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Tues., March 24, 1998

George Lucas took a break recently from episode 1 shootings and gave an interview to a reporter from Variety magazine, there he stated that there will be 6 more star wars films on the way, not 3 as originally told by Lucasfilm. I read about this in a magazine, go check it out if you don't believe me. A web site posted an article about it on Thursday. Yes, more star wars films!!! That means prequels and sequels! Whoo-hoo!!! Let's party people! (Source: Bryan J. Vado)(SuperShadow: Maybe, George will start making new Star Wars films to be released every three years until he starts pushing up daises)

Hi, Have you checked out other Episode 1 web sites? They have big Episode I spoilers page which you might be interested in. They probably don't have any info you don't already have but you could look. Just thought you'd like to know! Bye! (Source: Griffin)(SuperShadow: The only SW web sites we visit are the one's we are linked with. About once a month, we will check out other SW web sites for a good laugh . . . their rumors from so-called "official sources" get harder and harder to believe.)

Just saw on CNN that Fox has just got the rights to the new Movies (Source: Relapse)(SuperShadow: Actually, I just got the rights to the new Movies and I've decided to only release the film in 35 theaters just like the way ANH was originally released in only 35 theaters back in 1977. This should make me extremely popular)

Ok, Number one, Adam Felker made a comment about the empire cloning the best of their warriors. Well ok, lets see, how many Stormtroopers take a shot at the good guys throughout the movie? How many actually hit anyone? I think that puts that rumor to rest . . . . well, maybe, anyway . . .

Number two, I am taking issue with you SuperShadow. Your comment about James Cameron getting lucky was unfair. Cameron did a spectacular job with Titanic, and it speaks to his skill, and ability as a story teller that so many people have been swept up in what was the most expensive love story ever made. If you are going to claim that Cameron got lucky, then you surely have to admit that Lucas got lucky with Star Wars. I mean no one was doing Sci-Fi at the time, and George took a real chance making and releasing SW. Well that's all for now, though I love the site, and am truly glad to see you guys are back! And hey all, if you want the freedom to publish images of Star Wars on the net, fight for it. If Fox makes you take your page down, set up a page encouraging people not to see the new movies until they let us share images from our favorite movies! (yeah, like that's going to happen. Keep in mind, it's a BLUFF people!) (Source: John (you rebel scum) Stewart)(SuperShadow: Licensees pay Lucasfilm an extreme amount of money for the exclusive right to SW and Ep 1 images and likenesses. Hence, it is only fair that we should have to pay to use these images and likenesses. U.S. and International copyright laws give Fox the legal justification to shut down all SW websites violating these laws. We may not like it, but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We should be thankful that we have gotten away with it for as long as we have already . . . Cameron is lucky, lucky, lucky; likewise, George was lucky X 10 with ANH . . . )

Mon., March 23, 1998

Hey there! This is Matt from Bravo 5 saying that you guys have an excellent page. I just wanted to know if I could ask a favor. I am going to be finishing off the plot section on my page, and I was wondering if I could set up a link or something on your page so your viewers can e-mail me all the rumors they have heard. I will convert these rumors into pictures and try to fit them all into the plot section. As the year goes on, the parts that are known to be false will be put in the 'nice try' section. No matter how wild or crazy (to a certain degree) they are, I'll make the pictures. My e-mail address is and you can reach my page at Bravo 5 - The Prequels. (Source: Matt Hecht, Webmaster, Bravo 5 - The Prequels)(SuperShadow: Bravo 5 is a cool page. Matt has put in some hard work. Help him out and send him your best and coolest ideas . . . )

I know the source of the George Lucas Interview where he talks about him going back to the original story of Vader being Luke's father in Empire. I seen it Sunday night on A&E on a special hosted by Mark Hamill it was called Hollywood Aliens and Monsters and they used footage of that interview which took place in 1993. They used that interview when they were talking about the Empire and GL said that he decided to go back to the original story which was Vader being Luke's father. And then Mark Hamill said that Star Wars has now become a saga. (Source: Jedi Master Alan Skywalker)(SuperShadow: It seems safe to assume now that George always intended Luke and Leia to be Vader's children. And the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker was always intended to be one of the main focuses of the Prequel Trilogy)

I have a suggestion as to why the lightsabers are different colors - perhaps each one represents a rank and so in Episode One we will see lots of Jedi with the same colored lightsabers. (Source: ROB)(SuperShadow: The color may be determined by the color of the crystal(s) that you use when building the light sabre . . . but who knows for sure?)

Our current view of Vader's relationship to Luke is that of father-son. What exactly does "father" entail? Biological father? We have been told time and time again that Lucas will reveal truths that will drastically change our perception of the original trilogy. What if these revelations include the discovery that Luke is a clone of Anakin.

This idea may seem difficult to even consider at first, but think about it. The human race has just begun to consider the implications of cloning people. Most of us have probably never thought of family relationships in terms of cloning. If Luke (or anyone else for that matter) were cloned, who would their father be? The father or mother would be the person that gave rise to them. In this case, Luke's father would still be Vader. Additionally, Luke has no memory of his mother. What if this is because he doesn't have one. Leia presents a potential problem to the credibility of this theory. Luke is Leia's sister. What could sister mean in terms of cloning? We need to look no further than the original definition of this term. Sister means female and sharing the same mother and/or father. What if Leia is Anakin's biological daughter? What about the problem of Luke and Leia being twins? I haven't been able to figure this one out. Any ideas? (Source: BenDragon)(SuperShadow: Your heart is in the right place, but we think you are incorrectly trying to tie cloning with Luke and Leia. Cloning is very prominent in the prequels, but neither Luke nor Leia is a clone. They are the son and daughter of the young Queen and Anakin Skywalker)

In one of the posts, someone stated that Luke has a yellow then green light saber. Green I know, but yellow??? When?? Please LMK, (Source: Tony)(Ed. Note: Actually, I want to know how you spell saber is it "saber" or "sabre." That is the question that keeps me awake at nights) You did not answer the question!!! (Source: Adam Felker)(SuperShadow: Not sure what the answer is . . . )

Sun., March 22, 1998

Lucasfilm News: Howard Roffman, Vice President of Lucas Licensing Ltd., announced the appointment of Julian Montoya as Director of International Licensing and Sales. In this newly created position, Montoya will be responsible for the overall management of Lucas Licensing's international licensing activities for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties.

I just thought I'd let you guys/gals know that I think episode two will be released early because another site reports that filming for episode two will begin this summer. There are also pictures that confirm that the tusken raiders will be in episode 1, they will appear shooting at the homeboys that are racing in the illegal pod race held by Jabba the Hutt. They also pictures of the location where the podrace was filmed. By the way, I had previously sent you a rumor about some episode 1 filming going on in Long Beach California , well this turned out not to be the case because i just found out they were filming a Mercedes-Benz commercial. The question is; why were there trailers there that had the lucasfilm sign on them? This is weird . . . even the officer said they were filming a sw movie . . . (Source: Bryan J.Vado)(SuperShadow: Some minor scenes may be shot for Ep 2 and 3 this summer, but this is being done to save time and money. The release date for Ep 2 is 2002 (very, very firm); likewise, Ep 3 will definately not be released until 2005 as we reported several months ago . . . We have warned you about the incredibly inaccurate rumors that are posted on other web sites. So don't go dancing a jig evertime they post some silly so-called leaks about the filming of the prequels, etc . . . About 25-30% of I.L.M.'s business involves filming digital effects for TV commercials, so maybe I.L.M. is working on a TV commercial for Mercedes-Benz. Everything that Lucasfilm does is not related to the production of Ep 1. Lucasfilm is a vast company with many, many ventures other than Ep 1.)

I wonder if we get to see Anchor Head and Beggar's Canyon in Ep 1 or somewhere else in the prequels. It would be neat to see Anakin racing through Beggar's Canyon in the pod race or something like that. Also, I bet we get to see a glimpse of the Sarlacc pit in the background cause GL does things like that. (Source: Blevin)(SuperShadow: Who knows? George does and those may be some special surprises he may have in store for the audience)

This is more commentary than rumor, but I've been reading this page and I just wanted to convey my feelings. First off, yeah, Titanic is sky-rocketing in profits. Personally, I couldn't care less. I don't want to take anything away from James Cameron, after all, he's the one who brought us the Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss, etc. I have not yet watched a Cameron film that I walked away from disappointed. I can say the same for Lucas. Both are master story tellers and I trust their visions to the fullest. As far as EP.1 making a billion dollars? Again, who cares? If I knew that was the only reason GL was making it I'd never see another one of his films. What does he need with another billion dollars? The prime thing to observe here is this: When he made ANH, he was under debilitating scrutiny from Fox that it was a wonder it ever got made at all. Now, years later, EP.1 will be made at his whim. No scrutiny, no financial worries, no outside influences, no worry about final cut or contract negotiations, etc. This film will be pure George Lucas. So if he could make such an endearing film in ANH with all of that pressure, imagine the kind of film that will be made now?! Myself, I trust his vision enough to sleep in line waiting for tickets to the first show. You have a great page going here and I don't have any theories or rumors to contribute at this time. But keep this in mind: No matter what we may think, no matter what Kevin Anderson and all of the other Star Wars scribes have written, Lucas has the final say: period . . . In response to the gentleman who put forth the theory that Boba Fett was a woman, I direct your attention to the book, FROM STAR WARS TO INDIANA JONES: THE BEST OF THE LUCASFILM ARCHIVES, page 68 upper left corner. Here you will see a pre-production sketch of Boba Fett's costume. The person depicted in the drawing wearing the costume is either a man, or a woman with a moustache bushier than mine. (Source: Rick and Carolyn)(SuperShadow: In George's defense, he does not have a billion dollars. His personal fortune is only a few million dollars. He just happens to own a company that on paper is estimated to be worth several billion dollars (anywhere from $ 2 to $ 5 billion depending on who you ask) . . . It seems pretty obvious to us that Fett is actually composed of two of Yoda's race standing on top of each other in Fett's Mandalore armor. So your right Fett is not a woman, but he may be two female Yodas)

The young Queen is almost definately a Jedi. Lucas will do this because he wasn't able to show any female Jedi Knights in the trilogy. All the modern day female fans want to see an extremely strong female lead who is a Jedi Warrior. It will be dissappointing if Natalie is not a Jedi in the prequels. (Source: Karen Apple)(SuperShadow: George can't please everybody, but rest assured that there will be female Jedi Knights in the new films. Will Natalie be one of them?)

As far as concrete sources go on "George said", most Star Wars fans probably own the 1995 THX trilogy videos. Unless you already had the films on tape, I can't imagine a true fan that doesn't own them. In the Empire interview with Leonard Maltin, Lucas does kind of say he decided to stick with the story of Darth Vader being the father of Luke and Leia (he did say he was nervous about it at first) Bravo 5 is right. If the focus of the prequels is going to be the fall of Anakin Skywalker, then perhaps George intended for Darth Vader to be Anakin when he was writing Star Wars in the 70's. What I'm trying to say is that if Darth Vader was originally not the father, then the prequels would be about something else entirely different. Did Lucas originally intend for there to be prequels and 6 episodes? Without Anakin's fall in the prequels, there is no story or reason for them. I wouldn't be nearly as excited to see how and why Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker, assuming that's what the prequels could have been about. One more question: Has A New Hope always been Episode IV or was it originally Episode I (I was to young to remember back in the 70s). (Source: Bryan the Lion)(SuperShadow: If George has publicly stated that Vader was always intended to be Luke's father, then the subject is put to rest . . . When ANH first came out in 1977, it was not called ANH or Ep 4. George later when back and added the name "ANH" and inserted Ep 4 into the opening crawl with the release of later film prints . . . George had no idea that he would ever be able to make more than just one SW film)

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