The Republic is in turmoil as it battles the New Order of Senator Palpatine. The Jedi Knights are at bitter war with the troops of Palpatine and are decreasing in number. With each battle the Jedi Knights are being driven back as Palpatine's men declare more systems for their soon to be Emperor. The Jedi Knights have but one hope . . . a lone warrior who is the determining factor in the Clone Wars.

Opening scene: Jedi Council Chamber

Jedi 1: "We must do something to counter this threat. Palpatine has gained favor with the Senate and the Jedi Knights are falling apart. We must find help or Palpatine will take over the republic."

Jedi 2: "I agree. We must do something we cannot sit here and let Palpatine do this."

Jedi 3: "We must send for the head of the Senate immediately. We must seek his guidance."

Go to: Tatooine - moisture farm

Under the burning heat of twin suns, a certain red astromech unit gathers information from moisture evaporators. A man walks by and senses strong Force energy nearby . . . he turns to see the droid and refuses to believe that this red droid could be the source of immense Force energy and tells himself it must be the heat. Then all of sudden a Republic space shuttle lands outside of the gates of the farm. The astromech turns to see what's going on. Three Jedi step outside of the shuttle and walk toward the droid.

Jedi Knight: "We are looking for the high and exalted R5, do you know where we can find this warrior."

R5: "bleep blep bleepep"(translation: I am R5.)

All of the Jedi bow down in sign of respect for the great R5 unit.

Jedi Knight: "Master R5, we did not know it was you. Your help is needed in the Senate . . . we are in distress . . . we sought your great wisdom and abilities to help us. You must return to the Senate at once"

R5: "bleepeep bleep blep" (translation: I will go with you to help . . . I have sensed a great disturbance in the Force . . . indeed Palpatine has grown strong . . . we must stop him."

Senate Council:

Jedi 1: "Palpatine has set up starfleet blockades all over the system. He is constantly defeating us at every turn . . . we must regroup our forces to counter."

R5: "bleeeeep,bleepe"(translation: It won't be easy. Palpatine has grown strong in the Force. Every day he clones the Dark Jedi to increase his army . . . soon he will be unstoppable." R5 pauses in deep thought

R5: "blep bleep bleep bleepep" (translation: We must find help. I sense potential allies in uprisings against Palpatine all over, but there are no groups yet strong enough to challenge him themselves . . . if we could unite these people it would be a start"

R5: "bleeep blop bleep" (translation: I want you to find these groups and unite them to our common cause. This is our only hope . . . we cannot submit to the cloning of Jedi Knights"

Jedi Knight: "Yes, my master, it will be done."

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