Dark Ocean: We received this "anonymous" summary of what this person claims to be what will occur in the first hour of Episode 1. Read it at your own risk. It could possibly spoil the first half of the prequel for you:

Dear Dark Side Prequel Rumors:

Hey, I love your site and wanted to send this to you. I found it on another site and the person who wrote it claims that it is a summary of what we are going to see in the first half of Episode 1.

The movie starts out in the space above Tatooine again, where two jedi knights are entangled in a a space battle against a very powerful enemy race. Their ship is hit, and they have to land on Tatooine, having their enemies follow them without them knowing. On Tatooine, they are looking for help in the city of Mos Espa, where they meet Wald who shows them where they can sleep the next nights. It happens to be the house of Shmi Skywalker, a very gentle and friendly, yet poor woman with a child named Anakin. They both work in a junkyard where they struggle hard just for a living.

The jedi knights decide to stay there until they have an opportunity to leave the planet. The next day, there's a big event happening, a pod race. All of Mos Espa's inhabitants are there, and it's the first time Anakin is going to take part in it,although his mother did not allow him to. Anakin eventually wins the race - in an 'impossible' way only open for someone who is strong in the force. The two jedi knights who were attending the race at once feel the vast potential of force which lies in Anakin and do some tests with him to make sure. He turns out to be the strongest forcekeeper ever. They do not tell him about it yet, but decide to come back to Tatooine as soon as Anakin is old enough to be trained as a jedi.

Just when the jedi knights are ready to leave with a new ship they just won, a very modern, fast ship, darkness reaches them. The aliens who followed them on Tatooine attack Mos Espa and all of other cities. They are furious to find the two jedi knights. When these get to know of the attack, they instantly rush to help the inhabitants of Mos Espa. They make their way to Shmi's house fighting and killing a great number of the attackers. At Shmi's house they find the dead corpse of her. Slashed by the aliens. Anakin is there too.

He is another now. Changed by the brutal death of his mother, he has grown up instantly. He is very bitter about the death and actually blames the two jedi knights for it because they drew the attention to Shmi's house by living there. The jedi want to take Anakin with them because they see there's no chance to win against the aliens this time. Anakin doesn't want to follow them first, but they force him to go. They can barely escape the aliens but due to the speed of their new ship, they are able to flee to the homeworld of Padme. One of the jedi feels responsible for Anakin and offers him to train him in the force. He agrees, just to have the chance to seek revenge for the death of his beloved mother one day.

Dark Ocean: Is this really what George has in store for us? Whose to say except for George and his inner circle.

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