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Sat, June 27, 1998

As far as the Obi Wan, Anakin, Queen, triangle, I think that it will be very similar to the current trilogy's. Anakin is a little boy who has a crush on a queen (like Luke on a Princess), while Obi-Wan constantly argues with her (like Han). But, this time the Skywalker wins by the end of the second one. I also think Neeson's character will not be the Emperor (which is pretty obvious by now) or even have any grey in his character. I think he is the same character as Kane (in the early drafts of SW), father of Anakain. He will teach us everything about the Force and he will be the ultimate good, and just when he is killed, probably in one or possibly two, everything turns to sh--.

About the Emperor, he is not a clone nor is he not Ian McDiarmid (spelled right?). Palpatine is already old in the first one and he ages about forty years for ROJ. Don't expect any major characters from the original trilogy to have any clones that survive the prequels. Also, I think Tereance Stamp's President of the Universe character is not Tarkin or even Palpatine but someone who gets assasinated (by one of Palpatine's supporters) and causes chaos in the Senate, forcing them to vote for the man they trust most which is Senator Palpatine. I listened to something Vader said in ANH, but this time it was different. Vader says, "When I first met you I was but the learner, now I am the Master."

When he FIRST met Obi-Wan. Anakin is truly dead to Vader. He doesn't even count an encounter with Ben when he was Anakin. So, if Vader has met Obi-Wan once (as Vader and not Anakin), that means Anakin will lose to Obi-Wan and become disfigured. Then, he will come back as Vader and they will fight again once. By Vader saying he has met Ben, and he considers Anakin dead, then we should see a Ben/Vader duel in Episode III. Also, has anyone figured out what exactly Vader meant by "the circle is now complete"? (Source: Liner) (SuperShadow: "The circle is now complete" is a very cryptic phrase that no one knows for sure what means. It could mean by destroying Obi-Wan; Vader gets revenge for all he lost in the prequels (i.e., his human self, his wife, his kids, his morality). Or it could mean that Vader cannot consider himself a true Sith Master until he has killed a Jedi Master. Only George knows if this phrase is significant. We can only speculate (which is still fun!))

I need a signed picture of George Lucas for my starwars collection. Could you please ask him to send me one. I can give you my address. (Source: Pleas. Conif.)(SuperShadow: Your best best is to contact Lucasfilm Headquarters in San Rafael, CA or the Star Wars Insider.)

What are the chances that Sequels will be made of Timothy Zahn trilidgy? (Source: Tony)(SuperShadow: NONE. NILL. ZERO.)

When you watch ANH real close you can tell that R2 is familiar with Tatooine wile C-3PO states that he has no idea where he at. I think the speculation that Anakin builds 3PO is false. (Source: Angier) (SuperShadow: Anakin is extremely talented when it comes to working with and building machines and droids. It will be interesting to see when C-3PO makes his appearance in Ep 1!!!)

Boba Fett will definately be unmasked in Episode II. That is the whole reason Lucas is adding Fett in order to end this mystique that surrounds him. (Source: CeconH) (SuperShadow: That's what all the Fett fans want so I'm sure George will unmask Fett somewhere in either Ep 2 or 3.)

I just wanted to say what a cool site!! and I also wanted to know if if any of you have visited a Star Wars Prequel site at and if so are any of the pics and story lines there close to the real thing? (Source: ZooGee)(SuperShadow: All the pics made by fans using Photoshop and other image-manipulation software are 100% inaccurate. The story lines based on information officially released by Lucasfilm are accurate. 90% of the other rumors and spoilers are false.)

Rumor was heard (on radio) that trailer for next Star Wars movies would be shown at "X-File" movie. It wasn't, but will a trailer/preview soon be released by studio?(Based on rumor that primary shooting was finished.) (Source: Alan)(SuperShadow: The trailer will be out late this year. Hang in there and remain patient. The wait will be more than worth it!!)

Can you please go ahead and tell us the title to the prequel? Lucas can't do anything to you. Your SuperShadow!!! (Source: Ver Demer) (SuperShadow: I'd tell you the title if I knew it. Only George and Rick McCallum know the actual title at this point.)

While Boba Fett will not be appearing until Episode 2, R2 D2 and Chewbacca will return. A man in a wookie suit has been spotted on the mos eisley set, very much resemebling a younger Chewbacca. Expect a young Han Solo to make a cameo in episode 3. (Source: A Friend from the Ranch) (SuperShadow: Let's hope so, but nothing is certain until you actually see it in the films.)

Hard to believe the episode i is almost here . . . (Soource: catwire) (SuperShadow: It's just now starting to sink it for me. What a great day May 25 will be!)

If Darth were a Sith title, why then in their climatic confrontation in ANHwould Obi-wan address Vader as Darth? (eg. "You can't win, Darth") You don't address people by their designated titles only, like King, Queen, Prince, President, etc. So I don't feel like Darth or Obi-wan are titles, but they may be their Jedi names, like converted Muslims who change their names. (Source: Gus)(SuperShadow: I tend to agree with you. Our source at Kenner states that both "Darth" and "Obi-Wan" are names AND are not titles/designations.)

I would like to be on your mailing list if possible. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 4 and saw ANH in 1977. (Source: J.J. Jones) (SuperShadow: Everyone can join just send your e-mail address to listbot to join!)

Take care and see you tomorrow! Reading your cool rumors is great!

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Wed, June 24, 1998

I think it will be funny when we all see an red R5-D4 unit in the background on Tatooine because you made such a big deal about how much you dislike R5 a couple of months ago. Some real funny stuff! You should write for a sitcom! I'm sure your sources have told George to add R5 (if he hadn't already planned to have one in the movie). It will be funny thousands of your readers will laugh when they see R5 and will know that Lucas is having a little fun with our beloved Shadow! Keep up the awesome site! And tell everybody at Lucasfilm to keep working real hard on the prequel for us! (Source: Col. Fearce) (SuperShadow: You just sent a shudder up my spine. R5-D4 in Episode I? I'm sure George won't do that to me. But if he does, I'll just close my eyes until my friends tell me R5 is no longer on the screen! For me, an R5 cameo would be a nightmare. Indiana Jones doesn't care for snakes and I don't care for R5!)

I would give every red cent I have if I could be a fly on the wall during the "round table" discussions that Mr. Lucas and his employees/friends have each morning! Could your source give us a daily update of what they discuss each morning? (Source: BG Runner)(SuperShadow: I'll ask but I don't know if my sources will be willing to give that kind of detailed info. Actually, I'm pretty sure they won't cause George does expect a little privacy when he discusses the prequels with his coffee in the morning!)

Lucas stated that Boba Fett won't appear in Episode I. But Lucas is tricky. He's proven that by all the false rumors the other ep i sites have posted. What if Master Jareel (Fett's name before he became Boba Fett) appears in ep i. Lucas' statement that there is no Fett in ep i would still be true from a certain point of view . . . (Source: Colt 45) (SuperShadow: Geez, you could be right! The pre-Mandalorian Fett could possibly appear in Ep I. Never thought of that what a great idea. I can already here the reply when I call my sources on the phone: "No comment on that one, Shadow!")

I can only hope that after these 3 prequels are finished that Lucas will want to further refine episodes 4-6 and repackage all 6 as the definitive final product. Possibly putting even more left out scenes back in and correcting silly decisions like Greedo shooting first, that ridiculous Jabba dance scene, make Jabba look better in Star Wars, and do a real restoration of Empire and Jedi. That's my wish. Eventually. (Source: G) (SuperShadow: George is planning to redo the Trilogy in about 15 or so years to bring it up-to-date with the spectacular-visual buffet that we will enjoy in the Prequel Trilogy. You can call it a kind of Ultimate Special Edition. Remember, George didn't expect the Special Editions to make much money so he only spent $ 10 million improving SW: A New Hope. He has stated that if he had to do over again he would have spent about $ 35 to $ 40 million restoring SW: ANH. How was he to know that his 20-year-old movie would gross over $ 250 million world-wide at the box office! Just be patient. However, George has told our sources that the Greedo scene will never be altered again and he is reluctant to add the Anchor Head/Wedge scenes because he feels it will interfere with the dramatic flow of the film. With the powerful digital- animation techniques that are be developed for the prequels, George will have the ability to add and delete entire scenes that appear in the trilogy. George will actually be able to refine and dramatically change the trilogy story line if he so desires. George can truly change our perception of the trilogy with digital techniques if he chooses to do so in the future. It will be interesting to see what he eventually chooses to do.)

Much speculation has surrounded the mysterious Clone Wars. We can't even be certain that these wars will even be in the prequels. But considering that Lucas has taken great lengths to keep others from exploting the Clone Wars. It seems likely they will be in the prequels. So if there is a Clone War, how can there not be a bunch of clone warriors that fight the Jedi? It seems to be an inevitable plot element. (Source: Latrell)(SuperShadow: With the Clone Wars, our sources claim that only George and Rick McCallum know the specifics of what goes on during the mysterious Clone Wars. We're simply going to have to wait until Ep 2 to see what the fuss is all about with the Clone Wars!)

Hi there Super Shadow. I'm Rookie. I was wondering if you could help me out some by giving me some e-mail addresses of Star Wars fans. I am starting a shipyard for the Star Wars simmers. (Source: Rookie)(SuperShadow: Sorry, I can't give out that information. Good luck with you sim!)

I've been thinking that everyone is worrying too much about the "new perceptions" we will gain watching Eps 4,5, and 6 from the prequels. The way I see it, lines such as "I was once reckless, if you remember" or "I thought I could teach him as well as yoda" will make us think hey, I remember the scene in the prequels where Ewan McGregor said to Yoda he could.... Although this "new perception" won't satisfy the guys who think George will introduce sordid love triangles or robot jedi, it will be really effective. Also, lots of people think that it's cool that 3 actors played vader (albeit in different forms) in the existing triliogy. I figure that there will be at least three other actors playing Anakin- Jake Lloyd, an older Anakin, and some new tall guy when Anakin becomes Vader in Ep 3 (The tall guy for vader in Eps 4,5 and 6 is getting on a bit now). How cool! Do you think that George likes Scottish actors? Take the actors for Wedge, the Emperor and the young Obi-Wan who are all Scottish. Pretty good for a country of only 5 million! (Source: Greig Walker) (SuperShadow: I think George likes Scottish actors because they are generally trained on the stage and not on film, which means they will be better actors on average.)

I can not believe you haven't read Dune! There are many possible similarities between Vader and Dune's main character, Paul Maud'Dib. Also, and intersting footnote, Paul was a royal, who sought shelter among the Fremen (correct spelling). Among these people, he was considered a "nobody" until he proved himself, much like Luke. During the Dune, Paul struggles with his "destiny" (thru vision of the future) of a campaign jihad, that destoys all who oppose him. Dune could lead to some interesting insights into the prequels. Buy a copy, or hell, I'll mail you an extra copy of mine! (Source: Dune Man)(SuperShadow: Mail it to Skywalker Ranch (Attention: SuperShadow). Believe me. I'll get it. I'm not a reader of sci-fi novels (not even the Star Wars ones except for the Thrawn series of books and Shadows of the Empire). Thanks for the info!)

The e-mail keeps mounting. I only have time to answer about 8 or so each day! Thanks for your patience! On average, it will be about 7 days before I can send you a personal reply and post your rumors. Stay one with the Force! Each day we're a little bit closer to May 1999! Hang in there!

Mon, June 22, 1998

It is interesting to speculate whether the word "Darth" is some kind of Sith designation. However, I believe the names Darth Sidious and Darth Maul were bogus names that Lucas inserted into the cast listings in order to trick people if the set lists were leaked. It seems unlikely that Lucas would have permitted these leaks to occur unless he had some kind of motive for the info. too be leaked. That's my two cents worth. I think that Obi-Wan is just Ben's "old name" and that Darth is Anakin's name and not some kind of Sith title. (Source: Travis Byers)(SuperShadow: The idea that "Obi-Wan" is a Jedi designation or title originated with the fans and not Lucasfilm. Hence, that rumor is false. Likewise, the fans have created the rumor that "Darth" is a Sith Lord title while none of the officially sanctioned Star Wars publishing materials recognize "Darth" as a Sith Lord designation or title. It will be interesting to see whether there are a bunch of "Darth"-titled Sith Lords running around causing havoc in the prequels . . . )

Hello this is Mark from Eugene, Oregon. I need to know what time is the filming start in Eugene so I can watch it in June 26th. (Source: Mark)(SuperShadow: Mark, I'm sure Eugene is a great city with beautiful locations for live-action filming, but, to my knowledge, there are no current plans for George to film footage of Episodes 2 and 3 in Oregon. However, I'm sure Lucasfilm has scouted almost all of the nation and the world looking for the perfect locations to film the second and third episodes of the prequel trilogy)

Would you like to join my star wars fan club, email me if you would like to join! (Source: Adam)(SuperShadow: I'll join as soon as possible. Thanx for the invitation to join.)

Why did you guys suddenly change the name of your page?. Its called the Dark Sith prequel rumors now is this some kind of joke? Second of all I think that 99% of what we think we know about te upcoming movie is pure sounds too damn stupid to be true. "Naboo"? that sounds to damn stupid to be true!.Come on! "nimoudians"? god thats stupid and its obviously fake. Lucas purposely released this fake information through the internet and maybe just maybe supershadow and/or all thoseother prequel spies out there are misinformation agents assigned by Lucas to misguide everyone about the true plot of episode 1. This may sound a bit crazy but its just a guess...and that all we doing in thsi page right?.Pure speculation!. And about star wars episode 1 surprassing titanic at the box office...WHO CARES!!! All we should be concerned about is how good the movie will be and that we leave that theathre as satisfied as we did the first time we ever saw each and everyone of the original trilogies movies. But I would love to see that stupid little movie titanic get its ass kicked by episode 1!. That would rule, but it shouldnt be a major concern to all SW fans. "So be it... Jedi' (Source: Bryan J. Vado)(SuperShadow: The name change is a joke. I'm glad at least one person noticed! . . . I can assure that SuperShadow and Co. are not being paid by Lucasfilm to spread mis- or dis-information in cyberspace. That would be a pretty cool job description though. Lucas did take steps to make sure that if leaks did occur on the set that the vast majority of the leaks would be false information. Lucasfilm has had a ton of experience with leak problems in the past. As far as the "Knights of the Republic" script resembling the real plot to Episode I, in the words of George Lucas himself: "Don't bet on it until you've seen the film for yourself." George has so many surprises in store for us that we cannot even begin to imagine them all . . . The wait for Episode I is starting to hurt . . . )

I use to find True Fan's updates to be kind of interesting until he/she was exposed for what they are. He gave a piece of news or two that sounded interesting, but because his previous updates almost always turned out to be false; it is impossible to believe anything True Fan says. It is interesting now that even Garindan doubts much of what his spies report to him. He must have one of the most frustrating jobs in the galaxy. I wish true fan would acknowlege that most of what he reports always turns out to be false. Keep up the great work! (Source: Phillips M.A.)(SuperShadow: The beauty of free speech in America is that a person can say pretty much whatever they want to and there is nothing that can be done to stop them (no matter how silly that person appears to be for saying it). True Fan is just having fun at the expense of the Star Wars faithful. Read True Fan's updates and laugh to yourself and don't ever let him fool you . . . not even for a second!)

Hi, I was recently surfing the web, and saw that you were a fan of Harrison Ford. I'd like to invite you to our new web site,, where we are now featuring Harrison in our Spotlight section. And, we'd like to invite you to be a beta tester for our affiliate program. If you have a Harrison Ford Fan site or other movie site, you can earn commissions by pointing your viewers to Bigstar. Thanks, and hope to see you at (Source: David)(SuperShadow: Thanks Dave, but I'm not really all that big of a Harrison Ford fan. I think he's cool and all, but I don't have any fans sites dedicated to Mr. Ford. Maybe, you've got me confused with Vespon)(Vespon: Very funny, Shadow. The only fan sites I have are dedicated to the worship of Martha Stewart and Richard Simmons . . . )

I would like to say that if it wasn't for the scenes in Jabba's palace and at the Pit of Carkoon, ROTJ would definately be worse than Godzilla. The fighting sequence on the skiff is my favorite fight in any of the films (Boba will have his revenge on Han someday). I hate the Ewoks and that whole fighting sequence makes no sense at all! Mark Hamill's poor acting in the Emperor's throne room adds to the dumbness of the end of the film. Even though I like the whole bit with the speeder bikes. That was cool. The Empire Strikes back will live on in our hearts forever (especially since it contains Boba Fett)! Even though the space slug sucks! Everything should now be prepared for the best SW film to date (until they make ep ii, cuz Boba Fett's gonna be in that one)! (Source: Boba Fan)(SuperShadow: The original trilogy has its moments. Some good and some bad. We all have different opinions of what we love, like and hate about the trilogy. That's the beauty of Star Wars. No two interpretations or opinions about the films are exactly the same. To each his own . . . Episode I will leave the original films in the dust for various reasons (i.e., better special effects, much larger production budget [even when inflation is taken into account], better acting and better script/plot).)

I bet if you made a list of all of True Fakes rumors over the past two years that most would be false. True Fan reported that the prequel novel might be released 6 months prior to the movie. What bull! He also reported that Kenner might have to split the toy rights with another company. Again just bull! I wish true fan would be more truthful with us and not claim his rumors to be so reliable. He should always say: "This is what I have heard from the 'Ranch' and yeah, it is almost certain what I am tellin' you is false." If True Fake has ever been on Skywalker Ranch, he was trespassing. I'm sure he is just some overly obsessed fan. (Source: Philco)(SuperShadow: True Fan is a Star Wars fan regardless of his penchance for spreading false rumors . . . you guys and gals shouldn't take this internet stuff so serious. True Fan is like a writer for the National Enquirer. He's just trying to entertain you as best as he can. Not even True Fan claims that his rumors are going to turn out to be true. Treat his reports as such and never trust what he says.)

When I first log on to your page, what is that little rectangular picture on the side? Is that some kind of C-3P0 prototype? (Source: Boba Fan)(SuperShadow: That's correct. That pic is one of the early Ralph McQuarrie design ideas for C-3PO. One of our Lucasfilm sources has told us that C-3PO may resemble one of the earlier McQuarrie design ideas although our source would not specify which one. So we selected that pic to "guestimate" what C-3PO may or may not look like in Episode I.)

Have patience! I'm running behind with the e-mail. It may take me up to five days to post your new rumors and comments! Enjoy the page and stay cool with the Force!

Fri, June 19, 1998

Hello again! It's SuperShadow. Sorry, I have been unable to respond to your e-mail lately. I have been steadily busy writing my bi-weekly column for one of the premiere on-line magazines and other personal matters. Now on with your rumors!

True Fan is doing it again. This time he/she says that Lucasfilm is going to get a copyright on the title "Knights of the Force." Does True Fan feel no shame in spreading false prequel rumors! I assume this new round of prequel info. is false too! Garindan, who continues to post True Fan's crap, claims that he can't guarantee the truth of what he posts because he can only post what his sources tell him. With such lousy sources, he shouldn't post anything at all. His other "reliable" source the IMP SPY claimed we would see a trailer with the X-Files movie. Even Garindan doubted that rumor! (Source: Ted Giles) (SuperShadow: Ha! Ha! Ha! Knights of . . . Ha! Ha! Ha! . . . the Force! True Fan when will you learn! No one at Lucasfilm is ever going to give you any info. that is worth dirt! True Fan can say whatever he wants because his defense is that: "Well, Lucasfilm pulled one on me again." Is there no bottom to True Fan's naiveness? I bet True Fan is the kind of guy that believes that Smurfs inhabit his back yard? Maybe, the Loch Ness monster lives in True Fan's pool! Ha! Ha! Ha! True Fan has become one GIANT joke! Enuff time wasted on True Fan. Let's move on . . . )

I was just wondering if you play Lucasarts games. Thanks. Bye. (Source: HDanger)(SuperShadow: I'm currently playing (struggling with) Rebellion, which is an ultra cool game.)(Eon: I'm into all the space battle "sims" like X-Wing v. Tie Fighter)(Vespon: Nintendo 64 games are all I have time for right now)(FireForce: I haven't played a LucasArts game since Dark Forces.)

Awesome site! My first stop each day . . . what I don't like about Episode I thus far, and I admit I know little about it. But Lucas said that about one third of Episode I takes place on Tatooine! I find that boring. There are many fascinating worlds that Lucas could explore in Episode I. Why spend so much time on such a desolate planet? (Source: Vigotron)(SuperShadow: Star Wars is George's baby and what he decides to do with it is in his sole discretion. Don't start to panic yet! If you start falling asleep during the Tatooine scenes, then that is when you can start complaining . . . For the record, a lot of important character development occurs on Tatooine . . . )

I have some information that you might find interesting. Until a few weeks ago I was dating a make-up artist who was working for Lucasfilm. Yes, that's right, she was working on the set of the prequel. Until now I have been biting my tongue so as to not say anything (she would have lost her job!) The good news for you is that we have split up. So at various intervals I'm going to give you some bits of information you might find interesting. The first is that my 'ex' is an avid fan of Science Fiction including Frank Herbert's Dune.

She told me the Sand People in Episode 1 (yes, Sand People) are based very much on the Fremen in the Dune novel - both in their lifestyles and sociology. (Source: The Falcon)(SuperShadow: George did borrow the ideas of "spice" and the desert planet Tatooine from Dune, but I'm not very familiar with the Dune series of novels. By borrowing ideas from others, George calls this paying homage to a "classic" Sci-Fi epic written by Frank Herbert. Give us some real inside dirt, my friend. What kind of starship does Obi-Wan pilot? And what color is his light saber?)

Thanks for the tremendous databank of prequel information. By far the best anywhere! I would like to posture this guess in episode 2, Anakin and Obi-Wan both seek the hand of the young Queen to marry. We see a humorous love triangle develop that eventually Anakin wins. Then some kind of betrayal occurs and our beloved heroes begin to hate each other . . . that's my guess. (Source: Fangor)(SuperShadow: Everyone thinks that a love triangle in Ep 2 or 3 is inevitable. I think this is highly speculative considering that George has never officially commented on this subject and has not even begun the scripts for Ep 2 or 3 yet. Let the man finish Ep 1 first, please!)

This news is nothing groundbreaking, but does add to the rumors surrounding a love triangle between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme. A close friend of mine, who lives in Santa Monica and works at FOX, is part of a privy council inside the studio, with access to future film material--she's been with the studio since 1986, mainly involved with marketing. She told me that 95% of the people at FOX know almost nothing about the plot of Episode I (the same goes with the film's title). They are counting on this film BIG TIME--just like all of us. Three things she told me: (1) The only word she's heard about a poster for the new film is that it will hit the public full force in October or early November, and it will be painted, much like the SE posters. "Expect them to be absolutely breathtaking."

(2) The 40% out-of-focus rumors are utter bull. In fact, things are going "really splendid with the film, from everything we hear. The confidence here is that it's going to surpass everything...ever." (3) Here's the bombshell... she was shown a series of black and white stills of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme kissing. "It looks like an amazing part of the they are completely in love...I wonder if Ben Kenobi falls in love with Padme before Anakin? should have seen the set behind them, utterly unbelievable. And Ewan McGregor has a weird braid thing [we knew that] but looks very handsome. Of course, Portman is so beautiful. And she looks so much older than her age, just like Leia." That's all she had for me, but I do believe her. She was a little bit irritated that I was writing this, but I wanted to share it with you because with all the negative rumors out there, this presents evidence of an intriguing and tragic love story...what better way to separate Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker?

[I am a screenwriter living in L.A. I don't claim to have any special inside access, but this woman is VERY trustworthy...I've known her since I was 10 ...she wouldn't be lying to me, it's just not her style. She was genuinely fired up about this... I'm usually nagging her about SW Episode 1, but this time she came to me. Hope you can use it.] (Source: YOUNG BEN)(SuperShadow: I'm not criticizing the veracity (truthfulness) of your source, but George doesn't consider the 16-year-old Queen kissing the mid- twenty-something Obi-Wan to be appropriate in a Star Wars movie in a serious manner. George considers it to be OK to show that the Queen is infatuated with the older and charismatic Obi-Wan, but she is much too young for a serious love affair in Episode I. Thanks for your rumors (even if they are just "science fiction"!)

I would bet a plug nickel that we get to see Yuzzum, the character added by ILM in the ROTJ song and dance number, to appear in episode 1 or at least one of his species. (Source: Pringles) (SuperShadow: I pray each nite that we never see that creature again in a Star Wars movie. Yuzzum (or however you spell it) was not George's most shining and spectacular creation . . . to say the least. I pray they never make his action figure either!)

Damn! I just looked at you "location". I never would have figured it out if I wasn't so determined. I don't have the "internet". But my brother does (who I'm visiting), and I will have all the rumors! MORE! MORE! MORE! So, I'm spending the afternoon updating myself!!!! Thanks for being there for me. (P.S. I'm listening to Leia's theme off the New Hope soundtrack as I type. A personal fav'.") (Source: Mudpuppy)(SuperShadow: Glad you're impressed! You've got several hours worth of rumors to catch up with. We have been posting rumors sent in by Star Wars fans for over three years now . . . Leia's theme is cool! My fave is the Throne Room/End Title theme from the end of SW: A New Hope.)(Vespon: I think the best piece from the Trilogy is the theme used in the Asteroid Field in the Empire Strikes Back)

Me again. By the way, the countdown...kewl!!!!!!!!! (Source: Mudpuppy)(SuperShadow: Seems like that countdown is never going to be finished!)

OK. We've got "good" women characters in the prequels (Anakin's mom, sister, the young queen, women jedi, women senators, etc...) what about the "bad" ones? Any chance of a sultry, evil woman making an appearance (Palpatine's girlfriend?, dark jedi?), or have I just got women on my mind too much? ;c) (Source: Cosiem)(SuperShadow: In Willow, the main bad guy was a woman called Queen Bathsmorda (sp.?). So will George try to insert a villainous into the prequels . . . seems likely. George is intent on making up for the lack of strong female leads in the trilogy. Outside of Leia, the trilogy is devoid of females with significant screen time. Also, by giving women more screen time in the prequels, George hopes to expand the appeal of the prequels to women both young and old.)

I just wanna say to all you people who can't spell the name of the most elusive and notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy far, far away that it is spelled with 1 b and not 2. I find it annoying and very disrespectful that people dare spell his name wrong. Who knows? He may have a bounty on you! (Source: Boba Fan)(SuperShadow: We've been warned! Thanx, Boba Fan)(Vespon: To Bowbba Phett, wherever you might be, I say: "Bring it on!")

Why do people trash on return of the jedi so much? talking down on it so stupid...sure the ewoks sucked but it didnt hurt the story at all. To me rotj was the best of the trilogy since it resolved the story wonderfully and who could have thought it would be Vader who saved luke? I just hope the new movie is as good as rotj. (Source: Cornholio)(SuperShadow: Your point is well taken. As George has said himself, it is impossible to make the "perfect" Star Wars film that will completely satisfy everybody. George is making the kind of Star Wars film that he has always wanted to see. Some people will love Episode I while a few will be disappointed. Such is the nature of film making. I assure you that visually; Episode I will be by far the best Star Wars film. However, whether we will be satisfied with the final plot that George settles on is anybody's guess.)

Samuel L. Jackson will be in a cantina fight. credits will be seen for the first time as little square stone things. Boba Fett will be seen for the FIRST TIME EVER with helmet off but I won't tell you who it is I'm not that big of a snitch. Yoda will make a big speech to Jedi of the roundtable. And a great old jedi master of the Force that goes by the Nezzer. (Source: SWP Staff Member)(SuperShadow: No offense, but if I had to depend on you to spoil the film for me; I wouldn't be spoiled at all. Your rumors are even worse than the ones that True Fan throws around! Jackson is not in a cantina fight. Most of his scenes are with Yoda on Coruscant . . . Whether Fett is scene with his/her/its helmet off in the prequels is known only to George and Rick McCallum . . . There is no one in Episode 1 named Nezzar, sorry . . . Are you sure your info. pertains to the Star Wars Prequels? Maybe, your thinking about Star Trek 9 ;) SWP Staff Member? What on earth is that?)

What is wrong with children acting, I find that children are the best types of actors. They don't care about salary and are just out to have fun. Do you think Jake Lloyd did this movie because he would get paid a hefty sum or was it that he wanted be in Star Wars!!!! When I was ten I would have given my right hand to be Anakin. And also I wouldn't characterize Portman as a child actor for 16 or 17 she is an accomplished acctress. Out of the three Star Wars and three Indiana Jones George hasn't failed us yet and now he has the technology, money and time to make the best possible Star Wars movie he can, let's not lose faith in his choices yet! (Source: Force)(SuperShadow: Vespon is the one who doesn't like the idea of kids in a Star Wars movie. I like the concept myself. Let's be honest. It is not humanly possible to make a truly awful Star Wars film. Only Vespon could make a crappy Star Wars flick. And yes, I would have given your right hand to have been in Episode 1 too!! Jake Lloyd's performance in Episode 1 is going to be a zillion times better than Mark Hamill's performance in A New Hope. No offense, Mark!)

The rumors will never end . . . stay cool with the Force, always!!

Send rumors, comments, ideas and questions to!

Wed., June 17, 1998

GREAT SITE! I love the work you guys have been doing, and although I believe over 90 % of the rumors on the internet to be false, I love speculating on which directions the prequel stories are going to move in. At the risk of getting "flamed" I wanted to tell you that I found one of Mon Mothma's posts quite interesting. (Hold your Tuantauns, don't moan and groan just yet...) She wrote about Anakin's predisposition towards obsessing about his destiny, and how it may tie in with altering our perception of the original trilogy. It occurred to me that this predisposition could be Anakin's tragic flaw, or Achilles heel.... and if so, Anakin's story may not actually be one of redemption. Bantha poo-doo or not?

Suppose in Episodes I and II Anakin does begin to have strange and confusing visions of his own future, and does have a difficult time reconciling the nature of his particularly darth (er... dark) future, and thus finally takes the plunge towards the dark side on the assumption that his fate is etched in stone. Then, after he becomes Vader, suppose that he has the vision that as 'father and son' they will overthrow the emperor and interprets (rather arrogantly of course) that his son obviously must come and join HIM in the dark side. (Hence, whilst Vader is chasing after his destiny, Lucas gives us the balcony/catwalk scene in ESB) Well, one could form a rather compelling argument that it was Anakin's predisposition towards following his destiny that finally turned him from the dark side. And...not for anything as 'outmoded' as morality.

Purely hypothetical speculation here: (well, we're talking 'bout the prequels, right?) Seeing Luke getting zapped by the emperor in ROTJ, Darth Vader decides at that moment that the only way he can fulfill his destiny (i.e. overthrowing the emperor with his son) is to join HIS SON as it becomes clear to him that there are no more options available since he knows their destinies belong together in some form. Luke is about to be pushin' up daisies and Vader can't let that happen if he is going to fulfill his destiny. Would this mean that Vader is never truly redeemed in heart if the only reason he saved his son/snuffed the Emperor was to arbitrarily chase after the visions of his destiny and is that, perhaps, one way to paint Vader/Anakin as an even MORE tragic archetype than he already is?

It is obvious that Lucas has a strong bent towards telling morality tales. Afterall, that is a huge part of mythic story telling. I think that all along I have been operating on the assumption that Vader is redeemed at the end of the six movies. (There is that shot in ROTJ with an adult Anakin standing side by side with Yoda and Kenobi.) Lucas has described the prequel trilogy as being darker in tone -- how much of that will affect the relative 'brightness' of the existing trilogy, I wonder? (Source: Eyegore)(Eon: Jedi Knights have no desire for fortune and glory, but, unfortunately, this is exactly what Anakin wants and it becomes his undoing. Palpatine convinces Anakin that the dark side of the Force is a quick means to reach all of his goals)

My name is Mark and I am from Eugene, Oregon. Can I ask you this: I would like to be in the Star wars movie for Episode Two. I want to know what year are you filming so i like to be in it. And don't forget the force will be with you. (Source: Mark)(Eon: Principle photography for Ep 2 and 3 will not begin until early 2000. At the moment, George plans to film Ep 2 and 3 back-to-back and simultaneously. No director(s) have been selected for Ep 2 or 3, yet.)

Your site has been added to Jedi Planet's contest for the 25 best Star Wars sites on the web. If you would like to withdraw, please reply. Thanks. Jedi Planet's proprieter, (Source: Jedi Jon)(Eon: SuperShadow says 'Thank you.')(Vespon: Shadow is already preparing his acceptance speech)

I have a few questions. 1: Is GL going to use the storylines for prequel books (like the Han Solo trilogy) in the prequel movies? I think it would suck if he didn't. And 2: Is it true that Boba Fett will appear in the prequels and if so when? I also wanna say to all the REAL SW Fans, Let's show the world on MAY 25, 1999 that the Force can sink any ship! Leonardo DiCaprio is no match for real sci-fi entertainment! . . . I think Knights Of The Republic is a good title for episode 1. I think Master of Deception, Enter A Dark Lord, or Deafening Hope are good titles for ep ii. I think Arising Rebellion is a good title for ep iii. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that Leonardo DiCaprio sucks! Boba Fett could beat him down any day! George Lucas is the master! Also, I think a water battle would be pretty cool. It's something new. And if Boba Fett turns out to be a girl, I'm gonna get really mad. That means he is also a lesbian since he flirts with that chic in Jabba's palace in ROTJ. Also, are they gonna show the early years of Han and Lando? They rule! Also, is Owen Obi Wan's brother? (Source: Boba Fan)(Eon: The storyline to the Prequel Trilogy is not based on anything that appears in the novels. Fett does not appearin Ep 1, but he/she/it does have a prominent role in Ep 2 (in what capacity no one knows because George is keeping it to himself . . . for now)(Vespon: Hopefully, Ep I will stomp the bee gees out of Titanic . . . but George would settle for being # 2. Owen and Obi-Wan are brothers.)

Rumor has it that the Leia and Luke seperation will play a major role in at least two of the three prequels... Who was their mother? What does Leia think of Darth being her father? We know what luke thinks. (Source: Longshamps)(Eon: Lucasfilm has officially stated that Luke and Leia are not born until the end of Ep 3 . . . It is uncertain whether they actually even appear in Ep 3.)(Vespon: I hope Kenner makes a baby Leia and Luke two-pack action figures that would be even cooler than the Ugnaught two pack)

Do you people actually read those novels, there horrible!!!!! As I said before, there are no Jedi droids if there were it would be a true let down since there machines. I dont care what tales of the bounty hunters say about 4-LOM if it is not written by lucas its not true, which goes to all the other novels, Lucas said so himself. Oh yeah, I forgot Boba Fett is still alive Dengar came and rescued him from the Sarlacc lucky boba had the Mandalorian armor or he would have died, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! (Source: Force) (Eon: Droids as Jedi Knights may be far fetched, but who knows what surprises George has in store for us?)

The most interesting thing for me about episode 1 is the digital animation. I expect about half the movie to be filled with either digitally animated creatures or ships in the foreground or the background. The space battles will truly be breathtaking. (Source: Cermit)(Eon: Our Lucasfilm sources have told us that Ep 1 opens with a spectacular battle sequence, but whether it is a space battle is unknown. No one knows for sure if there is a space battle in Ep 1 at all!)(Vespon: I'm sure there will be at least one space "dog fight" in Ep I)

I thoroughly enjoy Star Wars and have been a fan for some time now. I found the 'bad guy' in Star Wars, Darth Vader, to be one of the most satisfying villains ever.(If not the most.) He was not two-dimentional,like the large majority of antagonists, instead proving to be a very complex character, that I consider more interesting than any 'good guy' in Star Wars. (Yoda came close, though.)Other secondary Star Wars characters, such as the mysterious, calculating, and cunning bounty hunter,Boba Fett were also ingenious additions. But,unfortunately, there is something about Star Wars which thoroughly aggrivates me.

It is the convenient and unexplained plot-hole in Return of the Jedi. (A movie whose best scene, Anakin's redemption, came only in the last few minutes.) Please bare with me on this one. The Empire has expended an indescriminate amount of time and a vast amount of resources to construct a second, and even larger, Death Star. The battle station, unfinished, and not yet able to generate its own shield, has placed its security, and the protection for its vulnerable and incomplete structure, solely in the hands of a shield generator on the moon Endor, which it must stay in proximity with at all times. While in this precarious position, the Emperor, in his arrogance, deliberately allows this vital information about the station to fall into Rebel hands, knowing they will attempt to destroy the shield power source on Endor in order to infiltrate the juggernaught's external defences.

To guarantee a Rebel failure, Palpatine sends a legion of his most elite Stormtroopers, a marching assembly of ruthless, fierce, and thoroughly trained death machines. (As Obi-Wan Kenobi remarked in A New Hope, "these blaster marks; only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.") When these terrifying warriors land on Endor, they inexplicably and conveniently turn into a bunch of staring, stammering idiots. They are attacked by a hastily assembled swarm of three foot tall, sickeningly cute, primitive race of fuzzballs brandishing sticks and rocks. Seemingly forgetting how to use their blasters, (I found this blatant lack of military force to be unbelievably politically correct. In reality, up against a legion of such fanatical loyalty, and cool, unflinching power, the Ewoks would be toasty chunks of fur flying in every direction.) Every viewer is then supposed to cheer for the little flea-bags, and laugh at how the Emperor so erroniously underestimated the pure power of the Ewoks. PARDON ME?!!?

In afterthought, the one major component that ruins the logic behind this idea, is in fact, the Ewoks and their primitive technology. What if, instead, the help the Rebels recruited on Endor were more like the Fremen (a warrior race from Frank Herbert's 'Dune'.) A race whose numbers were grossly underestimated, or better, who lived in vast caverns underground, and had evolved enough to have developed a level of technology that was as sophisticated as the Empire's, therefore being able to hide the knowledge of their existance. The Rebels stumble across these sleek, dark creatures who have almost no sense of sight due to their ancient subterranian heritage, but communicate with a sophisticated sonar/whistling language much like a whale's, and much like R2D2's. The two droids then initiate communication with these creatures, who are a fierce, suspicious, and cunning race, that do not give their allegiance easily.

The Rebels prove themselves, and their cause, worthy by demonstrating their ethics and ability. Luke is chosen by the creatures to participate in a no-weapon duel with the race's leader, and most adept warrior. Luke bests the creature with help from the Force, but recognizes that the being, and many others of his species, have the Force flowing through them, although they are unaware of its great power. In an allegiance based on mutual respect, sharing of technological resources, and knowledge in the Force, the newly forged army surprises, and after a brutal and viscous battle, just barely emerges victorious over the incredible Imperial troops. Now wouldn't that have been a bit more believable? (Source: Anonymous) (Eon: Just about everyone wishes that George would do an ultra edition of Return of the Jedi and digitally change the furry Ewoks to a primitive race of reptilian creatures or anything other than space teddy bears)(Vespon: George hoped that the Ewoks would successfully portray the theme that advanced technology can be defeated by more primitive cultures. Not very realistic, but it's what George wanted to betray. There's no way in real life that the Ewoks and those rebel commandos could have beaten a legion of the Emperor's best troops. Then again, Star Wars ain't reality and George can do whatever he wants)

I find it fascinating that people have been sending you guys/gals rumors for many years! Good show! Your Lucasfilm sources provide the best prequel info. I have ever seen!! I want to know if Mr. Lucas is going to directs ep 2 and 3 himself. (Source: Shich Kabob)(Eon: George does not intend to direct either Ep 2 or 3 at this time. Although he reserves the right to change his mind at any time)

Another prequel site is reporting something concerning a new Jedi character. They said something like: "Few lines, barely in the movie, looks cool, and bad to the bone... Word is that he is a bio- mechanical/cyborg member of the Jedi Council. Part man, part machine, all jedi. They say he is one bad mother! People close to the production are hailing him as the next "Boba Fett", meaning that he could easily become a cult icon just as everyone's favourite bounty hunter has." (Source: Anonymous)(Eon: Our Lucasfilm sources tell us that rumor is a hoax with no basis in fact. It is probably some rumor sent in by a fan. Sounds cool, but that kind of character sounds like Cable from the X-Force comic and is not a Star Wars character. Sorry. 90% of the rumors they post are fake. That's just the way it is)

I have heard a rumor that Terry Brooks is handling the noveliz ation of Episode 1.For those who don't know he wrote The Sword of Shannara and several other great books.I think Mr. Brooks will prove more than worthy of this job,if this rumor is true. Please can you tell me if this is true? (Source: Thrawn) (Eon: The novelization of Ep 1 is something that does not interst me personally, but I'm sure Mr. Brooks is a fine author. I don't plan on buying the novel, but I do expect to watch Ep 1 several dozen times at the local cineplex!!!)

Why is Lucas using such young heroes in episode i? This defies normal movie conventions. I can't think of any blockbuster film that was carried by a kid other than Home Alone and that was a comedy. I hope the kids, Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman, don't inadvertantly turn episode i into a comedy!!! (Source: Finkledinkel)(Eon: The kids are in the film, but they are not the film. They compliment the adult actors in the best possible ways and do not make the film feel hoaky or childish . . . what did you expect me to say?)(Vespon: Personally, I think child actors in a Star Wars film are a big, huge, tremendous mistake. George stated in the Star Wars Insider that he was going to do some unconventional things in the prequels that may not be well received. We can only hope for the best.)

C U later!!

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Mon., June 15, 1998

OK. OK. Some other web sites are claiming that X-files: Fight the Future is going to have a prequel teaser running with it. Are they spreading false rumors again? (Source: Veggie 3)(FireForce: Unfortunately, they are cruely getting the hopes of the fans up. They should be shot. No prequel trailer until late this year.)(Vespon: Actually, there will be a 2 hour Ep I trailer attached to the X-Files! George just told me! STOP THE PRESSES! LOL. LOL. Now, I'm starting to sound as foolish as those other prequel web sites!)(Eon: X-Files movie. I thought that was a TV show?)

Okay, I have many questions first off, where did you get that great poster of the Guardians of the Force I know its been pieced together by someone not connected but imust say they did a great job. Also on the poster it says the release date = May 23, 1999, is this true? Also for the person who wrote of the jedi droids, its impossible droids are not living creatures and Yoda clearly states the Force creates life and generates it so a nonliving creature cannot harness that power, sorry. Episode 1:
Week1 = 120 million
Week 2 = 100 million
Week 3 = 75 million
Week 4= 74 million
week 5= 74 million
then it weens down to about 40 million a week for a couple of weeks then down to 20 million then when out total will be about 745 million nationaly 1 billion worldwideI am probably not the biggest star wars fan in the world, but i am up in the crazed fan catergory, so I was just wondering how you people can read those stupid novels, there is nothing true about star wars in them which George Lucas said himself, so if your looking for real star wars information the only place you can get it is from the movies and this great site!!!!

Anyway this is the best site on the net!!!! Thanks for the ideas! (Source: Force)(FireForce: In the novel, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, 4-LOM begins to achieve a low-level of sentience and becomes Force sensitive. So it is possible, although not probably, that some droids can use the Force and maybe even can become Jedi)(Vespon: What do you have against droids for crying out loud? Let 'em use the Force. They're already banned from the Mos Eisley Cantina! Give 'em a break, please.)

I think Ep 1 will be about 3 hours long. This is the reason Ep 1 will cost $ 112.8 million instead of $ 71.3 million. Lucas is adding all kinds of extra battle sequences. INCLUDING the famous water battle! (Source: Bunga Lunga) (FireForce: George is sparing no expense for this film, which is his baby) (Vespon: George has spent 25 years formulating this film in his brain and wants to make it perfect. So he will spend whatever it takes to make this a PERFECT Star Wars film. Prepare yourself for what you can't prepare yourself for!!)(Eond: Can't wait)

The more I think about; the more I am convinced that Bobba Fett is a woman. This would be funny as can be because Han and Co. would be running from a girl, which would be hilarious. The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy IS a woman. This way George could make up for having so few females (especially) as bad guys in the Trilogy. (Source: Mooglar) (FireForce: Fett . . . whyd did it have to be Fett?)(Vecton: I hope Fett is a woman to. But since when did George start giving me what I want)(Eon: Fett's cool kinda.)

I can tell you that I had the luck in working as an extra in Episode one. I also know that Mr Lucas has not even thoght about a title yet. So all the crap on the Internet about Balance of the Force, Guardians of the Force, ....of the force etc is complete speculation. I know that the title will not be any of these. I can also let you in on a real secret. The one day that I did work on this film - all that I can say is that is was NOT at Leavesden! George has been very careful in letting people know where he has been filming. Did you really think that Elstree and Pinewood would see none of the action? I worked at Buspace studios for half a day and the rest at Elstree. The main Set (Exterior Corsucant City was absolutely out of this world.)

This film is going to be Huge! I like everyone else is scanning the Internet for info as I wasn't giving any info on the set. I had no script or pages to read. George was very polite and said hello to us all amongst other things. I tried to soak up everything as it happened. It was all over too quickly but I did have chance to meet Ian McDiarmid!! Although he wasn't directly in my scene. I think I'm on camera for about 8 seconds if I make it through the edit. I also know that alot of things have been shot in multiple from a number of different camera angles. I think that they will then 'Make' the film in the editing room and with the input of ILM. Only a select few ie George, Ben Burtt, Rick Mcallum, John Williams will actually see the film develop into the finished product. There was even talk that the scenes I was in could be done a number of times in a number of ways with different extras so that no one really knows the outcome of scenes.

Phase two of filming is now underway unfortunatley I haven't been called back so I'll just have to wait with everyone else.

NB. If you thought that the production on Episodes IV - VI were big and others ie. Blade Runner Batman etc you ain't seen nothin yet......... Get ready for Episode one, the biggest film ever made! Source: Krayt) (FireForce: Interesting. I don't remember seeing you at Leavesden) (Vespon: Maybe, he was the guy carrying the script for George)(Eon: I worked on the set too. How come nobody believes me when I say that?) (Vespon: Because everybody in cyber space claims that they worked on Ep 1 in either Tunisia or Leavesden)

The Jedi Council, who preside over the Jedi Knights, will be cloned by the Sith Lords during the Clone Wars. (Source: Evergreen Gene) (FireForce: I can live with that)(Vespon: I can't. Don't ask me why. I'm feeling kind of disruptive today!)

Hello, my name is Sean and I am a very avid Star Wars fan. When I was surfing the Internet for the latest rumors of Episode I, yours turned up in a search. There were many choices from the selection bar (characters, storyline, etc.), but after I select one of them, I don't know what to do next. There is a small text box which says, "Go!" but it does not work. It was only a text box, not a selection button. I even tried to press enter after the message "Go!" but it didn't work. Could you fix this problem or send me the links to the other websites? Thanks! (Source: Sean)(FireForce: Not sure what the problem is Sean, but here is the URL link to go to the Prequel frequently-asked-questions page This page will link to other pages that give info. on the possible titles to the prequels, characters and actors who may be in the prequels, box-office projection for Episode, etc. and tons of other info. about the prequels)

Will Jabba be in the prquels?Maybe he might be this Jedi Knight who decides to be a gangster cuz he thinks being a Jedi is to much work. Maybe he fights Anakin,and Anakin slices off Jabba's legs. (Source: Jabba the Hutt)(FireForce: Jabba is in Ep 1, but will not appear as you describe.)(Vespon: The Jabba that appears in episode one will be a computer- generated character that will be smaller than the Jabba that appears in SW: A New Hope Special Edition.)(Eon: Who's Jabba?)

I heard over at Prequel Watch that there will be a prequel teaser with the X-files movie that comes out next week. The scoop came from a guy called the IMP SPY can he/she be trusted?. (Source: Cornholio, Lord of the Prequels)(FireForce: IMP SPY. What a lame code name . . . expect to see the Ep 1 trailer in December 1998)(Vespon: There WILL NOT be a prequel trailer attached to the X-Files Movie. So the IMP SPY cannot be trusted.)(Eon: Who's IMP SPY?)

Indiana Jones and Mount Olympus: Indiana Jones finds the legendary home of the ancient greek gods and has to hide the fruit that makes a human immortal from the Nazi's...... (Source: Kalib)(FireForce: Since when did this become Cool story idea though)(Vespon: The day Indy 4 comes out I will be 84 years old. Those waiting for Indy 4 are in for a long, long frustrating wait)(Vecton: Indiana Jones and the Mysterious of Stonehenge. Indy finds a secret entrance to the fabled stones located at Stonehenge. Indy and his faithful sidekick, Grendel, stumble across an amazing . . . )(Eon: Shut up, Vecton. George ain't going to use any of your lame ideas)(Vecton: Up yours! Eon the peon! My ideas rule!)

Am I right by assuming that this "anonymous" lucasfilm informant is ___________??? "So be it . . . Jedi."(Source: Valdo)(FireForce: No, I'm the secret Lucasfilm spy!)(Vespon: FireForce is lying. I should know cause I'm George Lucas :) )(Eon: Who's George Lucas)(Vecton: I am the "anonymous" lucasfilm informant, the Bothan Spy, True Fan, Delta Source and your father. Also, I am the CEO of Microsoft. Honest)

See you tomorrow! Stay cool with the Force!

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

Fri., June 12, 1998

Super way to start my day! I always have something interesting or funny to read you guys are witty. I think that there will be multiple versions of the prequel trailer released whenever the trailer finally comes out. (Source: Vertins)(Vespon: You never know. That sounds awesome. Just think the Net would be buzzing with people claiming to have scene a unique and different trailer from all different geographical areas. What a great idea!)

No offense to you other guys, but I miss SuperShadow doing the email rumors. I knows he's busy, but could he do the rumors maybe once or twice a week? (Source: Harrigan Fore)(FireForce: With his column and newsletter, he is too busy to handle the e-mail right now)

Just as human replica droids have been used in the novels to look like a particular person in order to trick the enemy. I believe that clones of certain people will be used during the Clone Wars to trick the enemy. (Source: Eugene Travis)(Vespon: Sound very plausible and would not surprise me at all. Nothing would surprise me at this point)

For those of you who care, I think that Chewbacca and Ben Kenobi meet somewhere in the prequels because in the cantina they are chatting like they are old mates getting ready to throw one of the barby to share. Kind of cool idea! (Source: Evershow)(FireForce: George has already promised to dramatically change our perceptions of the first trilogy. What does that mean? Do we learn that Fett is a female? Or that Kenobi had an affair with Vader's wife? Do we learn that other revelations that will shock us? In fact, according to our Lucasfilm sources, some of you may be disappointed by the way George changes our perceptions of the current trilogy just as many of you were upset with George having Greedo shoot first or by having a computer-generated Jabba added. It'll be interesting to see what George has in mind)(Vespon: At this point, I don't care if we learn that the first trilogy was all just a dream that Anakin has one night . . . I just want to see that durn movie!!!! Let me see some of the rough footage, George!!!!)

Great Site Supershadow! Any truth to the rumor that 20th Century Fox's X-Files movie will come with a EP 1 Trailer? (Source: Steve Smith)(FireForce: Our Lucasfilm sources have been telling us for over a year that a prequel trailer will not becoming out until Nov-Dec 1998. No trailer with the X-Files movie.)(Vespon: A false prequel rumor on the Internet? No way! That's impossible)

If the EpI included every rumour posted everywhere it would be about 5 hours long . . . I think most of the rumours are incorrect. (Source: Joel K.)(FireForce: You are correct, sir.)(Vespon: Fake rumors on the internet? Where? Are you kidding me? That's impossible?)

I wish the Jedi Knights were real so that I could become one. (Source: Chance)(FireForce: You and me both. Working for the Republic defending the galaxy from tyrrany.)

Way to go on putting together the best prequel page. I hope to make one one day until then I'll read yours everyday. My rumor is this. How come in the special edition of SW: A New Hope; Boba Fett nods mysteriously and intimidatingly. I think this means that he WILL be wearing his Mandalorian hardware somewhere in the prequels. He probably helps hunt down a few Jedi Knights in Ep 3. (Source: South Paw Willow)(FireForce: Good conjecture! Put whose to say that seems kind of obvious. Did George insert that scene into the special edition in order to throw us all a red herring?)

The Jedi Knights are the main showcase of EP1. I can sense it because we know so little about Liam Neeson's character. I believe the true leaks that have hit the net are the one's that Lucas wanted us to find out. Otherwise, how come we know next to nothing about Liam's character and what he does in the film. (Source: Terrel Grosse)(FireForce: That's a hard one to figure. It is impossible to separate fact from fiction any more. Most of what we see on the silver screen next May will surely shock us all)(Vespon: Almost every rumor posted about Ep 1 is false except for a few exceptions)

Yeah, the Guardians poster looks fine, but the date on it is May 23, 1999. That is a Sunday. Your FAQ section states that the film will be released on May 25. What gives? (Source: Harpring)(Vespon: The person that made that poster made an error. The film is currently scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 25, 1999)

Why have code names for charaters in the prequel. I don't get. Who cares what their named. Many star wars names like Salacious Crumb, Max Rebo and Garindan aren't very good and nobody really cared. I like the names. (Source: Solace523)(FireForce: Some the names will change will some of the names are the real ones. Only George knows for sure which ones will be used in the final cut of Ep 1)

Every so often people like me will speculate that the stormtroopers are clones I'm beginning to think that the clone thing may be a little exaggerated and will not be all the important. (Source: Ukeles)(FireForce: Actually, the Clone Wars is the most important event of Ep 2)

Could you please post a large version of the "Ploe Does Matter" poster that was taken off the official website because they got scared they would get fired by George Lucas or something. Thanks!!! (Source: Lancer)(FireForce: You can view that poster in full here)

Wed., June 10, 1998

We have an avalanche of rumors for your perusal and amusement today:

Could you please make the "Guardians of the Force" poster you have on your site bigger? I can't see what the detail on it are. Love your page. Glad to know that there will be a new Star Wars flick soon. Keep us posted on the latest developments. And tell Mr. Lucas hello for me! Thanks!! (Source: Shiny Volvo)(Vecton: There you go, SV!)

It seems you guys have posted over a bazillion rumors from the fans . . . Now, we all know Fett is in Ep 2. Does this now mean that Chewie, Han and Lando will pop up in Ep 3? Great idea to post fan rumors and here's hoping my rumor makes the cut. Love you guys!! (Source: Cruzan R.)(Vecton: In the words of someone famous: Somebody stop me!)

You have the mack daddy of all prequel pages Dark Side! Hope you guys keep updating! Your the real deal. Enough with the kissing up. I want to know for sure whether the young Queen is Force sensitive and will train to be a Jedi Knight. (Source: Billy Forrester)(Vecton: Our Lucasfilm sources only smirk when asked that question)

As we all know the 2nd part of the prequels well be about young Anakin's fall from grace to the dark side of the Force. This episode is sure to be more darker and probably have more CG (computer graphics) than the first. This one well also be a cliff-hanger like The Empire Strikes Back. This was said in a interview of George Lucas. . . . Episode 3 well be the darkest of all of the Star Wars movies. This one well probably show Anakin's complete fall to the dark side. This one will also probably be the most violent of the Star War movies because it will be the darkest of the movies.

This one will also have the Jedi Knights being destroyed which will end up having the Rebel Alince fall and beaten by the Empire. At the last shot of the movie it will have Luke and Leia being born (I know this for sure about Luke and Leia.). In the background there will probably have Obi-wan. (Source: Raymond, Aaron and Shaggy [the three stooges])(Vecton: Anakin's fall to the dark side does not occur until after Ep 2. Ep 2 ends with the marriage between Anakin and the Queen. George has stated that in the second installment of a trilogy it is the job of the writer to place the good guys in the worst possible situations of their lives. Ep 2 will definately have a bunch of cliffhangers (even more than Ep 5 [Empire])(Vespon: One of the reasons George was unable to film all the prequels back-to-back-back is because the technology for the digital effects that he needs for Ep 2 and 3 is still about a year or two away from perfection.)

It would be a cool thing if Lucas made Obi-Wan the pilot of the Falcon in one of the prequels . . . Thanks for giving us the best prequel site! Cheers! (Source: WampaUK)(Vecton: Hee Hee. Good idea!)

Will they be making this at Leavesden (Ep 2 and 3)? I had seen some of the outside sets whilst driving past. That was some time ago and I believe they have finished there for the time being. I am asking because I would absolutely leap/somersault/strip even to be an extra or anything on this movie and of course I'd do it for nothing! How do you ask? As walking up to the main gates at Leavesden and saying "Hi! is George about I want to be in Episode 1" would probably be answered but the gentle English phrase of words such as "Bugger off Mate" (Source: Darren)(Vecton: George has the option of filming the interior and some exterier scenes at Leavesden if he so desires . . . he may look for facilities outside of England that are more "cost effective." You have a better chance of being "knighted" by the Queen than getting a job working on Ep 2 and 3.)

I don't know if this is true or not but I have heard that Yoda voice will be a lot diffent. (Source: Keiran)(Vecton: FALSE)

This was fantastic (SuperShadow's "Knights of the Republic script), it matched very very closely with all of the rumors that we have heard over the past few months. I wouldn't be surprised at all when the movie comes out if it is very similar to this. I wouldn't be dissapointed either. Your version of Episode I was made up of everything that we expect in a Star Wars movie. (Source: CraigC)(Vecton: Shadow thanks you for your kindness . . . maybe he snuck a peek at the real script when penning his own version of Ep 1??? Shadow has a sneaky look on his face for some reason)

I was reading the rumors for tuesday june 9 when i got to the one where the guy said star wars won't beat titanic. Supershadow when you say it won't beat titanic do you mean nationally or worldwide. because it will beat it nationally, this movie has the most people counting on it and the most advanced word. the whole nation knows it is coming and there hasn't been a single advertisment. so unless it is an awful movie(all signs point to no on that) then it can beat titanic. titanic did well a) leo dicaprio and millions of teenage girls going to see it literally ten times, every other age group saw it atlest once, with starwars us die hard fans will replace teenage girls and everyone else will see it just twice. About worldwide star wars will never get that title some countries ban it others dont like it, with ID4 countries banned it because a jew and a black guy saved the world. So lets just go for the national title its better than worldwide. just one more thing one way for us to guarantee #1 is instead of seeing ten times everyone go 15 times!!!!!!! (Source: Force)(Vecton: Shadow tells me that Ep 1 should easily best Titanic in the United States. However, he feels that the prequel will at best make $ 850 to $ 900 million overseas. And will remain forever # 2 to Titanic overseas.

I bet we get to see droid Jedi Knights in the prequels because this would definately change our perception of the current trilogy. Good to see a great prequel place for once. Most of the others just post the lamest fake rumors from lame sources! (Vecton: Can droids be Jedi Knights? Interesting.)

It really bugs me how people are speculating about the gender, species etc. of Boba Fett. (I heard a rumour on a website about how Fett is three female yodas standing on top of each other, or something intriguing like that.)(Vespon: Actually, Fett is an Ewok and an Ugnaught standing on top of each other or it could be two R5-D4 units standing on top of each other! :))The Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters says that Boba Fett's real name was Jaster Mereel, and he was a young Imperial officer before he became the bounty hunter we all know and love.(Vespon: So? Grandma thinks pro wrestling is real and it ain't.) Another reason; in Return of the Jedi Special Edition there is an added scene where Fett 'hits' on the orange haired female singer in Jabba's Palace. If 'he' is a she under the armour, that scene would be just TOO weird. Fett is almost certainly an average, heterosexual male. (Vespon: You have fallen for George's trap.)

I think it would be neat if Boba Fett and Anakin had a background together, (friends perhaps?) Like they meet on Concord Dawn during the Clone Wars in Episode II. That would explain why Fett feels he can voice his opinion so forcefully around a guy who can crush your larynx with a thought. (Apparently, according to George Lucas' ex-wife, George was considering making Fett and Vader brothers, but decided against it because he thought it would be too hokey. Perhaps he will still make them close, but the two will be friends during their twenties, or something, instead.) Padme probably won't die in the new trilogy. (Leia remembers her mother from when she was young.) I think it might be possible that in Episode I, young Anakin may have sudden horrifying flashes in his dreams warning him about his potential to become Darth Vader.

Because he is incredibly Force sensitive, but does not have control over his abilty yet, Anakin may be confused or even angered by these puzzling images of a possible future. This may somehow influence him in later life and make it easier to turn to the Dark side if he believes his future to be inevitable. Vader seems to strongly believe in destiny ("It is your destiny", "Your destiny lies with me", "If that is your destiny.") Perhaps he is ignores the fact that the future is always in motion, and that what he saw was only one of many possible courses his life may have taken. This would make the Prequels all that more tragic to watch. (Source: Mon Mothma) (Vecton: Man, that was long, Mon Mothma!)

In the end the prequel will have come and gone and we will all be left breathless and panting desperately for Ep 2. I think Ep 1 one will make over $ 2 billion dollars world wide and SuperShadow will have to say that he/she "slightly" miscalculated the greatness of Lucas and Star Wars! Long live Ep I and Dark Side Prequel Rumors. (Source: Tiger Churner) (Vecton: $ 2 bill. Is that all you think it will make?)

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

I think it (ep 1) will kick alot of **butt** and maybe some f*** f****** n***** ehh ehh. (Source: Zebor)(Vecton: Oh yeah! It's definately going to kick something. Hopefully Titanic!!)

I like your page. How did you get the prequel episode one script? (Source: KrakenCDLRS)(Vecton: Kraken is talking about SuperShadow's Episode 1 script that can be found on his SWPrequels: Myth, Prequels, Trilogy and More website . . . SuperShadow tells me that he spent about two weekends piecing that interesting story together by reviewing all the rumors about Ep 1 that had been "leaked" to the internet and wrote his version of what we might see in Ep 1)

I heard in a chat room from numerous other SW fans that, for some reason, George Lucas isn't even going to make the prequels, that this was all a big lie. I don't really believe it, but it did get me worried. I was wondering if you could mention whether or not this is true. Thanks, I really appreciate it. (Source: Concerned in PA) (Vecton: Hee Hee. Are you kidding? George tell a lie. George is feverishly working on Episode I of the Prequel Trilogy. Maybe, your chat buddies are getting bored if their making up rumors that are that ridiculous.)(FireForce: This rumor has been around for many months and was created out of the tremendous secrecy surrounding Ep I. The security is so tight that many fans find it hard to believe that Lucasfilm is actually making a NEW Star Wars film)(Vespon: They're making a new Star Wars film? Are you kidding? Really? Why didn't anyone tell me????)

Here's another e-mail rumor from our beloved Mon Mothma (who seems to believe that every rumor posted on the internet is true):

I'll make this quick. I think I may have exaggerated a bit with my earlier report of production problems with Episode One. The much discussed 'crisis' is that about 40% of the film used in the first shoot, (the Tunisia shoot)was affected by strange blurriness and focus anomalies. It was widely believed to be caused by small granules of sand being blown behind the cameras lenses. Apparently this problem also occured during the filming of ANH and Indiana Jones. The question: is this what caused the sudden giant leap in cost? Will this effect the promised release date of May 1999? This problem may have been blown totally out of proportion, or it may be a genuine concern. Look on the bright side, if they are forced to re-shoot a large portion of the desert scenes, maybe they can give Jake Lloyd acting lessons before then,so he can at least be bearable during those parts. ( I bet Devlin and Emmerich will release a poster that says, "Performance Does Matter." may regret putting up a poster that will require an almost perfect movie to back it up.) (Source: Mon Mothma)(Vecton: Unfortunately, Mon Mothma you appear to be very naive and seem to be inclined to believe every rumor that is posted on the Net. No matter how ridiculous and impossible the rumor is. The rumor that 40% of Ep 1 film stock or whatever was ruined is such a ridiculous and false rumor that we haven't even felt the need to comment on it. What a bunch of horserubbish. Lucasfilm is the best and most professional film production company in the world. Also, the rumor about Jake Lloyd's performance is also false, but that goes without saying . . . Do you believe in Elvis sightings, UFO crop circles and Bigfoot too, Mon Mothma? I've got beach front property in Nebraska I would like to sell you.)(Vespon: Devlin and Emmerich will be bowing at the feet of Lucasfilm come May 1999 when Ep I earns over $ 100 million during Memorial Day. Those guys need to get a life!!)

I just heard that Elijah Wood (Deep Impact) was one of the final 15 or something who made the cut in the early screen tests for Anakin in Ep. Two and Ep. Three. (Apparently he even had his hair dyed blond for the tryout.) I think Elijah Wood is a very gifted actor, but unless he grows an extra eight inches, gains about fifty pounds in muscle, and gets a deeper voice, I just can't see him fit the visual requirements for a future Darth Vader. Wood is about seventeen now, which would make him about eighteen or nineteen when they start filming the second movie. Can he look like a mature, twenty year old Anakin Skywalker? I know this is probably just gossip and rumour, and even if it is true, he hasn't won the part yet, but still I think they should probably be looking for a pretty big guy to be playing such a character. (Source: Mon Mothma)(Vecton: How much does Vader's body armor add to his overall height? That is a question that our sources at Lucasfilm tell us that George has not definatively settled on yet. This leaves great leeway for George when choosing someone to play Anakin in Ep 2 and 3. If a shorter actor is the perfect Anakin, then George could write in Ep 3 that Vader's body armor adds a foot or so to Anakin's height to make him more intimidating (along with his intimidating voice.)(Eon: According to our sources at Lucasfilm, no casting calls or interviews for Ep 2 and 3 actors has been conducted by Robin Gurland yet. Elijah Woods as Anakin is just some silly rumor you or someone else in concocting.)

Tues, June 9, 1998

I believe the rumored names of the other Sith, such as Darth Maul, Darth Sidious......., are false. I believe both parts of the name Darth Vader to be unique to him. However, this is not to say that there can not be more than one Dark Lord of the Sith at one time. Liam Neeson's character (Qui Gonn) dies during Episode One, while Samuel L Jackson's minor Jedi character does not. Vader himself will not be seen until Episode 3, after the Clone Wars occur. Palpatine will not become Emperor until Episode 3 as well . . . the prequels will be like no other movies yet seen on the silver screen in the history of cinema! . . . the idea of Jabba the Hutt being the leader of some slave-ring as expresed in "Knights of the Republic" is totally wrong. There is no mention of Jabba holding a large amount of slaves in Jedi. Futhermore, the Jabba we see in ANH:SE is presented much more as an up and coming ganster in the streets of Mos Eisley. It's not until Jedi that Jabba's organisation has grown into galaxy-wide crime syndicate. In fact, in my opinion, Jabba will not be seen in the prequels whatsoever. The character's purpose of being Han's crimeboss was fullfilled in the original trilogy. The prequels are a trilogy of their own and will focus on new characters as well as aspects of major characters not seen in the original trilogy. (Source: Eddie Vader)(FireForce: Ton 'O Rumors, EV! What we know about Ep 1 largely comes from various rumors scattered all over the Net. How much do we really know about what goes on in Ep 1? Who knows . . . we have 350 more days until our questions are answered!)

Great page, my first stop each day for prequel news . . . OK. I think it is a little too convenient for R2 to be owned by Anakin. Instead, R2 is owned by the Queen and maybe she gives it to Anakin because Anakin becomes so attached to R2 over the course of the film. (Source: Tantiss 8)(FireForce: One pic on shows what many think is an R2 unit in Anakin's room. What does that mean (if anything)? R2 could be owned by Liam Neeson for all we know)

I check this page all the time to hear the latest on the new movie's characters, plot lines, etc. One thing I haven't heard a single thing about is whether or not the stormtroopers will appear in episode 1. They played such a significant role in the first trilogy, will they appear in the new trilogy??? (Source: Ben Weiss)(FireForce: No stormtroopers in Ep 1 or 2. They will appear in Ep 3 at the earliest.)

Ok, we all know that the prequels are about te clone wars. Well has anybody realized that Obi Wan is written OB-1. Meaning that there is/were or will be OB-2, OB-3 ... Could this be a plan that they tried to clone jedis, the Obi Wan was the original? I have heard this theory and it sounds good to me. (Source: Vacuum Shadow would be on the floor laughing with that rumor. That rumor has been circulating the Net for countless years. Obi-Wan is a NAME and not a clone designation . . . or at least we think so)

Your site is awesome and it makes me think a lot (not that I'm very smart and have much to think with :) ) SuperShadow and Co., you guys post the best rumors. No wonder other sites are jealous that you are the only one's making money off SW. Good show!! Here's sending thanks to your Lucasfilm sources!! May they have long careers!!! P.S. Are you related to George Lucas? You must be!! P.P.S. I hope you post this and no one should be jealous of you for making money. May Shadow rule forever!!. (Source: 4321)(FireForce: Geez, Shadow will love your compliment! It's tuff being #1, but Shadow is still the same humble person he was before he started getting paid. Anyway, continue to enjoy the page . . . )

Han gets the Falcon in a sabacc game. Lando gets the falcon in a sabacc game. If we do see the Falcon, han and lando will not own it because Lando gets it a little before the first death star is made . . . Chewwie was probaly only 70 -100 years old in the trilogy. NOT 200! . . . BF knew HS because when han was on yelsa he stole a lot of treasure. Bounty hunters were hired to hunt down han and boba fett shot han with a dart that made han obey any thing anyone said. lando saves han humilates boba fett, and get out of there with han. that is how they met before . . . The sun crusher was not created untill the 2nd death star went bye-bye. And it was in kessel's maw, a safe spot in the middle. Han, Chewie, and Kyp Durron find it. IT WILL NOT BE IN THE PREQULES! (Source: Bria Sandskimmer)(FireForce: The Falcon is in the prequels, but will never be owned by Han in the prequels . . . According to Lucasfilm, Chewbacca is around 200 years old in the trilogy . . . According to our top Lucasfilm sources, Boba Fett and Han do not meet in the prequels . . . your right: No suncrusher in the prequels . . . )

Nice page, guys or gals! Keep up the good work! How can I make money from a Star Wars page if I decide to make one? (Source: Pregram)(FireForce: Luck, persistance, having Lucasfilm sources and being in the right place at the right time. Good luck!! One day we will all probably end up working for Shadow!!)

Is the poster at the top of your rumors screen real? It has the title "Guardians of the Force" on it, but I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who has noticed it. What's the deal? (Source: Gladstone)(FireForce: That poster was made by a fan. The title to the prequel is not "Guardians of the Force." It is still a decent poster though although the real poster for Ep 1 will feature artist rendition's of the main characters and not photos of them.)

There seems to be al huge interest, if Episode I will manage to top the Box-Office results of Titanic. Besides the fact that, in my opinion, it does not matter, I do not think is is possible. Chances are good to top Jurassic Park, but Titanic, never. Star Wars will be seen by all the Fans, of course, and also by a vast majority of the "normal" cinema goers. But Titanic also attracted lots of people who normally never enter a Cinema (like my Boss or my Mother). I do not think Star Wars could acomplish that. (Source: Anton)(FireForce: Shadow was the first in cyber space to state that Ep 1 will not beat Titanic at the box office. But, like you say, it should be Jurassic Park and be the second most successful film of all time.)

The so called 'Pod Race' never occurs. This is a false idea thrown in by Lucas. Obi wan is NOT a clone. Yoda is the only one of his species in the film. C-3PO IS in the film Naboo is a false planet name. It never appears in any lucasfilm entries. I think its really Aquille. (Source: Krayt)(FireForce: George Lucas' approach to the production of Ep 1 is very experimental and has never been attempted for a major production before. George has the ability to change anything about Ep 1 that he wants to. Who knows, except for George, what Ep 1 will end up looking like? Our Lucasfilm sources are silent on your rumors. You will just have to wait and see the final version of the film on May 25, 1999!!)

See you again tomorrow!!

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

Mon, June 8, 1998

Congratulations to Supershadow for hitting the big time! He/she must be the most famous Star Wars site owner around. Keep up the great work! Hopefully, Supershadow's financial success won't go to his/her head!!! . . . Can we expect to see the Jedi extinction in episode 3? (Source: Villifier)(FireForce: It is unlikely that the full Jedi extinction is scene in Ep 3. Our sources at Lucasfilm have told us that the events in Ep 3 are very sad, but we do not see the entire Jedi getted wiped out very quickly . . . It takes the Empire many years to hunt down and kill the Jedi that flee and go into hiding. For example, they are never able to find Yoda and Obi-Wan.)

I am dismayed at George Lucas's attitude towards additional sequels (Episodes 7, 8, and 9. Especially in light of some of the poor performances in some of the novel adaptations of the characters. while some authors are quite adept, certain others show a disregard for the history that has already been esablished . . . (Source: Fijiman) (FireForce: When it comes to "publishing" as George likes to call it, George gives the novel and comic book writers great leeway in their story ideas. He does not like to artificially restrain what the "others" can write about . . . However, George will not let them write stories where Vader is cloned or where Luke is married and has kids because George has told us that he may explore theses areas in Episode 7, 8 and 9. George does plan to make sequels. He just hates for anyone to mention sequels when he still has at least seven more years to work on the Prequel Trilogy!!!)

Liam Neeson's character is a Jedi, so when he dies (since we never heard of him before, he has to fall in a battle during Episode I) does he become one with the Force, or just a dead warrior dieing with honor? Just a thought. (Source: Adul the Jedi)(Eon: The question your asking, I think, is: does Liam exist as a shadowy "spirit" like Ben, Anakin and Yoda when he dies? According to George Lucas in Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays [I can't remember which page], George stated that in between Ep 3 and 4; Yoda teaches Ben the Force technique that enables a Jedi to temporarily exist in a "shadowy" spirit form for a short time after death. George has not yet commented on whether Liam knows of this technique prior to his death.)

Mr Lucas will not allow any other Star Wars Films, or T.V series be made in his life time (which no doubt will be a long one - we hope). However, he fears that a T.V series or a Cinematic sequel series ( e.g Thrawn Trilogy) may be an inevitability. Simillar to post - Gene Roddenbury Star Trek; how much of it would have Gene approved of?? (Source:Glassagainstthewall)(FireForce: Roddenbury was tacitly involved in some of the first Star Trek movies. However, unlike George Lucas who owns the Star Wars franchise, Roddenbury never owned Star Trek. Instead, Paramount Pictures owns 100% of Star Trek, which meant that Roddenbury had no control over what happened to Star Trek, which is sad. Roddenbury did work as a producer/executive producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation so it is presumed that he approved of that series . . . We can assure that George will make the Sequel Trilogy . . . one day (which means about 20 years from now). But once he is gone it will be up to his heirs on what happens to Star Wars. If Lucasfilm is eventually sold by his heirs to one of the studios, then expect a new Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie to be released once every two years. Currently, Paramount releases a new Star Trek movie once every two years and United Artists has historically done the same with the James Bond movies.)

You may have heard this, and I'm not sure how reliable my source is, but I heard Boba Fett will be piloting the Millenium Falcon in Episode 1. (Source: Andrew)(FireForce: Unfortunately, your source may not be very reliable since George Lucas recently told that Fett won't appear until Ep 2. Does the Falcon appear in Ep 1? Wouldn't you ALL like to know that one? Only certain key individuals at ILM known the answer to that question . . . )

Who is more popular Bobba Fett or Darth Vader? (Source: Kidman)(FireForce: Close call . . . but according to the Star Wars Insider 1-800-TRUE-FAN; there readers pick Fett over Vader. If you compare the number of Fett fan sites versus Vader fan sites, Fett wins in a landslide. Unbelievably, Fett may be the single most popular character from the Trilogy.)

How hard would it be for me to get a job at ILM? (Source: Gadget B)(FireForce: Depends. If your one of the top professionals at Digital Domain, then you would have your foot in the door . . . at least. If your some college kid looking for their first job out of college, then you ain't got but a 1 in 3,000,000,000,000 chances of working at ILM. Jobs are very hard to come by that's why they won't reveal prequel secrets to the internet.)

OK, I was just wondering something. The other day my brother and I were having a conversation, and he said that in The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is in his X-wing with R2 on his way to Dagobah, you can see text appear on the console translating R2's dialect. He said the text looks like strange Arabic runes of some sort. (I think they also appear again on the computer screen of the Imperial shuttle that the Rebels steal in Return of the Jedi.) If this is the written language of those in the Star Wars universe, than why in A New Hope, are the words 'Tractor Beam' written in plain english, on the power terminal Obi-Wan disables? Is this a mistake, or are my brother and I wrong about the runes? (Source: Mon Mothma) (FireForce: In the process known as film making, zillions of "continuity" errors can be made even by super-talented artists and technicians who work on the Star Wars movies. No one's perfect . . . except for SuperShadow who actually found a way to make money off of Star Wars!!!! No other Star Wars website has been able to do that!!!!)

Brillian site! Cool sources! And please print my rumors, but first I think it is awesome that Supershadow is getting paid to do something, heck anything, related to Star Wars. Will shadow trade places with me? . . . I don't think that three pio will be gold in Ep I. He is probably silver. (Source: H.C.)(FireForce: Shadow wishes the best to every Star Wars fan . . . As far as Threepio's color, our sources are silent.)

Sat, June 6, 1998

Bobba Fett will undoubtedly be a good guy (girl) when we first see Fett in Ep 2. This would be a cool twist that would surprise us all. (Source: Markin Hilg.)(Vecton: Interesting spin on Fett. Who knows . . . except for George?)

Since we saw absolutely no female Jedi in the trilogy, I think it is only fair that the young Queen and a bunch of other females be seen with the Jedi Knights in the prequels. Sounds decent? (Source: Digititiss)(Vecton: This rumor of female Jedi is actually one that has some truth to it. But is the young Queen going to be a Jedi? She is Force-sensitive, but this does not mean that she will be seen as a full-fledged Jedi Knight in the prequel)

When you put two and two together, you get four unless your dealing with rumors about the new Star Wars movies. There are so many rumours going around that you can't tell anything from anything anymore. But it's fun to read . . . I would expect that Jar Jar is the coolest character that we will see in episode one because he will be a mix of Chewie cute and Boba Fett bad. (Source: Henry Corse)(Vecton: J.J. is going to be an odd character that will be hard to understand and yet will be compelling as a side kick for our heroes. Jar Jar's species is one that George could not put in the original trilogy because of special effects limitations of the 1980's)

One guy that runs a local theater in my town claims that they are going to charge two or three times as much for the prequel (if they get to exibit it) next May. Is he pulling my leg? (Source: Llock)(Vecton: As the most anticipated film of all time, theater owners will be able to charge more for ep i than any other film. Lucasfilm and Fox will make sure that theaters don't charge too much more than the average film. Expect to pay maybe $ 1.00 more to see ep i than other films that open next year.)

I have recently written a script for Episode II that I would like to submit to Mr. Lucas for review. How much does he pay for a first-time screen writer? (Source: T.S. Sheene)(Vecton: Lucasfilm does not accept any unsolicited story ideas from the public due to legal considerations (i.e. They don't want to get sued))

Send your rumors, comments and ideas to SuperShadow!

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