Star Wars Episode 7: The Jedi's Kin

Written by

Darth Saber

My version of Episode 7 is similar to Timothy Zahn's novels, but highly different at the same time. The biggest similarity is the Jedi Twins and an Imperial warlord. Here it is:

Opening Text:

Eighteen years have passed since the momentous battle of Endor. Luke Skywalker has begun construction on a new Jedi Academy. Han and Leia are the parents of fifteen year old twins, Sky and Jacen Solo, and a thirteen year old son, Anakin. Mon Mothma is the new President of the galaxy, a great leader for the New Republic. Despite popular belief, the Empire hasn't dwindled away after the years, but is possibly becoming the most powerful it has been since Endor...

Luke Skywalker has finally finished construction on a New Academy, and is about to take on his first students in the children of Han and Leia. The Academy is located in the temples of Yavin 4.

Back on Coruscant, Leia has become a powerful player in the New Republic's Senate, while Han is the General of the Republic's Military.

Luke sets out to Coruscant to retrieve the children, and take them to begin their training. When he arrives, Han is off planet, and Leia is highly disturbed by her children leaving her. After Luke docks in the Imperial Palace, he heads for Leia's apartment. All of the family is sad, very sad. They all protest leaving for such a long time. Leia tries to console them. After a teary goodbye, they head for Yavin 4.

On the other side of the galaxy, an enormous brigade of Imperial Star Destroyers and such are gathered. There is even a Super Star Destroyer! A small Transport ship Super Star Destroyer. Inside we see the transport open up. Out comes a woman in her forties or fifties. She has beautiful long hair, which is almost completely covered by a dark purple and blue robe.

She wears a multitude of exotic jewelry Her name is Alana Palpatine. Since the battle of Endor, she took the prerogative to take over the Empire. She is the daughter of Emperor Palpatine. Her mother was a mistress of Palpatine's, before he cared about nothing besides power. Alana was lucky that she was even alive. Her mother went into hiding when she discovered that she was pregnant, fearful for her child's life.

Alana was strong in the Dark Side of the Force. She wouldn't have been able to take over the Empire without evil techniques. She had recently ordered the construction of her Super Star Destroyer, the Apocalypse It was the Empire's last hope to defeat the New Republic. It had taken 15 years to build. Now Alana could takecommand...

Han comes home just after his children leave. He finds Leia in a very solemn mood. Nothing can cheer her up.

The kids and Luke make it to Yavin 4 with no problems. He helps them find their quarters, and tells them that they will begin training tomorrow. It is night time, Sky and Anakin fall asleep, while Jacen looks around his room. He finds a bookcase full of reading materials about the Force. They all wake up the next day, and eat breakfast. Afterward, Jacen is very excited and tells them that he already knows how to control the Force a bit. They go to a training facility and

Luke asks Jacen to show them. Jacen turns to Sky, and closes his eyes. After a couple of seconds, Sky flies across the room, colliding with a wall. She is in pain. Luke takes Jacen somewhere alone. He lectures him about the Dark Side and how it must be avoided at all costs etc...

Alana Is now at the helm of the Apocalypse She is sitting on a throne, almost exactly like her father. A group of young Sith Lords who she had been training stand adjacent to her throne. The Empress presses a button on her chair and talks into it, telling a Captain to have the Fleet set a course for Bespin. Then she turns to look at her students. She tells two of them to battle.Alana instructs them how to use the Dark Side, and one of them kills the other, she cackles with delight.

At the Academy, they continue to train. Leia and Han are knee deep in political engagements on Coruscant.\

The Apocolypse comes out from hyperspace above beautiful planet of Bespin.The other Star Destroyers are accompying it. The Empress is at the throne still. She goes onto the comlink again. Alana tells the Captain to obliterate Cloud City. There is a scene of Star Destroyer bombarding the Cloud City with lasers. TIE fighters fly down as well. Alana watches it all from her viewport. She tells the Captain to lower the ship below the atmosphere. He objects, but she makes him do it.

The Apocolypse slowly lowers and is level with Cloud City, but at a distance. She tells the Captain to focus all power on the stem of Cloud City. After a moment of extreme bombardment on the floating stem, it breaks, and the city falls, everything is destroyed. The Star Destroyer retreats.

The news reaches Coruscant. Leia, Han and other people are deep in discussion about what to do. They all turn to Han (he is the General) and he says that they find them and retaliate.

Back on Yavin 4, they receive word....