Salaries at News Corp, parent of 20th Century Fox, made headlines in London. The top salaried dog is apparently TV chief Chase Carey (with $6 million) -- not anyone on the movie side. In fact, no one focused solely on movies seems to have made the top five. Peter Chernin, who has his fingers in everything, was second with $5.2 million, followed by finance chief David DeVoe ($3.3 million), legal counsel Arthur Siskind ($2.4 million) and the real king of all media, Rupert himself ($2 million). The idea that none of the Fox movie crew makes more than $2 million a year is, frankly, shocking to me. But hey, this wasn't my investigation. (Source: David Poland,, Tues, Sept. 22, 1998)(SuperShadow: I wonder if SithFox can get me a cushy job at Fox :))

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