We received an e-mail from Jetfire (JF) in response to my speculation about what we might see in the sequels. According to JF, the following events transpire in Timothy Zahn's novel, "Visions of the Future" (VOTF).

Near the end of VOTF, Luke asks Mara Jade to marry him and Leia wants to give them a High Alderaanian wedding ceremony. Also, Luke has an "almost" vision (a vision of what we will see in the Sequel Trilogy?) about him, Mara and their children. Additionally, the Empire makes peace with the New Republic. We learn that Thrawn was setting up an army to fight a threat (that is greater than Palpatine and the Empire at their prime) from the Unknown Regions. In the Sequel Trilogy, maybe George will show two former enemies (the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire) uniting, like never before, to destroy this threat. Maybe Luke will have to make a clone of Vader to save them from this threat. The final redemption of Anakin Skywalker. (Source: Jetfire) (SuperShadow: Bringing back Vader as a clone in the sequels (or maybe Anakin guides Luke in "spirit" form), would be an ingenious way for George to truly redeem Vader for leading the destruction of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights. Perhaps, Vader successfully leads the New Republic against this new enemy in the greatest war in galactic history. Finally, the circle becomes complete because Vader restores what he originally destroyed so many years ago. Intriguing to say the least!)

Special thanks to Jetfire!

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