"Hello, Shadow and Star Wars fans, I can tell you that 20th Century Fox execs are elated by the title of George's new film. We believe it will prove to be a marketing boon. The Phantom Menace will appeal to that elusive female demographic that has made Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer into film franchises. George is very clever in choosing this title because it will have a familiar ring with many teenage horror fans (who may not necessarily be Star Wars fans). George is very sly and is appealing to a market of female fans that will boost the box office through the roof . . . Fox loves this title. George couldn't have picked a better one. We love George and Lucasfilm. We look forward to releasing this film next year. This film will beat Titanic. We'll make sure of that. Make sure to ask all your readers to watch the film countless times! We can't beat the records without the fans!" (Source: SithFox - 20th Century Fox Insider)(SuperShadow: Do I really need to ask the fans to see the film a gazillion times? I don't think so. All the fans are already planning to see the film a gazillion times in the first week alone. Somebody save me a place in line!)