You guys do one heck of a job. Keep it up!!! (Source: exarkun) (SuperShadow: We will for many years yet to come. We won’t be done with Prequel Trilogy rumors until the last film comes out in May 2005!)

I've gotten 3 possible titles for the first 3 episodes:
(Source: WampaStompa) (SuperShadow: Thanks for the info. W.S.)

Now don't get me wrong; I like ROTJ as much as the next guy. But aside from the battle in Jabba's palace and at the Great Pit of Carkoon, I felt that Lucasfilm could have done a much better job with the plot. I mean come on: Ewoks??? Fuzzy little bear-like SOB's, armed only with spears and rocks, and they still manage to beat the !@#& out of the Emperor's "finest troops"? What a load of, bovine defecation. I also don't like the fact that the Empire's new superweapon was just another Death Star.. In ANH it was a neat plot twist, but in ROTJ, it just sucked.

I think ROTJ would have been a lot cooler with this plot: the fight at Jabba's palace remain's untouched ('cept for that annoying dance number). However, the Empire's new superweapon is not a Death Star, but rather a fleet of dreadnaughts (kinda like the Eye of Palpatine in Children of the Jedi or the Katana fleet in the Thrawn trilogy). And rather than constructing them over some backwater world like Endor, they do it over the shriveled heart of the Empire itself, Coruscant. The Rebels send a strike team in to destroy the shield generator(which gives us a chance to see what Coruscant is like under the reign of Palpatine), just like in the original version, but instead of meeting a band of sickeningly cute, stone age era, Ewoks, they meet a large group of people who live beneath Imperial City. These people hate the Empire, but rather than fighting them, or joining the Alliance, they flee to the lowest levels of the worldwide city, so that they won't be bothered by any of Palpatine's forces. These refugees want nothing to do with the Rebellion at first, but eventually decide to join forces with the Alliance after Skywalker tells them that they cannot hope to hide from the Emperor's prying eyes forever, and that their conflicts are the same as that of the Rebel's.

The rest of the movie goes very similar to the original plot of ROTJ, a couple of exceptions being that the Rebels main target is the command dreadnaught and not the death star, the audience takes the fight on ground much more seriously than before, Mark Hamil's acting is better in the Emperor's throne room than in the original version of the film, and more focus is given to Vader's/Anakin's inner turmoil and eventual reformation (which I've always felt is the most important part of ROTJ). If that had been the actual plot to ROTJ, then it would have done much better at the box-office during it's re-release last year. (Source: UberJedi) (SuperShadow: The plot line to all three Star Wars films because they center around the “rescue” plot line motiff. Luke is constantly rescueing somebody in each movie. In ANH, Luke rescues Leia from Vader. In ESB, Luke tries to rescue Leia and his friends from Vader. Again, in ROTJ, Luke tries to rescue his friends from danger and at the end of ROTJ, he rescues Vader from the dark side of the Force)

Wedge Antilles rules!!! (Source: Mike Duffy) (SuperShadow: Yeah, he may rule in the movie, but his new action figure from Kenner looks like a Luke Skywalker with a mustache!)

I guess StarWars Episode 1 will be very succesful. I Fell very anxious about what is coming soon, because i´m a fan of StarWars since i was a baby. Now i´m 23 years old, and i´m very happy because Return... is no longer the last episode. furthermore, i´ve been thinking a lot about the rumors(or the facts) about the sequel...I really can´t wait upto 1999 to get to something that will be one of the most important moments in my life: another episode. I´m sure nothing will compare to The empire strikes back (the best movie in the whole world´story), but i got no doubts that Episode 1 will shock me too much. This internet page is one of my favourites ´cos it´s the only one that talks about the prequel update, things that i can´t find in nowhere else. My name is Leandro, i live in Argentina, and here are a lot of StarWars fans, Who search StarWars´ figures and merchandising everywhere. I love kenner action figures (by the way i got a lot...), and cards, but here they are really expensive, though i got a lot. I would like to chat with some others StarWars fans in the world , so i would like you to offer a chat in this page (if you can, of course). i hope you have understood my english. Thank you for all, And go on like this. (Source: Leandro) (SuperShadow: Interesting to hear from a Star Wars fan from Argentina. Don’t worry Episode 1 won’t dissappoint. I just hope Fox distributes the new film to South America priot to September 1999! Keep your fingers crossed!)

Tja! Jag har också ghort litte banor till jedi knight men det blir inte riktigt bra! Jag har bara en litten fråga! Vet du hur man bestämer åt vilket håll textmapingen ska vara? Du vet nu när jag tillexcempel plaserar en switch på en vägg är det bara att håla tumarna att det blir år rätt hål! vore evigt tacksam om du hjälpte mig på. (Source: Romero) (SuperShadow: Well, it’s kind of hard to answer or comment to your post since I don’t speak your language :) )

We all want to know what started these "wars" between the rebels and the imperial senet (Source: Jaster Marelle) (SuperShadow: When Palpatine seized power as Emperor, he promised great changes that would bring peace, harmony and prosperity to the galaxy. Instead, his evil galactic empire slaughtered millions and left the galaxy in constant fear of his whims. Mon Mothma was one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance and the rest, as you know, is galactic history.)

I'm pretty much new to this internet thing, and a friend of mine, who us both are real Star Wars fans, found out about your site. Cool is the word that describes it man - its like a secret underground thing - on the fringe! What topped it was that you guys have the script to the new movie. It's F!@#ing unreal - can't wait till it comin’ out. Where did you get that gem, who did you have to pay? Knights of The Republic - Kewl!

Keep it coming man! (Source: The boy) (SuperShadow: Dark Side Prequel Rumors pretty much defines what’s cool in Star Wars cyber space! The script is yours for taking if you forward us $ 25 bucks fitst :) )

Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Lost Commandment is about the eleventh commandment that was lost and was never heard of again until Indiana Jones revealed the hidden secret And the Nazis try to capture him to find out the secret.

INDY's biggest fan, (Source: Ashley dasher) (SuperShadow: Sounds great! Too bad the IJ 4 script is already in the can! Maybe, George can use your idea for Indy Jones 5!)

I just found your site I found very funny that every one was searching for the movie who will have de Trailers, because I already know it (a friend of mine work at Fox, and a Friend of him his on the SW case) I know it's a lot of friend of but... So. The Name is something like: Against (all?) ennemies It's suppose to be release in the beginning of October It's an action movies with two big stars if I can remember well. If i'm right , the movie didn't need a "boost" like you always talk, but i't would allow much more people to view it, don't you think? Ah, last things: It's produced by Fox. And don't forget it will just be the FIRST to get it. After, all movies (many movies..) will have it, because Fox will give it to anyone who want to!!! So, see ya. And stop searching for movies before October.. (Source: Whisper) (Vespon: Thanks for the scoop, man! We’ll keep it on file! )

There is a rumor that Lucas has planned to play Vader in the final film in all his costume whil James Earl Jones will continue to do the Voice

(Source: Grand Admiral Thrawn)(SuperShadow: George will like to know where that rumor came from? Maybe, George will appear as a Jawa in Ep 1.)

My goodness, obviously a lot of work went into this it seems like this isnt going to be such a personal film, it seems as though there will be a wide variety of characters...either way, im dying to see vader in costume...i wonder just how different he'll look! thank you for all your hard work...keep it up!!!! (Source: darth kevin) (SuperShadow: We’ve posting prequel rumors for over 3 years now. Where has all that time gone!!)

In case you didn't know (i don't know if you do or not)the new sw movies are rumored to be partly filmed in new zealand, my home. in christchurch. yay!!!! :) :) :) :) !!!!!!! i have no direct proof but a movie reveiw on local tv. i wish i lived in christchurch. geeze. p.s. like the page (Source: Latia Venocal) (SuperShadow: Sounds great! New Zealand is the ultra cool nation where they film Xena: Warrior Princess)

This is probably old news, but Samual L Jackson is in the new movie(s) (Source: Johno) (SuperShadow: That is ancient news, but we’ll post it anyway because their’s always one chap out there that is new to all thie rumor mongering! Thanks!)

First of all, I love your page. Helps pass the time until May 99. Decided i'd like to put up a few concerns of mine. I just saw Armageddon and thought it was pretty good. However, I hope and pray that George keeps to his guns, and focuses on the story of Episode 1, and not so much on trying to dazzle us with special effects. I swear, by the end if Armageddon, not only did I have a headache from all the jumpy, flashy explosions, but I was actually bored by them. But I have complete faith in George Lucas that not only will the story be exponentially BETTER, but the special effects will be used to enhance the story, not BE the story. (And they will be way, way better.) These are the things that concern me more than "Is Boba Fett Luke's third cousin?" Thanks again, and keep up the great work. (Source: E-choota) (SuperShadow: Episode 1 will be the best Star Wars film yet. Can’t wait!)

I've heard about the Jedi Council arguing about whether to clone Jedi. Ben might be one, hence Obi (O.B. intials) Wan (one, first clone) (Source: DesertWind)(SuperShadow: Wow! Never heard that rumor before :) Keep ‘em comin’!!!)

We've heard of a younger sister to the queen. I wonder, since the queen is much older than anakin, would it be possible that in fact anakin does not fall for the queen but rather fall for her sister (who is only two years younger than anakin). Could it be possible that anakin does fall for the queen in episode 2 but then switches to her sister after a tragic scene (she might reject him for ben kenobi, as we've heard in the rumours). A friend of mine thought of this happenning and it reminded me of the surprises in the starwars trilogy (the fact that vader is actually luke's father, etc). This would end with the princess bearing the skywalker twins. I remembered that, sometime during the release of the special editions, george lucas planned for a ballade to be sung by natalie portman's character. What ever happened to it? Was it scrapped out of the film or is it just that there isn't any new mention on the ballade? (Source: Anditte) (SuperShadow:)

Boba Fett is really Luke's mother! (Source: Grendel) (SuperShadow: We all know that. Ain’t it obvious! You been reading AICN again?!?!?!)

Thank the Lord for George Lucas! (Source: Dreel) (SuperShadow: Aman to that, sister!)

Indiana Jones and The Quest for the Scrolls of Revalation.

Indy is called in to Jerusalem to stop Hitler from finding the Scrolls depicted in the book of Revelation that signal the end of the world and save the world until it is time for the scrolls to be opened. ( Source: Paul Wade Middleville MI) (SuperShadow: Maybe, we should open an Indy Jones 4 site! Great story!)

Well, your storyline seems plausable enough, given all the hearsay about Episode 1. But I thought I read somewhere that Lucas had indicated that major events set in motion in the prequels would be due to a pivotal character's "fall from grace". Would this be Anakin? No, he's only nine, and Lucas has 2 other movies to show this. Besides if the "first" Star Wars movie is going to be about a nine-year old who runs around, saviing the galaxy, the "cheese" factor for the whole storyline just jumped off the scale. Now I know George Lucas is a family-oriented businessman, and the Star Wars universe is enitirely his perogative, but PA-LEEESE! So, who else have we got? Kenobi. Maybe, but I think his mistakes can't become evident until Anakin gets older, he's still probably going to be nine by the end of the show. So who, Qui-Gon Jinn? Aaah! now there's a character we know nothing about, save the fact that he's an older jedi. And what better way to set the tides of the Force in motion, and reitterate what Lucas has indicated a number of times before of the fine line between good and bad, the dark side and the light, than a jedi, who's intentions are noble, but who's actions undermine his conditioning. Sounds like a framework for Anakin's "progression" to me.

Food for thought. #---- END Comments ----#

( Source: Buster K) (SuperShadow:)

The plot looks really exciting. Looking forward to see the movie! (Source: Toadlstool) (SuperShadow: The Force is back, baby! Well, almost back . . . just 11 months left to go!!)

I disagree with a comment made by FireForce that the Ep 1 trailer will be released with a film we won’t want to see. The trailer could be released with Star Trek 9, which will be released late this year. (Source: Marcus) (SuperShadow:)

Great site supershadow!, star wars fans like me have a lot to thank you for. I know this is a tough question, but if you could would you give a complete run-down of all the characters in ep.1, rumored, confirmed, or otherwise. Thanks! (SuperShadow:)

First, I have really enjoyed this page. I have some thoughts on something that could possibly be explained in the prequels based on some events in the original trilogy. In the Empire Strikes Back, Lando tells Han and the group that he had no choice, that they arrived just before you did...talking about Darth Vader and his troops. What always bugged me is this. If Boba Fett is always given credit for tracking down Solo after attaching to the Imperial Cruiser and releasing with the did Fett know that Solo would make his way to Cloud City. I mean...Lando said that "they arrived just before you did". My thoughts are this.....maybe Fett knew of Solo's past friendship with Lando and that was the obvious place Solo would go. Which makes you wonder what kind of past that Lando and Fett have. Lets face wasn't exactly a loving look that Lando gave to Fett whil Han was being tortured. And he also refers to him as "that bounty hunter". It would be interesting to see what kind of past Lando has with Fett. Any thoughts on this matter....or am I just being too technical in watching Empire? (Source: Michael) (SuperShadow:)

I am sick of people complaining about having Anikan being too young and that kids shouldn't be in the movie. Does anybody remember that Yoda claimed Luke was too old to start with his training? Luke is just enterd adulthood at this point which implies Jedi training should start when a person is still a child. The problem was not Anakin being young but Obi-Wans arrogance thinking he can teach when he was not qualified, his responsibility should have been to have him trained by a Jedi MASTER, such as Yoda, for as good as a knight he might have bee he was just a KNIGHT. So as unfortunate as it sounds Obi screwed up big time somewhere along the line leading to the creation of Vader. So to the people out there who think having kids in the movie sucks you should go back and review what this movie is about. Another aspect of these films is how a child was failed by his mentor and I personally want to see this story from the begining. And refuse to complain about anything or speculate as to the suckiness of the film because a kid is in it. I think George knows what he is doing and since this has been his pet project for 20 years do you really think he is going to give us a movie that stinks because there is a kid in it? (Source: Tony M.) (SuperShadow:)

I've read a lot of talk that the Special effects in Jurassic park were in many ways a precursor to the GREAT special effect we'll see in EP1. Do you think this comparrison may mean we'll see Dinosaur/Dragon type creatures like the bones that were shown in the desert in ANH? Just speculating. (Source: Phil Keup Florida) (SuperShadow:)

I think that in episode II boba fett will not be masked but some insignificant character from episode will be masked as boba fett. also for directors on episode two i tend to think that lucas will direct. i remember in the 70's him saying the reason he stopped directing was because it was a bad experience for him,now all he has been talking about is how good of an experience it has been. (Source: Force)(SuperShadow:)

How do you join the mailing list for your web page? I was going through the old messages and I saw something about joining it but when I clicked on the thingy (thats a technical term) it didn't work. Could you just add me to the list or tell me how to join. Thanks. (Source: D Starkill) (SuperShadow:)

I have two comments, one...I would be careful of how much we read into things (ie. "The circle is now complete, when I met you I was but the learner now I am the master") I think we could take that comment at face value, simply the student now becomes the teacher, the student has come "full circle" so to speak.....Secondly one of the most enjoyable aspects of watching the film on video and when they first came out in theaters is that the technology (ie dials & buttons & levers) was advanced but believable. Laser blasts were very visually pleasing. I hope that all the new technology used in production of the prequel does not take away from that exciting aspect of episodes IV-VI (Source: Ray E. G )(SuperShadow:)

I hered there might be 10 vareiations of boba fett's ship and a tank based on those ships. (Source: Yancy) (SuperShadow:)

Just wondering if you know if Lawerence Kasdan is going to provide any services in the prequels. I think his screenwriting in Empire and Jedi were big reasons why those movies rivaled the original in quality. I don't know how responsible he was for the excellent dialogue (especially imperial dialogue), but who ever it was sure made those imperial scenes interesting. I know he had a co-screenwriter in each of those movies, but I think he was essential to their quality. (Source: Grabbe Tungue)(SuperShadow:)

HEY SuperShadow... Hey, u seem to know alot about the STAR WARS universe, (duh) and i have a question for ya, since young Anakin knows R2-D2 and C3-PO (in a different form) in the first movie, do u think there is a reason as to why Vader never did meet R2-D2 or C3-PO in Episodes 4-6??? Could that be some type of symbolism?? Kinda like as to why he never did go back to Tattooine to look for Luke?? Maybe like an opening old wounds kinda thing??? I hope this makes since to ya, and am real interested in your thoughts if it does. THANKS!!!!!!!!! (Source: AstroCowboy ) (SuperShadow:)

Hi! I am a big fan of your site, and i have been inspired to start my own. I thought you guys might like to check it out. It is called The Whill Journal and it is at:

Later, (Source: Whilljournalist) (SuperShadow: From all the e-mail we receive, it appears we have inspired over half the Star Wars sites in cyber space. Keep up the great work!)

Are the sequels a total no-go, or what? I love reading about the futher exploits of everyone's favorite universe, but I would love to see them on the big screen. Also, what did everyone think about the "Crimson Empire" comics mini-series. I thought it was a perfect fit in the ever growing Star Wars mythos. (Source: BK-421) (SuperShadow:)

i tried writing this letter once already so i am sorry if you get 2!! well i was reading the comments and rumors and just sitting here in awe at what i don't know about the prequils. it puts a not in my stomach to think that there are people going around that know more than me! i want to know all there is to know and just enjoy the creativity of Mr. Lucas. I am a diehard fan and won't ever stop being one! i don't ever go to the movies but for Star Wars i was there for the sneak previews in the local theater!! i wish i could come up with such an enthralling story like the one that Mr. Lucas has come up with and i am so happy that i was born when i was because i think that now is the time when i can enjoy the story the most! if you see Mr. Lucas or anything can you let him know that i think he is the coolest and that his imagination and creativity are awe inspiring! thank you! (Source: mindyjo) (SuperShadow:)

Does George Lucas drink coffee? And if he does, is it Starbucks?

- Thanxs - (Source: Brendan) (SuperShadow:)

Firstly I have two questions which you guys might be able to answer. 1). Does anyone know how R2-D2 will sound in the prequals? ie will he have the STAR WARS/EMPIRE sound effects or JEDI sound effects? I'm hoping for the sound effects out of the first 2 movies. 2). How does Vader know that Like is his son? Because Vader says in JEDI "..just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes." meaning that Anakin has never seen Luke before he became Vader. And if he knew about Luke why didn't he know about Liea? I mean they're twins! If Obi-Wan hid Liea so well, why did he do such a poor effort with Luke? Also if Vader knew Luke was his son before EMPIRE why didn't he try and capture Luke in STAR WARS instead of going after Obi-Wan. Surely if he felt the presence of Obi-Wan he could've felt the precence of his once son.

Secondly, I have recently watched the Special Editions again (for about the 50th time) but this time I tried to make mental notes on all the "unanswered questions" and scenes which may hold new meaning after the prequals. Let me say there are a LOT of scenes which have unaswered questions (eg "Still.....there's something familure about this place."). My observation is of the scene in EMPIRE when Han is being put into Carbon freeze. When Chewie goes nuts Fett raises his gun preparing to shoot (probably Chewie) and is stopped by Vader. I have ALWAYS wondered why? I mean why should Vader care? It is during the time when Han is calming Chewie down, Liea looks over at Vader. Vader returns a VERY concentrated stare and Liea backs away. After Han is frozen, Vader orders Lando to "...take the princess and the Wookie to my ship." Angain, why? And then it hit me! Liea MUST remind Vader of the young princess he fathers Luke and Liea from before he turned to the dark side! That means there might "...still be good in him.". This makes sense because obviously Liea would look like the young princess because she is her daughter. Also, if you look at pictures of Natalie Portman, she looks a lot like Liea in EMPIRE! That is why Vader stops Fett from shooting, because he might hit Liea! If Liea and the Wookie were taken to Vader's ship, there might have been some long explaining coming. But in the end Vader wins over his feeling towards Liea and fogets about his life with the young princess, because he really doesn't give a hoot at the end or in JEDI, because he's still after Luke.

Does this make sense, or am I suffering from delutions of grandure?

Lastly, killer page guys!

>(Source: Old Senatorial) (SuperShadow:)


Vespon: Time for me to post the plethore of rumors and interesting comments that many of you have sent me over the past few days:

I just LOVE this site! This is the first site I come to every day. Even though most of the rumors and stuff (posted on the Net) are false, it's fun to speculate and see what actually happens. That is the true beauty of Star Wars, there are endless possibilities. And furthermore, you guyz are really funny & sarcastic. It really makes me feel the Star Wars unity. I LOVE Star Wars and I know that George Lucas has something amazing up his sleeve this time around (but really, what else could you expect from the master cinematic visionary of the modern day). I'm so excited, I'm wetting my Mandalorian battle armor. I need to use the refresher unit! Oh yeah, Vespon! I heard Zorba the Hutt has such an enormous bounty on you, you won't be able to go near a civilized system. Beware when B-O-B-A is on the prowl! Star Wars forever! (Source: Boba Fan)(Vespon:Fine with me BF, I prefer the fast pace and danger of the uncivilized systems in the outer rim to the prim and proper civilized core systems. All I need are my beat-up 40-year-old Corellian bulk cruiser, my cool Ewok co-pilot named Wiggy and a red astromech droid (R5-D4) that I acquired when Shadow tossed the poor thing out.))

I read that the reason the EP1 trailer/teaser wasn't show before the X-Files movie is that it wasn't ready yet since it (the trailer) went to print last week. There is talk that Fox is going to ship it loose this week or more likely loose with Dr. Dolittle. Don't know how long it is but I've read that there will be a 3 min trailer, likely around Thanksgiving when the promotions go full throttle. Wonder how much it will help the movie it is front of? (Source: jetfire) (Vespon:How many times do these rumor mongerers have to be wrong before they end this teaser speculation. There is no trailer ready for shipping. Let me say this hopefully for the last time: THERE WILL BE NO EP 1 TRAILER UNTIL NOVEMBER 1998 AT THE EARLIEST! You fans can help end the false trailer speculation by e-mailing all your SW friends that they should ignore all rumors that claim that a trailer will hit theaters prior to November. It just ain't going to happen. 100% Guaranteed.))

Since Anakin is but a child in episode 1, it is unrealistic to believe we would see the Skywalker twins before Episode 3. (Source: Mon Calamarian) (Vespon:Rick McCallum has already publicly stated that the Skywalker twins will not be born until the END of Ep 3. Note, that he did not say that they would ACTUALLY appear on screen)

Samuel L. Jackson, who's role in Episode 1 has been shrouded in secrecy, will play R2-D2's first master (and possibly his creator). All rumors of Jackson playing either a Jedi or Lando's father are false. R2-D2 will have a signifigent role in the film, but we will not meet his counterpart, C3PO (and neither will he), until after Episode 1. Anthony Daniels will NOT appear in Episode 1. R2-D2 will be a close friend to Anakin, as he was to Luke. Artoo's role will allow him to be much more deceptive, and we will realize just how cunning this little robot is. (Source: From the Ranch) (Vespon:Yeah, whatever Mister. Jackson plays the role of Jedi Master Mace Windu, a good friend of Yoda's, in Episode I. Every single one of our Lucasfilm sources reluctantly acknowlege that this rumor is true . . . Anakin owns R2 and not Mace Windu . . . Anthony Daniels does not appear in Ep 1 as C-3PO because he only supplied the VOICE for C-3PO. Threepio is in the film . . . A cunning astromech droid? Which ranch are you from? It must be the one in Dallas called South Fork that J.R. Ewing lives at. How's the oil business?)

Star Wars is a great film, but I love John William's work in the trilogy as much (and maybe a little more) as the trilogy story itself. My question is that when will Mr. William's work start on and episode 1 score (or has it already?) If it has started, is it known if he is going to do the score with the London symphony? I sure hope he does, cuz' they are still the best in the world (plus I'm BIG on tradition). Oh, and what's the deal with these posters you've had? They actually put FAITH in internet rumors? I don't believe anything I hear on any page, I really just wanna hear your thoughts on my question, I don't really think you can know for a fact. Love the page guys! Keep it Up! (Source: Jar-Jar) (Vespon:Williams hasn't begun recording the soundtrack for Ep 1. That process can't begin until George gives Williams a rough cut of the film so that he can time the mood/emotion of the music to what is going in a particular scene. George won't be able to deliver a nearly complete version of Ep 1 until about January 1999. So Williams will have the first half of 1999 to complete the soundtrack . . . Over the past 15 years, Williams has been jotting down little pieces of music that he would like to use in the new Star Wars movies. Williams has already come up with the exciting theme for the Jedi Knights which is in the same vain as the Indiana Jones theme. He just won't be able to record with a full symphony until early 1999. Your right. George does owe Williams quite a bit of credit for making Star Wars what it is. Without Williams' brilliant score, the trilogy would be tarnished quite a bit . . . Like we've told you on many occassions: About 90% of the rumors on the internet are false. Which ones are true? We can't tell you that! But it is fun to speculate!)

Why is everybody so negative about the main character, Anakin, being only about nine in Episode One? They say it would be the 'stupidest and lamest thing' to see a young boy pilot a spacecraft and perhaps be the hero of a battle. I see no problem with this idea whatsover. Remember, Anakin is a child prodigy, an anomoly that no one can explain or understand. I've heard when he is first discovered, he emits raw, untrained force power equivalent to that of a Jedi master. (Reminiscent of Alia Atreides' power in Frank Herbert's Dune.) So powerful is he, that even Yoda is dumbfounded by this 'fluke' of nature. A nine year old with that kind of ability would kick the living daylights out of an average man. Maybe this is what spawns Anankin's 'delusions of grandeur'. All his life he has been told of his immense power and great destiny, and he belives it to his very core. That is why he chooses the dark side; his superiority would be ever more apparent. (Source: Amhtom Nom)(Vespon:)

I've been mulling over some thoughts the last few days. First let me tell you about my self. I'm a fat, 17-year-old high school kid. Kids at school tell me to suck a monkey tweeter . . . Your site is the only thing on earth that gives me joy right now. I'm am the biggest fan of Vespon's in the world and am planning to make a fan site dedicated to the mysterious and ultra-cool Vespon. I send you guys a bunch of rumors. Thanks for posting them. I know I should get a life beyond Star Wars, but if no one at school will talk to me then what can I do? Thanks for listening and I would appreciate hearing your two cents. First, alot of people have referred to the young Anakin in Episode One as a boy who is fascinated by machines and mechanics. He loves to dabble in engines and such, builds his own 'pod', and seems to have an natural ability for knowing how a machine works, and immediately knowing how to fix it. Then how come in A New Hope, Vader is never seen on the Death Star (Vespon: What have you been smoking?!?!? Vader is on the Death Star for almost the entire movie!!!), and seems to worship their machinery and technology more than the Force? (Vespon: Maybe you were watching some other film?) What makes him change his mind so drastically? (Of course he still loves piloting his TIE fighter.)

Did the discovery of the Force bring about this abrupt change? Second, I heard someone say that although George Lucas has stated Boba Fett will have a prominent role in Episode II, he never said that Jaster Mereel, who eventually becomes Fett, couldn't appear in Episode One. (Of course, this would all depend on your "point of view".) I do think this will happen. Boba Fett is older that Darth Vader's age in the current trilogy, (60 years old) so in order to be in Episode One, Mereel would be about 20 years old, the same age as Anakin. Mereel was born on Ord Mantell, (Vespon:I don't think that's correct) and was raised by the Mon Calamarians, who found the fierce and angry young child. They saw his potential, and took him under their wing. That is why he honors them by wearing their armor. He was brought up on the planet of Mon Calamari. He would still be living there at the age of 18. The trilogy probably won't have any reason to go to Mon Calamri until the clone wars erupt in Episode 3. (Maybe Fett and Anakin meet during that time period.) I know I don't sound very smart, but thanks for being there for me. At least, I'll always know that you guys are there for me. So I guess I do have friends!!!!

(Source: White Pearl and Other Aliases coming at you from!)(Vespon:I'm glad our site means so much to you. The fact that we have touched one life so deeply is more than worth keeping this site going. We will never stop updating this site just so we can bring a little sunshine into your life each day. Hang in there, kid! Life will get better for you. And remember . . . One day may grow up to be like me! I kinda like being worshipped as a hero thanks!!)

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I was just reading a rumor at the top of the page from an Anonymous Lucasfilm Informant. I think it would get alot of people mad if GL gave the green light to an animated TV show. I would be extremely mad! Have you ever seen those animated shows on FOX? They are horrible! I mean really HORRIBLE. I think I would be speaking for a lot of people when I say that George shouldn't sell out. I think a live action show wouldn't be totally bad, as long as George Lucas has complete creative freedom (which would significantly up the dollar amount). But still, that could never come close to George's movie magic. (Source: Boba Fan)(Vespon:Don't worry about the quality of the cartoon show! Every inch of production would be supervised by Lucasfilm. They would choose the animation house that would do the animation and Lucasfilm would set the budget high enough to produce both an interesting and quality show. George believes it may be time for another animated Star Wars venture.)

This is the person who wrote in a few days ago about the 100 worst movies of all time. You don't have to post that on your website, it was just meant for your personal enjoyment. (or not) You don't have to post this either. (My first message was way to long, wasn't it?) (Source: Anonymous)(Vespon:)

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