"With the summer about over, some of the execs here are still miffed that George wouldn't let them run some kind of short teaser announcing that the next Star Wars film was on its way. They were hoping to run this teaser with the X-Files movie . . . Some here believe that an Ep 1 teaser added to the X-Files movie would have boosted the overall box-office tally by at least 30%. Instead, of making about $ 83 million in the U.S., the movie would have made probably about $ 109 million. It hurt the bottom line for the film because the film cost over $ 60 million to produce.

In the end, I guess we should just feel lucky that George is going to let us distribute the new trilogy. Hopefully, when George does make a trailer, it will be quite spectacular. The better the trailer is the better are films (that are attached with it) will perform at the box office. The trailer is going to be worth countless millions in additional box-office loot for our films!

As far as any news about the prequel plot, characters, ship designs, etc., we have no idea (at least not the lower-ranking execs here at Fox). Lucasfilm is keeping the film very close to their vest and does not want to give us very much about the film. Not that they don't trust us. It's just that they don't want to blame us for any leaks that might occur. I like being left in the dark about what the film is going to be about because then I can enjoy it along with everyone else when the film comes out next May. Also, I wouldn't want to be responsible for leaking something that might spoil the film for the diehard fans . . . We understand that Lucasfilm can't tell us much about the film and wish them the best. It will undoubtedly be the box-office sensation of 1999 . . . I'm sure this film is going to be everything and even more than what we are expecting. Can't wait to see the trailer later this year!" (Source: SithFox)