What's the worst aspect of working on this new Star Wars film?

The length of the production schedule has been hard. Most films take perhaps one to two years to film and edit and then release. This film has been the most intense and draining experience of our lives. This film, for George, has literally been over 20 years in the making. I am in awe of the magnitude of this film. It will truly be a landmark film. I'm proud to be a part of this production.

Will George get an Oscar nomination for his director's work on this new film?

I believe he should. This man has done more for the motion-picture business than any other man in the history of film. He established the special-effects business. He has made so many positive contributions to this industry that I'm just glad to be working with this man. I hope the Academy will recognize his groundbreaking work on this film. George was nominated for a best directors award in the past. If George were to receive a best directors Oscar for this film, then he would probably never direct again.

What about awards for your own contribution to this film?

I'm not concerned with that at all. I just want the incredible work of George and all the geniuses at ILM to be recognized. They have truly slaved on this film. It's not about money. It's about artistic vision. The special-effects work on this film will change the vary notion of motion pictures.

How well will this film perform at the box office?

That's not important to Lucasfilm. We have the advantage of being associated with the legacy of the Star Wars series which has done quite well in the past. No one knows what's going to happen next May, but I think it will be quite spectacular.

Is the film completed from an editor's perspective?

George has all the shots completed, but the film evolves constantly. The main focus is now on the completion of the computer animation. Everytime I see this work it amazes me. The special effects that have been done for this film are truly amazing. I just hope we can all keep our senses together until next May. The journey of this film has been quite long, but the destination will be very worth it. Have faith in us.

Have you announced the final title of the film?

Yes, we've released it now so that the fans can become accustomed to it and ponder what it means.

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