Regarding balance, as far as the prophecy goes: if good Jedi are ruling the galaxy on the benevolent side of the force, balance would only be achieved by an equally strong dark-side presence... so in terms of balance, Darth Vader may have fulfilled the prophecy already, before destroying Palpatine . . . just a thought (Source: John L.)

I beg to differ: the opening sequence will be identical to those of episodes IV-VI! Now that that's been cleared up, I'd like to comment on Boba Fett's place in the prequel trilogy. Palpatine's right-hand man in ep.I is the sith lord Darth Maul, but in episode II, once he's ditched the Trade Federation scam and has moved on to clones and Mandalorians, Boba Fett Will replace Maul as Sideous' sidekick. Fett, of course, is later replaced by Vader. This explains Fett's low-profile, merciless career as a bounty hunter in episodes IV-VI. (I saw this on a site: The Galactic Syndicate at (Source: Brandon L)

Also, if you but a ticket as a keepsake, that's not too bad either because most theaters over sell. In buying 2, you might even ensure yourself a seat and not sit in the isle. (Source: Netcrawler)

The Prophecy you've been talking about is the Son of the Suns Prophecy, first said in The Journal of Whills (aka, George Lucas's first draft of Star Wars). It goes like this: One day, a messiah. who is strong with the Force, will come and bring what has been lost and finally balance to the Force, The SON OF THE SUNS!!! This of course can mean Anakin or Luke, they're both "sun of the suns" (they were both raised on Tatooine), and Luke has "brought what has been lost", The Jedi by establishing the Jedi Academy in the book series, and also Anakin again by like what you said, killing the Emperor, making the Force balance. What but really gets me thinking is Return of the Jedi: Special Edition is when during the Ewok celebration scene, during the Coruscant sequence, you hear a man yelling "SON OF THE SUNS!!!!!!!SON OF THE SUNS!!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs! (Source: Izzy)

Okay, think of it this way. If Queen Amidala is Luke and Leia's mother, wouldn't that make them true royalty? (Source: Maab)

Regarding what one person said about buying two tickets to keep one as a collectible, all you have to do is save your ticket stub. That is enough for me. (Source: Yodahigh)

Just to comment on this. Theater owners will be charging no more than the regular admission price for opening weekend for TPM. To do so would be even more unlawful than scalping tickets. The best way to get into to see it opening weekend is through someone who works at the movie theater. However, don't try coning up to a stranger who is working and try it you need to know them before hand for it to actually work. (Source: Matthew L.)

Another thing to ponder is who made the prophecy. I like some of the speculation I've heard about the Whills. It could be that Yoda is a Whill, the last one to make an entry into the Journal of the Whills, which would end with writings of hope that Luke will defeat the Emperor. I don't know, I thought this just sounded cool. (Source: Hotala)

I feel really compelled to reply to the dummie who recommended buying two tickets, one for a collectible and one for getting in. Seriously, after all the e-mails I've recieved from this mailing list about the dangers of NOT getting in, you back this guy up? This is a lousy suggestion-- if I fail to get in... heck, if YOU fail to get in due to somebody purchasing two opening-night tickets and then not using one... HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Rethink this one. People do whatever they want with their money--this I have no prob with--but when it has the potential to hurt me then I object. You know what the results will be if everybody follows this two-ticket line of reasoning. (Source: Brett Y)

I've got a question for the Supershadow. Is it true that Lucasplans to never release any of the Star Wars films on DVD format? I swear that I read that in an interview with him at one time, but itdoesn't seem consistent with his philosophy about presenting his filmswith the best sound and picture quality? DVD is the best out there, and I would be surprised if he just distributed the films on VHS. (Source: Grendel)

I feel that the only fair way to handle the ticket situation is to only allow a certain amount of tickets to be purchased by each individual, and if everyone were to buy a ticket, and then just save it, all the theaters would be only half full, which would piss off a lot of loyal fans (my self included). Force be with you, (Source: Pete)

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