Welcome new readers! As the on-line editors (of the on-line mag I write a Star Wars column for) have told me, some of you (very few) are not aware that George Lucas is currently working on a new Star Wars movie called the Phantom Menace, which will debut in the United States on Friday, May 21, 1999. My column will continue to bring you the best editorial on Star Wars-related topics available in cyber space!! Additionally, we believe that this site will bring you hours of reading enjoyment. For general questions you may have about the prequels, please go to the frequently-asked-questions section to bring yourself up to date with what has been going on with the production of the Phantom Menace for the past couple of years.

My close friends, Vespon, FireForce, Eon, Vecton, SithFox, THX-Disciple, SpyLord and LegendaryD7, also contribute to this particular page and welcome you to the world of the Star Wars Prequels. This is a world comprised of the most ardent and loyal movie fans in the galaxy. Some of the more eccentric, fanatical and "obsessed" Star Wars zealots actually spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on domain names, web servers and web space dedicated solely to Star Wars. For them, Star Wars is their life . . . While we applaud their love of Star Wars, we don't take it that serious, but we do love Star Wars.

They should be thankful that George Lucas, the wonderful people at Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox tolerate the existence of fan sites. Star Wars fan sites live in the constant fear of being shut down by the powers that be.

Again, we welcome you to our little star system which is considered by over 3,500 daily visitors to be the center of the galaxy for Star Wars Prequel rumors and news on the Internet. Enjoy your stay with us (don't forget to bookmark our site) and come back often. We update each and every day!

Your friend,


Team Leader and Star Wars Dark Side Rumors Columnist

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