the current prequel rumors which are ridiculous will turn out to be true?)

I bet we see a bunch of Hutts, Wookiees and Mandalores in the Galactic Senate. Everyone is a member of the Senate until the collapse of the Old Republic at the end of the Clone Wars. (Source: JJ Spriggs)(Vespon: Prior to Palaptine seizing control, the Galactic Senate was comprised of nearly every intelligent creature in the known galaxy. The scenes of the Senate in the prequels will be incredible. Kenner must be salivating like crazy.)

This is all I can tell you!The title is NOT Guardians of the force.....BUT the title does consist of the word (Republic)! PLUS, the story is WAY out of the reach of what you guys,or should I say Fans have written!!! (Source: Renard Lucas)(Vespon: The title speculation is beginning to give me a headache . . . maybe will find out the title before Christmas . . . )

Deep Impact cost about $ 80 million. The prequel has now projected to cost Lucas over $ 115 million. There must be some very awesome and complex special effects going on in the prequel for it to cost so much. Just a thought. (Source: Taj Mahally)(Vespon: That's a very big understatement)

I can imagine all the tie-ins that the prequel is going to have with corporations. I expect to see a zillion Pepsi adds touting the return of Star Wars as a major "force" at the box office. It will be hard to watch TV without seeing some product endorsed by the prequel. Cool! (Source: Cincor)(Vespon: True. There will be a gazillion prequel commercials released by many corporations promoting their products and the prequel)

Does George Lucas have an e-mail address I can use to ask him some questions? (Source: Aaron Clivers)(Vespon: I'm sure he uses e-mail, but if he does he hasn't bothered to contact me. So to answer your question I don't know . . . I'd give you his e-mail address if I had it though)

Anyway, you can post this or not, but I'm a bit scared for the Clone Wars. I mean, Star Wars was a huge hit and everything and I know George knows how to do things, but trying to outdo something as great as the Star Wars Trilogy seems like an impossible mission for me. The pictures of the actors I have seen so far seem to "nineties" and they don't have that same feeling and "hey, we are doing this for fun" impression on them. Don't know then, I'm hoping for the best. (Source: Joonas A contributing reviewer for Games Domain Review)(Vespon: In all honesty, the actors (Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman) George chose for the major roles are much better and more accomplished than the actors from SW: ANH (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher)). Quality wise Ep 1 will be much, much better than Ep 4 that may be hard to comprehend, but it is very true.)

The Clone Wars may prove to be quite perplexing. The Jedi probably oppose cloning while the bads want to clone a million man army to destroy the armies of the Old Republic. Episode Two should be very violent. (Source: Taylor Silk)(Vespon: The events of the Clone Wars are enshrouded in great mystery . . . who knows what the Clone Wars are really all about.)

Rejoice! SuperShadow returns tomorrow . . .

Sat., May 9, 1998

I hope that there are no "Earth" type things, like horses and cows. They must all be aliens, like in the other films (except for the Ewoks movies - ARGH). Also, PLEASE, we DON'T want a narrator, they suck, big time. I hope it has scenes of Boba Fett killing the Jedis, as this is what the story has always been. I hope that Mr Lucas doesn't stuff it up, like having the credits at the start of the movie, KEEP IT THE SAME AS THE OTHER MOVIES. (Source: Rebel)(Vespon: George has always tried to make SW movies seem familar yet alien at the same time. Hence, "earth"-type things want appear in Ep 1 and we won't hear earth "lingo" and slang phrases (i.e., cool, mack daddy, sweet) in the film either . . . There won't be a narrator, Fett will be in Ep 3 (in one form or another) . . . The credits to a SW movie always run at the end of the film.)

Hey, Great site...Keep it up.Anyway the thing I don't understand is this: I have heard that at the end of ESB, when Vader reveals that he is Luke's father, that Lucas originally had dialogue along the lines of "No, Kenobi is your father" which was later dubbed over to: "No, I am your father". Now the thing I don't understand is that if Vader told Luke that Kenobi was his father, then why would Luke scream "No that can't be!!!! That's impossible!!!!!!" I thought he would have a more sad reaction than an angry one. Can someone clear this up for me. (Source: ZoSo)(Vespon: Betrayal can cause extreme anger and sad reactions as the prequels will all too well reveal. A fake line was used on the set while this scene for ESB was filmed)

Luke's Aunt Beru is actually his MOTHER! Uncle Owen is Ben's Brother!Wedge Antilles is a distant cousin.Palpatine destroys Anakin's relationship with his father. (Source: Joseph Bernal)(Vespon: Yeah, sure. Everyone in the galaxy is related to each other)

Ain't It Cool News stated that the names of the prequels will be Star Wars Ep 1: Guardians of the Force, Star Wars Ep 2: Betrayal of the Force, Star Wars Ep 3: The Rise of the Empire. I don't know if you knew this weeks ago already, but here they are :-). Or maybe they are part of Lucasfilm's secrecy plan...MTFBWY, (Source: "Swordmaster")(Vespon: I take no pleasure in criticizing prequel rumors posted on other sites, but these names for the prequels are false. George is not going to use "of the Force" in two SW films!! Just be patient George will reveal the title "when the time is right" . . . whatever that means.)

Just a little thing I've noticed that amuses me a bit. Call Lucas a psychic, but isn't it kinda strange how the first trilogy is about to be released after scientists have JUST discovered how to clone? Lucas mentioning the Clone Wars in the trilogy we know and love is quite a coincidence, isn't it? Isn't it?!? Maybe 'ol George is smarter than we all thought... (Source: Tim Gallagher)(Vespon: When asked why he chose to mention the Clone Wars in Star Wars: ANH, George states that he wanted to give a sense of history to the galaxy and to spark people's imagination as to what a "clone war" would or could consist of. Two things occur in a "clone war:" One side wants to use cloning to produce massive cloned warriors to defeat their enemies and they want to produce clones of key opponents on the other side because you cannot tell the difference in the physical appearances of a clone and the person who was cloned. This can obviously be used to create great deceptions and betrayals.)

I think that if you could get rid of the white ring around all of the pictures taken from, your page would look a bit nicer. I could do that for you for an honorable mention somewhere on your page. (Source: CloudCity)(Vespon: Thanks for the offer, but it seems to be a little late cause Marc Hedlund (who maintains for George) has changed most of the photo URLs on me, which of course means I will have to redo all the pics. Thanks, Marc. Regardless of my problems. Here's your "honorable" mention for offering to help: Cloud City of Bespin)

Mon., May 4, 1998

The people who work at LucasFilm must be the luckiest people in the world. They get paid to work on Star Wars Episode 1 ! ! ! I wish I could work free as an intern! Sign me up! (Source: Billy Tanner)(Vespon: Check out to see what intern positions are offered by LFL.)

Under the tree in Dagobah Luke is horrified to see that the face of his most feared enemy is his own. To me this is a symbol of the conflict of good and evil within him and that his worst enemy was not Vader. By the end of JEDI, Luke resolves this conflict and becomes a Jedi of the Light Side of the Force. Perhaps Anakin never passed this test. Also, perhaps there was a dwindling of the numbers of new Jedis in the last days of the Republic...a direct sign of the general malaise sweeping the galaxy. Maybe the Jedi were the last shred of fabric that held the Republic together. (Source: Lyman)(Vespon: The symbolic message about the Dagobah cave is that the true enemy Luke must face and conquer is not Vader, but instead the dark side.)

The MOST important element that must be in a Star Wars film is a space battle . . . we have waited 15 plus years for a space battle that makes the one in ROTJ look lame. I hope we see one even though the rumors on this are silent. (Source: Even Flow)(Vespon: Very little about Episode I has leaked to the public . . . sorry, your going to have to pay seven bucks at a cineplex to find out what Episode 1 is really about.)

The official site has posted stuff about light sabres being used in the prequel, but is this the only type of "light" weapon they used in the days of the Old Republic. In camelot, the Knights of the Round Table used daggers, staffs and all sorts of weapons. Surely, the Jedi used all these kinds of weapons, too. (Source: Kivera)(Vespon: Mums the word at LucasFilm on that rumor.)

Greetings! This weekend's USA Today reported that the prequel teaser is expected to accompany the X-Files movie, as we have speculated. In addition, they believed it could increase the opening weekend gross by as much as 40%. I would also like to comment about something that was posted recently (and actually called 'interesting') regarding which actors are playing which parts. Lucas has stated that Neeson is playing a 'venerable Jedi-Knight' which may describe Kenobi in ANH but from other comments made by Lucas not in Episode 1. Lucas has furthermore stated that McGregor is playing the young Kenobi and not Anakin skywalker. Finally, on this note, I wish people would not make episode one a love story. There seems to be a fixation with Anakin's relationship with the queen being terrible because of an age difference. I for one do not care about any age difference because I would bet the farm that a relationship between Anakin and the Queen is not even hinted at in Ep. 1. People are trying to stuff all their prequel theories in rumors (clone wars, mandalorians, boba fett, etc.)into one movie when there will be three to tell the story.

I leave you with my number one hope for the prequel trilogy, and if there are Lucas spies reading this PLEASE tell your boss...LET US SEE THE WOOKIE PLANET OF KASHYYYK!!!!! An anonymus lucas employee (easy for him/her to say) once posted a rumor that wookies would play a major role in at least one of the prequels. I hope this is true. (Source: Lando N)(Vespon: Wookiees make an appearance in the Galactic Senate in Episode I if that makes you happy.)

Don't you guys think it might be kinda cool if George Lucas himself made a cameo appearance in EPISODE 1 as either Bobba Fett or r5-d4???. Hehe that would rule. But seriously now wouldnt it be cool if he really did make a cameo in the new movie as a extra or something or maybe even a important character????. I would be overjoyed if he did. And another thing...why do you guys say that this so called spies are "FAKE" how do you guys know for sure???. It is kinda funny that you guys or whoever did this thrash on Jedinet and his truefan spy hehe. oh and another question....where is the Darkside Prequel Rumors headquartered at????. I'm really interested on knowing where you guys are from please tell all your fans!!!. (Source: Cornholio)(Vespon: George's last "cameo" in a film was in Beverly Hills Cop 3 (he plays a guy in a movie line that gets passed in line) . . . Just remember the alleged inside scoops that True Fan gave and see how many (if any) come true . . . we're headquartered at and the SWD . . . )

Sun., May 3, 1998

Lucas paid Jackson and the other big name actors a good sum of money to go around and say that they are in the prequels when in fact they are not...Everything you know about the prequels is 100% false. The only thing that isn't false is the fact that there will be three new movies.... Obviously I made that up but it makes sense right ??? He's putting other false info out there, what better way then fake actors/actress's to throw us off from the real ones... And look at all the pics or blueprints of supposed new vehicles... They all look like modern aircraft, I don't buy it... None of the vehicles in star wars look like anything we have... Example at at walkers, tie fighters, the death star, star destroyers... Thats all original stuff that lucas made up (Source: Frosty)(Vespon: The general rule at LucasFilm is that they never reveal any thing of significance about their movies to the public, which means all the vehicles and creatures we've seen so far are going to make minor background appearances in the prequels.)

I saw these in a magazine: C-3P0 will be transparent ( likely ) Yoda will be gray ( probably )There will be a big , Yoda like character . ( they said).The Cantina Band will be in the P's Along with Wicket and Jabba ( true ! ) The fighters ( rebel ) will be yellow . ( I saw it with my own eyes !! )(Source: Rulusudu)(Vespon: Transparent 3PO = NO, Yoda's color kind of a minor thing to me, a big Yoda (sounds interesting), surprise cameo appearance will be made by many familiar looking characters from the prequels.)

It has recently been reported that the name "First Droid" is being used by advertising firms as either the true name or a template for the name in their advertising. I've been thinking about this, trying to match potential names to it. I'm basing my proposal on the condition that all the letters in the title will be capitalized, therefore "FIRST DROID". FIRST can easily be matched with FORCE, DROID is a little harder. The best that I can come up with is ORDER.


They're not exactly unlike, but possibly close enough for advertising purposes. This name sounds strange, so perhaps these words are the main ingredients to the title. In "RETURN of the JEDI", "RETURN" and "JEDI" are given the main emphasis, while "of the" are small components that connect the title. So, I assume one may be able to install certain linking words to give the title its proper meaning. My last assumption, and this is the hairy one, is that the order, no pun intended, of these words is not important. These words would simply be blocks that can be rearranged to suit the will of GL. Taking all of these assumptions into account, I've derived the title:

"ORDER of the FORCE"

This may have even been a rumored title, and maybe this experiment will give a little more substance to it. This, however, is merely speculation and has no merit other than its close proximity to "FIRST DROID". (Source: Nate)(Vespon: Your title sounds as good as anything else out there right now . . . "of the Force" seems to be a likely part of the title sense it sounds good and it does not appear in the titles of the trilogy.)

Just in case you guys don't know on May 26th on QVC(shopping channel) there will be a 2 hour Star Wars collectible show on hosted by none other than steve sansweet for those of you who don't know who that is he is one of lucasfilms head honchos in license merchandising.He always reveals some interesting tidbits on whats happening in the star wars universe(HOPEFULLY PREQUEL INFO)anyway it's on at 9:00 eastern standard time. Enjoy!!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US IN MAY '99 (Source: Hildretj)(Vespon: Sounds great. George must be running short on cash again. I guess George needs a new turbo-prop jet or something . . .)

There will be a short teaser before Godzilla on May 20th and a follow up(longer) before The X-Files. Remember the Exclusive SE teaser before Ronald Emmerich's ID4 anyone? I know what your all saying,"Godzilla is being put out by Columbia!", but the deal went through before Fox got the rights. Lucas wants to keep the teaser as close to the 1 year mark as he can. Were do I get this crazy info? I just know. (Source: Stayin' Alive)(Vespon: You must be Emmerich trying to drum up EVEN MORE business for your film. Don't worry! Godzilla will open with at least $ 40 mill in its first weekend . . . but it won't open with a prequel teaser. I just know.)

What about Fett? Will he be in any of the prequels? Personally, I don't think so but other Mandalorians should be... I don't even think Boba is a Mandalorian himself! (Source: Sea Monkey)(Vespon: According to the character guides, Fett is an exile from the world of Concorde Dawn and is not a Mandalorian. Expect to see Fett in Ep 3 hunting down the Jedi Knights in the name of the Emperor . . . )

Wed., April 29, 1998

No offense to anyone, but I thought that SuperShadow was one of the funniest guys in Star Wars cyber space. He just kind of disappeared on us.......What happened to him and when will he be back? I miss reading his comments when I come home from school. (Source: Terry Hudson)(Vespon: SuperShadow did daily updates for Dark Side for months and months and months. He finally just burned out and had to take a break for a while. He'll be back (or so he says). When? Your guess is as good as mine.)

I find it hilarious that a bunch of prequel sites think that there rumors pretty much spell out the entire storyline to the prequels. I pray their wrong. Do I ever? But in the back of mind, I think it is possible that Lucas underestimated the internet's ability to spread information like never before. He may be a smart guy. However, nobody can see the future. Is it possible all these people reporting spoilers to the web could be on to something. The film could already be spoiled for me and thousands of other fans. It is possible, even if not probable.(Source: The Kid)(Source: In one word: NO)

What's up with this-- you guys move to SWD and then I find that the old site is still being updated with some sweet inside news. What's going on? (Source: Chester the Jester)(Vespon: The "main" Dark Side Rumors site is maintained at the SWD . . . this site is being maintained for other reasons.)

Star Wars made over $ 460 million in US and only $ 319 million overseas. In contrast, Titanic has made over $ 560 million in US and over $ 1 billion overseas. To me, this means that Star Wars is not nearly as popular with foreign markets. It is kinda unrealistic to expect episode 1 to beat Titanic. Maybe, Titanic is this generations version of Gone With The Wind. Any comments? (Source: HAL2000)(Vespon: The massive box-office grosses earned overseas by films in the 1990's is a new phenomenon. It use to be that back in the 1970's and early 1980's a U.S. film was lucky to make 50% of what it made in the U.S. in overseas markets. Now, that trend has released. The big blockbusters can now easily earn twice as much overseas than what they made in the U.S. If I were making a bet, I would say that Episode I will make $ 550 million in the U.S. and about $ 800 million overseas. Like you, I don't think Titanic will be caught for a very long time.)

ENUFFF with Fett! Let's change the discussion to IG-88. IG appears to be a primitive looking droid from the prequels era. I would be more willing to believe that we see droids like him than Fett running around in the new films. Is it possible that all the bounty hunters from the Empire Strikes Back were used by the Empire to kill off the Jedi? (Source: Philly Buster)(Vespon: I'm not sure if IG-type droids existed during the prequels, but it is possible that the bounty hunters we see in ESB may have played at least a minor role in the extermination of the last Jedi.)

It does seem kind of unlikely that you could piece the prequel storyline from all the rumors that have circulated around from various spies . . . I find it hard to believe that Lucas would just let these spies report rumors at will and not take some type of steps to prevent them. Couldn't he fire somebody or something? (Source: UK Crzy)(Vespon: Obviously, if someone associated with the Episode I production was releasing sensitive info. about the plot, appropriate steps would be taken by Lucasfilm. But since none of these rumors from "alleged" sources are legitimate, Lucasfilm has no reason to do anything. Lucasfilm spent millions to make sure that the plot would remain a mystery until George decides to reveal it.)

I know this is a prequel site and my question has nothing to do with starwars . . . but I want to know where I can find like the top 40 movies in America. Most sites only post the top 10 or 20 . . . (Source: Chandler E.)(Vespon: Variety On-line posts the Top 60 movies in North America each week.)

If your sources are correct, that most of the rumors about the prequal are untrue, then it seems highly likely that the Mandalorian could be the bad guys in Ep 1. This would be an awesome surprise for the fans....Imagine a bunch of computer-generated Mandalorians in battle with the Jedi. I believe the Mandalorian bad guys will be by far the most popular characters in the prequels. (Source: Highcut)(Source: Two things are certain: The Clone Wars and the Mandalorian are in the prequels.)

How many rumors have you guys posted over the years? It seems like there are so many rumors that every possible idea that Lucas could come up with is posted here. (Source: D. Jenkins)(Vespon: Good quesion (I guess) . . . I think SuperShadow quit after posting his one millionth rumor (or at least it felt like one million to him). Don't worry about George surprising us in the prequel. He has thought up things that we can't even imagine.)

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