Dark Ocean: Has anyone else noticed that George might have mirrored The Phantom Menace (TPM) title on A New Hope (ANH)? Both have three words. Both have a noun preceded by an adjective. However, TPM is a title that has a negative connotation while ANH has a positive connotation.

Episode 1 is about THE MENACE = Senator Palpatine (who eventually becomes the dictator of the galaxy by the end of Episode 3).

Episode 4 is about A HOPE = Luke Skywalker (who eventually becomes the savior of the galaxy who destroys THE MENACE by the end of Episode 6).

Did George overtly decide to have the title of Episode 1 mirror Episode 4?

If this theory proves correct, then does this mean that the title of Ep. 2 will mirror the title of Ep. 5 while the title of Ep. 3 will mirror the title of Ep. 6.

If Episode 5 is about the bad guys (the Empire) striking back (negative connotation--striking back in revenge is what the bad guys do) against the good guys (the Rebel Alliance), then is Episode 2 about the good guys (the Jedi Knights) victory (positive connotation because good guys don't strike back against their enemies, instead they are victorious) over the bad guys (Mandalorians, cloned bad guys, some unknown bad guys?)?

Ep 5: The Empire Strikes Back

Ep 2: The Jedi Knights Victorious (or countless other word combinations)

If Episode 6 is about the return of the good guys (the Jedi Knights), then is Episode 3 about the rise/revenge of the bad guys (the Sith Lords, the Galactic Empire, the New Order, the Emperor, etc.)?

Ep 6: Return of the Jedi

Ep 3: Rise/Revenge/Triumph of the Sith/the Empire/the New Order/the Emperor (without a doubt-- George has something else in mind that we cannot possibly imagine)

While we have no idea what Ep 2 and 3 will be called, what we do know is that George already knows what he is eventually going to title Ep 2 and 3. Can we predict or guess what George is going to call them? No way. Who out there saw The Phantom Menace coming? Nobody. George is unpredictable.

Is George trying to tell us that we don't know as much about Ep 1's plot line as we want to believe we do? Only time will tell, but my money's on George . . .

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