Barry's R5-D4 Wars Ch. 3

Setting: The palace of Bail Organa

The Jedi Knights prepare to engage Palpatine's fleet in an attempt to form an alliance with the forces of Alderaan. Men rush to their fighters ready for battle.R 5-D4 finishes his briefing of what they will be facing and approaches his fighter.

(Bail Organa:)"R5, we need your here. To lose you would give Palpatine an advantage. You are too valuable to our cause." R5 turns around and faces Organa

(R5:)"bleep blep bleepp" Translation: "Bail old friend, the Force is my a Jedi Knight it is my duty to protect the galaxy."

(Bail Organa:)"R5, I admire your bravery.........may the Force be with you"

(R5:)"bleep bleep" Translation:"Man your fighters men, we will make the jump into hyperspace in 30 minutes.All fighters meet me at the rendevous point."

A Jedi Knight lifts R5 into his fighter and he engages the controls. A grand spectacle of fighters rises into the atmosphere ready for battle.

Setting: Palpatine's chamber

Palpatine turns to one of his royal advisors to discuss the matters of the inevitable upcoming attack the Jedi Knights

(Palpatine:) "I sense a disturbance in the Force. Surely it is time to relinquish the Jedi Knights from their place in the Republic. Only then will I be able to execute my plans. I feel one strong in the force. He is a ........droid! One of great respect and authority......I have heard stories of the great R5 unit. Could this be the one they speak of?"

(Advisor:) "Senator, a representative of the order of the Lords of the Sith has arrived to discuss your terms for an alliance."

(Palpatine:)"Ah, yes.....send him in."

(Sith Lord:)"I am here on behalf of the Order of the Sith responding to your request for aid. Our leaders have agreed to your request in exchange for the cloning technology you possess. In return, we will form an alliance against the Jedi Knights and all who oppose you."

(Palpatine:) "Then it is my new order I will make sure the Sith are the ultimate Force power in the galaxy."

Palpatine turns to face his window where he constructs his own personal agenda.


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