Also is there any way for people to get in contact with the casting director for the second movie, for people that are interested. As far as I know shooting for the next movie begins in the summer of 2000 in Australia. I would appreciate any answers that you might have.Thanks (Source: Naeem Ashraf) (SuperShadow: Robin Gurland is the casting director for the Prequel Trilogy. If you want to be an extra for Ep 2, you had better live in Australia near the new Fox film complex . . . Principal Photography is set to begin sometime in the second quarter of 2000.)

I thing you are right that Qui-Jonn Gin will in fact die. During the trailer you can see a pair of hands (Palpatines) resting on the shoulders on a very distraught Anakin. This probably means a funeral and every other major character must live. (Source: Andy C) (SuperShadow: Qui-Gon is killed by Darth Maul at the end of the movie.)

I know that Anakin owns R2-D2, but what role does C-3PO play in the film? Will the droid change in appearance over the course of the trilogy? Also do you know if the identity of Darth Sidious will be revealed in the first film? If so, is he Senator Palpatine? (Source: Joey B.) (SuperShadow: Queen Amidala owns R2 at the beginning of Ep. 1 . . . C3PO continues to change appearance in Ep. 2 . . . Palpatine is not Sidious. George stated in the Vanity Fair article that Sidious is a member of the Sith race.)

I hope Qui-Gon isn't killed my DM. If he is the first jedi to die in the purges - and by the hand of annikin as a sign of allegiance to Palpatine, it would be really dramatic and tragic. In that sense Qui-Gon sealed his fate when he disobeyed the jedi council and trained Anakin. (Source: Greig Walker) (SuperShadow: Sounds cool.)

Lucas has kept purposely tight-lipped for fear that somemovie-of-the-week might "borrow" key elements (like Battlestar Galactica did), and he is certain to offer a fair share of surprises. (Source: Rob) (SuperShadow: It will be interesting to see George's final edit come May 1999.)

Is there any way to purchase tickets NOW for this movie? (Source: Rebecca) (SuperShadow: NO, theater owners won't know whether there getting this film or not for several months. Remain patient . . . )

The UK prequel preview shown last night did not have the Phantom Menace title at the end - at least not in the one I saw. I wonder if this implies George hasn't completely decided on the title yet or is considering changing his mind? (Source: Mister Yoda) (SuperShadow: The title is final . . . but who knows for sure until we see the actual film.)

Is it true that the people who raised luke in episode 4 are really relatives of obi-wan kenobi?????? (Source: Leia) (SuperShadow: Uncle Owen Lars is Obi-Wan's brother.)

If R2-D2 and C-3PO are in the Phantom Menace, why doesn't Obi-Wan remember them in A New Hope? (Source: Form) (SuperShadow: I have no idea. Maybe, there are millions of R2 and 3PO's in the galaxy.)