UPDATE: On Fri., Sept. 25, 1998, George announced on starwars.com that the title for Star Wars Episode 1 will be: The Phantom Menace. Will this end up being the title that appears when the film debuts next May? Stay tuned, True Believers! George is full of surprises !

According to our best and most reliable LucasFilm sources, George Lucas has not settled on the final title for the prequels. As of May 25, 1998, LucasFilm is still referring to the prequel as Star Wars: Episode I. George is not expected to select a title until production for Episode I has ended.

One of the most daunting (and usually frustrating questions) for Star Wars fans is what is George Lucas planning to call his new Star Wars films.

The rumors on this subject have been circulating for years and years.

Rumored titles for Star Wars: Episode I

Balance of the Force
Defenders of the Force
Golden Age of the Force
Knights of the Republic (or Force)
Guardians of the Republic (or Force)
The First Hope
The Last Hope
Ways of the Force
Victory of the Force
The Clone Wars
The Jedi Knights
The Jedi Republic
Realm of the Force
Crusaders of the Force (or Republic)
Legends of the Republic
Prophets (Profits) of the Force
The Jedi Defenders

Episode 2:

Rise of the Empire
Birth of the Empire
Bravery of the Force
Heart of the Republic
Soul of the Force
The Force
The Old Republic
Enter a Dark Lord
Battle of the Force
Betrayal of the Force
The Clone Republic
Deceptions of the Dark Side
Queen of the Force
Turmoil in the Force
Fall from Grace
Perceptions of the Force
The Dark Side Rises

Episode 3:

Fall of the Republic
Fall of the Jedi
Last days of the Jedi
The Final Republic
Last Days of Hope
Force of the Emperor
Dark Jedi Revenge
Revenge of the Sith
Dark Side of the Force
The Dark Times
Last Chance for the Jedi
Rise of the New Order

The titles for the prequels that are circulating the Internet are too many in number to list here . . . This list could be made very, very long . . . According to our top-level Lucasfilm sources, George Lucas will not reveal the title until at least November 1998.