Barry's R5-D4 Wars Ch. 2

Reaching out into the vastness of space, the Jedi Knights search each planet to find people willing to aid the now diminishing forces of the Jedi Knights. The Star Shuttle reaches ground. A grand ceremony awaits it on the Republic- controlled planet of Alderaan. Republic soldiers stand cautious to protect the head of the Jedi Council from any attack. The door leading to the the passenger compartment descends as R5 exits the shuttle. R5 heads toward a Republic soldier and the soldier salutes him.

(R5:) "blep bleeep": Translation: "I am here to discuss the threat that Palpatine holds to the Republic,it is of utmost importance."

(Soldier:) "Yes sir, please follow me."

R5 looks in awe at the palace of Alderaan as he is led thru the halls of this majestic site. He is led to an oval room with a man sitting at the head chair.

(Bail Organa:) "R5-D4, it has been a long time my friend. What is it you have need of? I was informed that the Jedi Council was going to arrive but I have no knowledge as to why.

(R5:) "bleep bleep bleeeep blep": Translation: "The forces of the Jedi are being depleted while Palpatine's men are gaining in strength and number.The Council has already banned the use of cloning . . . we have no other way. Bail, we ask for your assistance in this crisis . . . the survival of the republic depends on it"

(Bail:) "I see your dilemma, but you must understand I'm using most of my forces to counter the attacks of Palpatine. If I withdraw my forces and aid you it will mean certain destruction for my people."

(R5:) "bleep blep blep bleeep" :Translation: "The fate of the Republic rests on this so make your decision wisely. We must all make sacrifices . . . In the meantime, I will head to back to the Senate. Bail, you must help or the Jedi will become extinct as well as the Republic . . . we must not let Palpatine win."

Organa leans back in his chair and sighs. As R5 walks out the door Bail realizes what he must do.

(Bail:) "R5, I may have the solution to our dilemma . . . I would be able to spare many troops if my forces did not have to stand on constant watch for Palpatine's fleets. If the Jedi Knights could aid us in eliminating the surrounding forces it would buy us time to likewise aid you."

(R5:) "bleep blop bleop": Translation: "Very well. I will send troops to aid you . . . what is it you ask of us?"

(Bail:) "Palpatine has blocked off communication and routes with many other systems. He is slowly moving his way towards us as he knows we will be an enormous loss for the Republic. I ask you to lend us the forces necessary to counter this attack and drive his fleets far enough back to give us time to replenish our forces. In return, we will aid you in your battle."

(R5:) "bleep bleep bleeeeeep": Translation: "I hope this works, Bail, there are too many lives at stake for it not to."

R5 starts to leave and turns around.

(R5:) "bleep bleep bleep": Translation: "And Bail . . . "

(Bail:) "Yes, R5?"

(R5:) "bleep bleep": Translation: "May the Force be with you."


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